Why did Trump win? Look to post-Cold War politics

A people who were bewildered and enraged,
who felt that they had no place to stand, turned the country over to someone who is
manifestly ill-equipped to serve as president, because they were intent on repudiating the policy consensus that had existed during the post-Cold War period. Now, that’s a phrase I use in the book to
refer to the period, roughly quarter-century, between the end of the Cold War, fall of the
Berlin Wall, 1989, to the election of Donald Trump in 2016. 1989, a moment of enormous euphoria, we believed
we had won, we had triumphed. We believed, in the famous title of the essay
by Francis Fukuyama, that “the end of history” had arrived. And I argue that a policy elite, from that
moment on, set out to exploit what they believed as our great triumph. And their exploitation took the form of some
very specific notions. One of them was globalization, the conviction
that corporate capitalism on a global scale was going to create unprecedented wealth and,
they believed, work to the benefit of everyone. They also believed in a permanently supreme
American military power that could keep order in the planet and bring about the further
advance or export of American values. And operationalizing those ideas, which is
what the post-Cold War presidents — Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama — did, led to results
quite other than those expected. Globalization did make
some people really, really rich. And it also created economic inequality that
we have never seen in our nation, at least never seen since the end of the 19th century. It left behind millions and millions of Americans. And this notion of American military supremacy
as enabling us to keep order and to export our values, well, all it did was to plunge
us into a series of wars, some of which we don’t have any idea how to end. So, I think what happened — there are lots
of explanations for how Trump got elected. The earlier discussion of ads on Facebook,
I’m sure, played a role. But my argument would be that the central
explanation for Trump’s victory, that the election was a repudiation. It was Americans who were not served, and
indeed were hurt, by the post-Cold War consensus saying, “No, we’re not going to put up
with this anymore.” Unfortunately, that led to the election of
somebody who is utterly incapable of correcting the mistakes of the post-Cold War period,
reuniting the country and putting us on a more sensible course, hence the continuation
of this crisis, which will last throughout the Trump years and, in all likelihood, will
last beyond the Trump years.

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  1. Trump won because he wanted to stop the full on war China has waged on America for the past 70 years. The one you’re waging against America now.

  2. Tяump has many times bemoaned the "cost" of "defending the rest of the world". Thanks to his rash actions, that direct cost will in the future be much lower as the rest of the world doesn't want to host US bases, doesn't want to depend on alliances with the US, doesn't want to enter into trade agreements with the US (we can't be trusted to honor our word on a treaty anymore), maybe even doesn't want to use the US dollar for trading. In under 3 years he's burned through political capital that took centuries to build 🙁 all to fuel the bonfire of his great and unmatched vanity 🙁

  3. I think he is correct! Neo-Liberalism and globalization has messed up what was a pretty good system and now half of Americans are working poor, with wages 30,000 dollars or less, in a time when home prices are crazy and everything else is going up, Don't get me started on healthcare prices and prescriptions! No wonder Americans are so mad!!!
    Of course, Trump will only make this situation much worse but sometimes people are their own worst enemies! Bernie is the best choice, so let's hope he is your next president because 4 more years of Trump, will only help corporations and the richest 1%! It won't help the 50%+ who are really struggling to survive.

  4. We have watched Washington put on this clown act for far too long. Donald Trump is the elites' punishment for forcing Ronald Reagan and all the garbage that came after him. We were flyover states LONG before we were Trump supporters. We'll see how confident those who led us here are once the Barr Report comes out. Don't let your kids grow up to a Brennan, folks!

  5. Because over the past 40 years we have seen a systematic defunding of public education and the increase of predatory and exploitative media that nurtured ignorance. A massive uneducated America. Trumps voter base were cultivated over a decade of reality tv that appealed to the lowest common denominator. War is an industry and the rich are profiting from
    Every and all of them.

  6. It's called denial and white people making excuses for other white people. You don't have to look no further than the foreign policy of this Administration. How they still try to blame and put down Obama. Obama was too much for them, then came BLM, and then the Tea Party.
    Equality is just a carrot on a stick for people to chase, and is something the "Haves" is not giving to the "Have Nots."

  7. That fraud electoral college of unknown, unelected,electors choose the winner, not the 3M more votes chose who they wanted to win.Scam system

  8. If politicians had to dress like nascar drivers so you could tell who the sponsors were, trump would be naked and wrapped in a Russian flag.

  9. Breaking News: The Iranians just bombed President Trump's personal library. All 3 books were completely destroyed. The president is absolutely furious because….

    …he hadn't finished coloring them yet

  10. Quincy Institute

    Initial funding for the group, launched in November 2019,[1] includes half a million dollars each from the Open Society Foundation (George Soros) and the Koch Foundation (Charles Koch).

  11. The reason Mein Trump won was because of:
    1) the corruption of the kkklintons,
    2) floodgates of illegal border entry non-USA foreign nationals
    3) Everyone hated Hillary
    4) Mass incarceration created by Joe Biden & The Kkklintons
    5) The betrayal of Foundational BLK America by the Democratic Party
    6) Super Delegates giving their party voters a middle finger.

    Trumps going to win again.

  12. The American Left has a cold war & Iraq derangement syndrome. World history didn't end with the cold war no matter what you want to believe. looking at geo-politics today from the cold war lens is the height of irrational archaic stupidity. aims of nationalist mafia state Russia is very different from that of the Soviet Union. Yes Mossadegh was toppled by the US. But the mass murdering Khomeini regime is the USURPERS of the Mossadegh regime. They basically stole the revolution from the Iranian left. Thinking removing the Khomeini mass murderring filth & removing Mossadegh is the same thing is like thinking removing Allende & removing Pinochet is the same thing. It's a weak, crude vulgar radical isolationism masking as "anti-imperialism". which only enables the Russian-Iran-Assad nexus over the middle ast. shame of the western left.

  13. Another baby boomer deflecting blame off his own generation. "America" didn't tank the economy, the boomers did. Donald Trump perfectly represents a generation that won't admit fault and a generation that ran up a huge tax bill and refuses to pay it back. Biden is now running inside the Democratic party as a 2nd Trump, another deflector for the boom squad. No one will frame the story this way because boomers control almost all US wealth and media, that's big boomin.

  14. I think anyone who voted for trump watching this wouldn't have the intelligence to understand what this gentleman is saying.

  15. Yeah some people have 10 bathrooms in their homes and some people have to work 3 jobs to barely survive, I think the lady that built mara lago had 23 bathrooms 🤔it doesn't matter if you have a communist party boss that can terrorize you or a CEO making 3000.00 or more an hour, they are identical

  16. Before he won, many folks around the world, knew well, about Nero and the Roman Empire.
    History does repeat itself, again and again. Psychopaths and idiotic despots come to power again, again and again..

  17. I love that this guy has hair and clothing styled like Franklin Graham–BUT SOUNDS INTELLIGENT. This is somehow comedic to me.

  18. at first I thought this person had some interesting things to stay but then he'd evolved into an apologist for the ruling elite pretending like they didn't know what they were doing, that they had everybody's interests in mind! This is utter BS, this person is an apologist for the rapacious establishment and trying to blow smoke up our asses about what they've been up to all theseyears. I'm not buying it I couldn't watch this whole segments because it's utter bullshit

  19. Good as Gov. Greg Abbott Says New Refugees Won't Be Allowed To Settle In Texas! Send illegals to California where they can live next to Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff

  20. time for revolution and Bernie brings it. biden , with all his bad decisions, is the reason we are here now…..with trump and on the brink of war. warren too weak, in all regards, to lead the country out of this mess. mayor peter is too green, no leadership experience and maybe pro war. Only Bernie beats trump. trump won because many people didn't trust Hillary.

  21. Wheres the exploitation of the Third World in all of his discussion..? His referent is always it made Americans poorer. American exceptionalism..

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