Who’s Buying US Elections?

there’s a new coalition is called a coalition
for accountability and political spending staying at spearheaded by new york city a
public attitude bill the blasier and he said i listen we’re going to much unaccountable corporate money into these collections it’s okay but it’s gotta be cowboy i mean
you gotta say hey look here’s corporate that corporation expending the wind
out of money and here’s what they’re doing it right so he also runs the our cities uh… largest pension fund so it’s like if i’m investing these companies
at and im part order of these companies representing the people of new york well that i have a said i don’t want them
running ads against democrats on the network but a lot of money ads of and then i kind
of away cuz i’m the owner of the company in a manner of speaking adherence right or the people you represent so he’s asked to be more in chase goldman
sachs for his family te da policies against spending money from the general treasuries
in elections because for a political action committees we can’t just take a whole bunch of money
from the federal treasury go boom here’s because the republics which of course they’re
doing currently it’s interesting is that article i was in
the paper in the same day uh… that the another article about how much interest groups are buying their way into the elections just the last four years the spinning norma sea change obviously that’s each age
came out this is as united supreme court case uh… that was a site is little while ago in oh six resembles a midterm election as twenty ten is a midterm election and outside groups had spent sixteen million dollars uh… on the midterms of this both democratic
ample it out with a special for so far we could do tests all of the last month eighty million five times as much so that’s an aggressor republicans which was
the party uh… which was the money flow um… now these are outside of groups is not a political
points okay republican conservative groups have outspent
democratic progressive groups five seven fa one margin in this election site seven-to-one now there’s a couple of reasons for this covert monies flowing in and they don’t have
to tell you where it’s coming from the are uh… we’re doing this for a long time alright
pages need out fake captain he’s done for example is a screw called uh… american future font nobody knows who’s contributing to it as a
group out of iowa he didn’t use that much money before and now
after citizens united boom become seven million dollars and they’ve already
spent that on behalf of republicans about a dozen house and senate races they don’t like bruce frailey in iowa or by the way all these things come to the
grass roots uh… is the this is a good article from the
wise impose it the actually looks in the democratic donors and they see for the democratic groups it’s all small dot or large the small donors expect that for
the republicans it’s very try it blocks of millions of dollars at a
time from a single person worth untraceable they don’t like bruce frailey uh… he’s a
progressive eight hundred thousand dollars against them which is jerry dented in his race congressional district in audio and then this group starts running ads against
frailey saying that he supports building and that moscow ground zero we ran those ads in a meeting seem like he’s
a follow-up did you know bruce railey didn’t miss anything
about the reservoirs they give you said i you know what it’s first
amendment rights whatever and then they smeared m it would be heinous rediculous but at least
ideologically attached right ill-equipped bands or these are some here not but this
in error when guidance here but it so who cares that say you’re guilty tell about al-qaeda india parabolic browser mas is one of the muslims yeah bruce frailey for
mild on uh… by though it was a guy behind that the one being paid so much money by these
outside groups larry mccarthy he’s a media strategist who came up with that
uh… brilliant willie horton ad back in a day for george h w bush but the
scary black man op this betters was released from president because of white
you clock ticks loca adult black the its and that’s in the work pretty well uh… and by the way the willie horton notice pork that is known as well as despicable ads political ads would ever have in this country and guess what larry mccarthy thank you know
that he’s done and got more money that you know what to do
with because of these groups uh… one of the problem with the democrats uh… all bomb a here when he ran in two thousand
eight discouraged left-wing groups form even forming the spread outside of money into campus brilliant idea unilateral disarmament republicans uh… raise all this money from corporations democrats are told by their leader shift and they don’t do anything then tested has
created so here’s another group it’s called sixty-plus association this post me the conservative answer to that
they are p analyze it happy was liberal maybe i missed it very adamant about protect the rights of senior
citizens but uh… i didn’t you know so they of course one of the big social security i guess cancerous white had to be a liberal
cause so they’ve got a conservative answer to this in two thousand eighty-four citizens united
will they had a lot of money actually they had uh… report two million dollars in revenue
a lot of it came from direct-mail contributions so they sent out direct mail americans sent into them two million dollars
not that uh… so how much money do they have this
year uh… it apparently they have spent seven
million dollars already on election related ads and they also funded and nine million dollar
campaign a biggest obama’s health care overall in two thousand and not so that’s sixteen a million dollars they’ve
ortiz spent now where they get all that much well we’ll look at that it says that that
the harp foundation was connected the fire hazard the major drug company but they say auto art monies untraceable and utility provider but i think it’s from vita where i think it’s not provides it you know the passing of a different bisa but
that’s what we have to report we got the money from now we are a purported think some of the supreme
court and so i got sixteen million dollar war chest but i don’t look to destroy democrats and
health care uh… proposals with you try to figure out who’s from money is warring into working in to buy our politicians into the ones who are
not bought get rid of they are being targeted for destruction it’s going all across country right now that citizens united was ed this master epic proportions the the there was the kid that i mean it was already there was already leaking
buddy little dutch word of this very rather damn
no hold ambers and so now if you bought up all others who
are blocked before like they got a lot of upper twenty ten

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  1. @Parad0xEch0 You should watch TED tv. Even more so the one with bill gates (just released yesterday). His ideas for using technology in schools could easily revolutionize our teaching, and the cost is dirt cheap.

  2. @bluefootedpig That's correct. It wouldn't be perfect and it wouldn't solve everything, but I see both merit and necessity in something resembling a resource based economy.

  3. @youngbuck189 With the internet today all campaigns and debates could be done online nearly free taking corporations out of the loop.

  4. @UCABearBone yeah, the guy who completely revolutionized our society must be dumb as rocks. Lets not even listen to his ideas. Lets stick with the broken system. Great plan.

  5. @Neanderthalcouzin its communism in disguise. And while I am not against the spirit of communism, it brings to light some very key problems, which is the problem that capitalism handled, which is how to handle scarcity. There will always be scarcity, there is no abundance of new technology. There is no abundance of shore line. At some point, there needs to be a way to say "this person get it because…" Money is nothing more than a way to measure how much you have given society compared to taken

  6. They're trying to buy their way back into the whitehouse. The people who keep us down are forcing their way back into power through a torrent of misinformation and cashflow.

  7. @bluefootedpig No it's not communism, though there are overlaps, just as there are certain overlaps with 'anarchism' and other concepts. However it isn't simply communism, which is a political ideology and this is based upon a scientific system's approach. Communism had a strong component of empowering the labor force and this is about phasing out labor through automation, which is happening anyway.

  8. @Neanderthalcouzin I can see that, the big problem is that automation is killing jobs that people cling to. I am all for automation, and really, in a capitalist society, automation drives prices down. Compared to 50 years ago, we live in 3 times the size of the houses and get paid 3 times as much (after consideration of inflation). That is huge! So we are heading that way anyway, the last step is setting it up to use 0 power.

  9. Minute 6:30. We all knew it, but damn…I can't believe the conservative base. The actually let the insurance companies trick them/talk them out of better/less expensive health care. Jeebus. Their leaders riled them up with talking points straight from the insurance companies. It just shows how important campaign finance reform is.

  10. @htnisme That is actually one of my early stated goals. To replace humans with machines. Hence I work in software with a hardware background. Anything that doesn't require lots of service, will always be made into a machine. I expect one day servers wont be needed. You will buy a soda, the table will detect the weight, once it gets light enough it will give you a new one via conveyor belt, with the same type that you ordered before. We already have the technology to do it.

  11. @bluefootedpig How did that comment even make sense? Lol, wow, I said I could not trust him, I did not say he was dumb. What are you even talking about haha! And how does broken system get involved, did I devise a plan? Wow, this comment is just too funny for me to get upset about, nice try though 🙂

  12. Man, I wish the mainstream media had the balls enough to call these people out like Cenk does.

    It pisses me off so much how corrupt politics is.

  13. You want to monitor how the economy is collapsing? Keep an eye on the value of gold and silver. GOLD HAS JUST GONE UP 25 DOLLARS AN OUNCE RIGHT NOW!

  14. "McCarthy" is such an appropriate name for that guy. Especially because McCarthyism is making a huge comeback in this country.

  15. @MetalShin0bi Why Canada? Free medical? Huge Oil reserves? Freindly people? Political system that works FOR the people? Strong Banks with Ceo's making a couple of million (not Billion), Mostly white?, No slums?, Human rights for ALL?, Strong Gun Laws? Superior Schools? I wonder what it is about Canada that looks so good,LOL Canada is great!

  16. @playgrrrr

    Pretty good summary yes. From a European viewpoint, Americans are hysterical about regulations, while those are often invented FOR the people's benefit to defend them from corruption, caused by the lack of refs. But for some wackass reason, many americans can't think that way. Why? I think, because they're just scared of government, maybe because it's ALREADY clearly corrupted, so what's there to trust, right?

    Or maybe it's just extreme conservatism for a western state…..

  17. @derberg19486

    Canada rocks. If I had to move out of the Netherlands and out of Europe and if it was for organisation of the state, Canada is one of the best examples for the whole world. No joke. Sober rational open minded progressive logical thinking based politics ARE WHAT WORKS. Look at how Canada managed the crisis. They're relatively rockstable. Enough said. Communism my balls, stable governing my vote!

  18. @playgrrrr

    A good example is the net neutrality topic. How the HELL can people be against it. "Because it's government regulation". That's all a big part of the people can think of, while the net neutrality is there to regulate Internet Service Providers NOT to regulate the internet, so the internet can be how it is today.

    How many people don't get that just baffles me. It's either a freaking low IQ (around 70 or so) causing a lack of rational thoughts, or conservative brainwashing.

  19. Americans, I have a question;
    Is there 1 Senator that isn't a millionair?
    Is there 1 Senator that doesn't live in a Mansion?

    How do you expect the country to be run for every citizen if you only got millionairs in office?

  20. @frictionRx5 Fool. They could just as easily do the same to Republicans. Don't think it won't happen. Just imagine what they'd do to some conservative that opposed stem cell research, or opposed illegal immigration both of which affect their bottom line. He's not a muslim you idiot fucktard. You're a corporate feudalist whore. Not even a real conservative. EPIC FAIL.

  21. Dude, at the end of the day it is you and I that vote. No matter how much money is spent, it is on you and I that need to do our own research into deciding who to elect. If someone is so shallow and stupid as to believe an ad on TV, than blame the person sitting next to you, not the company putting out the ad. It is just like blaming the beer company for the drunk driving accident or the gun manufacturer for the murder.

  22. Freedom is fine but freedom to crash this country into the ground along with the majority of the populace should not be.

  23. @AustrianAtheist the founding fathers must be spinning like tops with all the shit nowadays like this bribery, the mixing of religion and the state, etc

  24. @dredsdomain but they do… Beck has a chalk board he writes on about Obama's funding all the time. It just doesn't add up to anything. We should take the money out of politics for all parties – Dems, Repubs and all the 3rd parties

  25. Towards the end of the Roman empire the senators bid on who would take over the empire. Not elect. Bid. Shortly after the decline in standards an empire that seemed uncontested was laid to waste by the poor. Sound familiar? I don't know. But we'll find out soon which direction we head in.

  26. @bluefootedpig have you ever heard of the bilderberg group, if not, research it because it is way too complicated to explain, youtube bilderberg group

  27. @UCABearBone heard about it, dunno what exactly to make of it. It was determined though that the best government is a wise dictator 🙂

    But really, to deny something because of motives, it sounds like the group that convinced the foreign aid from the US government because it was genetically altered, saying the government is trying to poison them. Results, hundred of thousands of people died of starvation, because the government thought we might be bad.

  28. @sagemakaiserxl Excellent analogy. Aristotle in ancient Greece argued a state has a 'constitutional political form' and the 'true political form'. When the constitutional political form get corrupted one way or an other, it's true political form is not the same as the constitutional form.

    If opinions can be controlled by the media and the media can be bought by the wealthy, then the constitutional democracy's true form is a plutocracy.

  29. Next thing on the list, The Free Market Suffrage Amendment. Let companies vote in elections. Its coming, wait and see.

  30. @LibertyRadical And I suppose the all hailed Europeans are just socialist, which is why their economies are much safer and easier to work with than ours. Europeans have a federal reserve as well, and it's serving them quite well.

    Why make a statement about the free market, when in reality only a handful of underdeveloped states have a free market economy.

  31. @LibertyRadical Not true, the Euro is getting stronger by all accounts. Even then, this economic crisis is almost over for Europeans. It is only because of the states that have done poorly in implimenting strong worker protections/pensions/social security that are in trouble. If you can afford it, no problem, but if you cant, which is America's case, then it's best not to dabble with it.

  32. @LibertyRadical Exactly, Greeces pensions are burdensome, and their infrastructure is so poor, that industrial development is highly unlikely.

    My parents went on vacation in Greece, and it's a crap hole. Plastic bottles riddle to countryside and the roads are so bumpy your car will take longer to get where it needs to go. Ive been to most European countries, and you can tell if the gov is overburdened with 'social safety nets'.The U.S. cannot afford better worker protections, it cant be helped

  33. @LibertyRadical I believe most definitely in worker rights, seeing as though almost everyone I know is in a Union and is protected from corporate greed. That is no excuse for me to hate corporations though, or want to punish them for doing their job, especially when a state does not have much to offer in terms of infrastructure and investment capability. The U.S. population is largely uneducated, have a poor infrastructure,is overburdened with military spending etc. We are doomed no matter what.

  34. @slitrobo I agree, take funding away from both parties. I meant that Cenk wouldn't bring it up if the tables were turned. If you want to know what shit the other side is pulling you have to go to the opposing party to hear it.

  35. @1Mafioso4 could you tell me why you believe that? I get the benefits of unionization, but there are also drawbacks, as with everything unfortunately.

  36. Thanks TYT for giving me some hope every time you have to report on the true situations that unfortunately suck. At least there is some journalistic integrity left in the world, if not on any major networks.

  37. @chizzy555 – That's complete bull. There are largely black areas with relatively little crime and largely white areas with high crime. There are mostly white countries that a crappy and mostly black countries most people wouldn't mind living in.

  38. its alright for yous to say that conspiracies are real, but if someone like me talks about them yous call me nets.. its just cause yous all are afraid of the truth.. its like yous are programed to get offended when yous hear the truth lol

  39. republican/tea party thought process: Bruce Braley did not DENOUNCE the mosque at ground zero either so……….. He is soooooo TALIBAN!

  40. @bluefootedpig Are you saying that we should not deny something because of motives? "dunno what exactly to make of it"?!?!?! This is the reason these people are getting away with this bro, I am not hear to argue for the hell of it, That Agenda that you cant make up your mind on is not even a secret anymore, yet everyone still has their head in the dirt saying, it'll never happen, or its bullshit, yet even our presidents say we need it, and then they secretly endorse it, wake up man

  41. @xxdonaldqxx – Well, in this case I meant more like "What exactly is a great country and how does one determine if it's great?"

  42. @xxdonaldqxx – Technological innovation is somewhat hard to measure. That's not a great indicator of how great a country is. For example: the US has a lot of medical innovation but a shitty medical system in general. The wealthiest (in living standards) countries in the world wouldn't be liked by the US conservative definition of "property rights".

    Medical advancement is good but doesn't necessarily indicate a good healthcare system. Space programs are a tertiary concern.

  43. @xxdonaldqxx – At least that's my subjective analysis of what makes a country "great". IMO take care of your people first and then you can worry about how many new toys and gadgets you crank out per year and how many neat rockets you have.

    Several of the countries that have fledgling space programs still have a long way to go in terms of taking care of their people. Ex: Nigeria and Malaysia. China to a lesser degree as well.

  44. @xxdonaldqxx – Only 1 nation has has Shuttle launches (the US) and only 3 have had manned launches (US, Soviet Union, China). Only 1 has had moon walks. None of the European ESA nations have had any of these despite them being better off than China in terms of living standards and until recently wealthier than China in GDP. As you can see having neato space launches doesn't make a nation a good place to live.

    The wealthy nations all have heavy regulations and social programs. Lol

  45. @xxdonaldqxx – I think you'll find the majority of the developing nations are unregulated capitalist nations devoid of "big government". Like Somalia. France has a much bigger government than Somalia and many more people on the government dole.

    "China to a lesser degree"

    By that I meant China has a space program but they don't take good care of their people either like Nigeria and Malaysia. Though their people aren't neglected to the degree Nigeria and Malaysia do to their citizens.

  46. @xxdonaldqxx – These so-called "backwards and primitive" peoples seem to be the ones whose nations are rising.

    The economic problems of the West have little to do with non-white people and everything to do with corporatism and unregulated finance derivatives BS and outsourcing. Japan has a collapsing economy and there is no immigrant bogeyman to blame. Wonder what could be causing it? (Maybe the same phenomenon I described in the West? Nah! Couldn't be…..)

  47. @xxdonaldqxx – You also didn't deal with the fact that reality contradicted your claim. It seems the people in industrialized nations are the ones living on the government dole. The people doing all the taking care of themselves in the most literal sense are the people from developing nations. No Big Government entitlement programs in Haiti, Somalia, Burma, Malaysia, Yemen and Burundi that everyone is living off of.

  48. @xxdonaldqxx – Negroids? Is this a flashback to the 1920s? Lol

    The US has had a black workforce in NASA for decades and over a dozen NASA astronauts have been black. It now has a black Administrator (Charles Bolden). The pretty much all-white ESA workforce has zero manned launches so far. Nigeria and Brazil (which have significant black workforces in the space program) have expanding space programs while the mostly-white Chilean space program petered out.

  49. @xxdonaldqxx – The US has had a significant non-white population for centuries and didn't experience any such collapse. No significant non-Japanese/non-Asian population in Japan to blame their collapse on. No significant non-white population to blame Iceland or Finland's collapse on. No evidence Japan is more prone to recover than the others.

    And what "third world savagery" are we talking about? The industrialized West just had 2 world wars in one century.

  50. @xxdonaldqxx – Not even mentioning all the wars in the West (and Western wars with non-Western civilizations) since the Peace of Westphalia or since the end of WWII.

  51. @xxdonaldqxx – These countries have GDPs. Over 90% of their GDP is simply going to less than 5% of the population (similar to how the US is becoming). They aren't receiving that much government aid from the West. Nowhere near the levels countries like Israel are receiving. Or like what Europe received during the Marshall Plan.

    The vast majority of what money they do receive just goes to corrupt government officials and their corporate cronies. Not the people.

  52. @xxdonaldqxx – Israel has been getting A LOT more money a lot longer.

    Israel isn't all that prosperous given it's an apartheid state that still isn't on the level of industrialized countries in living standards. They'd be a lot wealthier if they would end that stupid apartheid shit.

  53. @xxdonaldqxx – Haiti hasn't received that much aid from France and the US. They've spent a lot of their time trying to control it. Most of their GDP traditionally came from sugar cane, not from international aid.

    "has been developed they kick whitey out"

    When was it ever developed? It was never industrialized. Since they've allowed "whitey" back in has their economy improved? Not one bit.

  54. @xxdonaldqxx – A lot of Haiti's second modernization took place under "Baby Doc" Duvalier who was a dictator. Old Aristide actually did a lot of positive reforms as well before he was forced out of power.

    Prior administrations did little but try to pay off debts to France. France basically put a giant tax on all Haitian production. The US-led destruction of Haiti's swine stock did a lot of damage to the Haitian economy on its own. Your description was a cartoonish oversimplfication.

  55. @xxdonaldqxx – No such thing as Affirmative Action for NASA employees or Administrators. Especially not for astronauts. If you argue otherwise ante up that evidence they're AA hires and Affirmative Action astronauts.

  56. @xxdonaldqxx "The United States should not be sending financial aid to any nation.I don't care if it is Israel"
    What were the Camp David Accords?

  57. @xxdonaldqxx – As opposed to the previous presidents being white and all of the past administrators being white? You simply ASSUMED the past white administrators were more qualified simply because they are/were white. You based it on no facts.

    "NASA would not have skipped a beat without those black astronauts"

    And if the astronauts tomorrow are all black NASA still wouldn't skip a beat. If you insist the black people at NASA are less qualified AA hires show their paperwork to prove it.

  58. Just know that MOST of us are watching the typical, cbs, nbc. abc, and pbs broadcasting and those networks aren't giving you the news. Look deeper America!
    I know, I know… It's getting so polarized and so hateful, but if you don't sign on to YOUR side? You'll be screwed…. duh… did I say SCREWED? if you don't remember take your Philips-Milk-of-Amnesia!!! NONE of this is new, ok!?
    Do you own research… everything the talking points, the economy, WHATEVER, this identical argument is OLD!!!

  59. @miiishaohmisa

    I ask again: what. The Fuck. Is WRONG with you?! I find your ignorance actually rather insulting! Fox does *NOT* belong on that list! Fox is the only organization on that list who *PURPOSELY* DISTORTS THE NEWS FOR POLITICAL GAIN. As Jon Stewart so aptly pointed out, all the other media is biased towards "sensationalization and laziness," i.e., if they do accidentally distort the news, they do it for RATINGS, and that's *TOTALLY* different from Fox!

  60. @miiishaohmisa

    Also, PBS doesn't belong on that list, either. It is rather the OPPOSITE to Fox News, actually…incorruptible by money or ratings, which is why they try so hard to play them down. Often times, NPR and PBS are the BEST places to get truly honest and accurate news from, because that's what they are PAID for over there! (As in, their income doesn't come from advertising, but rather, direct donation. People pay them to educate and inform, NOT just to show their ads every 15 mins.)

  61. @miiishaohmisa

    …which, as a venue for TRUE, UNBIASED reporting, stands as a detrimental threat to the propaganda machine that is Fox News. PBS/NPR is a huge threat to the people who run Fox, so Fox demonizes them. Nothing on Fox EVER happens by coincidence.

    Seriously, if you think NPR is *ANYTHING* like the five major networks or Fox (which is truly in a category all it's own thanks to Ailes and Murdoch), then you don't know PBS. AT ALL.

  62. Sorry to tell you that NPR and PBS are both bought and paid for by special interest. Don't fool yourself.

  63. Big money did not buy the election, though they tried. All that corporate money was redistributed wealth; how ironic.

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