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What actor should play you in your biopic? Cory Booker. I promise we ask this question of every single
candidate. So f*cking proud of you guys. Never really got into Breaking Bad. I tried. Tread lightly. Not into any of the superhero movies. Uh, what? When I was campaigning across Texas and talking
about the need to pass sensible gun legislation, I would always add, ‘If you have an assault
rifle, and you’re using it responsibly, keep it.’ And I’ve since come to the conclusion,
especially after what happened in El Paso, that buying those weapons back is fundamental
to reduce gun violence in this country. Someone had asked me about mandatory licensing.
And my immediate response was, ‘Well, that goes too far.’ And the more I’ve thought about it on my own,
it makes total sense to me. And I would include mandatory registration of every single firearm that’s owned in this country. I think that’s necessary for us to
be able to save the lives of our fellow Americans. I was at the White House as a member of Congress. I knew that my kids would ask me if I had met the president yet, and I wanted to make
sure that I could tell them that I did. So I went up to shake President Obama’s hand
as he was surrounded by a scrum of House members. And he reached out, and he grabbed my hand,
and we locked eyes. And then somebody tapped him on the shoulder. But our hands were still connected. And we were holding hands for what felt like five hours. But I just didn’t know if I was supposed to
let go or he was supposed to let go first. He’s the president of the United States. Eventually, I had a chance to introduce myself, but that was probably the last time that I was truly
in awe of somebody. Yes. Every member of Congress from El Paso, going
back 50 or 60 years, has sat on the House Armed Services Committee. El Paso’s home
to Fort Bliss, 32,000 active-duty service members. It’s a city within a city and should
have a seat on the Armed Services Committee. I asked to be on the House Veterans’ Affairs
Committee, House Armed Services Committee, and was approved for the former, and I was
denied for the latter. Why? There was a lot of concern that I wouldn’t
be able to raise the campaign cash. When you’re on the Armed Services Committee,
you’re expected to call the Raytheons, the Northrop Grummans, the Boeings— those corporations who have business before
your committee of jurisdiction— and ask them for contributions from their
political action committees so that you can meet your dues to the [Democratic Congressional
Campaign Committee], so that you can win re-election. But in so doing,
I believe you compromise
yourself. You add to the corruption, even if it’s legal, of our Congress and skew our
priorities in favor of those who can pay for access, and influence, and outcomes. I really love Instagram. I took a picture
of a receipt at a restaurant in Iowa, and at the bottom of the receipt, it said, your
meal was prepared and served by immigrants. It told a truth that more people need to hear
in this country. When you were in the City Council you talked
about rethinking the war on drugs. In 2009, Juárez was quickly becoming the
deadliest city on the planet. There were two conclusions you could draw. One, bad people killing bad people. That was the view of a lot of people and frankly probably
the view of the government of the United States. Or you could understand that we had some culpability. We’re the largest illegal drug market in the world. I had an understanding that marijuana, cannabis,
was the cornerstone crop of these cartels. And so when on the fly we wrote an amendment
to a resolution that had been presented to City Council, I talked about narcotics, not
really knowing that that did not cover marijuana— it might describe heroin or other drugs. But let me say this, in addition to ending
the prohibition on marijuana we have to end the war on drugs overall. We have to treat
those who are using, abusing, addicted, run the risk of overdosing on any number of illegal
drugs, not as a criminal justice issue but as a public health opportunity. Wasn’t expecting it. Had not had to answer
that question before. So I just spoke my mind. Even if people disagree with you, if you’re
speaking your mind, if you’re honest, there’s something powerful in that. Last night I got two or three. The night before
that, three or four. Would love to get six on a regular basis. When we were campaigning in Texas, I expressed
a desire to go to college campuses, community colleges, and HBCUs, and high schools. Young people who represent such a large part of the population in Texas but such a small part
of the population that actually votes. And for that reason my team pushed back. And my response to that was you know I wouldn’t vote either if no one had shown up for me. [cheering] They showed up for us. In early voting in Texas in a midterm election, their turnout was up 500%. No. I’m running to be president of the United States. I’m running to serve this country as the leader that we need and are missing
right now. If, for whatever reason I am not the nominee,
I will support the nominee and ensure that they are successful in defeating Donald Trump
and in bringing this country together again. I’ll do everything I can to support the
nominee for U.S. Senate against John Cornyn in Texas. I’ll do everything that I can for
my state, for my community, and for my country. But I will not pursue public office. I’m pursuing a plan called Medicare for America.
This will get us to universal health care. It ensures that everyone who doesn’t have
insurance today is enrolled in Medicare immediately. Those who are sufficiently insured, they’re
able to elect to move into Medicare. But for those who have insurance plans that
work for them and their families, they can keep those health care plans. I was on the city council in El Paso, and
we were visiting high school students. And a young man stood up, and he said ‘I’m gay, and I’m not treated like everybody else. What’s up with that?’ And I didn’t have a great
answer for it. Ultimately went back and wrote an ordinance to ensure that the same-sex partners
of city employees were afforded health care benefits just like every other city employee. I was just in Odessa, in Midland yesterday,
the second community in West Texas to suffer a mass shooting in just [a] one month period. Like El Paso, I got to visit with families who lost a loved one, a woman whose brother
was shot and killed. His son locked eyes with the killer before
he raised his AR-15 and killed his dad. Met a mom whose 15-year-old daughter was killed. Her son was injured as he raised his hand, the bullet passing through, and described
to me watching her daughter bleed to death. I think this is a question we all need to
ask ourselves: What are the political hits we’re willing to endure? What are we willing
to sacrifice in terms of our own prospects in this election and make sure that we can
look ourselves in the mirror, look our kids in the eye, and know that we did the right
thing while we still had time? Our ability to successfully confront climate
change is fundamental to our ability to address anything else. The consequences of climate
change are already being felt by millions of people around the world, very often in
the most vulnerable, in the poorest communities—in the United States, very often communities
of color. It must be met with the urgency that it demands. I probably get too angry too quickly, especially at home, and don’t want to do that around our kids. So that would be a habit I’d want
to change. My wife Amy and I are gonna celebrate 14 years
of marriage. We still love each other so much, and can crack each other up, and can give
each other a hard time, give each other sh*t when we’re off course and not being true to
who we are. I don’t know that in a country of 330 million
people that is comprised of people from every possible background and biography, that any
one candidate in their own biography is going to capture the genius of America. I think what we want as a country is someone who’s going to go to everyone and represent and
reflect their experiences. Does not matter, Republican, Democrat. Even if you [can’t]
vote because of your status, or your involvement with the criminal justice system, or because
you just didn’t think it mattered, I wanna listen to you, and I wanna bring you into
this, and I wanna make sure that our administration reflects the true genius and diversity of
this country.

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  1. I can’t fathom why anyone would support this guy for an office higher than house rep. He seems like a shallow, entitled Dude Bro. But still, better qualified than the waste of DNA in office right now.

  2. Beto is now polling in first place… in a survey of illegal immigrants & teenagers & Salvadorans.

    Married 14 years. 6 away in Congress. 1 away visiting every TX county for senate. Then another month away after defeat. Now another 2 years visiting every state. Beto's an absentee dad & a selfish child who needs approval.

  3. 5:31 he knows its easier to fool those kids. You think he went to blk schools in South Carolina cus hes serious. He needs to make these people think he does.

  4. What a fake @ssclown! America is f*cked with all these Communist, Socialist-Marxist lunatics. Can’t wait to see the Amerika economic crash and the vile Sheeple suffer a biblical downfall 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Run for Senator and do some good where you have a chance. Sanders is the only guy who can beat Trump and actually do good in the Whitehouse.

  6. Given the banality of today's politics and the way he elaborates strategy on big money-political lobbies, I don't think he stands a chance.
    But I'm sure, his candidacy can be perceived as way to dissect swing-voters into funhouse image of how they can actually do something better than previous catastrophe.

  7. Better question is why has America not kicked him out of our Country, he's obviously a domestic terrorist and he people like him in the democrat party are the greatest threat this country faces …. not china … not russia ….

  8. He's so sweet. We were SO CLOSE to have you as the Senate here in Texas. Even if you don't win the election. I hope more people get to know you through this.

  9. This candidate encouraged VISA and Mastercard to refuse services for businesses who sell guns. He does not care about the law or the constitution.

  10. Nice interview! I would like to hear the top three interviewed. I have decided to take Sen O'Rourke off of my list of Candidates that I might vote for because he vehemently called V. P. Biden a "racists" . Likewise some other candidates.

  11. The more I see of these shills spewing their propaganda I realize they only care about getting power. They don't care about guns or people. They are Narcissists and if they could use an AR to gain power they would. Matter of fact that is how it will end up if the government is the only one with guns. Free men don't ask permission to own a gun. True fear comes from being defenseless. These leftie shills are the enemy of Americans. To many Americans know that the last stand of freedom is the second amendment and will die trying to preserve it. join the NRA and help preserve the 2nd amendment now.

  12. Mr. O'Rourke has a lot of desirable qualities and has the look of a young Kennedy family member, but I do not believe I will be voting for him because of our differing interests.

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