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What Democratic control in Virginia General Assembly means for gun laws

What Democratic control in Virginia General Assembly means for gun laws

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. How do U say Mental Illness!!!
    There are already gun safety regulations..
    No sane individual walks into a crowd of people and starts shooting.

  2. Pass whatever you want. Citizens will just become criminals because nobody will comply limit magazines? No problem, WV and North Carolina are a hop skip to go get the very magazines you wish to ban… Lol

  3. Hey! Moms Demand Action. You want action? Arm yourself. So you and your children won't be the next victims of a mass shooter…

    …you subjective idiotic females.

  4. *On behalf of all gun shops in VA, thanks "Democratic control" for the 1000% business increase hahaha f'ing subjective idiots.

  5. And they can pass all the laws they want while I live in virginia I will not comply and when my lose ends are tied I will find a free state to move to

  6. the only gun that the court is the right to have a revolver . to protect your family justice scalia wrote the decision check it out

  7. Virgina will become the 19th state to have Red Flag laws. Big Mouth gunnut Hothead's will no longer be able to threaten their neighbors or family without consequences.

  8. Virginia is about to turn into California, Baltimore, Chicago, and New york… Unemployment will be at an All-time high, Crime will go up along with Taxes, and the State will be Bankrupt! These are the results when you have Liberals in power.

  9. Florida, Indiana, & Vermont have republican governments, but they passed RED FLAG laws anyways. It's not a partisan issues. it's a safety issue. keep guns out of the hands of bad people!

  10. The CDC did a study that showed guns save millions of lives per year and attribute a minor amount of deaths in the grand scheme of things. This isn't about saving lives or common sense, it's about control. Virginia's motto is 'sic semper tyrannis'. Rememebr that because this will get ugly.

  11. More people are killed with hammers, knives and cars than rifles.  Any new gun laws will not guarantee citizens in the future will not die as a result in gun violence. As a matter of fact the historical data tells us just the opposite occurs. Maybe they should start by making murder against the law. Oh wait….it already is against the law in every county and every state/territory. Are we also going to ban hammers, knives, cars, etc….How about death from doctor malpractice? Drug Overdose. Should we make drug abuse illegal?….Oh yes it already is.I read where only 1% of guns were bought back in New Zealand after their last little shooting

  12. Democrats think they can confiscate guns witout getting shot dead in their attempt….🤣🤣when they come for them give them bullets first..

  13. Here again when do you think a man who wants to kill children is the going to obey new gun laws Hurting the law abiding searson

  14. Taking guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens because of what some nut-job DID?? … GLAD I DON'T LIVE IN VA!!!

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