WHO LIVES AND WHO DIES? | Peace Death #2

*wapish* TOP OF THE MORNIN’ TO YA LADIES My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to Peace Death Which is a really silly name and a really weird name to say Like peace and death or peace comma death- I don’t know It’s just peace death Maybe that’s my name. My first name is Peace and last name Death But I might be a little bit terrible at this coming back into it ’cause it’s been a few days and I forget E-exactly what I’m looking for. I’m looking for demons, horns, weapons and hats. Right? That was the only thing that I’m looking for I think- I don’t think they added anything extra and now I don’t get like a practice round to get back into the swing of things ‘Cause I got to get right back into it. So…….. I might be a little sloppy, and I might mess some stuff up, and I might not be super fast but The super fastness last time kinda dicked me over ’cause I missed a bunch of refrences Apparently McCree showed up Which I said. I said get outta here McCree or Jessie McCree or something like that And he went to heaven and then later on the same character dropped down and it said ‘Is it high noon?’ So it actually was McCree. Umm.. I just missed it in that regard. Okay, repair. “Elevator crashed? It will be repaired immediately but only once” See, if I mess stuff up… “Each client has one extra feature.” Avoid? Oh yeah. I wanna avoid that. I don’t think I’ll break the elevator yet but I wanna avoid this because… there might be something extra that I can’t see. “Each client has one extra feature. Avoided.” So… they won’t have one extra feature. Should be easy enough, okay. We’re doing so well, this is the one that’s gonna mess me up now. Day six. I’m a senior apprentice though, so I’m doing well. Only two more days and I finish out the week! Aw, christ. There’s seven weeks in this game? Aw, nutsacks. Right. We probably won’t get to all of them, but, *reading something* blood so you need to look everywhere Aw, fuck. *reading somethiing* their intention so the hell is where Okay, so it seems like, uh, native English speakers might not the people who made this game Which is fine! *reading something* time limit you will figure it out okay Okay, my time limit has not been an issue so far. Okay, Tupac! You go. Uh, blood on Chuck Norris, you go. Doesn’t matter if he had horns or not, he had blood on him, Uh, you’re fine. You have a weapon, get out. You have no horns but you have a weapon. Ahh think faster, Jack! You’re fine. Uh, demon get outta here. Uh, blood, blood, blood, no blood! There ya go. Hat, no horns. NO! He had blood on his feet! Shit! Blood, blood, blood, blood. It sounds like that’s what they’re saying. Blood, blood, blood, blood Nah, HORNS! Get outta here. Is that blood in your hair? FUCK! I didn’t know that… “Satan is my father!” Okay you have blood on your feet, go down. You’re Sasha Barren Cone, you need…. “Lunatics hijacked a bus and ripped off a cliff” What? That’s blood, get down! Uh, doctor, doctor, you’re fine! Go up and save the lives of everyone again! Horns? Demon! Get out. Exact same guy again who says “I pooped.” Uh… Blood, get out. Uh, right, ok. Is that Steven Ogg? Is that Trevor? Ahhh…. Blood… Get out! Whoooo… You’re fine! Blood! get out! Blood…. Uh.. blood! Um, no blood! You’re fine! Uh, blood blood blood blood! Horns! Get out! I don’t deserve such *something that he paused in the middle of saying*.. What happened! I don’t know what happened! Uh, you’re fine! Uh, mother of god… that was a hectic one! One of them I messed up! Oh! New clients..? Wha- grade A! So, that’s fine! An A+ would’ve been a time bonus, I think But there’s a lot goin’ on now, so the time… I have to just take my time now. I earned 62 skulls, which is good because… I’m making a profit each time. as long as I’m makin’ a profit that’s good. Um, yeah. The blood on the feet messed me up that time.. and there was another one that I messed up because I didn’t know if it was blood in her hair or not… When in doubt, click it out! that’s what I should be doin’. Um, but we’re doing ok! We could be doing a lot worse… And none of these guys have anything… major going on. “Additional influence for a chosen horseman” Ooh! “Elevator crashed? it will be repaired immediately!” Um, I’ll buy both of these cause I think I’m ok… Can I choose the horseman that I wanna do the thing for? No, oh, shit! Why why why is it different? [Readng top dialogue] Go ahead! Ok, nice boobs! “Beauty is a terrible force.” You’re ok! I don’t KNOW if you’re hiding anything! Uh, you’re fine… Ok, weapon, get out… Is that a weapon? No, you’re fine. Blood, get out! Uh… Could you- Blood, get out! I keep lookin’ for the wrong things! even have a chance acting even Jesus don’t even have a chance to see like what they’re saying can i part your lava see that’s fucking gross get out this way to get out get out ten years in the dungeon cool 10 years touch it fucking demon horns this demon is aimed unacceptable condition unacceptable you’re fine you got to go from head to toe head to toe hey Joe this is how we started out here we go we got a nice speed going on no hipster jesus you got nothing get on out of here again I’m twin what Rooney nope you’re fine I know whore I universe fucking weapon damn it I always got a perfect I got an A that’s not good ladies oh rad new claims that promoted line by the way is a reference to battlefield friends a phony goober for watch that series it was a thing to make an animated series on YouTube they did for battlefields when it was coming out and then what battle for you three was coming out with all their LEvolution they made a whole bunch more of them are so good there was a guy unit called the noob who talk like that who I identify in a lot with okay so removing it to the next week you’re going to start working extra hard and I kick your ass no God eat people does it take it take it toilet I want AJ others but so does nobody understand okay whatever we’re all gonna die one time effect catastrophe on the next level from the second week except dematic okay customers are imprisoned in fragile cells why i lured these thoughts this one may be dope i both fuck it Oh avoided okay day 8 in the Big Brother house Reaper is feeling quite sad everybody’s dying and he hasn’t had a weekend off yet to spend time with the missus and go to the beach and spend all his hard-earned money ok blood yeah your first week is over and other prize we open purgatory ah shit now there’s a left and a right and an OP I think in fact it was closed for repair so it’s just a coincidence our purgatory is for sinners who will realize their mistakes in life from now on if the blood under the feet of your claim can be washed away as the sin sin declined deprotonate wait what from now on if the burdens of the person’s feet can be washed away as sin how do I do that perhaps you have noticed that sometimes you get more skulls it’s your intuition if you send a client without any manipulations you get an additional skull ok this is it this is where I fail in the game falls apart ok so right the determinant based on what they’re saying go go go go the wind blew me off the train heck ah should be washed away Oh purgatory fuck secrets are my life okay okay hey you got this I got this there we go oh god this is harder well you’re a demon so never mind okay okay get out all right now it makes more sense now I know what I’m doing you don’t have a weapon right g-men soon as the seeds even if God it should be gone haha hi there is hahaha fight the pain Harold okay Brendan Fraser you can go away ok it’s only under the feet got it can’t get out i don’t know why i checked anyway ok oh I’m always hitting the wrong buttons you can be washed away your any horns demon get out no horns can’t be washed away though she’ll with you fuck see this is the thing I’m like oh he’s clean away you go it has to be not shit go go go maybe know what they do all crap oh oh that’s why oh the timer in the middle they didn’t realize that last name ok no to help you blow to your things down should your fighting get out so ah to hell okay purgatory here we go here we go here we applaud the time when I was freaking me out come on man go go go go can it be over yet he’ll fool he Jesus great okay three more we got this we got this ah there he is there’s Wally for Waldo some place to call him fucking hell that was hard but sit on a rank though Jesus right cuz when i was watching away the blood i kept thinking oh they’re fine then it’s just blood that you can wash away and i kept sending them to heaven and then some other names my hands were just on a and D anyway I keep forgetting about the S I need to take my time and think about it but I have a time thing so that’s what the catastrophe was doing so the timer the middle I didn’t even realize that last time guys I made me panic tomorrow I need to create a catastrophe with good prospects in the future Reaper I’ll sit immediately to the planet so the people will soon begin to fight for safer land area include you to my business would you like to work the next day for me yeah I don’t see any downside Oh Bulls I’m glad your reward after work is this gonna be bad is it going to be like all catastrophe Reaper there are the poorest regions where the people are dying hunger the same time rich ones love Allah we cannot judge them but the death rates are concerned the Fox brothers sausage factory produces sausages containing more fat than is allowed by the production standards that’s not my problem send up to God or something we can sip it and replace a batch of product labels to make the truthful information available p 2 minus minus 100 schools he’s away but I get a hundred for him and it’s this is minus 100 for hit for that but a hundred for him yeah cuz I don’t know the point of all this but i feel like i should like i can with stand to lose 100 off him i maybe get a hundred for him i know i don’t want to sacrifice 100 gold for it sorry try and play 60 level of 60 seconds longer again I don’t be like I’m running into time constraints the catastrophe time constraints are my thing if you make a mistake for the first time ok it will be forgiven nice I need I need a good rating bro ok oh I’m a detective ok jeez crisis going to get complicated we do everything to help creatures in their afterlife we won’t believe that the fluid can be washed away only by blood but we’ll give them a chance if the blood can be removed from the client send them to purgatory so it’s blood under chest this time are not just their feet let’s go Google ok purgatory fuck god damn it I keep forgetting okay I can’t be washed away so to hell with you to hell with yeah I don’t know why I keep clicking hello Reaper it your boss you’re a clever ad rated up do you have one rookie over the vote and your responsibilities are not up for debate you’ll puzzle everything out in the process don’t let me down see you hello it’s me your tray deee I with all that I can work for you my time going down in the middle of this what’s going on here’s the description claps frowns waits for the sunset I think he should be sent to purgatory what clubs frown all my time is going down I don’t fucking know this is like throwing a lot of shit me all of one I was reading my client something’s wrong about him here’s the description told joke picks nose request resurrection gave me a pencil should I send into purgatory no go go go go okay good uh okay hell hell hell just give me more demons those are easy to deal with coo coo coo coo ok fuck fuck i needed even anyway this matter fuck i could be much faster at this what I’m panicking you look like a douchebag I just had led you to hell for that you’re fighting a weapon unless those were knuckle dusters bro you’re fine you’re fine ok you’re not fine you’re not fighting if devil horns you’re fine a purgatory shit keep forgetting only one mistake lift no I’m panicking now I know my mistakes as soon as I click them I know them okay fight more that’s your purgatory yes see that’s the thing you wash it away and then you think oh they’re fine then ah no so I need to just take my time god I might that was a hard one you get me though right because then you fucking be when you wash away I got promoted anyway the equalizer sounds like a weapon because when you wash the blood off your like oh they have no sins then because you can wash away the blood and then you’re like oh they can go to heaven but no they have to go to purgatory even if I wash away your billion blondes I keep forgetting damn it man anyway okay I’m gonna leave this episode here I really into this game I’m really into like figuring it out getting my method down and then powering through it and speeding up each time I’m getting slower though because there’s more things to bring in and it’s getting really hard because the more stuff it brings in the more your brain has to remember by when in doubt just click everywhere on the people at least I know that if there’s a weapon or it’s a demon or horns its immediate help so I should be prioritizing these things but I mean it seems like a half seconds it’s a split second in some cases for it’s like wash off the blood on the chest and then wash off the blood or is the blood and defeat person wash off so it’s like okay you’re going to hell anyway so I like thank you guys so much for watching this episode if you liked it quite rally put in the face by her part and they face a rope shhh spectator will see you dude oh the reason that straighten my voice a lot normally it doesn’t what’s happening to me

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  3. Looks down at attendance sheet
    Teacher: “Uh, is there a Peace Death?”
    Student: “It’s pronounced Pes Deeth!”

  4. Разработчики специально сделали такое название, что бы получился пиздец, но меня все равно никто не поймёт.

  5. Here's a funny thing: a few secs after the equalizer title came up, i saw a movie title named the equalizer

  6. The guy screaming "unacceptableeeee!!" is actually a huge adventure time reference (idk if thats what they were going for but it's the first thing i thought of when u did it) It's the lemon guy (: also, check in on my 5yr jackaboy journey. I'm almost there and I've fallen in love with you

  7. Let me tell you what I wished I've known when I was young and dreamed of glory you have no control…… WHO LIVES WHO DIES WHO TELLS YOUR STORY

  8. There was a happy wheels reference that one of the demons said it was"my sons name was timmy" good thing he was sent to hell.😀😀

  9. Everyone is talking about Hamilton in the comment section but nobody’s talking about how he’s not choosing who lives and who dies he’s choosing if they go too heaven or hell

  10. To anyone who didn't know the guy with grey slicked back hair and the dark shirt who said "thy shalt keep thy religion to thyself" was supposed to be the late stand up comedian George Carlin!!

  11. Damm Jack you didnt make a friendly relationship with the white crow guy ( forgive me for not knowing of whats his name is) ._.

  12. 10:15 the text is written with english letters but it translates from Russian “I forgot to translate this text” and it is hilarious :’D

  13. i watched the sub difference of Pewds and T-Series while watching this vid, Rip: Pewds lead. He might be in the lead again when some people see this

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