"Woke" Social Justice Leftists Are DEFENDING Segregation

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. I partially disagree with the argument that oppressed races can't be racist without systemic power. This is a huge can of worms. There are ways to objectively measure systemic racism that can be found online and in academic journals, such as by amount of representation in literature and media. I'm hoping that there is a viable plan to switch to a system less racist and segregated after balance is achieved, but worry we won't get there even if balance is achieved. There is a lot of ends justify the means, and I question whether we can eventually switch away from those bad habits to principled civic nationalism.

  2. Cant convince a sexist racist bigot they're that because they say you are… middle school mentality. I know you are but what am i???

  3. I'm gonna play devils advocate and say I get where the left is coming from. Basically what they are trying to do is say "Nanner nanner nanner you can't come in to our group now. How does it feel". Now, I partly agree with that standpoint and I disagree with it I agree in that as both someone who is disabled and who is non binary paces do need to be created where people who traditionally are the ones taking the stage don't have a voice there. I fully disagree with the right and many libertarians when they say privilege and power don't exist. As a non binary and disabled person privilege is a real thing, and things like racism really are a one way street. Honestly I have to laugh at people who say you can be racist against white people. No, you can't. You can be prejudice, but you can't be racist because the basis of racism is systemic power. Pretty much a black man doesn't have the societal power to take down a white person like a white person can destroy a black person's life. I'm talking about a whole justice system bulit around white justice and oppression.

    Now, I will be completely fair and say the left does go way too far with the white hate and playing the victim WY TOO OFTEN. This is one of the major reason I abandoned the SJW movements. I was neither disabled or LGBTQ enough for some people. Since I wasn't wearing all kinds of women's clothes or spray painting my hair all kinds of colors I wasn't non binary enough, or queer enough. Because I look more male I'm told I don't suffer oppression. I've been told the same about my disabilities. Just because my disabilities are not as apparent as others I'm deemed as not being one who suffers. This is where I think the left falls flat on their face. Don't get me wrong, the left is toxic, but there is things they are correct on to a certain point.

    Basically I look at it this way. The left makes too much of privilege and focuses only on select groups, but on the right they completely ignore oppression and the fact that privilege does indeed exist. Both sides will never admit that privilege is too complex for either side to understand. Both sides get things right about it and both sides get a lot wrong about it. The fact is however it does exist and we have to deal with it.

  4. The left is try with all its blood, sweat and tears to bring back racism. Not only as a thing to fight against but it seems they want to be racist themselves in a childish way acting like "it's our turn" to get back at the wrongs of the past they sworn to never get over. Maybe they will never get over cause now its a worse of social power to obtain thus their going to continue to perpetuate their victimhood i.e. cash in their "social credits" at the back to get what ever they want.

  5. segregation is racist,period, it doesn't matter what race you are,you don't get a special pass to exclude someone based on skin color

  6. OK, they can get me for whiteness, but they can really nail me for non-vegetarianism! Where this leads, we all know.

  7. In the 20th century: In Democrat-controlled areas, no one speaks out against the Democratic Party because the KKK mob will come for them and Democratic government will not stop them.

    In the 21st century: In Democrat-controlled areas, no one speaks out against the Democratic Party because the Antifa mob will come for them and the government will not stop them.

    You have less to fear from an incredibly bigoted Libertarian or white Supremecist Republican who espouses individual freedom than you do from a well-meaning and caring Socialist. Someone who believes in (or at least feels they have to vote for) individual freedom can’t hurt you. Someone who wants to help ‘groups’ of people will always hurt you. Even a racist Republican is probably better than a Civil Rights Democrat for minorities.

  8. Tim Pool would you be insulted if I ran and stole your het while filming. Just as joke my good man. Just sounds funny.

  9. How do these black people want be equal in all races by not allowing some races? Does this make sense to anyone?

  10. let me get this right,you americans are talking about paying blacks to appoligise for the past,and now your doing seperateing blacks again ? whats next more black slavery ?

  11. This is madness. people fought to be able to sit down at the same table, too say I am more than my skin color. Why is this happening skin color doesn't matter. THis at best could one day lead to a return of segregation or worse.

  12. This doesn't surprise me, cultural Marxists are incredibly fucking racist. They make neo-nazis look tame by comparison.

  13. I honestly don’t mind blacks and other races self segregating. Integration has been a miserable failure anyway. It’s the blatant double standards and hypocrisy directed at white people that I can’t stand. We’re the only race who aren’t allowed to have anything for ourselves and are the only ones who are forced to accommodate others without any reciprocation whatsoever. Fuck that!

  14. Nobody on the left calls out the left.
    If they're smart enough to see the problems, they're smart enough to either leave or keep their mouth shut.

  15. Hate to say it but the left—- especially the far left with their identitarian politics are morphing into the new Nazi party right before our very eyes. Purple hair is the new ‘brown shirt’.

  16. Segregation is the ultimate example of horseshoe theory today. If you have black only events, the alt right types will happily form their own white only groups… they're giving their own worst enemy what they want! So fucking stupid.

  17. My nephew is a quarter black, and I've already heard people make the types of comments you've heard your whole life about him. I hope we can some day see these people as the racists they are.

  18. I doubt that very many people question your race, you are your own worse problem, you feel the need to announce that you are mixed, then claim to be a victim of some kind of racism, any problems that you encounter dealing with your race, can be laid at your parents feet, America is the only country where people like you, expect special treatment for claiming to be a different race, even though you look completely white, lol, nothing else needs to be said about racial equality in America, we are the best the world has to offer.

  19. Where do I start??? First of all I am not a racist in the adult sense of the word meaning I deal with people as individuals and I detest the labels black and white as I'm a pinkish brown and yellow red kinda peach color except for my ass which is fluorescent white and I've seen very dark brown people but black maybe but I still think brown is a better description my point is that defining people by physical appearance or birthplace and using that as justification to treat people differently is racism even if you are treating them kindly if I was a brown person this new segregation which was used against my grandparents or parents would be very dangerous if black only spaces are ok if brown black or red pride are ok then so are white only bathrooms and white pride how about we do this separate everyone send them to their rooms and NOBODY gets to play until you can play nice ! Alt right and now alt left lead to the same place just by a different path so can we please quit fighting about nothing and get on with having fun lots of safe sex and just general good stuff…..please???

  20. This is why the far left is the new Nazi/Communist/Racist Generation, everything is about skin and not about character the Alt Right should call them the new Nazi Party, they're the Nazi reject clown party they're worse than Nazi's that's y they're rejects because at least a Nazi doesn't have to hide behind the mask of Morality and Virtue to know they're wrong as well as the far left

  21. I see your point, don’t panic everyone can be elitist over their personal view of the world.

    There are racists if all shades. We must immerse ourself with other to understand them. This is an act of love.

  22. So leftists/demonrats support segregation and racism that their demonrat/dixiecrats/kkk scumbags supported…… But they claim that parties switched…..yet both parties are very much like they were before.

  23. Has it ever been more evident that this is not and will not ever be about social justice? They project what they are on the population as a whole while almost everyone but them are non-racist. They dont care that they are racists. They will ignore any claims as such and continue marching forward under the flag of fake progressiveness, as if they own the trademark of "non-racist" and can define it however they want. 

    Its never been clearer that the "banish racism" flag has just been exploited by racists. Its irony at its finest. Antifa regularly uses ethnic slurs to stir up trouble. "House n*gger" is one of the favorites used by the masked white soyboys. The blatant racism and the fact that they think society is too stupid to see their racism makes me sick. Id give anything to see them rot and die in a Russian prison somewhere.

  24. Guys, I'm going to start my own nation on Antarctica, our main exports will be penguin feces and snowballs. We're all gonna be equal, race and gender. But if people start to do this racist shit, heads will start rolling.

  25. Since  23AND ME results show that almost no one is pure bred.  Maybe we all need to carry dna   id cards in case the sigh says " entrants must be at least 75% this race".

  26. Poor tim pool, he claimes to be on the left but he's not black enough. He should listen to the left, sit down and shut the fuck up. How does it feel now timmy?

  27. When will the left realize what they are doing??? And supporting??? I mean, as a conservative, I can understand the entire left isn't this crazy, and in fact, they have completely distorted what liberal views actually are. Hell, I've got myself a few classical liberal viewpoints myself, but I can confidently say I vehemently reject pretty much everything the left has proposed, displayed, or promoted in the past few years. And what kills me, is that so many of them are so ignorant, and yet so UNWILLING to even read or listen to ANY opposing media, or viewpoints, along with just outright ignoring everything said only to level them a racist anyways, that they can't even see, or aren't willing to accept or admit the hypocrisy, lunacy, actual racism, actual fascism, bigotry, condescending attitudes, and authoritarian proposals, and actions they actually display, on a regular basis!!! Its not like its a one off type of thing either, its every day there is another story about some absolutely insane proposal, lawsuit, allegation, assault, etc. with most being proven incorrect, or unrealistic!!! They are destroying, and alienating people in their own party, which is funny to me, but what scares me is the mass brainwashing of children, and young adults in our schools. Borderline, and in my opinion literal, and deliberate indoctrination of OTHER people's children! This is criminal, and we HAVE to stand up, and put a stop to this

  28. Perhaps those indulging in exclusionary tactics and practices should re-evaluate their idea of diversity and inclusion. If your on the side (left) that is advocating segregation you have no place lecturing others on racism, or oppression.

  29. I think its time you address the "white nationalism" thing. Here's what many (myself included) are saying; if we don't stop separating people by groups and allowing all races to form their own groups EXCEPT whites? That's obviously wrong. Therefore, white "nationalists" are just saying, "Fine. You have the Congressional Black Caucus? We want the Congressional White Caucus." Its not racist. It is to make a point. The point being that the color of a person's skin shouldn't matter, either black or white. If other groups are allowed to self-identify and form groups, whites should not be excluded from doing so. That's it. If a so called white nationalist did form a group, blacks would be welcome. That's the difference.

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