Who Are Trump’s Republican Challengers?

“The lights are on
in the White House, but no one’s at home.” “This guy is destroying
the country.” “Put the Twitter away.” President Trump is facing
Republican challengers to his re-election campaign. Joe Walsh, Bill Weld
and Mark Sanford. They don’t have much
of a chance at securing their party’s nomination, but primary challenges
can lead to problems for the incumbent. So who’s trying
to take Trump on? First up: Joe Walsh. “These are not
conventional times. These are urgent times. Let’s be real: These are scary times.” A one-term
Tea Party congressman who represented a Chicago
suburb from 2011 to 2013. “Pisses me off!” His style? It’s aggressive. Even with his
constituents. “Quiet for a minute! Or I’m going to
ask you to leave.” He is also known for
his offensive tweets. “I wouldn’t call
myself a racist, but I would say, John,
I’ve said racist things on Twitter.” He’s shared his
far-right views on his nationally
syndicated radio show. “When he was elected
to Congress, he showed up in Washington
and refused to play by their rules.” In a recent program, he slammed President Trump
for his handling of immigration. “Donald Trump has royally
screwed this thing up.” His show is going off
the air due to FCC rules on airtime rights for
presidential candidates. So why is he running? “All Trump cares
about is himself.” “He’s a horrible human being.” “He’s nuts, he’s erratic, he’s incompetent!” Critics have said the
same about him. Next: Bill Weld. He was the first
to announce his run against President Trump. “I would be
ashamed of myself if I didn’t raise
my hand and run.” Weld is a lawyer and former
Justice Department official. He was the governor of
Massachusetts during the ’90s, and has switched party
loyalties a few times, endorsing Barack Obama
for president in 2008 over John McCain,
and then supporting Mitt Romney in 2012. He ran as a libertarian
vice presidential candidate in 2016. “I hope to see the Republican
Party assume once again the mantle of being
the party of Lincoln.” Weld is a
fiscal conservative, but socially liberal. He supports abortion rights,
same-sex marriage and legalizing marijuana. He’s been campaigning in
New Hampshire and Iowa, hoping to best Trump in
those early primary contests. “I think we’re in something
of an inflection point.” And the former
governor of South Carolina, Mark Sanford, is also running. “We need a change in
spending, debt and deficits, and we need it now.” He’s a vocal critic
of President Trump, and served a total
of six terms in the House of
Representatives. Ultimately, he lost his seat
after a primary challenge by a Trump-backed candidate. His second term as South Carolina
governor was stained by a scandal involving
an extramarital affair. Trump referenced this scandal
in a tweet mocking all three Republican candidates
running against him. So what are their
chances at winning? Not good. As of now, Trump’s
approval rating is very high
among Republicans. However, primary challengers
in recent decades have shown that they can leave the incumbent wounded
in the general election.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. They are Republicans that put the United States Constitution and the Citizens of the United States of America in front of the Republican party, not behind it like the current Republican President and Senators are doing.

  2. Trump is coming again people
    No matter how much you liberals cry,no matter how many articles you write , it's the bitter truth

    Trump is getting elected again in 2020

  3. This is what scares me most about Trump?

    His followers. they’re immovable, no matter what he does, who he hurts, when he does it, or how it’s done. It’s a cult.

    They Will.Defend.Him, no matter what. They feed their insanity with Trump-loving “news” outlets like FOX, Limbaugh, Carlson, Hannity, etc, none of which are based on reality.

    I wish I could be more optimistic because Trump the president will end sooner or later, in one way or the other. But, the cult is made up of millions of Americans who will stop at nothing to further his policies. his racism and bigotry, his lying, and bullying. Their minds are poisoned, and until THEY die off we’ll find no real relief.

  4. Give it up guys. Donald Hitler Trump now has the allegiance of 10 of millions of stupid, ignorant, gullible people in this country. In my view, despite all of widdle Donnie's flaws (too numerous to count), these people have no intentions of changing. In other words, you're going to be wasting your time.

  5. Collectively those 3 men will probably get less than 5% of the Republican primary vote – which is an indictment of the current Republican primary electorate.

  6. Why hasn't the NYT did a story about what the DNC and Hillary did to Bernie Sanders, in 2016? I want that story…where is it?

  7. Joe Walsh burned out as soon as he launched his Campaign using Democrat talking points all of them actually that's their problem you don't come in supporting the mortal enemy of the Republicans

  8. The hope is that if Trump finds his support among Republicans weak in early primaries, he'll bow out rather than suffer through an ego challenging thrashing in the general election. Nobody with sense wanted Gene McCarthy in 1968, but many supported him to signal LBJ that anybody was preferred over the president. LBJ's ego couldn't take it and hope is neither can Trump.

  9. Bill Weld is a really nice guy, good solid dude, but he is a little too liberal for me other than overall great guy. And so that makes it Joe Walsh vs. Mark Sanford, I am really torn.

  10. So literally our party is not allowing us a choice in candidates! This is ridiculous cuz mark Sanford is a great candidate with real republican values

  11. We are in one of the most important times in our great nations history and it feels so good knowing we have the right man in charge. Leading with honor. since its starting to get chilly out click the link and grab a sweatshirt supporting Trump 2020!!! We need everybody's support. KEEP AMERICA GREAT BABY https://amzn.to/2Lm4xvE

  12. anyone but trump,another term of his maddness all will be lost and he will have to spend for mental heath hospitals,we will all go crazy with his stupidity

  13. "Trump said on Monday that he would not debate any of the three Republicans"

    TRANSLATION: He's incapable of debating as he cannot speak in coherent, complete sentences.
    “I’m not looking to give them any credibility”
    TRANSLATION: He believes he has some degree of 'credibility' but knows he does not.

    BOTTOM LINE: He cannot have an intelligent conversation much less debate current events and issues due to his being semi-literate, having a poor vocabulary, and intense narcissistic tendencies.

  14. All 3 should just run as a Democrat; they appear to be saying the same thing. I guess the idea is that if they run as a Republican then it’s an easier spotlight rather than adding to the Democratic clown car. I see all three as a sort of Trojan horse; Republican in name only.

  15. The problem is só complex and full of powerfull people scared that I would not be surprise if Mr.Trump has been played by marketeers as Brasilian President Bolsanaro. And Why not worldwide? For the victims be controled under threat and be insecure. Everything can become fake in a press of a Botton.

  16. I don't know why RINOs think it's a good idea to pander to liberals…. They ain't like you. They will stop attacking you now but will attack you again if you go against them.
    RINOs are useful idiots

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