Young Justice Auld Acquaintance Season 1 Episode 26 Part 1 HD

Young Justice Auld Acquaintance Season 1 Episode 26   Part 1 HD

Oh we have reason to feel proud of yesterday's victories one thing has not changed somehow the bad guys are still getting inside Intel about us yeah but at least we know none of us are the mole that's correct the mole was red arrow Rolly no way Batman de cannot be he was Green Arrow's protege we have all known him for years unfortunately the Roy Harper we have known for the last three years is another project Cadmus clone we've learned the real speedy was abducted and replaced immediately after becoming Green Arrow's psychic the clone was pre-programmed with a drive to join the Justice League which is why he was so angry over any delays to his admission and why he refused to join the team this Roy Harper had no idea he was a clone or a traitor and his subconscious programming drove him to become league worthy so he struck out on his own as red arrow when he was finally admitted his secondary programming kicked in and he attempted to betray the league to Vandal Savage fortunately I had already deduced red arrow was a clone we were prepared savage was subdued but red arrow escaped he is now a fugitive armed and dangerous if you guys hadn't rescued me from Cadmus what what happened to the real Roy we don't know he isn't that Cadmus we have to face the possibility that the real Roy Harper is dead the clone Roy the team will find him negative red arrows a member of the Justice League now leave him to us I'm needed on the watchtower tornado stay with the kids clone or no call red arrow was one of us we will go after him turning our habit to him he's totally powered in all functions offline guys I'm sensing a low level mystic force at play I don't know the causes shutdown but I think about it I was getting same buzz off Batman Batman he called his kids he never does it look one of those biotech ships we confiscated off Cheshire something is not right Robin Kate cetana rocket see if you can get tornado back online the rest with me to find room red arrow the problems Hardware not software but where to start I have a thought download in progress so tornado built this Android to party no no he'd put it but yeah guys black canary one three hey guys wanted to check in see how you're handling it what are you doing to read it's not how it looks it looks like you're downloading is consciousness into a new body okay it's pretty much exactly how it looks but team get out of the cave now can you read black

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