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  1. 800 million jobs about to be automated away up until year 2030 (According to bank of america)

    20 million jobs already lost to automation

    4 million jobs automated away across Trump's swing states

    1 self driving truck already made a 3 day cross country trip, delivering butter commercially

    10+ google self driving cars on the road, (no driver in driver's seat) taxi service

    60+ million lives f*cked by automation in USA, unless the new president deals with automation and solutions.

    Joe Biden will talk about how he was overtaken by Andrew Yang, after Yang gets elected president 2020!!!

  2. Why is cotton mouth NANCY witholding the transmission of the impeachment to the Senate for TRIAL?? Why are MSNBCannibals ignoring?

  3. There is only one candidate with a plan, all the others are better than Trimp. But  pile of dung is better than any Trimp in existence. aim higher

  4. Extremely low ratings and more insane leftist talking points that the overwhelming majority of normal American citizens will both view as pathetic and hilarious !!!

  5. KAG! 2020! No one is voting for the hunchback of Venezuela, the 110 year old pedophile, the fake Indian socialist, or Pete ButtGuy!

  6. One of the not top three candidates just needs to start ripping into Trump. That would get people's attention. Someone needs to start throwing out all the throwing all the crazy conspiracy theories about Trump out on stage like he did last election. I would love for someone to accuse Trump of killing Epstein and molesting children with him.



  9. Muh black people. Black Americans, do you fall for this pandering? You really think these powerful white Democrats actually care what you feel?

  10. Instead of voting for dishonest whores who copy Bernie Sanders, just vote for Bernie instead. BERNIE 2020 — Choose the original and don't settle for an imitation.

  11. Took a Schiff, wiped my Pelosi, scratched by Nadlers. Anyway, allow the Democrats to do what they do best – use the same talking points, fail miserably, freak-out, then declare themselves “the victims.”

  12. Trump=ratings…. fake news media….. debate only shown on public channel…. Trump from 8am to 9pm in every countrywide major network! MAGA 2020…. fake news, get on knees and thank president for your ratings!!

  13. Not many people are watching this Democratic debate online or on tv.🤣
    I thought this debate was going to be funny but it’s actually really boring. The people in attendance don’t have the enthusiasm to clap.

  14. I'll sum it up. They will be talking about how pelosi and the coup cabal just sank the demoncrat party into non existent future prisoners….for treason

  15. Chuck Todd was so upset that nobody really gave a crap about the impeachment news he looked like he was gonna cry 😢 Demorats just sealed the election for Trump 😂

  16. Tonight's democratic debate:
    Bernie: I am a drulling angry old socialist, will tax everybody, divide us all, hate successful americans, I never created a private job.
    Warren: I get rattle easily, dont ask me follow up questions, I dont know how I will pay, I dont know how to run a private company
    Klobachar: I just want to be a president, please, please.
    "The billionaire guy":  I bought my way in, I pretend to hate billionaires.
    Biden: I will yell at you when you question me,  cause I am stuck in the last century.
    Yang: I am the smartest, most comon sense candidate here, wtf.
    Buttigiegggggss:  I can smooth talk, I think I am holding my own tonight, dang

  17. Oh hey they included Yang this time in their graphics, and pronounced his name correctly! This is progress MSNBC! So progressive

  18. It’s supposed to be a debate. These candidates are only stating what’s going wrong. And no one is debating Andrew yang. Andrew yang is the only one who has a resolution

  19. Just watched a bunch of Communist talking about Socialist ideas. 🤦🏽‍♂️ who in their right mind supports higher taxes out of their personal checks?? You’re crazy!

  20. GRASPING AT STRAWS…Comments are becoming a bit more even. … the DEMOCRATIC PARTY are helping Trump win the next election day by day by corrupt, dumb, fake news day.

  21. Amy Klobuchar –
    Minnesota should be proud of you.
    I've always thought Minnesotans were generally very smart people and you represent them well!

  22. This is great. The Democratic Party will now go into the general election not only as the party of open borders and free healthcare for illegals, but now the party of reparations for African Americans but also illegal immigrants.

  23. Beyond laughable. Pure childish drivel and stupidity only a Progressive/Demorat could conjure up and lose outright instantly……………..YOU ALWAYS LOSE AND YOU ALWAYS WILL…..

  24. Will Joe Biden’s tongue fall off? Will Bernie have a heart attack on stage? Will Andrew Yang fans rush the stage and flash their 3 inch wangs? Stay tuned…

  25. Pouahaha! Nobody even knew there was a debate.
    Thank you Nancy for s*cking 100% of the oxygen for weeks with your impeachment and in the end its all for nothing. You don't even have the courage to file your Articles.
    The stain of impeachment will last forever … in Nancy Pelosi's underwear.

  26. It does not matter.
    The impeachment will lose the swing states.
    This is the end of the democrat party.
    Trump will jail most of these people.
    Thank you Nancy!

  27. PBS just shamed fake political news MSNBC, too afraid to apologize TO YANG for blacking him out. This isn't going away MSNBC. Shame on you for even pretending to cover democratic " NEWS"
    Did you notice more thumbs down than thumbs up. Apologize or shut up.

  28. Yang2020.com or YouTube Andrew Yang. Yang is only candidate can solve 78% Americans living pay check to pay check. UBI is only solution $ 1000 month age 18 to until death. Money come from tax on AI and 10% VA tax. If you are 78% Americans come and join Yang Gang now. (UBI can pay ur education fee , medical bills, unexpected bills and many more.)

  29. Oof this outlet is hemoraging viewership — they do nothing but talk impeachment and spin the election. Gotta be an awkward board meeting for execs

    #YangMediaBlackout #Yang2020

  30. As more clowns drop off the Democrat Clown Car (a few landing on the Trump Tank) as it rolls down the very bumpy end of the road, we voters still see the reality of the situation…..
    If SATAN were to choose the 2020 Presidential Democrat Candidates……He would choose these Democrat candidates who are already working for him:

    The Democrats have been attempting to remove the focus from their initial Clown Car by adding an unprecedented number of Democrat Candidates.

    But now that the House of Ignorant Reps full of ignoratn Women in White on the Hill who have been attempting a Real Modern Day Coup of the USA Government –

    We The People are going to take the House from these insidious Democrats and keep a Republican President in office….otherwise the Dems will use Fake Global Warming to steal our wealth by Forcing Carbon Taxes while shipping in millions of Muslims and busing in massive numbers of Mexicans to buy votes as your tax dollars pay for all the Welfare and other services of these No Skill invading Democrat illegal voters who will replace the less subservient Patriots of the West !!!!

    The New Green Deal hides the Agenda 21 Enslavement !!!

    DEMOCRATS ARE ATTEMPTING TO TAKE CONTROL OF THE PAPER MONEY PRINTERS ONE LAST TIME. Democrats handlers who are seeking the same ignorant feeble minds that the rest of the Treasonous Democrat Politicians are seeking to control…….those who want free stuff now – at the sacrifice of their Freedom in the future

    You Democrats have such a great line-up for SATAN this year:

    1) Kamala (the adulterer for profit) Harris… Arrested 1300 pot smokers – yet laughs as she admits that she is a pot smoker. The man hater who attacked Kavanaugh, and she supports genital mutilation of under age girls.

    2) Beto (Please like me…because I changed my name from Bob Orourke…the drunken DUI driver who almost killed and tried to leave the scene like Ted (I can't let them see me drunk) Kennedy.

    3) Pocahontas who jumps to the front of the line as an American Indian

    , then lies about it.

    4) The black guy "Booker" who runs out of meetings when the going gets tough.

    5) Breadline Bernie Sanders the socialist hidden communist and anti US Constitution maddog.

    6) Creepy Plagiarizing Joe Biden…smelling and kissing your daughter…..while trying to get his wife killed on his own balcony. Biggest Gun Ban Writer in US History, with his cocaine snorting, communist China son, who Biden got out of jail by holding-up USA Gov Allocated Money and using it as a bribe to get Creepy Joe's cocaine snorting son out of a court investigation by forcing the firing of the prosecutor who was investigating criminal behavior of Bidens coke smoking son !!!

    7) Yang the Cry Baby.

    And all of them want to disarm American citizens and force our borders open to buy Migrant Democrat votes…along with Agenda 21, and Sanctuary Cities with no ICE Agents …..which attracts the Mexican Sinaloa Drug Cartel, which is now the primary drug dealer in the USA thanks to the Democrat vote buying immigration policy.

    And it is your Welfare tax dollars that paid for those migrant Democrat Voters…which are being bused in every day now !

    El chapo named Clinton and Pelosi as two of his bribe money recipients.

    Yea, keep trying to figure out who should lead the treasonous Democrat party…. while Republicans take back the House and hold the White House in 2020 !!!!

    You Democrats are doing such a great service to the USA. lol

    Greedy Dems have never been good at analyzing anything – simply because seeking immediate personal wealth by stealing from others and ruining a nation in the near future does not spawn good analysis skills.

    That's why their position is so bad on this 2020 chess board.

    Case in point – I guess all the wasted tax dollars that Democrats used for:

    1) Press-Gate
    2) Russian Collusion
    3) Kavanaugh Attacks
    4) And now the Fake Impeachment attack
    5) And all the current Democrat litigation against every move your sitting US President makes…

    The above treasonous Democrats actions which are really part of the Democrat Coup attempt have all cost tax payers billions of lost revenue and have slowed the US Gov to a standstill,

    All part of the insidious treasonous Democrat coup which included borders forced open to gain Mexican and Muslim Votes. And Gun Confiscation. The burning of our bill of Rights.

    These Democrat attacks have somewhat back-fired on the Democrats.

    Maybe it is best that you use this time to plan for the 2024 elections…. because it seems to me as you Dems……. have been screaming, crying, and fighting since Hillary (Snipers on the tarmac) Clinton fell down.

    And now all you can do is attempt to make the 2020 election a woman against Trump election as the fake news deceived feeble minded women. And look at all the ignorant women that are marching in droves…but when interviewed on the street, they know nothing.

    Only that they hate Trump who has been protecting our money for years now from the Democrats who have dropped the voter agenda long ago – and now seek the Cabal bribes and Golden Parachute positions if they allow Monsanto and other Cabal companies to profit now while destroying our future.

    The Cabal owned Monsanto has poisoned our farmland soil microbiom, and it cannot be replaced !

    But it seem that the intellectual women who know about the Globalist Agenda to disarm and enslave are voting for Trump,

    and not the ignorant Democrat women on the street aligning with Linda Sarsour and Benghazi Hillary.

    DEMOCRATS ARE ATTEMPTING TO TAKE CONTROL OF THE PRINTERS ONE LAST TIME. Democrats handlers are seeking the same ignorant feeble minds that the rest of the Treasonous Democrat Politicians are seeking to control…….those who want free stuff now – at the sacrifice of their Freedom in the future

    This is why most of the unskilled migrants vote Democrat.

    Remove all Democrats from Congress in 2020…Especially the Women in White.

    A Quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero – Addressing the Roman Senate in the year (43 B.C)

    "A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within.

    An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly.

    But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys,

    heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor;

    he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments,

    he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation,

    he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city,

    he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.

  31. Americans demand that every Senator in Congress, running for Democrat Candidate for President, vote " Present"
    If I must tell you why…you knucklehead.

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