Why Is Halo 3's Campaign SO AWESOME?!

you what better way to start a review of Halo 3 than to remake one of the most memorable and powerful advertisements ever made I hope I was able to recapture some of that magic and I hope you enjoyed that bit but how do I even begin discussing one of the most hyped games of all time I mean with all the other reviews I've done coming up with a good intro hasn't been as tough as this I guess it's the intimidation the sheer magnitude and size of this game so let's start there I think the expectation is huge everybody I talked to you know if you mentioned halo you know everybody immediate reaction is how's halo screams well god damn we all thought halo 2 was the pinnacle of video game hype pre-orders sold out record-setting sales media and news coverage you probably thought people couldn't get any more excited than that but you would be wrong the world was going fucking insane for Halo 3 it reached levels of hype bordering on obnoxious hysteria there was all sorts of craziness going on people were making songs and shit when the third game with Master Chief's released the lighthouses maid alerted on the streets of a deserted when Bungie finally gives us three men they had this guy playing as a PlayStation 3 he goes to a store and starts talking shit about Halo then a car drops off a guy in an Xbox 360 costume and he beats the shit out of the PlayStation guy like are you serious halo 3 had some damn good trailers and promotions they were dare I say iconic one of them showed this huge new installation beneath ground another showed off the bubble shield and my mouth was wet with anticipation after watching these I mean just look at this and try to wrap your mind around it this is the wealthiest man on planet Earth at the time and he's at a Best Buy selling the first copy of Halo 3 I mean you got yep fuckin bill gates in on this shit the halo 3 hype train was one of the greatest moments in gaming history not just because it broke records or it was a climactic finale but because everyone and their mother was excited for its release even if you are one of the rare people that didn't give two fucks about this game you knew about it either way people coming together yeah her video game are you excited looking back at some of these videos and the happiness the expression on people's faces is just beyond words but how did all this hype translate to the campaign the epic finale in this legendary halo saga without a doubt the game delivered on the multiplayer front with forged theatres etc but in the eyes of many the campaign had some mixed reception and we're going to find out for sure so let's make a girl a promise team up with RB and finish the fight let's give some context first combat Evolved set up the universe and Lauren pretty much the best way possible telling a simple story but leaving a lot to be explained further on then halo 2 expanded upon it with a dual perspective and new characters and fleshing out the sides of the villains much more so when the time came for Halo 3 the game had some pretty big shoes to fill I mean expectations were so high you thought they'd have been hanging out with Snoop Dogg alongside Cheech and Chong the build-up to this game was unlike anything the world had ever seen before which is good for generating hype and sales but unavoidably the campaign gameplay and/or story wasn't going to satisfy everybody I'm not one of those people but I can't see where they're coming from we'll get more into the negatives as we go along this time around Hey look three packs a lot more symbolism and motifs into its story also illuminating Cortana and Chiefs relationship a bit more we see this in the fucking awesome intro they let me pick did I ever tell you that choose whichever Spartan I wanted the music is beautiful and Cortana's monologue carries a certain weight with it luck in the number seven were things that have been built up subtly in the first two games through Easter eggs and all sorts of stuff but halo 3 brings that theme to the forefront for the first time we learned Cortana was given a choice and out of all the Spartans Master Chief had something special about him because chief is such a great vessel for the player this makes us feel special too we feel like we were chosen well I think this is an incredible intro one thing has always bothered me how did chief get off the forerunner ship where he jumped out why do you always jump jump chuk chuk i mean it's a pretty jarring transition from the end of halo 2 to the start of halo 3 you know it would have been nice if we actually saw him jump stuff but anyways it looks like chief is pretty messed up and the first time playing this you're holding your breath radio favi Tarr heavy lift gear we're not leaving them here yeah you're not that's my fucking boy that's my fucking boy right there this whole intro is just so magical the reunion with Johnson memories of Cortana being left on high charity the promise he made and if you haven't noticed every Halo game up to this point has started with a focus on Chiefs armor and him falling from space this is the first of many parallels in Halo 3 but then oh shit god damn I love this scene and how chief doesn't hesitate at all after falling God knows how far it's like a light switch he just goes straight into badass mode puts the gun up to our beasts throat and he's like bro make a goddamn move and I'm gonna pull this trigger meanwhile arbiters just sitting there like do it but can do it dude I don't give a shit what you think the testosterone levels here are at 100% and then homeboy Johnson settles them down an arbiter drops the fucking mic were it's so easy it's funny how one line of dialogue in a little bit of action is all that's needed to maintain this great dynamic between arbiter and chief halo 3 has pretty much the perfect beginning but even though the game is a step backwards in some ways from Halo 2 and combat Evolved the game absolutely kills it with the level design you remember the first time you played this game well in my experience I was at my buddy's house playing co-op when we started out in the jungle I ran into some plants in my jaw dropped you can shoot the plants and they react you can walk into them and they move I was like sweet Jesus this is the future right here in fact there was a post on the Halo subreddit of how had a Okajima creator of the Metal Gear games reacted to halo 3 I'm not sure if this is legit but his reaction was pretty much the same as mine this comes from Ryan Payton ever since I played halo combat Evolved I've been a massive fan of the franchise when halo 3 came out I had it overnighted from Seattle to Tokyo and the next day I brought it to the studio and made sure that everybody including Hideo looked closely at the game a new halo 3 was a landmark game for the industry some folks were really interested in the gunplay others were more interested in the graphics Hideo gets motion sickness so he wasn't able to look at the game much I remember he asked me to shoot a plant near the start of the jungle when he reacted he nodded an affirmation and walked off I remember wanting to show him more of the game it might be the smallest of small points but you got to admit that's a polished game right there this level of detail was mind-blowing and might have paved way for future games to emphasize their environments more one thing halo 3 does really well is tell these mini stories throughout the gameplay the first – halo has always had cool stuff that happened during gameplay when you had control and so does halo 3 but the game goes that extra mile by making those moments happen more often and making them more cinematic some of these events you and change the outcome of for instance when you round this corner you see this Marine getting interrogated and if you watch like some non helping douche he dies but if you shoot your way through you can save the marine and you get a bit of dialogue chieftain this talent killed my man there's this really fucking cool part near the end of arc where you see a pack of brutes all crowded around a hammer chieftain and you have the option of fighting him one-on-one like you're battling to see who is best to lead the pack or you can blast the shit out of everyone if you got huge balls these many cutscenes and story's introduced a feeling of a realism we hadn't seen before it's not always just a bunch of enemies walking around waiting for you to shoot him anymore the grunts talk in their sleep there's that brute that takes a fat leak and best of all were the terminals I don't know whose genius idea was that came up with this but Bravo dude it was always fun to read through these even if you didn't quite understand what was going on at the time it was great fanservice to the Lauren addicts who wanted something more something more intricate and behind the scenes and it offered things to hunt for within each mission combined with the skulls Easter eggs and the mini stories it turned halo threes levels into something you could get a lot out of just by taking it slow it's a type of campaign where you really can stop and smell the roses aside from all that halo 3 returns to the combat Evolved style of level design you know gigantic freaking areas with tons of stuff going on now one of the most disappointing aspects of Halo 2 for me was how most sections were in tight close corridors or elongated paths it never felt as grandiose as the first game but halo 3 makes each level have a sense of scale I guess with the advancements in technology they could afford to up the ante on the number of enemies and allies in each fight and they now the corridor sections down really well when they need to the levels were more open and epic than we had ever seen or imagined before it's fucking fantastic to fight alongside elites against the flood and brutes and how mind blowing was it to be allied with the flood even for just a moment I mean who the hell saw that coming there's so many unique sections halo 3 just offers incredible variety you don't have to play each area the same way I love the part we have for mongooses each with a Marine hearing a rocket-launcher on the back that shit is so crazy and fun like I said halo 2 had so many sections that just kept pumping in enemies from outside whereas halo 3 ditches that concept for the most part they got a lot more creative making use of drop ships and much more unnoticeable spawning every level looks incredible with diverse locations set pieces and backdrops the graphics for halo 3 are timeless they were cutting-edge back then but no matter how many years it's been this game has and always will look great the level design is basically perfect as far as I'm concerned but before we get into the depth of the story let's take a look at the gameplay halo 3 alongside Star Wars Jedi Academy were two of the first games that really made me appreciate the weapons and sandbox and video games the enemies are all fun and satisfying to shoot at and the guns are all fun and satisfying to shoot with the weapons are all viable even on legendary and can be used in most scenarios add on to this you've got dual wielding four types of grenades alongside equipment heavy weapons and it creates a campaign with a lot of depth honestly they really innovated like no other you know some equipment wasn't as useful as it was in multiplayer but to the creative minded they can be utilized in unique ways some flanking routes and areas can be accessed by using the gravel if the bubble shield was like a get-out-of-jail-free card the power drain was great against brutes active camo returned as equipment if you killed a brute chieftain fast enough you get a short-term invulnerability ever since halo 3 of the series has been looking for a fourth leg to stand on and equipment could impact the gameplay greatly but it wasn't something that altered the core of halos design which made it a perfect addition to the sandbox spike in fire bomb grenades really fun to use even though fire bombs were hardly seen in campaign I've always thought most Halo games have played it too safe with grenades and really should have experimented with new types of grenades this game has the best weapon variety in the series hands down and I don't care how stupid or unviable it is to go spy caress em I'm fucking doing it and pumping them full of lead you know why cuz I got two weapons and you don't bitch dual wielding evolved into something spectacular so many combos to try some good some not so good and it was always fun just being able to experiment with them the ability to use heavy weapons like the missile pod was fucking epic as well or ripping a turret right off its legs and go into town is so freakin satisfying Hey look three simply improved upon the weapons and sandbox from the last two games in every way possible and that's something most game series can't seem to nail a consistent improvement in the gameplay with every sequel the enemies have all undergone massive changes for the better and battles have much more troops in them than before thank god those fuckin jackals have a headlight around and don't respawn 14 fuckin times it sorry brutes are no longer the bullet sponges and boxing champions they were in Halo 2 they basically took on the roles of elites but their shields don't come back when the armor is destroyed grunts can now go crazy pull out two grenades and try to suicide bomb you hunters are pretty much the same the flood and drones have massively increased numbers and will swarm the living hell out of you but are much weaker individually now one thing that always bugged me about Halo 3 was how the flood our week 2 melee hits I always thought because combat forms are basically space zombies that they had no care for the condition of their bodies and there's broken bones are damaged caused by melee attacks weren't enough to slow them down but here it's like they're all made out of paper mache and died in one or two hits we're being cool if guns like the brutes shot and Spiker were the only weapons that could reliably kill combat forms with melee enemies with predictable and avoidable patterns with something Halo 2 sorely lacked and halo 3 is truly a return to combat Evolved type of enemy design pure flood forms were a nice twist when fighting the flood as they could change forms at will to suit the circumstances unfortunately halo 3 has no real boss fights like Halo 2 did sure the scarabs were fun to take down and Guilty Spark was kind of a boss but I was really disappointed they didn't expand on this concept perhaps it's something that just doesn't jive with haloes formula but out of all the campaigns halo 3 is the most fun in my opinion just because of how varied each of the levels are how many weapons you can use in the number of ways you can approach any situation only thing that keeps the gameplay from being perfect is that legendary difficulty still had some annoying and unfair elements this is mostly apparent in vehicle sections because enemies will literally shoot you out of the vehicle and you can withstand so little damage that you often die in about a second but if that stuff doesn't bug you then it's probably perfect and the skulls allow you to nail just the right difficulty if the standard ones don't work for you the fact that you could play Halo 3's campaign with three other people on Xbox Live was simply incredible the ability to look back on your footage and actually see things from a different perspective in the theater was a really great addition you could actually find some hidden things you couldn't have seen otherwise I get the start of floodgate you can kind of see what's going on to the right of you but if you take the theater camera you can actually move and see Marines engaging flood right there and all the vid master challenges gave gamers a seemingly insurmountable task to achieve it's like every aspect that halo 3 could be played with four people or more how many games out there actually allow that I can literally only think of classic Battlefront 2 overall the solid gameplay mixed with brilliant level and enemy design makes it one of the best FPS campaigns ever made but how does the story hold up after all this time is halo 3 the climactic finale it was advertised to be yes man no let me explain the note first once again it's not so much wrong with Halo 3 story itself but more so how Bungie had built up our expectations so high combat Evolved had the air of mystery around every level it switched things up when the game took Cortana away from you in the second half of the game and left you on your own for a bit and then halo 2 gave us more insight in depth into the universe as a whole the first time I beat halo 2 back in day I thought to myself how in the Sargent Jensen are they gonna be able to top this story and unfortunately halo 2 story was better in my opinion felt like every single moment every line of dialogue every cutscene just sucked me in from start to finish there wasn't a moment in Halo 2 where I lost interest the change in perspectives was always interesting and to see the story progressed through two points of view was brilliant halo 3 just had a few moments that didn't feel as interesting as they could have been perhaps there's just a bit too much military dialogue about what's going on but I think it's also because we don't see the covenants side of things as much and without a sub villain like Tartarus or the other two prophets the Covenant in general don't feel as imposing or threatening as they did in the last two games we don't see as much of the Civil War which was one of the coolest things about halo 2 and truth also seemed like a downgrade from his cunning manipulative depiction in Halo 2 not to mention the change in voice actor but I'll get to that later an arbiter felt like he got demoted to a sidekick instead of the relatable protagonist he was in Halo to Tartarus the prophets have betrayed us maybe it's just because combat Evolved and halo 2 both revealed so much to the player that by the time halo 3 came along there wasn't much to elucidate about the universe of course it would have been hard to work in a way for the player to see the grave mine again but seeing him through these visions kind of turned him into just a threatening voice and I must ask why why why was it necessary to stop the gameplay in its tracks to listen to dialogue yeah okay gotcha still got a save you Cortana oh yes grave mine you're the bad guy don't worry didn't forget about you yeah that's that's enough with the voice thing can you stop now you just move you just let me enjoy the game can you just shut up yeah fuck that was annoying I think it's unanimous that those sections are annoying and those dialogue sections could have been handled in a much better way again in Halo 2 he felt far more threatening mysterious and deceptive in general the characters are all slightly weaker versions of what they were in Halo 2 but in the grand scheme of things those complaints aren't too bad because halo 3 story is beyond epic there's no other way to put it which staggered line trip buster they outnumber us three to one then it is an even fight all cruises fire a twin burn their mongrel hides it's got this air of let's fucking go dude yeah let's go fuck shit up on the ring let's do it the height between each mission is perfect because the game delivers those epic moments of gameplay that it hypes up but also has a lot of quiet emotional moments that slow things down guilty sparks betrayal just happened at the worst possible time in a good way for the story Johnson's death just left me like damn damn one of the best parts of the story from me was really seeing Cortana and Chiefs relationship fleshed out but why didn't you like Halo 4 as much then act man because they took it too far too quick the first two halos were taken small steps as they showed us more and more of their relationship and in Halo 3 you the player care as much about Cortana as chief does again because Bungie wanted you to be immersed as the chief you're looking through his eyes instead of being outside looking at him there's just enough emotion and subtlety between the two characters to really make you care about it whereas in Halo 4 it feels forced maybe that's why they call it halo 4 and most importantly the relationship of Chief and Cortana was a part of a bigger story as opposed to it being half the focus like it was in Halo 4 earth is all we have left you trust Cortana that much sir yes sir it was either the best decision you've ever made or the worst element is chief I doubt I'll live long enough to find out which what I love most is how the humans and covenant team-up even though they don't really want to survive a small contamination and you shipmaster just glassed half a continent maybe the flood is no lie should be worried about there's this huge amount of tension between both sides and then you got Guilty Spark in the middle who's like totally clueless the way Lord hood and shipmaster bicker back and forth paints this scenario as pretty dicey this alliance could turn ugly at the drop of a hat but both sides managed to put aside years and years of conflict hatred and history for the greater good the scene when arbiter and Johnson are gearing up for one final ever is goddamn glorious you see how the UNSC and covenant are separated they're talking amongst themselves probably making racial jokes about the elites and vice versa and then Johnson starts grabbing covenant weapons this elite stands up and he's like bro the fuck are you do it Johnson doesn't even give a shit the other Marines over they're like woah dude Johnson has some serious balls then arbiter picks up some human weapons and the Marines are like men I'd say something but I'd rather not piss this guy off then they both walk past each other hand out the guns and it's just the perfect scene it shows two sides coming together everyone's gearing up for this big finale the stage is set halo 3 is all about stopping truth from activating the other halo rings at once with the ark somehow Bungie managed to elevate the tension and drama in this situation one halo ring oh shit that'll destroy everything in the galaxy but six or seven Jesus Mary we don't even want to think about what will happen if they all go off the flood in general are much more threatening even without the grave minor round because we see them flying ships when you see that you're just like my dad they're learning pretty soon they're gonna have their own schools so halo 3 does a real good job of raising the stakes which ties in with the epicness of the narrative the story has some real nice build up and just like the other games it truly has the atmosphere of a military sci-fi shooter something that I now realize is a criminally underrated aspect of halo the Marines play a big role in the gameplay they're pretty much around you at all times as well as telling you about the next objective since Cortana isn't with you for most of the game the Marines make you feel like a badass because they always love getting your help they sing endless praise for you and since there's so many of them you stick out like a sore thumb at the risk of going on a hidden xperia type tangent I just want to say the art style this game is fantastic everything is stylistic and beautiful forerunner architecture is the best it's ever looked and the ark was such a great place to explore the flood are even more grotesque and you really get to see how they evolve and take over their hosts and high charity I bring up the art style because it's such a critical piece of why halo 3 is such incredible atmosphere throughout its campaign now I'll talk about the ending at well the end of this video because it's the most impactful part of Halo threes campaign so for the moment let's move on to some characters and dialogue I talked about Chief and Cortana a bit so I won't reiterate myself here and I'll be saving arbiter for the end now one of the few problems I have with Halo 3 is some of the dialogue and characters and again it's really not Halo 3's fault it's just that Cee and a low two were damn near perfect in this regard for one truth is a completely different character this pissed me off more than anything because he was a conniving smart cunning type of villain he lets Mercy die and after that tells the Covenant through the intercom that he and mercy are on their way towards the forerunner shit I mean that's pretty fucked up always thought the truth is the kind of bad guy who wouldn't display his motives he'd rather kill you in your sleep than openly threaten you but in Halo 3's changed into a totally maniacal batshit crazy zealot it's a complete opposite of what he was in the last game the council decided to have you hung by your entrails and your corpse paraded through the city but ultimately the terms of your execution are up to me his dialogue is good but he's just not the same the voice actor was changed which I imagined Bungie had to do at the time but it doesn't make sense as a trilogy there was no character development that would turn truth into this type of bad guy Miranda also has a new voice actor who isn't bad by any means but my point is and this is true for any series when you change the voice actor of an established character it disrupts the immersion and it just feels weird only show i'veseen get away with it was Avatar The Last Airbender with uncle Iroh yeah there's a few cheesy moments that could have been handled better ma'am squad leaders are requesting a rally point where should they go to war no no seriously ma'am we're running a goddamn military here how about you stop trying to look like a badass and actually talk strategy where the fuck do you want the troops to go now halo 2 is the most memorable dialogue out of any FPS game I've ever played maybe Bioshock is just as good in this regard but I felt like the writing in Halo 2 was a 10 out of 10 and in Halo 3 its kind of more 7 or 8 out of 10 and again it's simply because halo 3 is a sequel to that game that I'm comparing it like this you know one thing that's actually really impressive is sergeant Johnson gets captured like seven times throughout these games he's attacked by the flood barely makes it out alive gets captured gets captured again yet somehow throughout all of this he still remains a fucking badass I think it's remarkable you can write a character who routinely gets his ass whooped but not make him any less cool because of that seeing Guilty Spark and chief meet up again was really satisfying shit went down in the first game and sparks seemed like he didn't know what the fuck to do so it's surprising to see him not that angry at chief at first and just like the other games halo 3 goes for a less-is-more style of dialogue there's plenty of great comic relief moments and that's always a good sign when a grandiose story like this can give you a few laughs here and there 'lord hood and ship master fulfill their roles nicely as leaders of both factions and though they don't talk much they play off each other nicely and raise the tension of the story there's a lot of good character moments and dialogue in this game and though it's not on the same level as Halo 2 it does the job very well in so many ways halo 3 represents the culmination of bungees work from the countless marathon symbols throughout to the inclusion of Bungie employees as Easter eggs all the quality-of-life additions like being able to equip skulls beforehand the reintroduction of the scrapped flamethrower edition of the gravity hammer and of course from their very own Vioxx it's a return Master Chief this is the end of our trilogy this is gonna be the end of the story at the end of Halo 3 you won't just finish one fight you'll finish all of the fights that you started in halo 1 Bungie really captured the feeling of finality with this game they envisioned this as the end of Halo or at least the Master Chief's story you can tell they felt they made several mistakes with Halo 2 the cliffhanger ending the content all the bugs the list goes on and on so it's like they went into this with the attitude of putting out the absolute best game possible every rock they had stumbled on before would no longer be a hurdle for Halo 3 halo 3 is all about the things that we want in the creator's made sure to give players a real sense of nostalgia for the old games there's so many moments that are reminiscent of Halo 2 and seee not to mention a buttload of parallels it's really quite impressive it makes halo 3 feel like a send-off for instance if you take this side path in the final mission you see these all-too-familiar circular rooms from assault in the control room there's only one though and not 40 so it's not exactly like combat Evolved the alarm sound effects in Crowsnest are identical to the ones on the pillar of autumn just like the first two games Johnson has different dialogue in the opening scene depending on difficulty of course the Warthog run is similar to the one in C II but an extra layer of detail was revealed courtesy of a butler he shows an overhead view of the silent cartographer and the Warthog run in Halo 3 since you're on the halo ring that was meant to be a replacement for the one you destroyed you're actually driving around the same island that's pretty crazy arbiter once again kills the guy who's trying to activate the Rings and of course there are many parallels between the dialogue just keep your head down there's two of us in here now remember construct in the car absolutely unacceptable we're not gonna make it we'll make it after I'm through the truth no make a girl a promise if you know you can't keep it don't make a girl a promise if you know you can't keep it she stayed behind these are just some of the examples but they also extended this to a soundtrack Marty O'Donnell praise His name knew just the right chords to strike for maximum nostalgia and emotion I think there's a big difference between milk and nostalgia for fanservice and paying homage paying respect to the art you created that so many people fell in love with some might argue these are cheap recycled moments but I disagree you're still playing through a brand new Halo game that looks and feels entirely new Bungie envisioned this as the finale the end of the Master Chief's story and in order to drive that sense home to the player they mirrored a lot of those moments sounds and music from the first two games it doesn't feel forced it feels just right and it makes Halo 3 all the more epic and memorable because this time you've got the memories of Halo 2 and combat Evolved right there with you and so it is that an epic story deserves an epic ending and halo 3 does not disappoint the final mission is my second favorite in the series next two two betrayals and it's the most magical of them all throughout the game chief and RB have been working side by side the best thing about these two characters is how little is said between them but how they feel about each other can be inferred simply through their actions they're essentially two sides of the same coin we trade one villain for another an arbiter has matured a lot as a character since halo 2 he's no longer plagued by doubt and he's much more confident in his actions and what he's doing like when they both jump onto the ship and the warthog scorpions and crates are all crashing about chief jumps out glances to the side and looks at arbiter who nods and that and that's that's all you need here's what the characters were thinking in this moment oh Jesus Christ shit is going down right now but eight ain't home boy where you at Dawg I'm right here bro we gettin through this together book yeah we are dude fuck yeah we are it's like you can invert so many things just from this tiny sequence anyways at the start of the final mission you'll fight through several waves of flood to get to the control room of the Ark and when you're about to finish things for good spark betrays you and goes crazy what ensues is a satisfying yet brief fight with the monitor and you put him down once and for all can't help but feel a bit sad for him guilty spark was such a cheery character with a somewhat tragic end you wonder if things could have worked out better but after that Johnson is dying and the player chief doesn't want to let him go before he dies this courageous badass sergeant asks us for one last thing send me out for you Johnson anything chief then books it the fuck out of there as the whole place is gonna blow soon after that you mount up in a warthog with our be on the gunner and a spectacular warthog race against the clock the music is what makes this ending so freaking awesome and simply put it can't be described in words hey no it's finished no I think we're just getting started but you did it truth and the Covenant the flood it's finished it's finished and as the trilogy concludes Master Chief story ends the way it began waiting for the moment when the world and Cortana need him once more wait me when you need me you [Laughter] you

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    The Gravemind was obviously using these visions of Cortana against Chief in some way. When the Gravemind did this, it would actually stop Chief’s heart. The reason why he gets slowed down is because when your heart stops, obviously you can’t apply the same physical strength as you usually can. In fact, the only reason why you can still move, even slowly, is because the suit is linked to a neural chip in the spartans’ heads, so they can still move with their thoughts, but it still relies on the actual physical body to do so more efficiently.

    Now, if you think that this is stupid because it relies on out-of-game and lore-based material, then you’d be wrong. The game actually tells you. In the first mission, after the first vision happens, the marines that are leading you through the cave turn around and say “You alright, sir?” then someone over the comms says “Your vitals just pinged KIA!” That, and players even say that when this happens, the clan tag/name above the player will turn maroon with an X next to it, to signify that they’re dead; whether that’s specific to Chief’s player or not is unknown.

    People would say that this is a bad decision because it slows down the gamplay (even though it happens in moments where there aren’t any fights and the gameplay is slow already). However, I believe that this detail adds to the story. Act Man says in this video that the Gravemind was just kind of reduced into this threatening voice rather than being a scary, mysterious monster, or power. This detail, in my opinion, adds to those factors. Now, he can be seen as a threat to Chief, as something that can actually do something. The fact that he can kill Chief over and over adds to his character and his mystique. That, and repeated heart attacks (which is basically what Chief’s having) can be extremely fatal, so it can be seen that the Gravemind actually has some sort of power here, that he’s constantly trying to kill Chief for good throughout the story.

    This kind of thing restores the Gravemind’s character in this story. Too bad nobody’s even noticed…

  10. When I was six years old Halo 3 had just came out and I always will remember watching my dad play the game and me watching him play it. It's funny I always remember owing halo 3 before I even got an Xbox 360 I remember my brother buying it for me for Christmas and then later that year for my birthday I got an Xbox 360. I cried with excitement (I was 9 btw) only because I realized I could play this game that I've been wanting to play for 3 years. I completed the game in a weekend and I ran down stairs to tell everyone that I finished the game. No matter what amazing game I play now if it's god of war or spiderman or even rdr2 halo 3 will always be the greatest game in my eyes for the rest of my life. I love bungle for making an amazing childhood for me and a super fantastic story.

  11. My opinion is that halo 3 is the ending of everything halo, maybe halo 4 was also included but halo 5 had nothing to do with any of the actual story

  12. I loved the part where I had a duel with a chieftain in the chambers of the arch (forgot the name of this mission). It only happens when you come without shooting close enough to the brute cheftain, which is well done, like told in the videos. 🙂
    Oh and by the way. As Chief was in the Forerunner Ship… he immediatly was looking for the Prophet of Truth and killed thousands of groups of Grunts, Brutes, Jackals but since 6 Hunters showed up, it was too much for Chief and then… like in Halo 2 Campaign, Jackals sniped Chief and somehow he didn't managed to kill Truth because he was well protected with everything. Then he was trying to escape this ship but correct me if I missed something or if it's something not right but it's more or less how it was.

  13. Halo hits so many chords, the gamelay, community and even the devs. Everything just feels good that you can't help but feel happy about everything. With Infinite coming out and 343 seeming to listen to all our feedback to make better games is revitalizing the community again. I left shortly after 4, but seeing all this gave me a reason to come back. Remembering all the reasons why I even playee halo in the first place. It seems to be the perfect time for people to come back, it's to bad I lost contact with my old Halo gang…

  14. As far as I recall this is the first FPS game I ever played. My mom made me go to her friend's son's birthday party. At the time I didn't like the game because I got absolutely wrecked on account of having no prior experience with FPS games. I never got to play it since then because I owned a PS3 rather than an Xbox. Great video Man of Acting!

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