‘You’re Done’: Rep. Turner Interrupts Yovanovitch While Answering His Question | NBC News

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  1. Fox News says Trump is GUILTY

  2. Simply put this a snapshot of why women will be ousting the GOP like garbage from the house in 2020. A microcosm of the systemic rot in the GOP. Rich old white guys lol they never cease to amaze huh?

  3. Every woman should be disgusted and ashamed of this man’s behaviour. Talk about bullying. Women supporting Trump are used to being talked to like this that’s why they still support his arrogance. Real women don’t put up with this bs. How’s it feel to be shot down to size sir?

  4. had these sore losers not forced hillary upon US, maybe ewe wouldnt be in this situation.(obtw deja vu right around the corner)–

  5. Republicans are so corrupt. Asks a Question and than only lets them say 1 word before they start asking you to shut up.

  6. The look on his face, after he realizes how disrespectful he was, is telling of how ashamed he should feel. I doubt he'll learn from his mistake but certainly hope so. It's just rude and unbecoming of a congressman.

  7. What was up with that smirk when he said you're done and looked at her like you better listen or but he looked with bad intent when he smirked at her.

  8. No mate, YOU'RE done! The voters will remember your conduct here. In two years you're going to be back raking tumbleweeds in the desert… uhh, buh-bye.

  9. So it’s OK for shiff to interrupt constantly and throw down his gavel but it’s not OK for a republican to interrupt and ask his questions in his allotted time? this three ring circus is a joke and it was completely unfair and unjust and a waste of taxpayers dollars shiff should be ashamed of himself the way he conducted himself throughout the whole hearing he was completely and utterly disgraceful. Women want to be equal to men? this woman worked in the most dangerous areas of the world and she’s offended so easily by “you’re done“ ? give me a break and grow some tough skin!!

  10. The utter ignorance of the comments here is astounding and I am having a hard time believing so many people can be so blind to what is really going on here!

  11. Democrats are known for interrupting testimony after they get the answer they want out of their question. Any democrat chair has always sided with the dems about how they badger Republican witnesses. Rep Turner had his answer, that answer was finished. These miscreants of behavior and the laws of the land must surely think they are the ultimate power… but that's because they have forgotten the one who IS the Ultimate Authority.

  12. While it's wrong to wish death upon anyone. That congressman is aching at minimum for a good, solid, wooden, quality american bat to the face. Total trash!

  13. She better watch what she saying (Marie) because the question was asked if she was a never Trumper and she said no,remember folks,she was released lonnnng before these phone calls took place and the reason she was let go is because she talked Trump down.Plus she is irrelevant anyways,she no more than a destroy character witness.Next!

  14. Nunes, on the Trump administration’s military aid to Ukraine:

    “This was a very strong message that Americans are willing to provide more than blankets. This was the Obama administration’s approach.”

    The facts:

    👉 He’s exaggerating.

    While the Obama administration refused to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons in 2014 to fight Russian-backed separatists, it offered a range of other military and security aid — not just “blankets.”

    By March 2015, the Obama administration had provided more than $120 million in security aid for Ukraine and promised $75 million worth of equipment, including counter-mortar radars, night vision devices and medical supplies, according to the Defense Department. The U.S. also pledged 230 Humvee vehicles.

    The U.S. aid offer came after Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2014 annexed Crimea and provided support for separatists in eastern cities near Russia’s border.

    Ultimately between 2014 and 2016,
    the Obama administration committed 
    more than $600 million in security aid to Ukraine.

    In the last year of the Obama administration, the U.S. established the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, which provided U.S. military equipment and training to help defend Ukraine against Russian aggression. From 2016 to 2019, Congress appropriated $850 million for this initiative.

    👉 The Trump administration in 2017 agreed to provide lethal aid to Ukraine, later committing to sell $47 million in Javelin anti-tank missiles.

    John Bolton fought Trump for release of delayed Ukraine military aid. He reportedly pushed Trump to release military aid to Ukraine that the administration withheld.

  15. On a day when America celebrates its independence from tyranny, Republicans broke with precedent to meet with a tyrannical regime that tried to undermine American democracy.

    This is not The Onion: Eight members of Congress, all Republicans, spent America's Independence Day in Russia.

    Seven senators — John Kennedy (R-LA), Richard Shelby (R-AL), Steve Daines (R-MT), John Hoeven (R-ND), John Thune (R-SD), Jerry Moran (R-KS), and Ron Johnson (R-WI) — and one House member, Kay Granger (R-TX), are all in Moscow over the Fourth of July holiday this week for talks with Russian lawmakers and officials, according to reporting from the Washington Post, NPR, and investigative reporter Julia Davis.

    Russian lawmaker Vyacheslav Nikonov described the meeting as "one of the easiest ones in my life," and claimed that election meddling was only brought up "in general form" and was resolved quickly.

    Meanwhile, Shelby was even less confrontational than Kennedy. "I’m not here today to accuse Russia of this or that or so forth,” he said during a plenary session at the State Duma, Russia's lower house of parliament.

    Republicans also met with Sergey Kislyak — yes, the same Sergey Kislyak who secretly met with numerous members of the Trump campaign, including disgraced former national security adviser Michael Flynn. Kislyak is now a member of the upper house of parliament.

    The U.S. intelligence community has been very clear that Russia interfered with the 2016 presidential elections in order to help Trump get elected.

    Trump, however, continues to publicly cozy up to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. He even insists that we should believe Putin when he says Russia had nothing to do with election meddling.

    And while the GOP-led Senate Intelligence Committee quietly released a report saying that Trump is wrong, the Republicans "investigating" this issue in the House have loudly backed Trump for months, often using smears and conspiracy theories to do so.

    It's now clearer than ever: the GOP party line is to support Trump no matter what, and to look the other way as Russia actively tries to destroy American democracy.

  16. They LOVE to prove how inept and clueless they REALLY are, don't they? republicans must ALL be brain dead or NOTHING upstairs but sewer sludge

  17. Wow. He's even more despicable when you watch it a second time. Dems, it's simple. Just show this video come election time. He's playing to an audience of one now but this should end his political career. Don't feel sorry for him, he probably tortured the family pets.

  18. The usual plot of a Democrat- answer requires using excess time so less questions can be asked ! ! Sinse Barisma is still in operations and still has involvement in CORRUPTION, obviously Ambassador Yankadic was lax in her duties to the point of needing to be replaced ! ! Who else enjoyed her innocent aging (old maid) spinster look ? ? Can you actually relate to her as a woman? ?

  19. If women said "not in my time, you're done" to every man that crossed boundaries, humankind would be extinct by now. This is the reason why there are women who deeply hate men. Fxxx Partriarchy! And thanks to all men who see the wrong in Turner's way of behaviour.

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