Whistleblower Alleges Trump Cover-Up of Ukraine Scandal: A Closer Look

-Today, we got to see the
damning whistle-blower complaint that sparked
the impeachment inquiry over President Trump’s
Ukraine scandal. For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -So, yesterday, we saw the memo
from Trump’s phone call with the president of Ukraine, and it was already
incredibly damning. The memo revealed a quid quo pro
in which Trump dangled hundreds of millions of dollars
in military aid, and in return,
pressured the leader of Ukraine to investigate
a political rival, Joe Biden, by literally telling
the president of Ukraine to “do us a favor.” And as a general rule, you never
want to do Trump a favor because it will always
go unpaid. In fact, it will very likely
be punished because Trump will take
a liking to you, make you part of his entourage, and destroy your dignity
and reputation. I mean, just look
at Rudy Giuliani. The guy used to be
America’s mayor, and now he’s constantly on TV looking like he just fell
ass first onto a railroad spike. [ Laughter ] And then we got to see
the full declassified whistle-blower complaint
that details a series of illegal actions designed to
get Ukraine to interfere in the 2020 election
and then to orchestrate a cover-up of those actions, and you’ll never guess
who was in the middle of it all. -From the whistle-blower
who says, “In the course
of my official duties, I have received information from multiple U.S. Government
officials that the president
of the United States is using the power of his office to solicit interference
from a foreign country in the 2020 U.S. Election.” -This interference includes,
among other things, pressuring a foreign country
to investigate one of the president’s main
domestic political rivals. The president’s personal lawyer,
Mr. Rudolph Giuliani, is the central figure
in this effort. -This person says they heard
from multiple U.S. officials that they were deeply concerned
by what they viewed as Mr. Giuliani’s circumvention of national security
decision making processes to engage with
Ukrainian officials and relay messages
back and forth between Ukraine
and the president. -Amazing, they concocted
an illegal scheme to extort
the Ukrainian government to help them win
the 2020 election, and they chose as their
go-between, Rudy Giuliani. [ Laughter ] That’s like if you planned
a bank heist and made Mr. Magoo
your getaway driver. “Magoo, where’s the car?” [ As Mr. Magoo ] Car? I thought we were using skis! [ Applause ] [ Laughter ] [ Normal voice ] Then in
the hearing this morning, the acting Director of National
Intelligence, Joseph Maguire, was grilled about his handling
of the whistle-blower complaint, and specifically Giuliani’s role
in the scandal. And Maguire said even he,
an intelligence official at the highest levels
of government, had no idea what Rudy was doing. -Were you aware of his role
or understanding what his role was,
doing what you do? -Congressman Quigley,
my only knowledge of what Mr. Giuliani does,
I have to be honest with you, I get from TV and from the news
media. -Congressman,
all I know about Mr. Giuliani is what I see on TV, and, so,
all I can say is I hope he gets his narcolepsy
cured soon. [ Laughter ] I mean, lookit, why does
he always look like he’s being woken up in
the middle of a question? [ Laughter and applause ] Of course, this would all — this would all seem like
a shocking abuse of power and obviously impeachable
behavior to any normal person, and yet during the hearing
today, Republicans on the committee
chose instead to defend the president
like Congressman Devin Nunes, who concocted an insane lie
about how Democrats had also supposedly worked
with Ukrainians to dig up dirt on Trump. -Today, they accused
the president of pressuring Ukrainians
to take actions that would help himself
or hurt his political opponents. And yet, there are numerous
examples of Democrats doing the exact same thing. Democrats on this very committee negotiated with people
who they thought were Ukrainians in order to obtain nude pictures
of Trump. -I assure you, no one wants
nude pictures of Donald Trump. [ Laughter and applause ]
In fact, nude pictures of Donald Trump
are the one thing that should be literally
covered up. Also, if nude pictures
of Trump existed, the first person to show them
to us would be Donald Trump. [ Laughter ] Maybe that’s why Rudy
always looks like that — Trump just showed him
the nude pics. [ As Trump ]
Rudy, check these out. I just got these developed. Oh, look, by the way,
I broke my thumb. [ Laughter ] That’s not my thumb, Rudy. You think you’re looking
at my thumb. But that’s not my thumb.
I tricked you, Rudy. [ Laughter ] [ Normal voice ] But it’s not
just Rudy Giuliani’s involvement that’s detailed in
the whistle-blower complaint. There are also explosive details
in the report about the lengths to which
the White House went to cover up their scheme. Now, remember, they keep saying there’s nothing wrong
in the phone call and everything Trump did
was appropriate, and yet today, we found out
that the Trump team actually went out of their way
to take the notes of the call and hide them by moving them
from the place they’re normally kept
to a high security location where very few people
would see them. -Here is where the alleged
cover-up comes in, “In the days following the call, I learned from multiple
U.S. officials that senior White House
officials had intervened to lock down all records
of the phone call, especially the official
word for word transcript of the call that was produced,
as is customary, by the White House
situation room.” -The whistle-blower reports
that “the White House officials told me that they were directed
by the White House lawyers to remove
the electronic transcript from the computer system in which such transcripts
are typically stored.” -The transcript was loaded into
a separate electronic system, when White House officials
describe the act as an abuse
of this electronic system because the call did not contain
anything remotely sensitive from a national security
perspective. -They took the notes
out of the normal system used for calls like this and
tried to lock them down by putting them into a classified
system to hide them, which makes it
incredibly obvious that this was a cover-up. It’s like if your husband
had a folder on his desktop that said,
“Work stuff, not porn.” [ Laughter ] I mean, honestly,
we’re so lucky these guys are terrible at cover-ups. it was so obvious, people
caught onto it immediately. The president had a phone call,
and then his staff was like, “Put it in a separate system,” and a bunch of people were like,
“Why?” And Trump’s staff was like,
“Uh, no reason.” And then Rudy Giuliani
went on TV, woke up from his nap,
and screamed, “We did a cover-up!” [ Laughter ] And apparently, this wasn’t even
the first time they’ve tried to cover up something like this. The whistle-blower wrote
in their complaint that “According to White House
officials I spoke with, this was not the first time
under this administration that a presidential transcript
was placed into this code-word-level system solely for the purpose
of protecting politically sensitive rather than national security
sensitive information.” so they have a secret system
where they keep politically sensitive
information. Is that also where they keep
Trump’s eyeglass prescription? -10,000 known or suspested
gang members… Controlled by large derners… Advising lawmarkers… -Yes, yes. Lawmarkers, as in when
they write up articles of impeachment, they can do it
using lawmarkers. [ Laughter ] Now Trump is lashing out
so erratically that it’s actually hard
to understand what he’s saying. For example, after the hearing, which was held by Intelligence
Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, Trump said this. -It’s a disgrace to our country. it’s another witch hunt.
Here we go again. It’s Adam Schiff and his crew
making up stories and sitting there, like, pious,
whatever you want to call them. -Whatever we want to call — We don’t want to call them
anything. Why does he put it on us
to come up with his insults? it’s like Presidential
Match Game. Sitting there like pious blanks. Is it…lawmakers? I’m sorry, the answer
was lawmarkers. [ Laughter ] And this morning… [ Applause ] This morning, Trump said
something even more menacing about the whistle-blower in a
private meeting with diplomats. Trump reportedly called
the whistle-blower a spy and suggested they should be
punished for treason. -This morning, while at
a private event in New York, the “L.A. Times” is reporting
that the president called the whistle-blower
almost a spy, along with anybody who might
have helped that person. The president went on to say, “you know what we used to do
in the old days when we were smart, right? The spies and treason,
we used to handle it a little differently
than we do now.” -Holy [bleep] We may not have Trump’s
nude pics, but we’re definitely seeing
a dic-tator! Tator — dictator. Trump wasn’t the only one
losing his mind this morning. After the release of
the whistle-blower report, a reporter for “The Atlantic”
tweeted that Rudy Giuliani called her today
and that Giuliani “was nearly shouting in my phone
call with him, ‘It is impossible that
the whistle-blower is a hero and I’m not,
and I will be the hero. These morons, when this is over, I will be the hero,’
he told me. I had this conversation
while in an Uber. And when I hung up,
the driver was like, ‘Uh, everything okay?'” I mean, not only is Rudy
meddling in elections, now he’s meddling
in people’s Uber ratings. [ Laughter ] Hey, I’m sorry, if you
got to talk to Giuliani, I got to give you one star.” So now Democrats have even
more explosive new evidence for the impeachment inquiry. And now we’re moving full steam
ahead with that inquiry. Trump, of course,
is losing his mind. Yesterday, for example, he attacked House Speaker
Nancy Pelosi and even bizarrely claimed she was no longer
the Speaker of the House. -Did you ask House Speaker
Nancy Pelosi to find a way out of impeachment
yesterday? -Not at all. No. Look, she’s lost her way. She’s been taken over
by the radical left. She may be radical left,
herself, but she really has lost her way. All she’s thinking about is
this. She’s been taken over
by the radical left, the whole Democrat Party. You take a look at what’s
happening in the media today. The whole party is taken over
by the left, and Nancy Pelosi,
as far as I’m concerned, unfortunately, she’s no longer
the Speaker of the House. -Well, unfortunately for you, she very much is
the Speaker of the House. [ Cheers and applause ]
She is. I mean… He’s such a bratty teen. I’m surprised he didn’t add, “I’m going to my room,
and I’m never coming out, and as far as I’m concerned,
you’re no longer my mom.” [ Laughter ] In fact, Trump is lashing out
so wildly that yesterday, he tried to take the rest
of the White House down with him
when out of nowhere, he dragged Vice President
Mike Pence into his mess. Now, Mike pence is an expert at managing to stay
out of the fray. Remember that oval office
meeting with Pelosi and Schumer where Pence basically tried to
teleport himself away until it was over? And yet, yesterday,
when Trump was asked about his conversations
with the president of Ukraine, in which Trump asked him
to meddle in the 2020 election in exchange for hundreds
of millions of dollars in military aid,
Trump, out of nowhere, dragged Pence into his mess. -I think you should ask
for V.P. Pence’s conversation because he had a couple
of conversations also. I can save you a lot of time.
They were all perfect. Nothing was mentioned
of any import other than congratulations. But the word is
that they’re going to ask for the first phone conversation. You can have it
any time you need it. And also Mike Pence’s
conversations, which were, I think,
one or two of them. They were perfect. -Damn, he’s taking Mike Pence
down with him. It’s like when the cops separate
two suspects in a murder case. The one guy’s like,
“I’ll never talk,” and the other guy is like, [ As Trump ]
You should talk to Mike Pence. It was all his idea. [ Normal voice ] And it’s not
just Mike Pence who is now implicated in this whole mess. There is also
Attorney General William Barr. Yesterday, we learned
that Trump’s Ukraine call was referred to
the Department of Justice as a possible crime, and that
Barr’s team shut it down. Barr was also mentioned multiple
times in the notes from the phone call and then
in the report released today, the whistle-blower
said explicitly that Attorney General Barr
appears to be involved as well, which means Barr may have been
lying during this exchange with Senator Kamala Harris
back in May. -Has the president or anyone
at the White House ever asked or suggested that you
open an investigation of anyone? Yes or no, please, sir. -Um, the president
or anybody else. -Seems you’d remember
something like that and be able to tell us. -Yeah, but I’m trying to grapple
with the word, suggest. I mean, there have been
discussions of matters out there that — they have not asked me
to open an investigation, but —
-Perhaps they’ve suggested? -I don’t know.
I wouldn’t say, suggest. -Hinted?
-I don’t know. -Inferred? You don’t know. Okay. -I mean, look at her face. She’s questioning him the way
you ask your son, “Do you smoke weed?” when
you’ve already found the weed. [ Laughter ] But for real, you know
someone’s lying when that’s how they respond. It’s like if your boss at Kinkos
comes to you and says, “Hey, Brad, did you get drunk,
sit on the copier, photocopy your ass, and put it
up in the break room?” and your answer is,
“Uh [Mumbling] [ Laughter ] Yeah, I’m just trying to grapple
with the word ‘photocopy’.” [ Laughter ] Yeah. It was you then. You put it up in the break room. [ Cheers and applause ]
And then there is the State Department’s role
in all of this. For example, in an interview
on Fox News this week, Giuliani actually admitted
that the State Department was also involved
in this scandal by asking him to take
a phone call with an official in Ukraine to manufacture
a baseless smear against Biden. -You didn’t get involved in this
on your own. Did our State Department ask you
to go on a mission for them? -They did. -Oh, my God, Rudy,
why do you keep going on TV and confessing this stuff? [ Laughter ] Here’s my theory —
when Rudy and Trump and their cohorts are huddled
in the White House or on Air Force One, they all make perfect sense
to each other, right? They don’t even realize the
plans they’re making are crimes. It’s like when you
and your friends take mushrooms in the back bedroom and you’re
throwing theories around. You feel like geniuses. Then you leave the bedroom, but you forgot your mom’s
having her book club. And suddenly the moment
they all look at you, you realize, “Oh, no,
we’re really [bleep] high.” [ Laughter ] I mean, seriously, that fast.
He gives it up that fast. Can you imagine Rudy’s episode
of “Law & Order”? [ “The Clang” plays ] -Did our State Department ask
you to go on a mission for them? -They did. [ Outro for “Law & Order”
plays ] [ Laughter and applause ] -Then, Rudy admitted again
during an interview on Fox News, where he literally held up
his phone to show his calls from the State Department. That came after
a “Washington Post” report in which White House insiders tried to blame Rudy
for everything. According to those insiders, the person who appears to have
been more directly involved in nearly every stage of the entanglement with Ukraine
is Giuliani. “Rudy, he did all of this,”
one U.S. official said. “This [bleep] show
that we’re in, it’s him injecting himself
into the process.” Oh, man, I love it. They’re all trying to blame
each other now. This is like the end
of “Reservoir Dogs” where everybody’s pointing a gun
at someone else. You’ve got Mr. Orange.
He’s blaming Mr. White. And everybody’s mad at Mr. Red. [ Laughter ] What we saw today in this
whistle-blower complaint is impeachable behavior
on its own, let alone all the other ways
in which Trump has abused his power
over the last two years. And now that things are getting
really bad, they’re trying to pin it
on each other with the White House
blaming Rudy, Rudy blaming
the State Department, and Trump blaming Pence. In fact, if both Trump and Pence
get removed from office, the next person in the line
of succession would be Nancy Pelosi,
in which case, it would actually be true
that… -She’s no longer
the Speaker of the House. -This has been “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪

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    The following witnesses even testified that Rudy Giuliani was in Ukraine on Trump’s behalf:

    William Taylor

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    George Kent

    Marie Yovanovitch

    David Holmes

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