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now please don't hesitate to tell me if anything is wrong something my Allah tell you sure just like that the fights on HBR talked with Hannah Wallen a comparison between two of reddit's gender issues subreddits our men's rights and our feminism would reveal dramatic differences in common moderation policy men's rights has the usual restrictions against spam unlabeled not-safe-for-work content and illegal things and some statements on harassment and hate speech that indicate the moderators take a hands-off approach unless the conflict gets extreme in the feminist subreddit however you are not allowed to post unless you are part of the cult a requirement described by the mods as posting from an educated perspective that is free of biases coming from a position of privilege and misogyny racism homophobia and transphobia it is a women's space and the feminist perspective on women's issues is not permitted to be questioned or criticized their feminists frequently post in our men's rights not only questioning and criticizing what they see as the men's rights movements perspective but outright condemning participants for daring to discuss gender issues from a perspective not controlled by feminism they've done that since the subreddit was created even though they would not tolerate such behavior from m-ras in any feminist forum some even go so far as to treat debate against their criticisms as a form of censorship further they've repeatedly tried to get the subreddit banned for having the audacity to give men a place to discuss men's issues without being subject to female approval they even attempted to use manufactured evidence to smear reddit m-ras as backward-thinking advocates of misogyny and violence prior to reddit introducing an asterisk to show that a post had been edited there were a rash of posts with similar behavior they'd come from throwaway accounts and contain heartwarming men's issues success stories such as court victories against abusive custody hugging ex-wives students using reports done on men's issues to educate their teachers guys surviving false allegation ordeals etc after the post had gathered multiple congratulatory or celebratory comments the poster would then go back in the text so it looked like the commenters were thrilled about a reprehensible act like intimate partner or sexual violence then they'd go back and report the post trying to use it to get our men's rights banned this ended when a bot was made to archive posts in the subreddit to be used as evidence of the edit with the scam made entirely useless once reddit added the asterisk to posts edited more than a minute after publication the question is why feminists have multiple forums on the site and there were no site wide restrictions preventing them from discussing gender issues in those spaces as they saw fit they had set them up to be safe spaces for feminist women their speech wasn't under anyone's control and they didn't have to use our men's rights for anything they just didn't have control over discussion that took place there and that apparently was the problem it's a common theme in gender issues discussion want to talk about men's reproductive rights don't ask feminists they'll tell you no uterus no opinion as if every mother's baby isn't also a father's baby do they tell men to butt out after the baby's born bringing new expenses into the picture not financially now the birth is all his fault and he's got to pay so can we talk about his right to maintain a parental relationship with and mentorship of his child don't try that with the National Organization for Women they'll respond by demonizing you as deadbeats and abusers who only care about fatherhood as an excuse to harass mothers and take away their child support what about issues like violent crime when hashtag me too exploded on Twitter men posting their experiences as victims were criticized as invaders of a women's discussion go create your own hashtag they were told so some of them did hashtag hem too and hashtag men – were both coined only to be invaded by angry women accusing the men posting in them of trying to distract and detract from hashtag me – and God forbid any of the discussion focus on the issue false allegations why differentiating between victims and Liars is obviously an attack on victims guys that's not allowed eventually feminists coined hashtag him though to hammer home the idea that it wasn't just perpetrators and certainly not both sexes of perpetrators but the entire male population and only males bearing responsibility for sexual violence and other women jumped on it enthusiastically even condemning criticism of the hashtags one-sidedness and marginalization of male victims again critics especially men we're told don't post that here create your own hashtag but why should they men don't impose collective guilt for individually perpetrated violence on either sex the pattern isn't just on social media and in other discussion forums when men's groups on university campuses want dedicated spaces for men similar to the women's centers that exist at most institutions feminist protests that – we've seen the leaders of such initiatives go through false allegation ordeals struggle with hostility from administrators and faced widespread defamation by the mainstream media feminists main objection to men having their own space under their own control it's not needed the entire world is a men's space but is it we're on university campuses or for that matter in the rest of the world can men's issues just be discussed surely not in public when men's advocates try to meet in person hosts speakers on men's issues are attend showings of the red pill our gatherings are protested both online and off with complaints and often threats issued to managing staff at the venues where our events have been announced several from informal meetups and red pill showings to the first and fourth international men's issues conferences have had to change venues because of pressure from women's advocates and even threats other events have seen such violence as to require police presence and recently there have been assaults against attendees followed by false accusation and death Meishan campaigns against groups hosting events justice for men and boys was the target of such a protest at one of their recent events with violence against their attendees resulting in pending legal action even in government men's issues are forced onto the backburner by women's advocates as a result discriminatory law and policy goes on addressed or even gets expanded as the Violence Against Women Act and title 9 in the United States do every few years initiatives to address men's issues get shelved and government funded programs on everything from so-called gender violence to food assistance are focused on women's needs and men's obligations at an international level this manifests in programs like hash tag he for she with young spokes actress Emma Watson lecturing the men of the world on how the challenges they face as men further obligate them to pedestal eyes provide for and protect women cooperate and women's advocates will happily sweep men's issues under the rug or put them on hold forever while they wait for feminists infinite and increasingly petty litany of grievances to come to an end complain and they will be happy to tell you that of course there's room for men's issues discussion right after all of their complaints are addressed to their satisfaction until then sit down and well you know you

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  1. 2:57 Why indeed…Why are so many of us dumb enough to confuse spending 3/4 or more of our lives on fucking Reddit, endlessly railing against abstract notions like "Gynocentrism" and "Misandry"(both exist, to be sure. Like racism and white privilege though, they're less of a hinderance than is typically imagined)with genuine advocacy?

    Ya know, action on the ground(no; preaching to the choir at ICMI or any other Red Pill circle jerk doesn't count, however good we might feel for the remainder of that day)that actually stands a chance of benefitting those men among us who are the most impoverished, unlettered, and disenfranchised

  2. The wahmen are very aggressive. They’re savage. The left in general has a subset who actually enjoy violence. You only need read the history of the Russian Revolution of 1917. It became violent very fast.

  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhh Reddit – the men… (plenty of dickheads) and the wammens….. stupid, bigoted, nazi cunts. Really STUPID nasty cunts.
    If the wammens were asleep on a banana lounge with their mouths wide open, I'd probably shit in their mouths… but only if there was no other toilets to shit in close by.

  4. funny how invasive women are, where as men tend to avoid avoid conflict, especially with women.

  5. "Create your own hashtag"
    "How dare you create that hashtag"

  6. Hypocricy is a major trigger for violence. As is lying. If you engage in or are party to political parties, doctrine or philosophy which engages in or tolerates this kind of behavior then you are part of the problem. Hypocricy and lies are never acceptable. Its too dangerous and leads to degeneracy.

  7. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the West is in self destruct mode. No amount of logic and reason is going to stay this course. I'm okay with this. When things finally get real I will be one of those helping to make sure that every bit of the social cancer is burnt down and eradicated. And don't be surprised, my good nature wasn't inexhaustible.

  8. Meanwhile have you guys caught the story of GQ running a story about "Titans of Tech" and Photoshopping women into the group photo? To their credit at least they used (mismatching) images of women who might have been present.

  9. Respectfully, Hannah, it's "et cetera" not "ek setruh." You might be surprised how many people won't take you seriously when you make such errors.
    I am a BIG FAN of Hannah – I'm only posting this in the earnest support. Kind regards.

  10. I'm sorry your gender seems to disappoint you these days, Hannah. If it's any help, you are still an individual and the "sisterhood" is a lie. You can tell every time a girlfriend makes a mocking comment about a younger and more attractive model. I'm just happy there are still women in this world that think we all have to pull together to make this world more tolerable than how we leave it. Here's to more critical thinkers!

  11. I have this very strong belief that new wave Feminism is not about equality but also not just about power, I believe it is a deeper idea of security, protection and acceptance. However, whenever I bring this up It usually gets dismissed due to people's thoughts on those words. Every law, hashtag, protest, argument revolves around women being protected, their ideas on body shape and how they look is acceptance, money is security. the problem with these ideas is the level of paranoia that has set in with Feminists and the fact they don't and can't bring themselves in trusting men. So they push for more authoritarian means to control the system, which is where many people say Feminism is about Power. Anyone knows it's an impossibility to wipe out violent crime against women (and men) so they lash out at all men. This in their heads is the way they will get protection and feel free to do and say whatever they want. It's the same thing with what they perceive as harassment, they want to restrict men with more rules in order to feel safe. It's a fools errand to continually blame and restrict law abiding and good men because, as I previously stated, criminals don't care. All this will do is alienate men from being good men and doing what we naturally do. which is to provide Safety and security to our families and people around us.

  12. Males was allways a spare material to whole human society. Now males have another backstabbing from someone they oat to protect – womxns.

  13. Sounds about right, that's why I'm all for true equality, knowing very well that a total equality should be aspired, but will never fully be reached, because biology…

  14. Instead of allowing space and argumentation for her, I wish someone’d have informed Big Red “This isn’t about you, you egomaniacal fool.”

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