Why our supposedly patriotic politicians are anything but

It’s an amazing thing that we’re seeing happening
at the moment: this complete meltdown of a government whose great selling point was that they
were “strong and stable in the national interest.” We see this very government just
falling apart in front of our eyes and falling apart in quite an
instructive and interesting way. The people who claim to be the guardians
of the nation, the upholders of patriotism are actually the biggest subversives in the country,
treacherously betraying the national interest. The Priti Patel scandal, she was acting
effectively as a fifth columnist; engaging under the radar with a foreign state and also
with commercial interests within that foreign state and saying we can mobilise the resources of our own state to help you. I want to transfer foreign aid, which the taxpayers of my country are paying in the
expectation it goes to help people who are in dire need, I want to transfer this to the Israeli military,
the Armed Forces of another state. If you or I did something like that we would be had for
high treason or whatever the current charge might be. Actually it’s very interesting to what happened with Liam
Fox when he was secretary of state for defence. Defence, the defence of the realm. He set up this Atlantic Bridge organisation where
he was covertly organising and discussing with people associated with the government of the
United States, selling out the national interest. The whole reason we had to leave the European Union,
some of the leading figures in the government tell us, people like Liam Fox, was that we had to free
ourselves from the yoke of these foreigners who were intruding on our sovereignty. So what’s the first thing do as soon
as that vote has been taken? They basically try and sell the whole thing
thing down the river to the United States. And there’s Liam Fox going over to
the US saying “hey have the lot!” We’ll have a trade agreement where basically
you can just rip down all our standards, just so you can flood the country with chlorine
washed chicken and hormone tainted beef. This is a patriot! This is a man who claims
to be standing for the national interest, who’s defending us against those people in Europe
eroding the borders of our sovereignty basically saying if you’re the U.S. it’s all yours. All this comes to a head with the Paradise Papers. Because what they have revealed is a whole lot
of people who claim to be pillars of the nation subverting that national interest by putting
their assets in a secrecy regime overseas to hide it, to evade other forms of national institution. And what makes his particularly interesting
is that one of those people is the Queen. When you have the Queen subverting the
national interest, evading or avoiding the tax collection agency which bares her
name, you begin to wonder what is it we’re supposed to attach ourselves to in this
country? What is patriotism supposed to be? Is it a flag? Is it a national anthem?
Is it meant to be more than that? Isn’t it meant to be something to do with the crown?
Something to do with the government? Something to do with the state? Well we’re told by the
government that the state needs to be shrunk, that the state is the enemy, that the state is the
oppressive force which they’re out to destroy. The state can’t own anything, or rather the British state
can’t own it. The Chinese state can own our assets. The French state can own our assets. Let’s look at the
nuclear power station at Hinkley that they’re building. That’s not a problem. It’s when the British
state owns it that it becomes illegitimate. It’s not just the state institutions they’re selling
off it’s the very fabric off our nation. There’s loads of housing stock desperately needed by
the people of this nation and the government said: “this is just gonna go to the highest
bidder wherever they might be” and so it invites in the Russian oligarchs and
the Saudi oil princes and lets them buy up the very fabric of the nation which we need
to live in. How’s that for the national interest? Then of course at the same time it’s
been flogging off the council houses and completely failing to build new ones
at anything like the required rate. Basically housing has just turned
into a great big Monopoly board. The thing is that when they set out to
destroy the state and its institutions, when they rip down the very basis of
civic life, when they the people who are supposed to be the guardians of those institutions
either wage war against them or subvert them, including by the crowned head of state, then you think what is there left? What is this
country that we’re supposed to defend? And when I think about it I think well perhaps the only
thing left is the NHS, the National Health Service. So what are they trying to do?
They’re trying to dismantle it.

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  1. It seems all Britain's enemies are in favour of Brexit, whether it's Trump and Putin hoping to break up the powerful EU bloc, or the rich hoping to avoid the EU Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive to be implemented in January 2019. Surprise, surprise, it's due around the time we are due to leave. No wonder the Tories are trying to fix the date!

  2. Why did you put music on this? A music bed implies that what's being said is boring. This clearly isn't the case here, so get rid of it. It just distracts from what George is saying, and worse still, hard of hearing people will find his words more difficult to discern.

  3. Brexodus happened for us 8 years ago, we could see the train coming and wanted to get off the track in plenty of time.

  4. Funny, never had Monbiot down as a nationalist. He doesn't like foreigners owning things in the UK!!

    But lets hope the vile NHS bureaucracy is dismantled – it is the biggest barrier to good healthcare in the UK.

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