What’s The Point of the Democratic Party?

president omar has put something in the
budget negotiations that as howard dean upset and chose to buy a blue sup in fact he sing about leaving democratic
part according to one of the sweets and i
don’t blame i’m right there with them so what is it now look you’ve already heard about the
chain sepia right fear followed politics closely uh… president obama in an
offer of the republic said that he would cut social security they would change the way they calculate inflation so you would get last month now when you’re older that we have an
age of eighty five or so it takes away over a thousand dollars
eight year for you and these people again fourteen fifteen thousand a year
did begin with so you take in china my money and by the
reminded more deeply into the system it’s unbelievably on jobs right now but we already knew that the somehow
rabin’s reactant jurors are joshua greene had bloomberg
business week this summer porting on hate women how about the other spending cuts in the
taxes and what does it all player now how many times they tell you guys they know what i knew the sequester well
wanted to be fair right but ultimately they don’t want to do the
sequester not because they don’t want more
spending cuts how discretionary spending or they don’t
want to do so security medicare the sequestered doesn’t have any cuts in
social security medicare now london guilt cuts extra cuts associating
medicare together this was a y because the sequester cuts from the
defense program from what i’ve been telling you all on
this you don’t want to cut defense in any
meaningful way we find out through being greens
reporting quote although the white house doesn’t
advertise this fact in the six page budget overview put out
this morning the new budget eliminates nearly all the cuts that sequestration imposes
on the pentagon there you go wise president bomb a one across or
security and medicare ’cause he’s got to protect the defense
contractors deleted the specifics you’re just a real
so says acidified hundred billion dollars in
cuts obama proposes only two hundred billion
and you have to look at it closely to spot couple of cosmetic changes hair we go
again all bombing as usual pocket change with tiny little cousin defense
relatively speaking over a ten-year period he’s gonna take billions from social security possess sound fair you forget fair does that sound progressive to you snot remotely progressive so that was the point of stay in a party led by this so-called democratic president so
howard dean says i’m outta here if that’s the case he says quote if it is true i may have
to become an independent to which i say here but i don’t know why
howard dean didn’t get more involved in politics is
two thousand foreign made a real run because he actually tapped into
something significant in democratic voters they
understood that real progressivism was dying within
the democratic party they panicked at the end hope to greatly
by the mainstream media say how do you think of these crazy don’t you don’t
like tower d anyway it would save john kerry and what
happened lost right i was not the right way to go anyway nine argues that involve all throughout in different campaigns and set up but i i wish that he’d been more
actively involved i wish he’d primary people including by the way present no
obama if you don’t primary democrats they just
go for the for the right well now he’s gotten to the point of
frustration that on that which is what’s the point of the
democratic party anyway fall they do is corporate us legislation yuki on
universal background checks ninety one percent to country music and get that
passed thetic all day and then you turn to real issues in
terms of social security there will indeed democrats there are probably is
going to pass it all bomb opted degussa a security this republicans can do it on their own they tried bush tried as the one thing
that impressive in amman so you braille bombing he does a four why to protect the press contractors
then what’s the point of the democratic party howard dean is right except you should
take the if out all of left a long time ago by the way
just to be clear i am an independent you watch the show and usually i don’t
sufficiently criticize democratic party technically now your ears ran i had no interest in supporting but i’ve you to be a largely path static party if they were actually progressives would
be a totally different situation but i got no interest in being a progressive
they had an interest in this shell game the democrats and republicans are
playing to actually give all-day advantages to the people there actually served their corporate don’ts that’s the
reality that’s what howard ian is catching on

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  1. The supreme court was on the line. If we get one more liberal Supreme court Justice we can overturn Citizens united, and take our democracy back. If Romney won we would probably lose the Supreme court for the rest of our lifetimes. Roe V wade could have easily been overturned. The supreme court is important. Guys leaving the democratic party isn't the solution. We are not a threat if we go third party. Show up to the primaries in mass, and don't let corporate sellouts be the democratic nominee.

  2. Please … it Never was 91% in favor of "Universal Background Checks"…
    We Already have 'Background checks, WE do NOT need additional 'feel good' legislation.

  3. If there is not enough of us to win the primaries there sure as hell isn't enough of us to win in the general election. The reason third parties succeed in other countries is because they have a parliamentary system. They can never succeed in a winner take all system like ours. Listen citizens united was a 5-4 diction. If we get one more liberal justice we can overturn it. I share your frustration, but leaving the democratic party is the worst thing we can do right now.

  4. Concur, but I also feel that people do not realize the fundamental flaw the electoral system, which pretty much lead up to all this corruption with the two-party system.

  5. LOL what failure is that exactly? Obama is a pussy but i highly doubt what you are going to blame him for something he is responsible for….. Granted he is a pussy who won't stand up for the things he promised in the elections….

  6. oooo wow an American who knows how the electoral college is the worst voting system on the planet? That's so rare man you should run for office 😛

    You know what's amazing? With the current electoral system a president can be elected with 20% of the popular vote….. electoral college FTW

  7. Which video? Because I recall, Cenk and Ana both talking about how they voted third party because they already knew Obama was gonna win California so they voted for, I think Rocky Anderson.

  8. Not really… Look, we are suppose to live in a democratic state. I know it is a big assumption, that even if I been told the reverse for all my life that it might be false… But, if it is a truly democratic society, than the way this country is suppose to be leaded from inputs such as debate, expert analysis, the news, etc. Which mean that criticising fairly the government, with precision and by using facts, is a form of civic duty.

  9. The thing people fail to realize, is that Obama has very little say in anything. He's merely a puppet, as every president has been for the past 80 years.

  10. Okay, I remember this video. Nice job remembering this one. But, I also remember Cenk and Ana talking about having voted for third party… wish I could remember that video because it was right after the election sometime. Maybe only Ana voted third party and I'm putting Cenk in that category but, I don't know.

  11. It's not that he's incompetent so much as that he's a corporatist; in this respect he's been immensely successful at pushing his agenda.

  12. Obama isn't incompetent, he's extremely competent. He does the shit Bush does without looking like a dumbass. He plays the country into thinking he's a progressive while proposing ideas that the Republicans came up with.

  13. The point of Democrats is that they're slightly less right wing giving amerucans the chance to pretend they have left and right politics so they can give the appearance that there is anything academic to their politics.

  14. Every politician is incompetent if you throw millions of dollars at their face. I hope the WolfPAC gets money out of politics before its way to late…

  15. The republicans are disillusioned with the republican party, the democrats are disillusioned with the democrat party, but everybody votes for 'their' party to keep the other one out. That's when you know your democracy is in a fucking mess.

  16. Democrats are definitely not left wing, but I wouldn't say they are only "slightly" less right wing than the Republicans. The Republican party has become a party of nutjobs. You can't go a week without one of them saying something racist, sexist, homophobic, or completely ignorant of reality.

  17. That said, it would be interesting to find out how & why two very similar countries like Britain & us, one with an insane left wing but still a large army of voters, the other with an Insane right wins but still with a large army of Voters.

  18. Very good point my friend. I hope that the next step will be that people actually hold Obama accountable instead of making excuses for him. It's too bad so many people settle for the "lesser than 2 evils" rationale rather than standing up for their beliefs.

  19. The current voting system in the states is a bad system. The way votes are counted and applied are encouraging strategic voting, which blocks other parties from having a chance.

    Additionally, with the vast sums of money in politics, it's very hard to get the kind of exposure needed to compete against the two current parties.

    And the icing on the cake: Many voters seem to not take politics all that seriously. Look at the people who fawned over Sarah Palin for example. Hell, Bush won twice.

  20. One of the last progressive Democrats, Sen.; Tom Harken, is retiring from the Senate. Sooon both parties will be firmly in the pockets of corporations and the super-wealthy that George W Bush called 'his constituency'.

  21. The systems rigged anyways, you expect me to believe all the 3rd parties combined only got 1%? That's bullshit, you should look up black box voting.

  22. How can you tell the difference? The Democrats are the new Republicans. Regardless of which we the people are getting screwed from both sides.

  23. People can have parties, but with TWO parties there isn't much of a choice. Especially when both parties are corporatist.

  24. There is nothing in the constitution that says the government has to provide for you a road or give you (and the private sector) satellites, electronic grid to name a few, but you use them anyway. Taker! Thank the government for your computer or sign off. God damn takers.

  25. Vote Green ! Third parties are the future. After we get money out of politics we need someone like Stein to become president.

  26. "A constitutionally limited government" is a totally vague answer.

    Do you mean the constitution actually allows the government to protect against corporate abuses, or that if we had a constitutional government, the moneyed interests will decide to stop buying off our government of their own free will? Clear this up for starters.

  27. That must be why Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham are in the same party. Because those guys believe in the same form of democracy, right?

  28. A republican president, or how to get the civil liberties people to stop clamming up to support "their" candidate.

  29. The two-party system is retarded.

    The idea that you can represent the whole kaleidoscope of economic-, social-, religious-, etc.issues confronting society with a choice of two options is insane. It effectively means all issues get arbitrarily divvied up between the two parties, one for, one against, and then the only issues that actually get addressed are the things both parties agree with, say, sucking up to capitalists.
    Americans want >9000 flavours of starbucks, but 2 parties are enough?

  30. Why should they? Neither party represents their interests. maybe if the US had a representative democracy, maybe if it wasn't just a choice between varying degrees of corporatism, maybe then people'd have more of incentive to vote.

    Until the US fixes its woefully anachronistic and undemocratic political system, people will rightfully feel disenfranchised by politics.

  31. No, not really. For US politicis to change fundamentally, it's not enough to start a new party. even if it'd succeed, it'd simply replace one of the existing parties and the two party theater performance would continue. If you want real change, you'd need to completely change the electoral system, you need to get rid of the "winner takes all" system for tallying votes, because that is the single biggest reason why you can have only two parties (and hence no choice).

  32. The problem is not parties, it's the US's LACK of them. The way the US electoral system is set up, with winner-takes-all instead of representation of the actual votes, means that there can only be two parties.

    And with two parties, it's obvious that thwe entire caleidoscope of societal issues will get arbitrarily divided between the two, and the only changes that'll happen are the ones both parties agree with.

  33. the question should be, whats the point of the 2 part system in the United Satan's? Answer, to give the fat retarded redneck imbeciles the illusion of choice. Be honest United Satan's and have a 1 party system like Saudi Arabia and china.

  34. I'm always torn about voting. You make a good point, but I can't shake the horror that I would vote 3rd party and let in the worst of two evils. Of course, then my candidate wins even tho the electoral college wiped away my vote, and then he turns into the same evil I was trying to vote against, so I dunno. I think I'm with you next go round. Of course is a third party just a power-player who hasn't had the chance to sell out yet, and is it better to deal with the devil you know? Aargh.

  35. Well the ideal form of democracy is an electronic democracy, where a system is set up to allow each person to vote on each issue. We have the communication technology to build such a thing, but people are so complacent and there are too many vested interests against it that such an ambitious change in the way we handle politics would never pass a referendum. The irony is, it'd get destroyed by the media pandering to those in power now despite it handing vastly more power to the media themselves.

  36. the problem is you'd still need a system to set the agenda for these votes and the people in charge of framing the refendum questions and the possible options would be in control.

    What I see as a more viable alternative is to simply accept that whoever controls the means of production (eventually) controls society, so the solution would be to democratise the workplace. And hope politics follows suit as cooperatives get more and more clout.

  37. Even politicians think BOTH parties are a bad idea. The only way to change the country, at this point, is to STOP Electing them. Vote for independents. We only need 1/3 of the votes to win,or, more correctly, more votes than either big party. Fill congress with Independents, and watch the two big parties panick

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  39. That's the problem, Democrats may have become a party of Moderate Conservatives, but Republicans have become a party of insane bigots.

    At least Democrats are still technically politicians, not madmen.

  40. I agree with the rest of what was said but I do have to point out that people get back all the money they put into social security by the end of the first decade, after that they are just taking our money.

  41. It's just a sign that, barring an unforeseen revolution, the GOP is likely to retire soon to (probably) a Libertarian-ish party. And the puppet theater that is two-party politics will simply continue where it left off. The fact that the republicans are so bad right now is terrible for progressive politics, as people are forced to vote D over CRAZY, giving obama the mandate to do whatever he wants, which tends to come down to appeasing corporations while pretending he's being forced to.

  42. Never gonna happen. The risk of having a third candidate split the vote and inadvertedly causing the "wrong guy" to win is too great. Only people in solid states like NY or Cali can afford to "waste" their vote on third parties.

    The only way I see the two party system going is if the US public loudly, angrily demand electoral reform by protesting (preferably until they actually get what they demand, unlike with occupy).

  43. Well the funny thing is, you're mostly right, improbable as that might seem seeing where you're critique is coming from.

    The US has two parties whose identities are defined mostly by a slight difference in opinion on the way the economy should be run. Other than that, all other policy distinctions are mostly arbitrarily decided (one for, one against) and consequently ignored to death. The only changes that actually happen are those rare examples both agree with, typically helping capitalism.

  44. The United States military is one of the most bloated, over-funded organizations on the planet. We spent almost a trillion dollars in defense in 2012 alone. Google it.

    The American taxpayer can't keep shelling out the money for this military. If we're going to stay a country, we have to cut the defense budget viciously.

  45. Alli, that kind of thinking is part of the problem "We can't get a third party in because it is a wasted vote" If more people voted, and if everyone supported the same candidate (big if's I know) then you wind up with someone like Bernie Sanders in office. Oh wait, we do have Bernie in office, ergo arguments that it can't/won't work are proven false. Even worse for your argument, he is from a small state. We need to change the thinking, not the process

  46. I think I'm starting to agree with Cenk on Obama. My grandma is on SS. I don't want SS touched and I thought Obama would protect it but I can see he's not. Let the defense contractors keep on their profits while screwing old people. Nice…

  47. Flip-flops?

    Typically open-minded people who change their stances and opinions based on current events are praised by intellectuals and philosophers.

    Why do you consider it BAD to support the democrats, then stop supporting them due to their recent failings? It's not like he once supported the republicans and flip-flopped to the opposite end of the spectrum.

    Cenk is a progressive, and the democrats weren't always a total disappointment to progressives. Now they are.That warrants change.

  48. It only works if people see a difference between the two options and the nifty thing is, people tend to even when the differences are quite small.

  49. If they formed one big party, then they couldn't consolidate the discourse across the political spectrum, from left to right.

  50. I don't think that they're both right wing. It's just that the Democrats and Republicans describe themselves as being on the left and right respectively, but they get greater appeal from a wider range of voters.

  51. What's the point of the progressive party? To create group politics and bias toward supposed 'victimized' demographics? To misrepresent legitimate conservative viewpoints? To push progressive propaganda? (which exists, don't kid yourselves)

    I agree with the sentiment, but progressives are just as guilty of their own hypocrisies and dirty dealings.

    What we need is transparency and involvement both of which will not come about without the other. Progressive might as well be an isolationist party

  52. The point of the Democratic party, just like the point of the GOP, is to raise money and reelect their members. That's it. There is no principle. No American should label themselves as Democrat or Republican.

  53. Technically a Federalist. But yea he mainly just followed the advice of his cabinet and did very little in the way of Politics.

  54. This. This is why I watch TYT.

    I think they're a bunch of commies. But, they freaking stand on principal. Keep it up Cenk.

  55. It's been forever since I've checked my inbox. Youtube keeps moving it… I was being hyperbolic. I don't agree with TYT but at least they got principal.

  56. A Democrat would much rather see a woman raped and strangled with her own pantyhose than allow her the right to protect herself with a gun. Just a fact. The Democratic party is purely evil and now stands for everything opposite of what made America once great. Democrats = Socialists

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