Wizard101: Progressive PvP #7 | We Out Here Winning Again

okay hello everyone welcome back to brand-new was there one on one video and I'm not on my level one wizard I am back on Alex dune which as some of you might know is my progressive PvP wizard and I have not touched this wizard in a while but he does so if you don't know participate if he is I would progress the PvP I would watch at least one of my other progressive PvP videos but besides that besides like what it is it's just regular PvP but basically I should be down 16 rank and I don't know how I got to veteran I couldn't find any recordings of it but basically I'm just gonna get myself back to level 7 or where I should be and then I will just get right into the PvP with you guys so I will see you guys in the next match or in the first match I should say okay so we finally got a match after doing a bunch of questing I didn't like I literally got through like pretty much entire the entirety of Cyclops Lane but so we're up against Carlos battle hammer he's a level 10 balance he's got some of the duelist gear going on and some of the veteran gear but we are first that is nice I do enjoy going first so what should we do what should we do fire elf I'm just gonna want to talk honestly so I don't want to discard too much but definitely I need to get this minion up because this minion is going to be a big help up against this guy and Fireblade I assume fire minion okay or yeah if I elemental it's a little interesting I doubt he has more than one fire off would be to bid on it so I mean since I'm just waiting I guess I can just square P in it and then maybe fire all fit because far off to 310 damage that might be enough to kill it mmm what are you doing Oh fortify okay I don't know these guys doing is it's a little interesting all far elf I'll fire elf shield and I'll just kind of wait it out until I can get a minion up because once the minion is up I'm pretty sure I'm set I might have to want this the fire elemental one more time just because fire elf is and I could fire tape on fire tape so he might have resist or he might not okay nice so what is this weakness yep and what do you mean he's not dead oh my god he got so lucky how much else does he have one health gives one health that is that is dumb but I already know what this guy's gonna try and do he's going to I don't know he's gonna um I'm just gonna want to attack him just get a little bit of damage off and get the weakness off me but he's probably gonna fire Zilla cuz I don't know why I just have that feeling he's he's going like full fire what is this shield probably okay that's a little funky so I really need my minion I'm doing an elemental shield elemental shield it's probably the best like way to do it right now just because wait is it going away oh it didn't go away shoot I thought it would if he stuns then you might be able to kill me what is this I'm the weakness okay well shoot you can do a ton of damage right now how about this alt our shield and then a minion depends on how much all they have and how many pips he has because if he doesn't hit me then that means I have a tower shield and I'll be good for another round oh yes fortify I always need fortify and I don't like that so now we minion and then we tie our shield spam kind of Weiss are with our minion healing us not healing us but protecting us protecting us I can't really talk today I don't know why but and what is this want attack I was using one attack he's gonna do something right now I don't like it minion wrong shield okay one attack oh shoot oh no I have to I just have to keep tower shielding hopefully he doesn't kill a minion if he kills my minion and we were in a really really bad spot but I don't know what he's gonna use he might not even use a fire attack another wand no why do you say no yes minion oh I love this minion so much he's such a life saver if he fizzles this is gonna be so awesome please fizzle please facilities fizzle yes let's go let's go come on me and do something good weakness oh yes yes oh my god ooh what are you gonna do HECO oh shoot this might do a lot of damage so if you had like 10 pips it's gonna try and do like a thousand damage or something yeah that's it this isn't that good don't blade me should I just heal I could yeah why don't I do that I'll just heal how much is this gonna do please don't do a lot oh that's it oh that's kind of weak look at that all the all key that full help and then it'll just hit me like twice more I won't be that bad and we'll be all happy thank you for the blades but for the blade I don't really need it and one attack probably yeah well I don't think this guy's any more hits I'm pretty sure he is like a wrath in there somewhere erase and that I could be good for the fire shark yeah yeah I'm just gonna scared how much is this actually gonna do three two oh no I could be so dead I could be so dead I didn't think it was gonna do that much I was gonna do like 300 Oh No if he uses like fire shark or something it's over or any is used oh thank god Oh a little rough so now I just got to heal I got a heal shield do whatever I have to to not die now I'm gonna be really low 161 I don't like that and this guy has a completely open hit no students probably like really angry oh I feel bad I've already used like three or two heals and I've discarded one as well oh did he hit me huh he hit me oh no he didn't interesting I guess I'll shield again I just really don't want to die that's it someone in does work right now we're nine into and that's pretty good I don't really do balanced PvP but that is that's pretty good okay I don't know he's gonna try and do now I might just try and want to talk me to death or something I mean you're shielding yourself that's nice I'm kind of waiting for him to our show since I'm first right I'm just gonna kind of wait it out once I get to seven or six pips nice thank you but once I get to six pips infallible and then I'll just scare up and I'll just use judgment and that should be pretty I should kill what is this Lord of night no I have a death shield right please don't do a lot of damage okay it's not bad I don't know why you'd use that little interesting I mean I guess I just waited out at this point yeah oh nice I needed my minion to use spirit blast just to get a bunch of damage off because that would be a real lifesaver spear blast ah Ron rollin so now we infallible scarab and judgment that should be if this move can do at least like 150 damage that would be really nice awesome that is the damage we need please don't okay instead of a scarab should I just use this just so I don't fizzle how about this yeah I'm gonna get a little spicy if I don't fizzle please don't oh yes perfect so that has got some Pierce on it getting rid of the weaknesses and any possible shields you could be using and now if I'm correct I can stun if he doesn't kill me please don't heal either all right that's good so now if I stun that's gonna let my minion hit the next turn oh my god I'm a genius oh all right this should be game this should be how much yeah that's game there's nothing you can do unless he somehow avoids my stun and then you still can't kill me through all my shields I have a shield of every type right now except for balance but it's fine so there we go that is G G oh my god it feels good to win this is a long match though so come on move faster move faster I want to kill this kid and okay the minions not even attacking but it is still GG wait Kenneth fizzle no I can't all right we win that is eight pips going into this which is a thousand damage exactly plus 20 Pierce plus 20 accuracy plus some damage so I'm just gonna stop saying that he's dead sorry no he's dead I'm just gonna say I'm just gonna cut the video off there and I'm just gonna split it excited I did two matches and they were both like 15 minutes long and I'm not gonna make a third like a 35 minute video under erisa PP I'm not doing that so I'm just gonna cut that match off there and I'm gonna say thanks for watching subscribe like do all that stuff if you wanted to more progressive PvP just like the video to do all that random stuff whatever but I will see you guys in the next video or livestream I don't know what I'm gonna do but I will see you guys there so bye

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