Why it's ok to have no best friend; Choosing acquaintances over gal pals

a viewer wants to know why she doesn't have a best friend she sees all these other people with their best friends laughing and having a great time and she or she has no really really good friends she has acquaintances but no good friends and no best friend and we'll look at it like this if you were going to look for a boyfriend would you pick somebody who is just okay not that great no of course not and I know a friendship is completely different than a romantic relationship but you should have the same standards so if you are picky with your boyfriends you should be picky with your gal pals with your friends because here's the thing you want a best friend for life you want someone you can trust someone you can confide and they don't want to confide in just anyone because if you could fight in the wrong person and they go telling your deepest darkest secrets to just everyone you'll be mortified so it's best not to have a best friend if you don't have a really really trustworthy person and I guarantee you all those people with their best friends how long do you think they're gonna have that best friend before they're gonna split ways I mean seriously very few people have life long friendships and when they do they hold onto them tightly because those are worth gold and you'll find that but just as in a romantic relationship with a guy you've got to be super super picky with your friendships and don't settle for less don't have a one-sided friendship where someone is good a yak-yak-yak about themselves but never listen to your problems and here you are listening to this person's problems at all hours and your friend is like you have one little problem and your friend is like out the door no you want a friendship it goes both ways that person is there for you she has your back you have her back you were there for each other and I know it sounds like really easy to find that person it's not so be picky and so what if you go it alone for a while so what if you have no friends for a while or you just have a whole bunch of acquaintances acquaintances are great and go out and have fun with them but see your deepest friendships for someone who you can completely trust it's worth the wait

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  1. I need a best friend. I wish I could be teenager again .I need a boyfriend .I wish I could be a teenager again.

  2. why have you stopped posting videos ? I am feeling much better after watching this video.๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Im a guy who like the girl in question, doesnt have a best friend. I'm a social and outgoing guy who likes a laugh and who wants to share a connection and have a best friend – someone I can rely on, trust and have regular nights out together. But I've not had that, I've had many friends who like just acquaintances, friends who come and go but they already have their own best friend or friends you see in clubs of a night who you just meet their csuse they arent like a proper friend who would arrange to meet you beforehand and even those kinda friends will have their own best mate or partner before you, so you are just a friend to them when there close friends arent out so they come and go.

    I'm 33 now and I've gone to parties alone and abroard alone but I've been alone for so long with no best mate for me that I spend a lot of nights not going out cause I have no real friends but juat acquaintances who you arent that bothered to always go out with cause their isnt a connection or much enjoyment and convo between you, When you do go out. But often thats all i have, So at times i will go out with them.
    But the years go by but still no one for me. So much to give while I see others with great friendships but I have so much to share but no real friends just acquaintances and it makes me feel like a lonely lost soul

  4. What if…um…your best friend leaves you and you canโ€™t find a new one? You have so many choices but some are taken and some you have problems with?

  5. @QuoGirl In a way, I probably understand where you're coming from. I have my own "secret" (for me it's related to health) that I usually don't feel comfortable telling just anyone. It would be nice to be open about my personal issues but people are usual judgmental. In my opinion, if my problem is different than "Susan's," Susan might be judgmental about it since her issue is different. Just a random thought. :O)

  6. X0xm1ax0X–I would start by distancing yourself a little, and not telling her everything. I know it's painful to feel like you are losing a friend, but maybe the friendship is just changing. Instead of her being a really close friend, she is more of a surfacy friend who you see occasionally but you don't share your deepest thoughts. And if you keep it that way, it could change back to the way it was down the road. She could be going through something now. You never know.

  7. I have a question. I have a friend.. we're best friends from high school. But I always feel like she's not there for me (well many times) she says she'll call back and she won't. And I always tell her everything, I feel like she's the one of the very few people I really trust, and feel like she understands me. But then I feel like she puts me as her last preference or neglects me as a friend. I've learned to not be hurt by this about her. But it's just on my mind, what could i do?

  8. @echidnah–I know it hurts, but this happens quite a lot. Remember, this is her problem, not yours. She will realize very shortly that the group she is in now is superficial, and their friendship is fleeting. She will probably come back. But in the mean time, you've got to meet people who are genuine. Get involved in sports if you can. Track comes to mind. You'll meet people who you share a common goal with. Try it. You'll be happier.

  9. Ohh, answer my question?
    I had this friend I've known pretty much forever but she ditched me for the populay kids and she hardly talks to me at all anymore, she's even ashamed of me around the popular kids.

  10. You can't be too picky. You'll find great friends. And your friendships will evolve over the years. You might be close to different people at different stages of your life.

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