Who Wants To Go To A Republican Tea-Bag Party?

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republican politicians to come over the allowed to come michael steele wanted to
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  1. Yes. You sound like a crazy conservative to me. Obama is increasing taxes for the super rich (and only by 3%) which is how we are paying for the programs and packages to get us out of the mess the bush admin. put us in. "We're tired of it" And who is 'we'? Are you part of the rich? "Over throwing a dictator" Are you saying obama is a dictator? Because that IS crazy. Stop listening to fox news.

  2. If your income is $200,000 and up you're taxes are being increased 3% (36%-39%). So that translates to $78,000 in taxes. And thats just for the bottom of the barrel rich (the rest of the country is getting tax CUTS) . BUT obviously that can't pay for everything. Thats where the stimulus pkg came in. Thats an investment in our future, which yes, will need to be paid but we'll get returns from it. If you're not working, you're not paying taxes btw.

    No Hussein was not a threat to us.

  3. The tiniest percent of people have the most money. I kinda thought I made that clear. The bottom line is this: you have to spend money to make money. Most of it went into healthcare and tax relief for individuals so we can get people spending again.

    Iraq was not a rogue nation. Iraq was not a threat. There were no terrorists there, there were no WMDS…nuff said.

  4. II don't see how I proved your point. And its wise spending. not irresponsible spending….but just for shits and giggles what would YOU do to fix the economy?

    Who are you to decide who gets over thrown? We are not the world police. Just because we have democracy does not give us the right to shove it down other country's throats. I dont agree with dicatorship but we can't tell other people how they should live.

  5. In theory that would work. but you're leaving out the human factor. Am I supposed to just trust that those guys on wall street and ceos are just gonna do the right thing? No. People are greedy, and if they can take money and get away with it they will. Look at AIG, bailed them out and what happend? They gave themselves boniuses. Thats like saying, if there is no law prohibiting it, people won't steal some one's car or kill some one. Hell no!

  6. So….leave the little guy alone and everything will be ok?

    It wasnt just one thing that got us into this. So it won't take just one thing to get us out. The stimulus will help to get the money flowing (for the reasons I mentioned below) again, we need to regulate business again , tax cuts for the working class, healthcare is a biggie…its alot of things.

  7. This is what I meant with the analogy with AIG. Am I just supposed to trust businesses to do the right thing? No way. Law and regulations are there for a reason. Since Roosevelt, mind you.

    Health care makes a up a big portion of why people are in debt. Because its rediculously expensive. Don't tell me the companies dont try and screw us for more and more money at the expense of my health.

    Repubs they think gov't is the tryin to screw us. I say its large businesses and companies.

  8. I don't believe gov't wants to, or is trying to, control businesses. I think possibly we've been forced into a position where we own more then half of some major businesses because of the bailouts. I am not thrilled about bailouts, but if we don't have business we don't have an economy so we have no choice.

  9. look we're going in circles here. I think we're going to have to agree to disagree on economy. But I am glad you saw the light on Iraq.

  10. the whole tax thing is about income taxes, not cigarette taxes. If you are mad about higher cigarette taxes, stop smoking them, they're bad for you anyways.

  11. Here we ago again with the "Military Industrial Complex, The CFR, The Trilateral group, the bilderberg group, the elite, the luciferian controllers, the germanic death cult, please stop beliving in anything alex jones says.

  12. The very wealthy are, by and large, in administrative positions in our economy, They provide a slight benefit in the form of increased efficiency… at least on paper and in theory. They then get paid exorbitant amounts of money for this.

  13. Once again from the alex jones cult movement. It seems that you obey alex and attack anyone who dare questions him. I like how you say that you are for free speech and yet, you wish to deny mine. Typical alex jones group.

  14. The leader of the Republican party. People like Ron Paul and Ventura and republican senators go to his show and listen to him.

  15. Oh, I do have a clue and also, I know and understand how the jewish media works. I have done research and study Israel's history of false flag attacks, especially the USS Liberty

  16. We are fools to allow these people to vote because they're not interested in finding a leader for society or solutions to the world's problems. They don't think in terms of "society". Their only concern is titillating their emotions. As a result, their decision on who to vote for is based upon who they think is most likely to bring them emotional satisfaction. They don't analyze the candidates from the point of view of which of them will be best for society.

  17. Like anything these people say has any AMERICAN validity or legitimacy. I mean, come on, how moronic are these TURKS. And who cares what an organization that has Turks in its name has to say. Young Jerks.

  18. The Young Jerks. Who cares what a person with a moniker "Turks" has to say about American politics & values. It's like caring about what Obama, er uh, Osama has to say about us. These people couldn't create a good country if only 100, no, make that 10 people were in it.

  19. tax the wealthy who own the businesses…and the extra expenses will just get passed down the line. and who cares if he is cutting taxes for the lower 95% when other taxes are being raised all over the place to make up for it. and his healthcare plan is completely ridiculous. there's no way it's going to be deficit neutral…he says that they will be able to pay for it by eliminating the fraud and waste and what not but if that's really the case, why don't they just do that right now?

  20. do they think people are that stupid? if that was really true they should already be doing that instead of rushing a complete overhaul of the healthcare system. everyone knows it needs to be fixed, but lets take it one step at a time. let's make sure one thing works and then move on to the next. also, this video is lame. it's pretty much the guy laughing at the teabag joke for 5 minutes

  21. luckily it doesn't seem like it's going to be passed cause democrats are even against it. obama is just here for himself and his own ego.

  22. Right on. If you ever watch these teabaggers being interviewed, there is NOT ONE who can accurately describe the economic and political arguments they supposedly hold so dear. They just regurgitate whatever was on the idiot-proof script Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh handed out. The (especially) crazy thing is that none of these protesters are from economic demographics that would be affected by a public healthcare tax. There are no millionaires on the picket line; only ignorant middle class.

  23. Because they are a bunch of Republicans looking for something to bitch about.

    They are trying to pretend they are independent. Are you that easy to fool?

  24. its amazing how little this man knows, hes just another new cast drone who actually believes what he is saying. second flaw in this man is that he believes Liberalism. Right there is the problem.

  25. You think we are here because of the liberals? Hello!? You guys just had the presidency for eight years you fuggin idiot. Look at how that worked out, the whole country almost went to total shit. We are still reeling from the shit we went through with Bush. Gimme a fucking break.

  26. just recently i started looking into the tea parties and the originality of it, and damn was i surprised. As the title of this video would say: Republican teg-bag party, well its true. Ron Paul started the original tea parties in 1997, as a local movement against the one-party system, by the end of the elections, more & more republicans took over the tea parties, and overan Ron Paul's movement. From something good grew into a DISASTER, someone needs to restore the original tea parties!!

  27. @godhelpusall5000

    technically 4-6 cents is not a dime. Plus, that is a sales tax, which is non-specific to wage. He was obviously talking about income taxes.

  28. Republicans care about the banks or the rich. Conservatives are having the TEA parties. Your fake laugh is as awful to listen to as your 80's look is watch. I have never heard you say anything 100%truthful. I think you are the one who is doing the tea bagging. You and your show are complete garbage.

  29. Hey moron, If you know ANYTHING, besides who and how to suck, just remember: Soviets after revolution for many years were "taking care" of witnesses and "useful idiots" (Lenin) and their families. I'm sincerely laughing 'cause I can predict your future.

  30. Original 07 tea party folks don't believe in aggressive wars, bailouts or fed reserve secrecy. Neo cons republicans like palen and bush give the repub party a bad name but anyone that actually does the research can see that obama is carrying on Bush's foreign policy and the patriot act which he's extended as of jan 2010. Look at what happened under Obama at the G20 summit. Like his version of change? Obama is nothing but more of the same He holds a position too now in the UN which is illegal.

  31. reminds me of Associated Press. they helped put Hitler in office and are still at it today. they keep on ticking,and ticking, and ticking…..

  32. To be anti-Israel is to be anti-genocide, anti-racism, anti-organ harvesting, anti-espionage and anti-treason.
    Paul Findley (22 year congressmen) wrote they dare to speak out. In it, he details Zionist espionage on top secret US military technology. Also, he shows how Zionists account for 90% of the espionage on the US.
    Thanks to this espionage, China has developed the J-10 twenty years earlier then would have been the case.

    To be pro-Israel is to be Anti-US

  33. @byronissexy Protesting the wars is protesting against Israel's plan to use the US to bully, rob, and murder their neighbors. So protesting the wars is protesting Jewish supremacy, which is antisemitic. The US will soon invade Iran on the orders of Israel, and you had better be on the right side, or you will be called an antisemitic racist in addition to being called unpatriotic.

  34. why do so many people think tea party is a racist nazi movement? because they're mostly white? and the minorities in the protests are just uncle toms? there are lunatics in every movement but i'm sure almost everyone would agree with the tea party's fundamental principles if they really thought about it unbiased

  35. What makes people feel entitled to someones elses money? I never will understand this

    I love how ironic this video is now

    Obama and the Democrat Party are over, just like in the UK the folks voted out the Socialist, progressive pigs.

  36. This guy is a dope. The big issue the tea party has is the debt. When the FED monetizes the debt, it creates a hidden tax called INFLATION. This hits everyone from rich to poor, but is biased more against the poor. Unfortunately you liberals are too dumb to know a damn thing about Economics.

    BTW I'm a Libertarian so Bush and Obama can go fuck themselves.

  37. Love your vids! I've got some similar funny ones in my Fun With Tea-Bagging series. Care to share ideas?

  38. @byronissexy The Tea Parties were started by Libertarians (anti-war) during the Bush era. The bail-outs under Bush started the Tea Parties. Obama gave more money to the same people that Bush did. Obama is expanding Bush's wars. The only thing that changed is the rhetoric. Same Fed. Chairman, same generals, same sec. of def… The list goes on and on. I can't believe we have so many distracted Democrats that they don't care that their party has completely sold out to Wall St., just like the Rep.

  39. fererring to tea party attendees as "teabaggers" is nasty and mean. "Teabagging" is the act of lowering your testicles into the mouth of another person. Shall we refer to you and other leftists as "ball lickers"?

  40. i have been to a couple of rally's and watched lot of youtube and news and seen blacks, latinio, asains and other ethnic groups protesting along with the white people. TYT yeah the lefties have been going trying to get dirt and doing holding sign with racist sign and comments which have been caught you are not talking about. Also TYT the top 5 percent of Americans pay 90 percent of the deficeit why didn't you mentioned that.

  41. @laughingtiger123 Who cares. Are you a teabagger, or something? Can i just call them what they are, idiot republicans?

  42. isn't wanting to secede a sign of treason?? Aren't teabaggers the most unpatriotic people ever?? they say they love America but at the same time they hate everything about it. They want it to be 1850 and have everyone black serving them cookies. i dont fuckin get it.

  43. YOU know what? I'd rather work with my fellow americans to make this country better, how about some compromise. I hope we are seeing a new era approaching, where we can put partisanship aside, and learn to care about one another. I also can't wait until the day this partisan show will be a relic of the past, which is fast approaching

  44. @petgoes lol your really ignorant its so funny. You have obviously never been to one lol. I just saw black and mexican Americans at the tea party lol. Keep spewing your hate filled rhetoric and keep pretending like you can speak for an entire race. You sir, are the racist.

  45. @BigHickory357 Of course you don't bring forth a reason *why* you say that. Just throw out insults, thats all you teabaggers ever do. Hypocrites.

  46. I can smell the desperation. TheYoungturdburglers & their ilk can only make homphobic wise crack when they can't argue any possision. Cenk says "I don't care at all"…??? So what's he yapping about then?

  47. Actually, it is the so called "TEA Party" that's hypocritical. They are protesting a return to the Bush-Era levels of taxation.

  48. @petgoes then way are there so many black members? I don't believe in what the tea party is doing, but to constantly resort back to race as an argument is pathetic.

  49. Yep, that is what this country has descended into, childish name calling, no ability to work out problems anymore.

    Well, let me tell you, The United States Of Ameritard is getting what is deserves, a lot worse times to come. Look for this country to descend into more and more chaos, more and more cities will resemble 3rd world countries.

    We are getting just what we deserve.

  50. @ChupacabraMaquina Well, I will not let my feelings on the subject be known on this board, violence is what I would consider a last resort. The immigration policies of this country are probably one of the first things I would change. no more 3rd-6th worlders allowed. Time to stock up on guns, ammo, canned food, huge blockhead dog. Be careful, Big Brother is monitoring this and all internet sites.

  51. @syzygy502 That is pretty much what the liberals want. They only pander to blacks and gays cause they know once they have instituted Sharia Law (see Michigan), they can have the Muslims do their dirty work and exterminate them (Look at Obama's policies in Libya with Libyan rebels killing every black person in the country). Liberals want to end the Constitution and instill Socialism in this Country.

  52. @alexfrompa This guy says the Republicans support the Banks and Rich while OBAMA bailed out the banks and Wall Street with trillions of our money.

  53. @syzygy502 Democrats are communists. They want the government to control everything. Theyd are controlled by Big Pharmaceuticals, Wall Street, Banks and Foreign Oil Companies (Soros controlled). You must be one of those paid trolls Obama has hired through the DOJ.

  54. @AXESMI
    yes,very true!

    which is why you should realize that democrat,libertarian,republican etc…..are just LABELS.

    american's shouldn't have to choose a "team" with one view……people are more complex than that.

  55. My friends ask me….Why after 40 years in the republican party have you switched to Voting for Obama……# 1 the GOP # 2 Mitt Romney # 3 the tea party…….They have turned the Republican party into a bunch of thugs that are shameless..And i want to part of what they have become….

  56. It’s not a matter of thinking what I want it straight up fact. You don’t even know what the Democratic Party is. It has been taken over by the progressive SOCIALISTS and you are either one of them or too stupid to realize it. Who supports the Democratic Party? Occupy, Code Pink, Soros, Hugo Chavez, Ahmadinejad and so many more. You can't give me ONE communist organization that back the Republican Party but there are plenty of communist organizations that back the Democratic Party. JUST FACTS!

  57. The Tea Party completely misses the point. The original Tea Party wanted taxation with representation. This Tea Party wants no taxation at all. So why do they want so much representation?

  58. How fucking moronic is Cenk? He literally just referred to the "TYT army" and then in the very next breath he criticized right-wingers for always talking in stupid militaristic language. Also, how childish is he? "tea baggers haha haha haha they tea bag each other haha haha haha you get it?"

  59. Who Wants To Go To A Republican Tea-Bag Party ? Answer … Any and all true blue Americans would want to go to a Republican Tea Bag Party ! We of the Tea Party are more than ready to Party It Up ! Best Wishes — Joseph Stefurak

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