rampant racism and toxicity are driving players away from more Dow mordhaus developers are back on some BS Mort House plans for women and people of color are confusing everyone Mort how Aqsa City presents a problem when devs won't step up to moderate okay two questions what is more now and how do I get in on this after a quick search I discovered that Mort how is a medieval combat simulator that allows players to participate in all sorts of medieval combat duels and scenarios in third or first person it's a game that takes place in medieval Europe now imagine let your mind wander and just imagine what kind of controversies could be associated with a game like that over the last week there has been an all-out assault on more now and their developers for a variety of infractions against the liberal sensibilities they refuse to moderate in-game chats the game doesn't feature women where are the people of color it's being presented by gaming journalists that Mort house a den of racial hatred failing and falling apart due to their devs refusal to intervene and police their players none of that is true though game journals are employing a concern trolling strategy where and they pretend to be just looking out for the devs best interest making sure they don't lose players you wouldn't want to do the wrong thing and become unpopular you wouldn't want your company to fail what do you back in reality as we all know these woke political gaming journalists are basically ankle-biting Hall monitors even less intelligent than their counterparts in the political media in most cases with huge corporations those companies go woke because that's what the corporate leadership actually believes in cases like this with smaller European gaming developers they end up shoehorning in diversity and gender politics because of social pressure and repeated bludgeoning by the media to the developers of mordhaus credit they haven't done that yet they haven't caved to the media pressure but what is all of this outrage about why all of the fear fu ro are over a medieval combat simulator is it really well-placed concern about the toxicity of the online gaming community or are these journalists concerned with something deeper are they concerned that the demographic buying this game is the same demographic that would have actually been fighting these battles in medieval Europe the media blitz against more now isn't really about ensuring the safety of online gaming community we'll explore what I think it's really about today but first they cannot filter out toxic players and your favorite medieval online sword fighting game but they can keep you safe and secure online see my friends at virtual shield today if you don't want websites the government advertisers or even roommates to know what websites you visit and what location you visit them from invest in a VPN today I personally use virtual shield because they were the easiest fastest and most secure VPN on the market if you 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about the success of this developers product are you cool well stop writing hit pieces accusing them of enabling racism and misogyny from PC gamer com rampant racism and toxicity are driving players away from more Dow we're now aren't doing enough to keep their community clean these people talk like preschool teachers talk at a parent-teacher conference Little Jimmy needs to work on keeping his cubby clean so he can get more gold stars it's one of the most insulting aspects about this entire culture the patronization don't talk to me like I'm a dumb baby and you're my benevolent parent nobody expected more how to get this big especially not the first time developers who made it what started as a janky fan project made for the competitive chivalry medieval warfare community has become one of the best multiplayer hacking slashers on PC and it sold more than a million copies but for some players mordhaus fun combat has been tainted by a growing toxicity problem that sees racist sexist and homophobic slurs thrown around in both the in-game chat and the official forums seemingly without repercussions as an example one of the forum's most popular threads is titled post your kid nippers in which players share images of their character builds the thread started in 2017 when more doubt was in alpha and has attracted more than 2600 comments since one of those comments says step up my cannabis another says listen here bundle of sticks when another player questions the racism in the threads title another responds you are gay oh my virgin ears have been tainted after hearing such foul language the the f-word the six letter F word I would have never heard that if it wasn't for more Dow's forums james Allsop radicalized by the more now forums d radicalized by contra points at least of that other forum poster had the courtesy to type out you are gay instead of the xbox live classic you're gay I mean come on give the guy some credit in other forums a thread with that title may be deleted on site but the more devs don't have a problem with it or its contents it is one of our longest and oldest threads as well as among the most active threads on our forum full of creative loadouts from our community this is Andrew geech speaking on behalf of the team as for the title itself we as a team don't find it racist or offensive and considering the threads content we find it even less so we do understand however that some people may interpret it as being racist or inappropriate if taken out of context in other words journalists shut up and leave us alone and stop trying to gin up controversy that doesn't need to exist nobody is really offended by gamers saying nipa with a soft R and G's replacing the B emojis I mean how many black eye radical activists do you think read that thread and were moved to tears or moved to deep offense I would guarantee that number is somewhere close to zero now the report begins to focus on the in-game chat where the bulk of the aforementioned toxicity allegedly takes place it's clear that more dows developers are unprepared and unwilling to meet the problem head-on and some players have had enough alongside the post described above those sit lamenting toxicity in the game chat was today an overflowing septic tank of personal info insults racial slurs and general vitriol and hate not a single person was kicked as opposed from this weekend the same is true on the games is subreddit where toxicity is a common discussion topic there's such rampant racism in this game and it's really making me not wanna play it as opposed from last week so here we start getting to the truth this controversy is being ginned up because some people unread it found the contents of the in-game chat to be problematic first of all go back to Reddit and stay there second it's worth remembering that in-game chats don't just arise out of the ether the chat you see in-game in any game is other players communicating with each other if there's a general propensity in the community towards vulgarity and explicit language that's the decision being made collectively by those players you know the people who actually purchased and enjoy playing the game there's a notion now that on every corner of the internet and in real life – in any place where two or more people can congregate and speak to each other it must have strictly enforced speech codes to ensure that nothing illiberal is ever set the more doubt community formed naturally when people who would be interested in a game like this bought the game and began playing that demographic as we know is almost entirely white males they bought the game they play it and they feel free to speak freely to one another community the term they talk about so much community here grew organically then like a pack of buzzards the enforcers of liberalism swept in demanding that this new community conform to their own community standards the idea of community standards is a farce real community standards will arise naturally as people organize and form communities like the case with the more doubt community determining how they want to speak that is a real community you a coastal elite liberal journalist descending from the outside to tell people how to live their lives and how to speak your not part of that community you don't get a voice in determining the community standards they don't want the standards you're bringing from the liberal outside world one place to speak freely to one another is all they're asking for but you feel it necessary to destroy that journalists are acting like oh this is terrible more on how people saying they ain't n-word people sang the gamer word you're gonna lose all your fans you posted cringe bro you're gonna lose a subscriber well game journalists you can go collectively frig yourselves and I'm not the only one who has purchased and is enjoying this game more now has sold over a million copies meaning 30 million dollars gross for 11 developers the game has 30,000 steam reviews the majority of which are positive and even with the recent controversy their recent reviews are still very positive read the developers post about this controversy which I'll link below in the sources section and you'll see that the vast majority upwards of 95 percent of the responses are telling the devs they're doing the right thing by not intervening and intervening with this PC language policing in their community the vast majority of people who actually play the game and are actually community members like how it is they don't want things to change because polygon and game informer and PC gamer are upset about it there is no public outcry no pressure from players no threat of a boycott its journalists rubbing their hands pissing their pants and using yikes as an adjective on Twitter there is also some controversy that came out yesterday regarding a proposed toggle feature for women and minority characters the games developers are Slovenian and a few of them did an interview with one of these extremely political game journalists big mistake and it's clear from the transcript they didn't quite understand everything that was being asked and they didn't give clear answers as it stands now developers may put female and non-white characters into the game at some point but they've committed to do it in a way that respects realism and doesn't in their words feel shoehorned I don't know how I feel about adding women to the game unless their strengths and abilities are calculated in proportion to real men and women's physical abilities muscle mass and athleticism etc if Bethesda wants to make characters equal inability in their single-player games like whatever that's fine that's your choice it's an RPG but in a game like this that has a heavy emphasis on realism a girl-power addition could could tamper that a bit as far as minority characters there's been a lot of discussion about a potential middle-east add on something Crusades related and I think that would be really cool that would be a good way to add racial diversity that isn't being added for the sake of racial diversity it's added because it presents a new content it brings a new storyline to the game you don't want to be in the position where you're being historically revisionist what you're saying oh yeah you know 5th century European Knights and conquerors they were actually 20% black just like just like Europe is today Europe has always been diverse know these medieval knights and warriors were all white men which explains to why this controversy began in the first place the game was controversial to journey not because people say the n-word the gamer word in game chats or don't want to play as women the powers-that-be objected to this game because it depicts a world where men white men were shown to be strong conquerors heroes fighting for glory in spoil and this is a world that actually existed in today's political and media climate you're not allowed to depict groups of strong white men in a positive light diversity must be shoehorned in somewhere or the white men must be shown to be fighting on behalf of some protected class it's why you were allowed to celebrate the North winning the Civil War despite that being on the backs of almost entirely white soldiers or the outcome of World War two but you're taught in American schools that the Crusades were an example of backwards repugnant evil more now gives gamers which as we know tend to skew demographically largely white and male a place where they can play unapologetically as white male heroes the controversy was never really about Mort how itself it was journalists the powers that be getting nervous that gamers were given a piece of immersive entertainment where white men weren't dopey fat evil or impotent and that is a vision that is not allowed to stand thanks for watching the video everybody hope you enjoyed it and make sure to subscribe if you have not already and I'm about 1/6 of the way to my goal on subscribe star when I hit that goal I'm going to be shooting in 4k and finishing the rest of everything around here well look quite so basic anymore so if what the videos in 4k want a much better much better quality camera go over to subscribe star in there also you join at the lowest level you'll get the ability to vote in the video topics I do every Friday vote on the video topics I do every Friday leave that up to you guys I take your suggestions and I pick one that is best and I do a video about that so check that out over there plenty more perks plenty more bonuses for the different tiers so go check those out appreciate it and I'll see you guys in the next video thanks

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  1. well fuck if it will piss off a liberal………i might just have to go give this game a look………thanks for the info on this possibly amazing product

  2. I remember being surprised you could say ANYTHING in Mordhau, and loving it for that. The fact that James Allsup is covering it makes me know I picked a good game.

    I hope the Mordhau devs never caves, someone on the game called them a weak Nword-let and they got pissy and was like "Wait, I have to MUTE them?! I can't ruin their entire gaming experience?! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!""

  3. Funny thing about the in-game chat stuff, I see tons of people kicked from servers or 'banned' (I don't know if server owners can ban other players from it, probably I guess) for saying any "gamer words". Basically, if one of these liberals was really a gamer that played mordhau and was upset over the state of it, they could join one of those servers that don't allow that language in chat.

  4. It's like people forget that simulations are supposed to accurately simulate the basis of the game. Man I wish common sense wasn't so unusual nowadays. I just hope Mordhau devs don't get dragged by the ear just to end up gutting a fantastic game.

  5. Just like classical music repels black people, difficult games repel feminists. Don't want a game series to be full of gay social justice shit? Just make the game challenging.

  6. Hey look buddy, im a game journalist and that means I write articles.
    Not articles that are real and not bullshit hit pieces about a game thread. I write bullshit hit pieces about a game thread, why you ask.
    For instance, how am I going to smash the patriarchy and destroy racism?
    The answer, use bullshit and if that don't work use more bullshit.
    Like this hit piece about mordhau,
    written by me, posted by me, and you best hope, that im not writing about you.

  7. mby border skirmirshes accured but nothing more than that… dlc about crusades is acceptable in sake of new content, but africans to this game? nope… if they do a roman dlc mby then against romans as merceneries… that, would be historically accurate… and if they wanna add women, mby a village raid mod where 5 soldiers vs peasants (some of em women) but peasants with much lesser weapons. but i highly doubt that village raid would come to the game… what do you think? we must keep this game historical, or atleast i will not continue playing it, and i wont buy anything "historical" that is not historical.

  8. Lol you know what's funny on Xbox live something like this would be impossible because of their attack on free speech they'd ban ppl in this game for speaking.

  9. Well if they wanna include blacks then they have to be slaves to arabic muslims. Ou wait….that aint pc.

  10. The same thing happened to Kingdom come Deliverance when it was released. The game is set in early 1400's Bohemia and you can imagine the outrage from some people. The funny thing is that it did feature good female characters and had non white people, except this was all within the realms of historical accuracy.

  11. Picked Mord up when it first come out and I love the free speech. You may not like it , but you can always mute that player.

  12. these people act like white supremacist and homophobics are every where. like everyone thinks about race and sexuality as much and they do and these weren't just some insults made in passing by 12 year olds. i would say its mental illness but paranoid schizophrenics are more rational.

  13. It’s so pathetic for people to want devs to baby people. That’s not their job. Their job is to make a game. If people don’t like what they see or hear mute, report, or block. I don’t care if a chat filter is an option but to force it on everyone because of le toxicity is stupid. It’s the internet, not real life. Besides I really don’t think saying knigga or you are gay ironically (i mean come on we all know that these people aren’t actually bigots even if they are it’s a small number and they’re much more toxic) is going to turn people into far right radicals who want a white, hetero ethno state.

  14. How ironic. These 'concerned journalists' are sounding awfully like brutal soldiers under the orders of a controlling and cruel dictator. Trying to control the masses as they think they must behave. Huh. Except they're just regular people who want to whinge for the sake of whinging. "People are having fun but I want to stop that immediately! It doesn't affect me in any way but STOP HAVING FUN! IT'S RACIST!". Huh. Ironic.

  15. "yikes so toxic and that's a problem ya'll!"

    Ever noticed that sjws all talk in the same dialect, they tend to have regionless accents but even the white ones will adopt this weird cosmopolitan lingo that's like "black transexual speak". It's a fucking diseases that every fatherless white girl who spends too much time on twitter is very susceptible to.

  16. Mordhau is pretty fun. I enjoy how everyone is free and having fun. Its really nice and welcoming environment. No leftists trying to stop you from having fun.

  17. Hmmm what better pink haired lesbians annoying me and my gaming, or them touching up innocent young girls. Hmmm I will take one for the team, it's better than these pedos abusing kids.

  18. As a Jewish white supremacist neo nazi Bolshevik Marxist, I will gladly claim the medieval era as my heritage!

  19. The clock is ticking,how long will it take for the developers to cave and give into all SJW demands?Days,weeks,months?

    When it happens cut all ties with the game and developers.Never give them a dime again.

  20. Devs have to do one thing. Never apologize always ignore those "journalists". The people who care about those trivial bs issues are not the type.of players you want to have in your game anyway. If the game is fun it will sell. They are not breaking any laws.

  21. I wanna see a game dev make a video for snowflakes and just say " dear everyone who is offended by our chat FUCK OFF" and flip them 2 birds"

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