Why Liberal Policies Always Fail - Falseness of Liberalism pt 10

to the liberal the only way to fully ensure that these noble goals of peace and the perfect utopian society can be attained as if liberals control government power even when there is an effective majority liberals that do get into government power they don't act very liberal because liberalism works much better in theory and not so well in practice liberalism has been largely unsuccessful in its attempts to construct new procedures or institutions to deal with the problems Americans face daily because liberalism is better out of power than it is within power liberalism is built to change the status quo not to run it it is built to tear down the existing not to build up a new there is an old cliche that says we need liberals to push through the necessary reforms and conservatives to make the reforms work sometimes things become cliche because people say them a lot and people say them a lot because they're true now throughout the 1940s 50s and into the 60s Detroit was not the blasted ruin you see today but the thriving pulsating center of American business enterprise by 1960 Detroit yeah Detroit had the highest per-capita income of any city in the United States 1960 was the last year that Detroit had a Republican mayor so what happened well the first of the current democratic dynasty white liberal Jerome Cavanaugh greatly expanded the role of city government in democratic President Lyndon Johnson's Great Society and war on poverty programs four hundred and ninety million dollars in federal money that is an enormous sum in the mid-60s went to housing projects and social programs dispersed by City Hall and not to help small businesses and entrepreneurs keep the city economically viable 34% of Detroit citizens were on the welfare rolls by 1987 that's four times what it was just 20 years earlier by 1990 Detroit's model City area had lost 63 percent of its population forty five percent of its housing units and were unimaginably violent and dangerous this is what 55 years of death by Democrats has done to Detroit whether we evaluate liberalism's effectiveness in government and it's fight to end poverty and end all inequality we can see abundantly throughout liberalism's rhetoric and actions that the liberal guilt is always a part of the liberal syndrome and it implies rules and regulations attempting to solve the problem but when these initiatives fail as they nearly always do to end the problem the guilt of the liberal swells greater one finding out the world's problems have not vanished despite its tender touch in government so when the liberal agenda in government fails the failure is not due to the flawed ideology it is due to it wasn't done enough and more government effort is needed according to Obama Obamacare is working and it would be working better if conservatives weren't always in his way yet they're saying that they're losing 320 million dollars they're losing a ton of money this isn't working Aetna yet the CEO had a very interesting comment he said there are two kinds of insurance companies and Obamacare the companies that are worse off and the companies that are worse worse off believe it or not Democrats want to expand government involvement in the healthcare Democrats want to expand government involvement in the healthcare liberals are ineffective in government because this passion for reform does not stop once in power in many cases it is magnified but this becomes problematic because liberals seem completely oblivious to the fact that no government policy or social reform takes place in a vacuum when item a is changed deliberately and abruptly instead of slowly over time items B C and D are often changed as well and in many instances the entire situation has changed in the most unexpected ways for example Obama's taxing the rich has increased the gap between the rich and poor because the rich can make their money back the middle class have to foot the bill and much of the middle class falls into the lower class our federal state and local governments spend more than three point two trillion dollars per year on programs designed to prevent or relieve poverty that's more than ten thousand dollars per American yet the official poverty rate has fluctuated in the same narrow range from 11 to 15 percent of the population for the past 40 years black unemployment rates were lower than those of whites as long ago as 1890 close quote and in 1930 as well and in 1930 first of all black unemployment was lower decades ago before the civil rights movement before the New York Times began editorializing on the black poverty how can that have been it shows among other well the minimum wage laws one one huge factor 1930 was also the last year when there was no federal minimum wage law if you look at the unemployment rate of black teenagers in 1948 1949 it is a fraction of what it has been at any of recent decade and 1949 was a recession year so the black teenage unemployment rate in 1949 was a fraction of what it was and even the most prosperous years of the 1990s and this is because the federal minimum wage said you must play pay every worker at least this month yes and when there was no minimum wage kids everybody but particularly you're talking about black teams you could get paid whatever a dollar fifty an hour see what the other thing but they could get employment they could yes learning skills they could get reached the first rung on the ladder so to speak yes and be able to move up very quickly I mean McDonald's has over 100 percent turnover a year people say he's out you're he's out flipping hamburgers yes he's flipping hamburgers in January does not mean he's gonna be flipping hamburgers in December somewhere how to get to work on time that's right he's and he's not gonna be up he's gonna start start off the ladder but the what was different about the late 1940s was the minimum the federal minute the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 specified what the minimum wage would be the runaway inflation of the 1940s made that number meaningless so for all practical purposes inflation had repealed the minimum wage law thank God I was a teenager in those years and you know when I started out my first full time job as a Western Union messenger my starting pay was fifty percent above the federal minimum wage because inflation had made the federal minimum wage meaningless and so under those conditions in 1948 black 16 and 17 year olds had had an unemployment rate under 10 percent and slightly less than that of white teenagers the same age now as you come in and the Liberals say no we've got to catch up with inflation starting in nineteen fifty they escalated the minimum wage regularly and then you began to see these horrendous rates of unemployment among black teenagers even if they are successful in achieving the sought-after results in one area often some undesirable changes have arrived along with it and what the Reform has brought has come at a heavy cost often a greater expense than the reform brought on the issue it was intended for though the liberal may achieve his intended result in one area it's always shown that he has not won the war and often loses far more than what was gained in their policy and it does not enhance society in the way they were certain it would once the program or policy was implemented just like sexual harassment trainings affirmative action and anti-discrimination training which most studies show can actually increase what the training is designed to prevent these things don't worry liberals or to deter them from initiating radical reform movements because what's important is changed just change is a sign of progress even if the change is a negative 1 but liberalism has not done so well when it has tried to shift from eliminating past abuses to the task of finding new ways to fight the poor conditions that still occur and have not changed because of the new regulations so they simply apply the same remedies as before and advocate more education and Liberal government reform sprinkled with the optimistic view of mankind that once we implement this new plan everything is going to be great but that too doesn't eliminate the problem these reforms have signally failed to eliminate or even reduce crime our prisons are more full than in previous centuries liberalism actually has proven to increase crime by being so light on it slapping criminals on the wrist and letting them out of prison because as the liberal doctrine says it is not their fault but it also creates more crime with its provocative egalitarianism and its movement that aids the destruction of traditional families and with more broken homes it creates more juvenile delinquency as you can see broken homes in the broken traditional family as directly influenced the rise of crime most rapists most violent criminals most juvenile criminals and most long-term criminal inmates overwhelmingly did not grow up with a father in the home liberalism fails to see the challenges faced in America both domestically and abroad the big government liberal lives a very sheltered life guarded from the social horrors that law-abiding Americans face the common everyday man or woman is the one who has to look over their shoulder and worry about the murders muggings rapes and so on that criminals are doing around while they say these criminal actions are wrong they do not side with the everyday man or woman who is harmed or worried about the harm they could face in the future they sided with the criminal because of the liberal ideology states their criminal behaviors only the results of bad institutions and it's precisely the same pattern for other major cities like Baltimore and by the end of the 1990s the murder rate in Baltimore was six times higher than in New York 14% of the city's fourth graders can read proficiently the Baltimore Teachers Union successfully opposed a desperate plea from city residents for a voucher program to allow them to find schools that would you know actually educate their children the fifteen thousand four hundred and eighty three dollars per student per year is paid to abysmal Union teachers then paid by a union dues directly into the Democratic Party to run candidates that keep the heist in motion but what's the same in both places is that the intellectuals have told them that the world is unjust that other people are keeping them down that the fact that they don't have what other people have is somebody else's fault and if you buy that vision then of course there's no reason for you to do well in school and you resent those who do too well because they're they they've bought into the enemy's way of thinking here's a list of failed cities and beside them the number of years of uninterrupted democratic control for the liberal ideology the urban city crime is merely temporary byproducts of lack of education and faulty institutions to be cleared up by urban renewal programs low rents and high minimum wages liberalism cannot either see or deal with the mess of crime in urban cities in the backward areas liberalism is unfitted by its rationalistic optimism its permissiveness its egalitarianism and by its guilt america's high percentage of multiple offenders gives liberalism and endorsement that the liberal scheme for re-educating criminals and giving them plenty of social service along with easy paroles has not worked most intellectuals in most countries around the world see the issue is how those who are more prosperous should be brought down rather than how and more with other people people who have lagging should cling to their culture I don't know how you're gonna keep on doing what you've always done and get results that are different what you've always gotten but by manipulating public opinion every now and then the conduct of a minority group gets so outrageous or nearly touches some public right or sovereignty that direct counter force must be brought into the game the police then get their clubs and riot gear but against the background of the pervasive liberal rhetoric and the usual liberal practice in these matters the appearance of drawn weapons on the scene seems sudden in arbitrary if strikers or demonstrators get beaten up or thrown in jail is the cops and the authorities who seem by the inner logic of liberalism to be the villainous aggressors and the final outcome is likely to be considerably more blood and bitterness and if a small number of heads have been knocked somewhat early on and it turd the crowd liberalism is bad in government because liberalism doesn't have a real plan to build because it's designed to tear down liberalism has been more comfortable operating as simply in opposition to the existing order the passion for change does not stop with this particular feature that we might agree needs replacement liberalism is set up to fight the status quo and not create a new one in Bertrand Russell's early twentieth century liberal book why men fight he writes the task of education should not be to uphold but to destroy liberalism has always stressed change breaking free from traditions or old habits customs or institutions that's the backbone in the heart of its movement because those old customs are the cause of ignorance and once they're removed and replaced with more education their problems will just solve themselves liberalism is the film critic who can cite everything wrong with the film but he cannot create one of his own certainly not one better than the film produced because liberalism is designed to tinker with the established order to explain what needs fixing not to build something better thus liberalism has continued to be negative and quite destructive in early Western society there were a good number of deeply embedded customs that were bad in many ways and getting rid of them was a good thing and the liberal attitude of hostility towards custom and tradition and supreme confidence in the nature of mankind was useful for society then but now that most of those evils have been eliminated liberalism has to try and build a new and it repeatedly fails so what you're left with after 10 12 14 20 years in the leftist of doctrine Asian centres that our schools have become our citizens of voting age who on the one hand are utterly unwilling and incapable of critically judging the merits of the positions they hold and have held unquestioned since they're 5 years old a mindless indiscriminate Ness what you're left with is not only adults citizens of voting age who cannot judge their own positions but who are virulent ly antagonistic to any position other than their own so this makes you not just wrong on your issues and your stances they don't even think about your issues in each stances

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  1. I can't win American Politics of the narrative and the liar is pushed 24 hours a day seven days a week it is pushed on the campus and a higher learning places of America and across Europe the lies and deceit that is promoted by the Liberal minded communist yes he is right I do want to tear down your society but they cannot replace it because they're idea of replacement would be a dictatorship a communist state like China who gives no rights to the individual but only controls by the elitist and the globalist these of the society these people work for

  2. New deal. Woman's right to vote. Woman's right to own property. 40 day work week. Overtime. List goes on for all those bad policies. Republicans have done what? Deregulation and tax cuts to the rich. W had 2 years of Republicans having all three branches of the federal government being Republican. Trump had 2 years of full control as well. What did they do? Did they strike down abortion? Nope. Did they fortify the 2nd amendment? Nope. Did they cut federal spending? Nope. Lower taxes to the middle class? Nope. Build a wall? Nope. Funny that for 60 years they have bitched about all those things and every time they get a majority in all three branches they forget all their promises and just cut taxes and deregulate. Funny huh? You would think they were taking all the idiot middle class voters on a ride or something. By the way….do you know why the economy is doing well? Many cities and a few states have raised the min wage. More money means more people spending money, more spending means businesses are doing well and that translates into more people needed to work, more workers needed means less unemployment. So the only thing Trump can brag about, the economy, is the one thing he had no hand in doing anything for….or did you think soy farmers losing a billion or so dollars from China tarriffs helped the economy? LOLOLOL.

  3. I'm a conservative but I disagree with the part about the police being heroes. The police are freemason psychopaths who work for the state. Their job is to CAUSE problems so the elite can get money from prison stocks. The police deliberately incite violence at protests, they cause chaos so they can control the outcome.

  4. The term "liberal" has been hijacked by useful idiot crackpots who unwittingly serve the wealthy globalists who want to keep the bulk of people poor and controlled! Massive failure and societal breakdown are intentional. Any one with half a brain knows that a massive welfare culture is no improvement! These useful idiot crackpots are building more dependency and less empowerment!

  5. Lib/dems & their USA hating racist hero BO, doubled debt to $20 trillion. Sending us down same road as Puerto Rico, Greece, Venezuela, Etc.

  6. While I, myself, have been in jail numerous times in my past (more times than not because of my own fault); I have seen the effect of not having a father figure in the home. It is true that, regardless of male or female, people are more likely to commit crime in the absence of a father figure. And, by the way, most people I met in the jails admitted to their crimes and also said that, "most people in jail belong in jail."

  7. Insane how I'm watching this in 2018 with all of the open border loonies that want to destroy the country by bringing South America's problems to our doorsteps. Open borders leads to more crime and poverty, which will necessitate the need for more social services, which leads to more taxes. It's a vicious circle.

  8. Amazing!! I've been researching race and economics. I have found that the post-Civil Rights Act era has not helped minorities and tat minorities were moving up rapidly prior to 1964. Between 1940 and 1970, the number of blacks in professional occupations quadrupled.

  9. Cycle 1: "Hard Times Create Strong Men" ~ The general hardships force conservatives to rise, or liberals to convert, to a more rigid conservative lifestyle for the sake of survival, whether it be the family or society as a whole. Goods are saved for when needed, people spend wisely to build a place for themselves, both figuratively and literally. Many put work in to improving society as they wish to see it succeed.

    Cycle 2: "Strong Men Create Easy Times" ~ The fruits of saving resources and wise investments pay off forming a society that is pleasant to live in and works. During this time, the next generation who has not experienced the hardships of old is born. While they usually follow a lot of what their parents teach, they feel the need to improve upon it further. They look at liberal ideals and believe it will better society.

    Cycle 3: "Easy Times Create Weak Men" ~ The older generation who built society is either dying off, or has already died. The younger generation who has inherited it essentially doesn't know the intricacies of how it functions. The former generation that were the offspring of the rigid conservatives now have their own children, and tell them about how they are the future and to be fair, nice, kind, etc. This makes the generation, who has little knowledge of how their society was built or how it functions, extremely attracted to liberal ideals as they preach everything the new generation believes can be done to improve society even further.

    Cycle 4 "Weak Men Create Hard Times" ~ When the policies put in place by the last generation begin to take effect, it is shown they do not work with human nature and have an adverse effect and result in much destruction, sometimes even on a national scale. At this point the next generation realizes these failed policies are the result of this dysfunctional ideology and many choose to become conservative. Liberals horrified at what has occurred may even convert, while many will seek to shift blame on something else and remain in denial. In the end they will be the ones to die.

    Rinse and repeat.

  10. It was a plan of the evil Globalists and democrats to impoverish blacks and put them out of work
    and destroy there families in order to create massive populations of angry unemployed blacks who would help destroy America from within. I cannot get over how evil these people are. God where is your judgement against them?

  11. And one more thing. America has been hijacked by Jack Booted thugs disguised as God fearing Patriots who are attempting to bring about the 4th Reich.
    Both political parties are doing everything they can to create THE
    Where do you think the concept came from ?

  12. Here's the solution ,
    Re-elect the darling that is George Bush and then ever thing will return to your brand of Utopia . Both sides are guilty of absolute retardation of anything and everything they do. Our elected OFFICIALS spend more time day trading , vacationing, junket taking , paying off whoever is blackmailing them and in turn blackmailing others to ever be able to do the job for people who hired them. There is no difference between them except faux outrage when someone on the other side does exactly what
    you do only somehow it's outrageous when they do it. But never mind that . We have the public to fleece.
    Neither side has any moral ground to stand on.

  13. I just subscribed to your channel your videos are straight forward and clear cut. Try not to be discouraged by low views or subscribers, you are doing an awesome work by putting the truth out there. If you were on here putting on makeup or playing with a kitten you would go viral. Thank you for this channel sir.

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