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Woman Who Was Spat On By Anti-Trump Liberal Speaks Out

Woman Who Was Spat On By Anti-Trump Liberal Speaks Out

he comes back charging towards me and spits at me and I fell back a little bit and I laugh at him alright we've got the best audience in the world here at Infowars and and I'm gonna ask a major favor from my audience right now now all I'm allowed on is Twitter I've been banned from YouTube and Facebook so I'm gonna use my Twitter today to the best of my abilities and I need your help promoting this now we just got the young lady on that got spat on in her face by that rabid leftist out there in California now the media didn't pick this up Nicholas Sandman was on every national media outlet for days as the bad guy all he did was smirk this young lady got spat on her face by a radical leftist but they don't mention him and he doesn't get doxxed and demonized and destroyed he gets promoted over a hundred thousand followers on Instagram so we've got her on the phone momentarily here for this segment to give her story but but here's my massing because I'm gonna put this on Twitter please go to info slash war room download this segment and put it on youtube this is unbelievable if they're gonna have a Nicholas Sandman moment over an individual who did nothing how can we not get a woman who got spat on her face to national news on Drudge Report and to the President's desk okay this woman should get an invite from the White House I'm really fired up about this honestly this this really grinds my gears because this is a major victory that we should have but only if we take action so when we get this video to slash war room please download it put it on your youtube put it on your Facebook blow this up they want to make a national news story out of Nicholas Stan man we should be able to make a national news story out of this individual who by the way well she's coming on anonymous here folks because she doesn't wanna have her life destroyed that's the kind of stuff you deal with as a trump supporter even though she's a victim of an assault so I'm gonna put this on Twitter please go to info slash war room download this video when it goes up tweet it to the president tweet it to local news tweet it to national news did this is believe again they make a national story out of Sandman who does nothing but this crazed individual who spit on a woman's face gets nothing no media coverage no not if I have anything to do with it so without further ado I don't even know what we're not gonna say your name we're not gonna give you any information about you here we want to protect your privacy obviously we know what it's like to be a trump supporter in the public eye so but the lady that was spat on by that crazed individual who's never been doxxed who's still on instagram who promotes violence doesn't make national news that lady joins us now so first of all thank you so much for coming on with us today on short notice I'm so sorry that you got you our victim of that assault and no national media coverage I'd like to change that I hope you don't mind that I'm making a big deal out of this I just can't believe that happened to you and there wasn't even a blink of the eye in the national press so just tell your side of the story and what happened that day ioanna well first and foremost I want to thank you guys for actually bringing this fist to the attention of the public because being a trump supporter in South Central LA or even in Compton is a really big issue we get the crazy looks all the time this is honestly the first not even the first time ice this is the second time I've been attacked for being a trump supporter the last time it was on PIPA this time it was this black man that jumped out of his car because he was so triggered that there were strong supporters on a corner where he felt threatened to get off of his vehicle and get in every one single space he got in every everybody face they're talking about eff Trump that's the only thing that ever came out of his mouth and as he was walking away trying to get in his car he comes back charging towards me and Fitz at me and I fell back a little bit and I laughed at him because I was more than amused at the fact that he had the audacity to come and spit at a woman's face when there's a bunch of men there that he's not willing to take on and what about the men I mean I'm not sitting here trying to call violence or anything but I mean the me like that guy's lucky he wasn't you know treated the way he should have been exactly he should have had it had freaking knocked off but we already knew that if we attacked him and he would have been on the floor we already knew the media was gonna spin it in every oh my gosh exactly see exactly if anyone would even lift it exactly if anyone would even lifted a finger on that guy they would have made him the victim see it's so perfect that it played out this way now because we nobody did anything wrong to that guy he acts like a total lunatic violent bullying and timid ating people spit on a woman's face nobody even raises a finger we just want to make a national story out of it but seriously I mean could you even believe it I mean he comes up to you first of all he approaches you so aggressively I mean you're just a woman standing there he approaches you so aggressively and then just spits in your face I mean were you shocked to me what's going through your head well growing up in South Central I'm really not scared of this type of stuff it wasn't so much that I was scared it was a medellin that a man that runs the streets I claimed that they're out there gangbanging and as far as I know street code you don't attack woman and you don't attack children so why are you getting off your car to attack woman now he's on his Instagram I just found out he's a famous actor he's on Instagram I'm calling for violence talking about all the gangs you could need to get United and attack Trump supporters seriously is this where we're going you need to round up the gang in South Central Nipsey Hussle just got killed and apparently he's an associate of Nipsey Hussle so I'm pretty sure he's a very gang-related well I wouldn't take anything that guy says as truth if he claims he's associated with Nipsey Hussle I would be very skeptical of that but yeah there he is on Instagram he's got I believe he has over a hundred thousand followers he's on there promoting violence Infowars isn't allowed on Infowars but are on Instagram but this guy's allowed to go on their promote gang violence gang violence mind you I mean that should be a police the police should be investigating this guy exactly they should be negating him he shouldn't he shouldn't have got off and attacked anyone and if your children are in the car and now you want to make yourself look like the victim you're not the victim keep on istagram talking about black and brown love need to stick together you literally attack and spit on a brown woman's face where's the black and a brown love he's talking about he's not preaching what he's doing this is nice that's typical of a liberal but let me tell you I'm even though I get so mad watching this I really like kind of like my last guest Brandon said I'm glad nothing happened to this guy now I mean it's actually a good thing I mean you know sometimes Instant Karma is the universe's way of saying hey but for this moment I'm glad nothing happened to this guy I'm glad people were able to maintain their calm even though he assaulted a woman and was looking for a fight I mean he's obviously looking for a fight you know he didn't get the fight he was looking for but now it's the perfect situation here's another example a violent radical leftist assault a woman in bullying intimidating people calling for violence on social media then the national press doesn't blink an eye he doesn't get banned from Instagram and this is what I've said the whole show today if this story doesn't show you the double standard and the agenda of the national media I don't know what will exactly i % agree another thing I wanted to point out was that oh god I forgot it's alright I know I get long-winded here we're just rolling the b-roll of this crazed leftist as he's and they hate to like why is he so hateful like what has Trump even done that's another thing like what is Trump even done that makes you so mad nothing but the media says and lies about Trump that's what we kept telling them to stop believing the media lies if he wanted to have a discussion we were willing to have a discussion with him this man is claiming that we called him to n-word we had a bunch of black Trump supporters at her Riley that day no give me a break I guarantee you that guy said the n-word all day long listens to rap music I'm sick of this crap he called us an n-word the whole the whole time he was ranting his mouth away we had a black Reverend with his church people they're trying to stop the confrontation and he got man faith as well so what does that tell us you're not preaching for church you're not practicing what you're preaching you're just a hateful man believe in the lies and honestly before he drove off he yelled out the window it's all about Obama like physically brainwashed Obama brainwash and you know what's funny too when I first started getting this I'm from st. Louis obviously a lot of black people in st. Louis when I first started get it getting into conspiracy theories and stuff most black people like study the Illuminati and believe in this stuff and so it's really odd that like that aspect because you know black people were obviously you know discriminated against in this country and there was some top-level elite stuff against them that's why they're so privy to it but it's like somehow once Obama came along they just forgot about all of it now like Obama loved black people into some weird sleep that now they just hate white people instead of the overall establishment that's attacking humanity in general it's just unbelievable

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  1. After careful analysis and research, I've come to the consensus that Liberal logic defies all rational thought and/or common sense. Their minds are simply not capable of grasping viable ideas, using sound judgment, taking personal responsibility or engaging in any kind of peaceful, intelligent, reasoned, substantive dialogue. That's why "It" (Liberalism) can be officially categorized as a mental-illness/disorder. Because of their extremely bizarre, warped, neurotic, radical & delusional perspectives, even truth-bombs aren't enough to help deter them from such aggressive, violent behavior as we've just seen here. However, there's a solution: The first step would require them to be institutionalized along with a regimen of any necessary prescribed medications, advanced education/re-education and intensive, long-term counselling (possibly even electroconvulsive therapy) to treat them. Persons such as these pose a direct threat to public safety and are a serious danger to themselves and to society. Please feel free to use this info to enlighten others.

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