Women And Social Change In India

women are part of our society but down the ages they have not been equal partners in the course of time women had affected social change but social change itself has also affected women what has been the role of women in social change in India struggle for freedom our women first found their shackles breaking shackles of age-old subjugation more than 3000 women served prison sentences when they were released they had a new sense of power a new self view but today woman has born so much in silence now she speaks in Bombay in Gurgaon on the 15th of March 1959 seven inspired women took a pledge to roll paper as a means of devotion to the philosophy of serve Oda here in Shankara Lane on the first day they could roll only four packets as they were just seven but today their followers number over 16,000 their organization is called free malaria would joke legette proper and it has 38 branches all over the country today producers not just boppers but buddy cockily masalas detergents and a Gerber tease its market is no longer just India but many other countries of the world all this through a woman's frying pan it is a success story no doubt but with the difference its proud owners are thousands of Papa rulers irrespective of their caste or creed they are bound together by the solemn pledge that for each member the way to salvation is through devotion to one's worth it is a measure of the confidence of these workers that they shine words like poor and unfortunate the poor in their eyes are those that are selfish and such find no place in the organization no wonder such is the trust these women generate in each other that they do not sign a receipt for the payment they receive as rolling charges pledget provides self-employment to women they can adjust their working schedule according to their daily chores a tomb in legit all the intermediaries are women it is a fine example of what women can do when they are in business if digit produces masalas it removes the stalk from the red chillies even though this causes and loss of 10% its detergent unit is backed by a research where care is taken to see that the product does not harm the fabric or the hands of the consumer such care for the consumer is part of live chats server their philosophy the day when women hold the balance justice and compassion will be the waves a silent revolution has been brought about through collective action of poor self-employed women without violence friction and social tension over the years saver has concentrated on such film today it has made many of them see a bright future Sabre is an association of self-employed women the only one of its kind in the country this woman's Bank is just one example of Silver's numerous achievements apparently your own case hotshot hooray RC IV o hai ki he imposed subsequently Chinese hee hee – Luna Fatiha hey or Katya here if you fill up me pooja can hear better cuz people say hey are the kamati and things up name of Nicodemus a people anything bank baiance what a measure or until a common for temple be in the kneecap a gradient effect aside he played a played upon only have time for one second release a toxin pratyusha place a little me here the bank immuno campaign Oh be cool how's your finger thing out of this effort today many vendors are now members of the management of the bank say Ron has reached them in their social uplift through economic regeneration Sehwa has brought back the smile on many a weathered face saiva emphasizes the family bonds instead of ignoring them for it not only believes in the dignity of labour but also in the common destiny of humankind the northeastern states of India are not just beautiful the women of this region are free from the curse of seclusion here in one of the women's markets of Manipur they have matured into hardened bargainers of civil rights due to their past struggles their ancestors led mass movements in money for they protested against forced labor under the British in 1904 and thus saved their male relatives from this exploitation in 1925 they agitate it against enhancement of the water tax in 1939 they demonstrated against the export of food grains when these were badly needed within this state this successful struggle is now famous as the women's war today one sees in Manipur women active in all walks of life [Applause] in agriculture they are the tillers the ones who harvest and also the ones who sell the produce money pours nor the neighbor is Nagaland women here are another vibrant group organized for collective self-help they are active in the village development board the village economy is largely in the hands of women women weave dreams and they lose perhaps dreams of a just and peaceful systems every now and then again and again woman attempts to rise and in these attains humanity Rises girl while is a beautiful mountain region of North India its women have borne much exploitation of both their land and themselves now these daughters of the Himalayas have formed their Mahina Mundell through it they have fought many a battle for a noble cause while men have other concerns the women of Garhwal have taken upon themselves to protect their mountains and foreigners the contractors axe echoed the destruction of the ecology of this region blow after blow Spence the ruin but no man came forward it was a woman's hand that snatched the contractors acts as woman had sought the protection of man what she got in return was subjugation now it is her turn to tie the Rakhi but with no vengeance when the contractors men came to blast the mountain slopes it were these women again who chased them away they sat on the slopes from knee to knee chica secured sub Carabas I go Johnny Diana with the patina these women have thus saved a region from an ecological the Chairman alcoholism has been met by women as many places in our country in Manipur to round up alcoholics women formed groups which became famous as the night patrols are engaged in a similar to whenever women resort to collective militant action it is for causes that make the earth more livable and we love one of our coastal states in the south is karellen fishing is a major occupation of its people men fight receive to catch fish women carry them on their heads over long journeys to the market this results in many health problems such as backache at an early age – sir the fish is not an easy job and therefore a woman's job the way back is another's trouble only the lucky few can afford a ride in the specials the myth that women cannot do what men can has been exposed time and again only to show that when women do they do better in the Fisher people's travel in Kerala it was women who first mobilized themselves and because we take the women for special training programs which will give them the leadership abilities so that they are able to function better in their meetings with men and they have to be in the meetings with men and express their opinions on things right so we trained for that in there are local women's organizations why do women struggle unite and dare to do what men shrink from the simple reason is that they cannot bear to see their dear ones go hungry must be then continue to subjugate them in central India in the state of Madhya Pradesh lies Chattisgarh in iron ore mines men and women work together shoulder to shoulder it's gone are the shy and timid glances the sweat of sweet labor has brought a new companionship

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