Why Criticism Of Israel Isn’t Antisemitism

it’s a weird time to be a Jew in America
one might assume that the biggest threat to American Jews would look like this or
this so why are elected officials and the mainstream media and even some
American Jewish institutions constantly telling us that the biggest threat to
Jews looks like this hi I’m not Francesca fiorentina and
today we’re gonna discuss how the right wing narrative of left-wing
antisemitism is used to uphold white supremacy we’re gonna have some fun antisemitism is on the rise in America
Jews were the direct target of half of all extremist homicides last year
right-wing extremists were responsible for the tree of life synagogues shooting
the Poway synagogues shooting and to add insult to injury Mel Gibson is not only
back doing movies but he’s reportedly doing a biopic on the Jewish banking
family the Rothschilds who if you google you’ll find nothing but conspiracy
theories about that’s insane it would be like if the next season a planet earth
was narrated by a flat earther the emperor penguin must avoid the hungry
leopard seal who guards the edge of the earth which is actually shaped like a
plate because NASA lies to you there seems to be a strange pattern around the
narrative of antisemitism in the media every time there’s an antisemitic
attack people will cover the white supremacist antisemitism responsible
for it for a couple of days followed by weeks of what have you heard about
left-wing antisemitism in the rise of antisemitism and bigotry inside the
Democratic Party in democratic circles antisemitism is becoming normal
anti-Zionism antisemitism of some parts of the left that seems a lot closer to
the heart of the Democratic Party than to the heart of the Republican Party cheery segments oh thanks both sides are
horrible mostly your side though in our news broke episode about why
antisemites love Israel which you should watch next I explained how the
right wing has effectively changed the definition of antisemitism from hatred
of Jews to criticism of Israel making it incredibly easy to accuse people who
advocate for Palestinian rights of antisemitism remember arguing against
Israeli policy is not antisemitic if it was that would make literally every
Jewish family get-together a hate crime hello is this the ADL yes I would like
to report my grandson in this episode we’re going beyond that and looking at
how the right-wing scare tactics around Israel are being used to divide American
Jews create distrust of antiracist organizing target black and brown people
distract from the occupation and ultimately weaken efforts against real
antisemitism oh yeah the propaganda around Israel is a whole
damn espresso machine of intolerance so would you like two shots of Islamophobia
or just all anti black first we need to look at who the right wing is accusing
of antisemitism let’s start with Ilhan Omar and Rashida to leave the first two
Muslim women ever elected to the US House of Representatives with Talib
being the first Palestinian American congresswoman ever they both have been
accused of using antisemitic tropes or old Jewish stereotypes used to denigrate
Jews for centuries mostly through bad faith readings of their tweets first
Omar was attacked for questioning Israel’s influence on American
politicians tweeting it’s all about the Benjamins baby Ellen Imus tweet was seen
as using antisemitic trips to historic arithmetic trope it’s all about the
Benjamins a known antisemitic trope is it does did he know someone should tell
Diddy then when representative to leave tweeted about a Senate bill that would
restrict Americans rights to boycott Israel and Omar called out the Israel
lobbies influence they were both accused of using the dual loyalty trope the idea
that Jews are more loyal to Israel than the nation they currently live in
Rasheeda Talib waltzed into this trope herself this idea of dual loyalty and
then there was Omar’s unearthed 2012 tweet in which she
said Israel has hypnotized the world which was met with this an elected US
member of Congress suggesting quote evil Jews were hypnotizing the world
hypnotized by Israel sort of antisemitic trope she keeps trotting
out okay here’s the thing Jewish hypnosis is not one of our tropes
we have a lot of tropes okay but that’s not one of them at best it’s a deep cut
right next to Jewish double dipping or Jewish road rage like why are we making
up new stereotypes to hate Jews with I saw Jew jaywalking the other day typical
here’s the thing though neither Omar nor Talib skra teks say one word about Jews
they specifically mention Israel when Omar’s talking about the Benjamins she’s
not saying Jewish money she’s talking about the incredibly well-funded Israel
lobby which in 2018 spent over 22 million on lobbying and contributions
and which receives money from yes some Jews but also from evangelical Christian
groups who would really like it if we’d all just move to Israel already honestly
I don’t want to move to Israel okay I’ve already done ketamine and Tel Aviv been
there done that I’m over it accusing American politicians of being
more loyal to lobbyists and their own constituents is not an antisemitic
trope it’s literally the stump speech of anyone who has run for president ever
but when it comes to the Israel lobby it’s automatically assumed to be a trope
but here’s the thing though dual loyalty is exactly what the Israeli
establishment pro-israel American institutions the right wing and yes many
in the Democratic Party are constantly demanding from American Jews my dad
demands this as well Chuck Schumer helped pass an anti-BDS bill making it
legal for States to prosecute companies for boycotting Israel and then said this
at the AIPAC conference this year I will always stand with Israel against those
who seek to do her harm by boycott or by any other means and we will fight to
protect the Jewish people here in America and in the State of Israel in
America and in Israel but what about protecting Jewish people in America who
want to boycott Israel drafting bills criminalizing our right to boycott and
claiming it’s what American Jews want is straight up imposing dual loyalty on to
American Jews that would be like making it illegal to boycott Olive Garden by
saying fight for our italian-american brothers
and sisters and their insatiable need for unlimited soup salad and breadsticks
we must show them that in America when you’re here you’re family American Jews
who don’t fall in line behind pro-israel candidates are met with attacks on their
loyalty and even attacks on their Jewishness the question that most often
asked is why Jews vote leftist the answer is simple the vast majority of
Jews don’t care about Judaism or Israel they care about secular leftism which is
their actual religion I’ve been Shapiro Q police and then
there’s Trump who is constantly conflating Jews with Israel even going
so far as to call Benjamin Netanyahu your prime minister in a room full of
American Jews despite a long history of doing tropes himself he jumped at the
chance to paint himself as deeply offended by Omar and to leave supposed
use of tropes the squad we don’t like when they talk about evil Jews
representative Thielen Omar has a history of launching vicious
antisemitic screens yeah nothing says I hate bigotry like a
crowd full of people chanting send her back
I love how Trump always finds the opportunity to be racist even when he
supposedly condemning racism in on Omar hates Jews because of the extra muscle
in her calf the one that helps you jump so high trumps vendetta against the
squad just kept ramping up until he finally uses presidential tweeting
powers to ask Netanyahu not to let them into Israel a move which went too far
even for the pro-israel lobbying group AIPAC and then when asked to defend
himself Trump made it clear that I and the other 70% of American Jews who
didn’t vote for him should be more grateful Waite was grateful the word and
I think any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat I think it shows either a
total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty
he said loyalty dual loyalty send him back send him back saying hey where’s
everyone wait was he talking about Jews being disloyal to him or Israel because
it might not be antisemitic I mean I don’t want to do it like a bad faith
reading of what he was saying I think that if you vote for a Democrat you’re
very very disloyal to Israel and to the Jewish people okay well again he didn’t
say that Jews are disloyal to Israel if they vote Democrat so there’s a chance
he’s not including Jews the crazy thing is Trump doesn’t think
he’s being antisemitic because he’s just saying out loud what the pro-israel
establishment has been signaling for decades that Israel is the only thing
Jews care about if they are indeed good Jews he’s got the brain of a really
honest six-year-old telling his mom I don’t know what daddy’s talking about
you clearly gained weight in Trump’s mind he is being loyal to American Jews
by being staunchly pro-israel but in reality neither Trump nor Israel are
loyal to American Jews they’re loyal to each other the Israeli government has
defended Trump every time the American Jewish community calls him out on his
antisemitism like after the Tree of Life shooting when Jewish groups
protested Trump’s visit to Pittsburgh the Israeli minister of diaspora Affairs
Naftali Bennett took the time not only to defend Trump but
throw shade at American Jews saying president Trump is a true friend of the
State of Israel and to the Jewish people with President Trump we never have to
worry if he has our backs Oh Bennet and Trump are clearly a perfect fit because
they both say friend when they mean arms dealer but it makes sense the Israeli
government is happy to support an American president who deals in
antisemitism so long as he helps further their project of subjugating the
palestinian people but what’s in it for trump and the rest of them if they don’t
actually care about antisemitism why do they spend so much time and energy
trying to smear others is antisemitic well if you have a keen eye you may have
noticed a very subtle pattern regarding many of the people the right labels as
antisemitic it’s very subtle while the right seems to be immune from
accusations of antisemitism being accused of left-wing antisemitism while
female black brown or Muslim actually has consequences
take Marc Lamont Hill a now former CNN commentator who used the phrase from the
river to the sea during a 22 minute speech at the UN speaking out for
Palestinian human rights free Palestine from the river to the sea that’s right
out of a Hamas script that calls for the annihilation of Israel yeah but it
doesn’t though if you actually look into the history of that phrase it isn’t
actually a call to drive Jews into the Mediterranean it’s simply a common
saying from the Palestinians longing for a unified country again instead of
something that looks like this but of course CNN couldn’t be bothered to deal
with the whole context thing you know it’s only their fucking job it was just
easier to fire him and then there’s civil rights activists and icon Angela
Davis who won a prestigious civil rights award and then had it rescinded last
minute due to her Pro BDS stance now she did end up getting the award in the end
but imagine giving someone an award for civil rights activism and then taking it
away because she’s still doing civil rights activism that’s like taking away
Miss America’s crown because she actually did accomplish World Peace and
it’s not just individual activists getting smeared sometimes it’s the
entire movement for example black lives matter is constantly being attacked for
their support of BDS and their solidarity with Palestinians black lives
matter a group that just a couple of weeks ago launched an entire antiisrael
platform I care about black I’ve devoted my life to protecting black
lives but I will not support the organization black lives matter because
I have zero tolerance for antisemitism honestly I cannot look at that man’s
face without thinking about that clip where he denies having sex with any of
Jeffrey Epstein’s underage girls by claiming that he has a perfect perfect
sex life hell yeah go off King the right is even
called activists protesting the ice camps antisemitic representative
Alexandria Acacio Cortez called them concentration camps which prompted
Steven Miller the only Jew I know who says Jew with a hard J to say this I’m a
Jew as a Jew as an American Jew I am profoundly outraged by the comments from
Ocasio Cortez it is a historical smear it is a sinful comment it minimizes the
death of six million of my Jewish brothers and sisters it minimizes their
suffering your existence minimizes their suffering
dude I’m pretty sure Steven Miller’s uncle called the ADL on him hello is
this the ADL I’d like to report my nephew the pro-israel establishment has
been using the fear of antisemitism to stop American Jews from supporting the
very people and movements that are actively fighting against perpetrators
of antisemitic hate crimes in America people who are fighting white supremacy
people who are fighting for our rights to boycott people are fighting to
abolish concentration camps they want us to feel unsafe in left spaces unsafe on
college campuses with activists who are fighting for the civil rights and
equality for Palestinians because they’ve convinced us that a criticism of
Israel is an attack on Jews to take the bait that the right is dangling in front
of us to believe their claims of left antisemitism is not just
counterproductive to dismantling antisemitism but actively upholds white
supremacy and to be honest it worked for a long time I mean I used to be very
wary of anyone who criticized Israel especially if they weren’t Jewish but if
the last three years have shown us anything it’s that white supremacy has
always been the biggest threat to Jews in America Omar and Talib don’t scare me
criticism of Israeli policy doesn’t scare me the people shouting send her
back scared the bejesus Satta me or the by Moses thankfully more
and more people are starting to understand that criticism of Israeli
policy is not automatically antisemitism which is why every time
the rights Mears and Israel critic is antisemitic they now preface it with of
course you can criticize Israel but you can criticize Israel you can believe
Israel is wrong on everything well we can criticize Israel no country is
perfect that’s definitely for sure but you can have conversations all day long
about how you feel Palestinian politics how you feel about Israeli politics how
you feel about Netanyahu but but we never end up having that conversation do
we because there only takes one bad faith reading of a critique to claim
antisemitism and derail the entire conversation also did Megan McCain just
say Netanyahu I think she’s confusing Netanyahu and nosferatu which means that
she just confused a Jew with a blood sucking vampire blood sucking is an
antisemitic trope referring to the fear that Jews bake their matzah with
Christian blood therefore Meghan McCain is an antisemite see how easy that is
hey everyone thanks so much for watching news broke on aj+ my name is Matt liebe
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and tell me what conversation should we be having about antisemitism and about
israel and our concerns about antisemitism preventing you from
speaking up about the plight of palestinians and check us out next week
i’ll be hosting again then next week so sorry Francesca we’ll be back but next
week we’re talking about universal basic income or ubi Yang gang is gonna hate me

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  1. Critcism of israel ofc is not antisemtism israelis critisise there goverment all the time, but anti zionism is anti semetism cause you are saying that jews dont have right to there homeland. and the problem is that most people that critisize israel doing it from anti zionsim and crtisizing the country its self and not the goverment, those people use the palestnians israeli conflict just as an excuse to hate on israel cause they dont really care about palestnians being murderd in syria they dont care that palestnians dont have rights in lebanon they care that israel distoryed a terroist house.

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  13. Honestly, Angela Davis' support of BDS isn't why I side-eye her, it's her explicit support of Soviet persecution of Soviet Jews back in the 1970s (as well as her support of the Soviet Union's persecution of LGBT people, anti-corruption activists, reformers, etc.), which as far as I can tell she has never apologized for or recanted.

  14. Also you kinda lopped off why people thought Omar was being antisemitic with the whole Benjamins thing. It wasn't the Benjamins tweet, it was the association of the Benjamins with AIPAC specifically, which a lot of Jews took to be a stand-in for Jews (which admittedly may not have been Omar's intent, but it's not an unreasonable conclusion to jump to given how frequently antisemites will claim they don't oppose Jews, they just oppose [Organization made up primarily of Jews or organization whose supposedly Jewish membership we've spent a long time emphasizing])

  15. One final comment: the reason why a lot of Jews and non-Jews are deeply suspicious of pro-BDS and/or pro-Palestine people of being antisemites is that there are legitimate antisemites in the pro-Palestinian camp (Alison Weir anybody? Deadly Exchange–which was an antisemitic campaign by a Jewish pro-Palestinian group even!) and they almost never get called out by their supposedly not antisemitic compatriots.

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    I think there's every reason to know that the liars will continue, and get worse. That's why the stupidity to wait out this Trump disaster is so foul! Impeachment, so NY State can go forward with waiting indictments will go a long way toward what I want. Schumer and Pelosi have to go, and any who drag their feet to take the hellscape that this GOP loves back from them, and make it into a society of representative governance once again. They're (GOP) despots one and all, and have no place in our government, that's what's wrong with our DNC and top leaders, let alone top state leaders. My own here in Minnesota, @GovernorTimWalz runs on and on about "One Minnesota" when it's obvious that message to the @MnGOP here means one thing. They're all or nothing obstructionist destroyers. That's what they are, and what they're doing, and stopping them is the only objective! I've lived this stupidity since that lunatic Reagan got into office. He was as bad as these, but we hadn't the internet to get that out and analyze it on the scale we now have. Jaysus the dumbshit GOP has had this f'ing destruction going on for decades and it's like, no, we'll keep waiting, and waiting, and waiting. NO, done, no more waiting, They're OUT! and the @DNC has to stop being blind to our outrage and demand to end their horrors.

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  37. So, you did point out a real problem. Criticism of Israel absolutely is not anti-semitism. However, there is actually a reality of anti-semites using anti-zionist language to hide their anti-semitic ideology. There also is just a very real and true Islamic anti-semitism which you seem to have completely ignored for some reason. No, I don't think Tlaib or Ilhan are anti-semites. I do think you should have been a harsher on the "Israel hypnotized" tweet though and said that she has improved from that error. Also, since when is that not a common anti-semitic trope? It's literally the cultural bolshevik trope which the Nazis invented that the Jews control the world through a shadow government. However, their not my concern. We can't just deny that there are anti-semites among us when there absolutely are. Not all pro palestine orgs are inherently good. Hamas being an obvious example. There are also very really anti-semitic connections among Muslim organizations in America, notoriously the Nation of Islam. Linda Sarsour, Tamika Mallory, and Zahra Billoo from the Women's March are all 3 way too close to a blatantly anti-semitic organization known as a hate group according to the SPLC. Basically, you could have made a good point and just stated that the "left anti-semitism" is actually fringe and overblown, but you instead went full denialist. That's not a good look either. Yes, the right wing anti-semites are significantly more dangerous in America currently, but the left and Islamic ones aren't not dangerous either. Racism and other forms of bigotry are often more complicated than these cookie cutter formulas of good and bad. Do better.

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