Youtube Has Censored My Video About Censorship, Yes Seriously

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. These are scary times. The idea that a big tech company can censor, remove ideas that differ from their own, are almost, if not more terrifying than the government doing it. Diversity is only fair if it Isn't thought or ideas…

  2. Youtube is targeting people that they do not like. They are no longer a platform, but a publisher. Youtube has gone to the darkside and they should be put into their place.

  3. Google, Facebook, etc. want regulation. They become govt. approved and protected service monopoly. Guarantees no future competition. As a new video stream or social media site won't have an unregulated environment to grow as FB and YT was allowed to. This follows the history of professional licences, to keep competition out and protect established companies.

  4. It looks like they removed Vee's video about your video being taken down as well. So expect them to take this one down too. It looks like they're going full information purge on this one.

  5. They are just preparing the terrain for next U.S elections. They will get rid of every conservative voice in their platform. It's over!

  6. The answer is simple, mass media is a very difficult and expensive bissness, and if stupid people lead these bissneses, it necesserelly will lead to censorship or worse.

  7. That’s what the Gay Satanic San Francisco want Dystopian society Cut the snake at its head quit chasing its tail.

  8. Thank you Tim for making people aware and taking big tech on !!! 👍🏼 The train is running off its rails.

  9. Big tech censorship has done more than about anything else to move me center left to center right. It is time to break up big tech and recognize the new public square as deserving first amendment protections.

  10. But then, the EU already legally has taken to treating YouTube as a publisher. Yes it's wrong, but it kind of could lean into why YouTube is being psycho atm. Anyways, fucking hell YouTube, get your shit together

  11. All of these so-called tech giants need to be put in their place once and for all. I hate to say the government needs to get involved with anything but they need to tell the tech giants that we will remove the rule 230 protection if they do not set up some kind of independent committee to oversee demonitizement, removal of content, and closure of channels. The claims need to be ruled over by someone that does not work for the company. Just like we don't let the police rule on cases they bring up we make you prove it in court. Make it like jury duty have a pool of people and choose from the pool for so many a week. None of these companies can say they rule on these claims with an unbiased group of people they don't have that many equal minded people in the companies.

  12. Whaa! a private company has exercised its rights! I'm entitled to a global soapbox for free! I did none of the programming work to make the internet possible but it's mine! boo! hoo! hoo!

  13. I love YouTube, but if they keep going down this road, they deserve the backlash and consequences they incur. I hope they wise up soon.

  14. The point of removing it is mentioned in 1984. History needs to be rewritten so that even we know that is falsified we cannot prove it…

  15. IN MY OPINION: to me it is quite obvious as to why they did this to you, in the way that they did it. They want you to make videos like this one. They are sending a message and they want you to help spread it. The message is this:

    "Dear regular people — we at Google, YouTube and all other big name services would like you to know, understand and accept that you are our chattle. You are our bitch. We get to do what we want, we get to do what we want to your content and we get to do what we want with you. You have no legal or any other recourse, the system is on our side against you. Just accept it. Just deal with it. Streisand Effect or not, there is nothing you can do about it. If we lose money from investors and advertisers bailing, we'll simply stay a float through government subsidies. We will tell you how to run your lives, and you will tell us nothing. We do as we please, you do as we say. If you don't like it, too bad. We basically run government. We basically run society. We pretty much run the world, and there is fuck all that you can do about it. Make your videos. Complain all you want. Whistle blow all you want. The general population is unwilling to do anything against us other than complain, so by default we have your consent to do as we please, and to run your lives. So just deal with it.


    Your Slave Master Overlords"

    This is how they view it. The "too big to fail" mentality.

  16. just a thought.. is it possible some underling at Google is manually censoring videos that they Think might offend or go against the policies of their masters/.management? For example in the case of the Alex Jones GIF..I can see some NPC at their desk saying" Oh look Alex Jones is in this one.. I'll get brownie points if I delete it of demonetize it!".

  17. It seems to me that there needs to be a massive exodus from YT to BC or other platforms. And still I am suspicious if there isn't someone who is, for some unknown reason, manipulating things for this to happen.

  18. its funny i can't play the whole video without it saying "an error occurred please try again later"and me resetting playback… this video i mean

  19. Dude, seriously…. you need some help. Your tone, the way you talk is stressful, can't handle to listen to you. Everyone is targeting you, everyone has a beef with you, everyone hates you, everyone wants you banned…. just… stop. OMG! You are a part of the problem, your audience listens to you and you spreading hate and you help to divide people and turn people against each other.
    Your content does nothing but to spread hate, I personally would like to see you off the platform. You acting like an immature kid. "ohh Mommmm they did this to me, Mooomm these bad people said bad things about me mom!

  20. The government and big tech are basically using nazi era propiganda to mold the position they want. Ever since Obama legaliaed propiganda on the American people things have gotten outrageous

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