Why Hong Kong Erupted in Chaos

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Weird how the US media is all over Hong Kong protests but completely ignores the yellow vest. So much for spreading democracy….Never trust the swamp to do the right thing!!

  2. Had you mention the details about the extradite law? Of course not you won't tell people the importance of this law. People only know communist is evil why not

  3. indeed, many people would think hk is a part of china, but before u say that, try to know more background info about the situation on the Internet. I am from hk. I wont say hk is a part of china. Would it happen in 2047? To be honest, I dont know , maybe it will. But who know the future if we dont fight for it. And right now we are fighting for it.

  4. I really really don’t understand. I thought Hong Kong will become China after another 20plus years? Why protest?? Like it ornot You all are going to merge either way

  5. As loud and clear as the fact, the Hong Kong government is making their attempt to repair the loop hole in its legal system. Meanwhile this report, like many other propaganda reports, fails to provide any evidence, but jump onto the conclusion about "President Xi's move to chip away freedom", distorts facts, mongers fears, and subotages the integrity of a sovereign state.

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