Who Are The Third Party Presidential Candidates?

The 2016 US Presidential race is inching closer
to the finish line, with Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump presumed
to be the parties’ nominees. But a May 2016 poll suggested that more than half of Americans
are dissatisfied with Clinton and Trump, leading many to look towards a third option, a third
party. So who are some of the third party candidates? Well, among them is Tennessee-based attorney
Darrell Castle, who represents the Constitution Party. Similar to the Tea Party Movement,
the Constitution Party is based on the idea that the US has moved away from its core values
laid out by the founding fathers. The party promotes limited government, low taxes, broad
individual freedoms and laws that align with Christian values. In his first speech as the
2016 nominee, Castle said that he would close the Federal Reserve and pull the US out of
NATO and the UN. But those on the ideological left may be more
apt to go for Green Party nominee Jill Stein. Stein is a Harvard Medical School graduate,
and has a political focus on public health and the environment. Stein has promised to
address climate change and create renewable energy jobs through a so-called “Green New
Deal”, a play on FDR’s New Deal initiative to rebuild America after the Great Depression.
The plan would cut military spending by 50 percent and increase taxes on stock market
speculation and multi-million dollar real estate purchases. When Stein sought out the
White House in 2012, she won nearly 500,000 popular votes. The most popular third party nominee is Former
New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson. Johnson represents the Libertarian Party, which is
the third largest political party in the US, and promotes itself as “more culturally
liberal than Democrats, and more fiscally conservative than Republicans”. As such,
libertarians have been known to favor lower taxes, gun rights, same-sex marriage rights,
and ending the war on drugs. Johnson has marketed himself as a leader who
would slash public spending and balance the budget. During his two terms as governor,
Johnson reduced taxes fourteen times, and cut state spending by vetoing nearly 750 bills,
earning him the nickname “Veto Johnson”. Johnson ran for president in 2012 and won
over one million votes, more than any third party candidate since 2000, and in fact, more
than all the other third party candidates combined in 2012. But that’s only about 1 percent of the popular
vote, and third party candidates need at least 5 percent to even make it on the ballot for
the following election, and access to federal funding. The last viable third party candidate
was actually in 1992, when Ross Perot received nearly 20% of the popular vote, and yet, even
then, captured zero electoral votes nationwide. Clearly, the current election system favors
two parties, and third party candidates are often more about representing different ideologies
and movements, than actually about winning elections. But their presence is invaluable
at keeping debate and alternate ideas as part of the political conversation. One thing third party candidates CAN do is
pull votes away from Republicans and Democrats. In fact, a popular enough candidate may be
able to split, or even tie the vote. So, what happens if presidential candidates tie? Thanks
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  1. If you'd like to see an end to the failed 2 party system please check out our channel and get involved – link is in our video description.

  2. Oh shit. 55% of my people actually are smart enough to not be satisfied with our 2 trash candidates?

  3. I'm voting for a third party unless something crazy happens and Bernie becomes the nominee for the Democrats

  4. I want a third-party candidate because, like most other people, Trump and Clinton SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK

  5. I think Gary Johnson has a good shot at becoming president if he runs for Vice President with trump or Hillary

  6. What about even smaller US parties? Do they even bother? Not like i need to know US Communist party candidate etc. but still.

  7. I really like Darrell Castle. I'd vote for Johnson if he polled high enough to spoil the Democrats and Republicans. Fact of the matter is Johnson and his running mate Weld are far from libertarians. Castle is more libertarian than both in my book.

  8. USA needs to get out of its dual party mindset. A lot of the people who are registered as Democrat or Republican, aren't actually Democrats or Republicans. Even Bernie Sanders isn't really a Democrat, he just knew he had to run as one to even have a chance at winning the election.

  9. 0:41 That Christian Values statement is PURE bullshit. US constitution promotes secularism and most of the founding fathers heavily opposed religion intefering with state politics.

    Bloody cunts.

  10. Can you imagine if we did away with the two person ticket system we have today??? The original system we had would be interesting today… That system allowed the person in second place to become VP and the Speaker of the Senate.

  11. Shows the U.S. isn't a democracy when Hillary Clinton is attracting neocons,Bush donors & warhawks from the Republicans.

  12. Jill Stein 2016!

    Vote for the Green Party

    The Green Deal will address climate change and create millions of new jobs in renewable energy, moving away from environmentally destructive policies.

    We need a non-interventionist foreign policy and we need to stay out of wars abroad, cut military spending in half, close the bases and bring the troops home!

    We need to protect whistleblowers and our Constitutional rights as our civil liberties come under attack from Democrats and Republicans, and repeal the NDAA, shut down Guantanamo Bay, pardon Edward Snowden, and stop the NSA's warrantless surveillance

    And we need to secure the rights of women, immigrants, minorities, and LGBTQ+ communities

  13. I wish it would be mandatory that all parties should get the same funds. Make it illegal to donate to a party and use taxes to give all or most parties the same divided funds. Thats what I call democracy!

  14. So why don't we hear about these candidates? There is a Republican debate; there is a Democrat debate; there are conventions held for the two previously mentioned parties, but NOTHING is hardly ever mentioned about 3rd party candidates.

  15. These Anti-Trumpers may as well save their money and time. They will never make a dent in his Supporters. It amazes me how the Corrupt Elite's will do every trick in the book to stop Trump. Well, too bad, none of their dirty trick will work. Face it Corruptees, you've lost, so get used to America returning to the People of America !

  16. Libertarian is the best third party. And I will tell you why. I personally don't argee with everything the Libertarian party or everything Gary Johnson stands for, but the thing I like about the Libertarian party is that it kind of feels like a Third party with the mix of conservative and liberal view points and the man that is running as a Libertarian this year has a well balanced mix of conservative and liberal view points. And let's be real the Green party is just Democrats that are more environmentally driven, the constitution party is just Republicans that blindly follow the constitution. If you want a third party this year then why don't you pick a real third party?

  17. to seeker daily, I just created a YouTube channel called Orionsbelt4life 1 its more if a video blog on how our presidential characters aren't focusing on what should be more important to them like childhood education, jobs, and homelessness. if anyone sees my post, please check out my YouTube channel. I will be posting two videos a week on how we should give our children the much needed attention that they deserve for education. and how we need to create more jobs. if anyone cares about how their country is being thrown to the side and important topics aren't on the table, then please follow along and watch my videos on my channel and subscribe to my channel and please comment on it. I will have a numerous amount of guests on my posted YouTube videos. I will be running for a state office as one of the people commented on my video suggested that I run for a local office. I am the voice of our great nations citizens big and small.

  18. oh and another thing, I will not say that our children's education and creating more jobs and homelessness are important just to win the presidency and to look good. they are all important to me and I have a goal to help people realize that they shouldn't be scared or comfortable in how they are living, oblivious to everything that's going on in their country. we are used to how things are and how a lot of things are going wrong in our country and we're okay with that. I'm not okay with that. I want a change. and I'm willing to do anything I can, like run for senate to be able to change what's going on in our great country. if anyone agrees with me and wants to see a real genuine change for the greatest country in the world, please follow my YouTube channel. Orionsbelt4life 1

  19. I VOTED FOR NADER IN THE GREEN PARTY AND FOR RON PAUL AS LIBERTARIAN BEFORE. I might even vote Libertarian again in 2016.

  20. We could turn our aircraft carriers into nuclear power hospitals and we could build nuclear powered ice Maker ships to produce huge blocks of ice and fill the ocean with so much ice then we could pay 30 to 40 billion a year to stop world hunger completely and reward those who use very little resources and also pay people to be sterilized or give them a free college education and so much more we can do.

  21. That's right, let's not tell everyone that Jill Stein wants to make Public College free, cancel all student loan debt, create universal healthcare, use egalitarianism in government and judicial system where it favours all uniquely without any favouritism for women nor minorities, nor white males for that matter; among much much more. You also neglected to mention Gary supports the TPP and genuinely has no clue what anything is, literally, watch anything Gary has been a part of.

  22. The fact that at this point the question has to be asked who the third party candidates are clearly shows that there isn't enough support for these parties and splitting the Democratic or Republican vote will weaken the vote for the two front runners that actually have the best chance at being President. It's sad that America isn't more open minded but this great nation isn't there yet and none of the third party candidates even have a shot at winning

  23. I'm… Just…. Tired. This whole two-parties rule everything is just bad. And makes me sad for my country. Both Clinton and Trump DO NOT support the version of America that I want. I just wish there was a way for someone else to win this election…. Someone who's not either a criminal or a racist….

  24. 2:54 is the real reason people say our system is rigged. If we were each given a "Yes/No/No vote" option for each candidate then we wouldn't be stuck with the false dichotomy we have today. Trump and Hillary would both be at -55% down votes and only 30ish% upvotes, which would leave the door open for candidates that people don't hate so much.

  25. Quality of candidates is really important! (I like this Baha'i idea – administrators should have qualities "of unquestioned loyalty, of selfless devotion, of a well trained mind, of recognized ability and mature experience." – Shoghi Effendi)

  26. Third parties need to start getting seats in lower government before they will win the presidency. Honestly, I am not sure I even want them to win the presidency. I just want congress to better represent my views and having some green people in there, even if its just a couple, would do that. The real reason I am voting third party is a big f you to the, "If you don't vote you can't complain" people. Yeah I voted and screw you for voting to validating the two party system.

  27. I wish Donald Trump was the Vice president. That'd be a hilarious sitcom but if he was then I couldn't assassinate Clinton. I geuss I'll just do em both in

  28. America, you have reached a new level of stupidity, oh my fucking god. 55% of you want to vote for a third party candidate but then overwhelmingly didn't vote for them??!! It's not rocket science, just check that little box next to the name that says anything but Democrat or Republican. If the name does not appear on your ballot, there is a blank fill in box, write the candidates name there. I voted for Gary Johnson, I check the box next to his name, wow, that was difficult. It's not entirely your fault though America, the media tells you the third party won't win (because they don't want them to) so you believe them and vote for the lesser of two evils, stop doing that.

  29. God bless the American Independent Political Party… For it is the political party that is keeping the balance of the political power in check between any and all political parties from A to Z. The Republicans and Democrats are too busy competing with each other for political domination and power and any all other political parties, factions etc… are nipping at the very foundations of several opposing governmental decrees and departmental offices at once but it is the American Independent Political Party that maintains the balance of the whole scenario of the political power struggle because it is the A.I.P.P. that moniters all checks and balances of power and decision as decreed by any one political party no matter who they are. I voted for The American Independent Political Party for the main theme of it's elective is "Balance of Power Is The Economy's Flower!") For we all know that Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely!…Yeh!, Yeh!, Yeh!

  30. I like pretty much everything about the Constitution Party except one thing, Christian values. I don't agree in a nationalized religion.

  31. There should be a Communist party, Nazi party, Imperial party, Monarchist party, Aristocratic party, Dictatorship party, Anarchy party, Auhoritarian party.
    More choices!!!!

  32. I could really use that Constitutional Party, except for the Christian Values part. I would much rather keep religion separated from government. period.

  33. the libertarian party is the only party that actually believes in freedom we don't believe in comunism, facism, or any of the other controls placed upon people. we're the only party that works based on fact, logic, and reason

  34. There should be no political parties in the USA. If the US wants to continue to have a president, I am fine with it, so long as the candidate has had a disability history, or is disabled or has been on welfare (my apologies for my clumsy English here). It is also ideal that the candidate use a birth name instead of a pseudonym.There should be no union between the state and political parties in western countries.

  35. Just so you know, the only reason the founding fathers mentioned a creator in the const. is that they didn't have enough evidence at that time to believe otherwise. Its called secular

  36. Usually I felt that President that got elected into office are democratic or Republican but I felt that the Constitution Party May never be elected but prob the most patriotic party than the others

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