Woman Captures Paranormal Activity In Her Bedroom

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. I've come up with a theory why back in the Middle Ages, superstition, ghosts, and demons tend to dominate their beliefs. I tend to summon evil entities whenever I eat grain-based cereal and cut one, like Harvest Crunch and Mueslix. Back then, bread was a staple of everyones diet, which is made of wheat flour, sometimes rye and barley. I'm not a time-traveler…but my guess is that everyone was farting.

  2. This shit is fake as fuck. You can literally here lights being switched on and that track home lightweight door that opened like a creaky abandoned medieval castle door…yea. Lol. #next

  3. It was not a ghost, but someone who can enter into spiritual realm with sorcery trying to do evil to her.
    It is an invisible person to naked eyes.
    Observe carefully the video, something flying in the air.
    If you study spiritual warfare in Christianity you will understand it.

    "It" can change form into anything. Your naked eyes won't notice it, because it is using sorcery..

    Becareful while you are sleeping, many people were raped while sleeping by invisible person using sorcery. They thought they were dreaming having sexual activity with their lover but actually they were raped spiritually and physically by using sorcery while sleeping.

    For your lack of knowledge/wisdom you do not know this.

    Pray always to Jesus Christ for your safety before to go to bed, ask for protection from evil spirit and man at night.

    Anoint each side of your room/wall/house with anointing oil (any oil or cooking oil prayed/blessed in the name of Jesus), then Claim your house or Room under the protection of Lord Jesus Christ /belong to Jesus.
    Loudly command in the air forbid any evil spirit/man to enter your house/room in the name of Jesus by faith. Believe that it is done.
    And thanks to God for His protection.

    This will prevent any man/spirit using sorcery to enter your room/house.

    Pray always.

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  6. People are so quick to call a random white woman "hot" even tho she has no ass, no lips, is average as f*ck, etc

  7. You know its fake because no woman would react in this peaceful manor… Screaming, frothing and gnashing of teeth would follow if it were real…

  8. For everyone who thinks this is real its not. These "orbs" can be explained 1 is that there particles close to the camera, 2 lighting, and 3 THE POWER OF EDITING! And just because things look real doesnt mean they are kiddos.

  9. Most of the dislikes came from the idea that she’s way too calm?

    Not everyone is afraid of Ghosts, some people don’t even believe in them and are oblivious to paranormal activity.

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