Will Millennials join the Republican Party? Jeff Flake answers

is it possible to have a conservative
message on policy and attract millennium yes I think so
what is it articulate case one on the fiscal side
I think millennials look at this 22 trillion dollar debt although nobody’s
paying much attention to it I seem to remember Republicans not won’t we some
yeah this has been an extraordinary year as far as that goes I think they look at
that and say we’re gonna inherit this you’re not doing anything right in that
regard on the climate issue I think there there are conservative policies
the carbon dividend you know a carbon tax as Republicans where we always the
gospel reap preaches conservatives is if you don’t like something if you’ve got
less of something tax it and and you can do that in a way if it’s revenue neutral
and there are a number of good proposals out there yeah I introduced a bill when
I was back in the house introduced a similar bill in the Senate for a carbon
tax or revenue loss Bachmann actually has a legacy within the Republican Party
after all Richard Nixon who created the EPA all right I mean the reality is your
party has been pro-environment in the past and I think I mean the conservative
message has always been limited government you know economic freedom
free trade right we live in a globalized society Millennials know that better
than anybody right and and this notion that we’re gonna you know take a
position that we have not taken in the past this protectionist kind of nativist
view that doesn’t go well with Millennials right so I think that there
are messages that we can come with but we’ve got to start with one realizing we
need to have a more inclusive brand and and we just don’t have that right now
it’s just drill down on the base and see if it’ll work for one more election
cycle yeah and one I don’t think it will but two if it does that’s about it
yeah you look at the demographics here in and the change here in Texas we’re
experiencing the same thing in Arizona right and it’s tough to see how this
party lasts and and remains a political force in the future

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  1. There are only 3 reasons to support the GOP:1) You're racist. 2)You're a millionaire. 3) You're an ill-informed evangelical Christian. If none of those categories apply to you there is no reason to vote Republican, ever.

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