What The Protests In England Against Trump Looked Like (HBO)

on the second and final day of an awkward NATO summit President Trump claimed a big win that he'd convinced the other members to chip in more money he also reportedly threatened to abandon the alliance but then by the end of the session he seemed delighted with it and now we're very happy and have a very very powerful very very strong NATO much stronger than it was two days ago and before taking off for London he offered a similarly rosy take I think they liked me a lot in the UK I think they agree with me on immigration the scene when he arrived didn't exactly bear that out Donald Trump has wanted to come to London since he was elected president the fact that his first working visit here was only happening now nearly eighteen months into his term is tribute to just how loud and effective the protest movement here has been we're saying there is an opposition to this but most people in this country don't want the scapegoating of migrants they don't want more war they don't want the kind of racism and sexism losing a job there are lots and lots of reasons to oppose him so we're trying to get this across as a political message the people in Britain do not want Trump here he's responsible for pretty much every ISM in the book racism sexism hate ISM I don't think there's a place for that in a modern society Hattori's amay the timing of Trump's visit is terrible having watched two of her top ministers resigned this week over what they considered her weak handling of brexit negotiations with Europe may now has to deal with Trump who marked his arrival by telling London's Sun newspaper that a soft brexit will quote kill any future bilateral trade deal with the u.s. I actually told her recently how to do it but she didn't agree with she didn't listen to me May's trying to walk a diplomatic highway of a forwarding Trump the Regal welcomed his ego demands while keeping him as far away as possible from open microphones normally a visiting US president might be expected to address Parliament in Westminster but Trump will be holed up here behind the fortified perimeter of Winfield House the official residence of the US ambassador to the UK what may hasn't done is close disguise joint expanding nipple he really doesn't like it when food for instance people point out it's very small hands he doesn't lie I'm not into body shaming but when it comes to Donald Trump I think it's okay I sincerely up now own lives leo Murray is at the center of the protest movement he set out to humiliate Trump by crowdfunding a blink of the President as a baby which will fly beside the British Parliament tomorrow Murray staged a test inflation in a London playground well he's not gonna miss that see he's really immune to moral outrage so that's not an effective form of protest you know more moral outrage is not gonna work what does work on Donald Trump is being mocked he hates that and this is how the world sees him actually you know people do his infantile magic absolutely magic some baby could only fly with permission from the office of London Mayor said he can't you'd think that would be easy Carn and Trump can't stand each other last year Trump called compa thetic the Khan said Trump wasn't welcome in the UK getting the green light from Khan took weeks of negotiation including the pressure of a petition signed by 10,000 people I wanted to put like a little like bumper sticker on his nappy and we were gonna put little swastika on there but we didn't in the end right you know asking for forgiveness is a lot easier than either the permission I mean Christ to ask you for permission and they don't off make it hard for you to do this by the book I've had quite a lot of comments from people saying that it's not appropriate you know he's the head of state at the world's most powerful country and diplomatic relationships are important for the UK with the u.s. normal diplomatic and rules have been suspended he's not playing the game he's not doing it why the are we supposed to do you

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  1. So why do they have him in a diaper? Weird. I won’t visit England. Tourists should stay away. UK 🇬🇧 is no longer British anyways. Sooo full of Muslims etc.

  2. Democrats had the slavery, and the kkk. Not the Republicans. It boils down to once again all of the fake news. IT IS DESTROYING CIVILIZATION. The Democrats are the ones with hate. AND, do the violence to others. MSM, does not report what you should hear, but, what they want you to hear.

  3. British people need to understand that they ruled in many countries Britishers killed people in USA Canada India Germany Japan Austria Australia France Netherlands China Scotland Ireland Lithuania ruled for years and looted wealth from all over the world that's the truth

  4. Wait, why would people in England protest against the president of the US? It is none of their business. I'm confused

  5. Disappointed with my fellow Britons. Brainwashed by the leftist media to hate trump. 80% of the population have no idea about trump.

  6. Oh great weve found the white people needed to move in to Birmingham and London to counter balance the white minority.. Who's the the real screaming infants anyhow: them or Donald Trump??

  7. Stupid lefties. If Corbyn runs the country it will turn into Englandstan.
    Disingenuous to show protesters and make it out he was not welcome. “He’s responsible for racism” give is a break!

  8. So that's how a bunch of inbreeds stuffed on a little island show our wonderful President respect? Shame, shame. If QE2 lives long enough
    to ever return to the U.S., I shall protest her being here with a big chunk of petrified wood! Trump in 2020

  9. I like that guy saying hey trump how many kids have you caged today, ya, fake news, it was a picture from 2014 when Obama was in office.

  10. Well done trump these Britishers are looters who looted USA Canada new Zealand and Britishers who talking about equality hypocrites

  11. England is so good because they denied him and they would have Muslims in their country

  12. Why don’t the people in England see how their government is being islamized? Lol What hurts even more is that very few realize it. White men are slowly becoming a minority.

  13. Vice News is an extreme far left, communist outlet! Vice News hates white people. Notice how they tell white people in Europe that you MUST take in more African fake refugees, while looking the other way at the genocide of white people in South Africa????

  14. September 25, 2018— This is why I love England so much…. respect from Muslim/Islam country… I got three words for the United States….. LOVE… NOT HATE! Good Job England and not only England.. The world hates Trump except for United States republicans and other brain wash people…

    I got a message for ENGLAND… here it is….. Thank you England…you know what's going on…God bless you… Love ya…

    Brainwash stupid idiots assholes people doesn't understand what LOVE is… NOT HATE!

    LOVE ENGLAND respect from Muslim/Islam country…

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