Why do narcissists do smear campaigns? Even after you are gone.

hi there everybody this is Tracy and it is a tip Tuesday it's been a really long time since I've made a tip Tuesday and I wanted to follow up on a video I made a few weeks ago on smear campaigns and the three different levels of smearing that they do to us someone has asked me a question that I thought really deserved a good answer because I think it's a question that many of you have why would a narcissist beyond the Brico beyond the divorce beyond being completely free of this person for years and years why would they continue to conduct a smear campaign and the reason is simple you can tell the truth about what happened in your relationship but they can't so they need to fabricate this like crazy crazy story that has no resemblance of truth mostly because they think they'll never get caught if you happen to find out that they're telling all these smears and lies about you years and years later it's not really about you and the lies and things that they're telling people right now are there to boost themselves up when they lie about something it's to cover their own tracks they are projecting things that they've done onto you and so when you hear these things you can certainly let them bother you or you can simply laugh them off because they have no power here just like the little witch in The Wizard of Oz she had no power there in Oz and she couldn't do anything to the Munchkins right at that same way if you let these lies bother you no but if you let these lies hurt you again despite that it's been so long who's losing only you they do not lose they do not forfeit anything in that smear in fact it's just there to cover themselves up if they are telling lies that you know you stole money they probably stole money if you were cheater they were the ones cheating so know the truth and hold on to that you know be prepared that MRSA cysts are like rabid dogs they really aren't going to forget things but it's your job to forget it's your job to banish them out of your mind it's your job to release them from having any power over you because that's all they want they want to continue to hurt you know despite the fact that they've been gone for so long so what if you took the power away and said thanks but it's not gonna work this time it's a much healthier and I know that some of you are in it right now being drowned by these lies being drowned by these smears and false allegations of things that are so absurd that nobody could possibly believe you and yet you need to defend yourself know that despite them holding on to you you can't do anything about them holding on to anger and resentment and their lies but you can do something about yourself right now you can say I banish you and then issue you from having any power over me and when you do that you will be free and if it's not today because you're in the middle of crazy know that someday all of this will make sense and there will be a lesson that you had to learn and when you learn it it won't repeat itself so do your homework build yourself back up again and just don't give a what they say about you because they have no power here that's Tracy this is all I've got please visit my website narcissist abuse support calm and get some resources out there if you have questions I coach people all over the world and we do it right over video so you don't have to be anywhere near me I'd be happy to talk with you and see how we can change your life that's all I got thank you so much and I'll see you again next time don't forget to subscribe thanks

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  1. The narcissists do mirror their foibles and then project them either conscious or unconsciously onto the victim. The psychological abuse is horrible creating effects that are debilitating and permanent if not long lasting. Adverse behavioural and personality disorders (especially when young children are being molded by these evil brutes) may never be recognized in the victim, thinking it's their fault they are depressed etc. The banishment creed a great way to claw back one's own self integrity. Thank you Tracy! 🌻💜

  2. Thank You So
    Very Much For Sharing.
    I Chased This Person Acceptance.
    The Narcissists For So Many
    Years.Getting Abuse In Return.
    After Being Discarded .
    I Began To Read On Narcissists
    Abuse.Narcissists Are Pathological
    Liars What Saved Me Was Being
    Discarded. Narcissists Are Very Miserable

  3. They need to turn everyone against you, so they don't listen to you. Currently just finished a hoover. I won't be running to anyone anymore, I'm going to write a book and note as much as I can, to explain, what happened in my case, while trying to bring awareness to a narcissist.

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