Willow Smith for CHANEL Eyewear Campaign fw 2016/17

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  1. What's up with all the hate? Do they don't have a job to do and sit here judging a 16 girl who just wants to be herself. If you're mad bc she has a rich family then grow up and get a life. Even without being rich, Willow's still talented, still brights and keeps inspiring people with her great heart and beautiful soul.

  2. She's a gorgeous teen but I find this ad completly ridiculous [I mean the way she moves idk she doesn't like enjoying what she's doing]

  3. Gosh i love her face! The video is great Glasses look great on her and i love that these will fit on Noses which are a tad wider.

  4. wow who ever standing behind her and making her product rebirth is creative genius. this look and vibes she sending off made me like her even more to the point where i think that she has evolved into a beautiful human being. she has that confidence now and where she wants to take her career to the next level.

  5. The song isn't fka twigs it's nao. And Wilough(her musical name) is a musical and creative genius 15 or not. The fact that's she's that young and the face of Chanel should impress you even more. Facts>judgement.

  6. I thought we were further along in this by now but I don't watch mainstream television anymore, one of the reasons is commercials and of course all the brainwashing on the shows but in all honesty I have been making fun of these kinds of videos all day but I am still baffled that people are paying attention to this crap. What happened to being just you and that being enough and that being fine, it's always about you need something else to accessorize or need to be better than you are. I'm pretty sure these people they're selling this stuff don't care who you are they only care if you buy their stuff. So don't believe their b*****, tell them to go f*** themselves and do what you want to do. and screw paying a ton of money for their crap ass glasses lol

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