Wearing Progressive Lenses | Adjusting to Progressive Lenses

Wearing Progressive Lenses | Adjusting to Progressive Lenses

progressives offer patients the flexibility of having distance intermediate and near correction all in one convenient pair of eyeglasses the upper part of the lenses are for distance the middle part of the lenses are for intermediate vision like computer monitors the lower part of the lenses are for near work when you're attempting to locate each range point your nose to the object you're trying to see moving your head rather than moving your eyes particularly for your intermediate ranges to get the maximum for fine print point your nose of the target area tilt your chin slightly upward until you've brought your eyes to the lower part of the lens if you're trying to achieve long-distance vision tilt your chin slightly downward and gaze into the target area if it's your first time wearing progressives or if your new frame is much smaller than your last pair it may take a few days to a week for you to get used to them you

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  1. Ive tried these but had to return them as I cannot get used to only looking thru the centre of the lens like I had fixed eyeballs! Why dont they make the lens with a variation of the prescription from the top to the bottom of the lens? May as well not have any glass ( well plastic!) at the sides & make them in 1/2 inch strips! _ Hey! new fashion! 🙂

  2. Gonna take time to get used to these🤔😆A pain constantly having to tilt my head back to read or write😆🤔

  3. well 1st time with progressive glasses… can see fine distance, and the bottom near… forget the computor part…its horrible. i have to consistantly tilt my head up and look all the way down and hold my head still to see the screen clear. so if its supposed to have the middle of the lens for computors its soo off base. very frustrating i wanna throw them away ! or go back to my regular readers and just use these for driving. i dont wear them all day just when i go out.

  4. I'm still trying to get used to mine after several months. Distance is fine. Reading is fine. Forget the computer. It's so narrow I can only see the middle of the screen and the outsides of the screen is blurry. Even looking at my smartphone turn sideways in landscape mode is the same way. Blurry on the outside and clear in the middle. The even remade my glasses three times. I'm almost 60 and I've worn glasses my entire life. After talking to several other people, it's not just me. Even my doctor doesn't care for his and he's had his for many years.

  5. Why do manufacturers and advertisers always insist on using models clearly way too young for lenses aimed at presbyopes typically in their forties??

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  8. I took your advice an bought a second pair of progressives so I don't have to wait a week to get used to my new progressives, thanks for the tip! BTW, progressives sounds like a new marketing term for bi-focals which I've worn since the 70's, very clever! Does any company make realistically priced plastic glasses, in other words a company that isn't owned by Luxottica?

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