his most beloved servant and our brother evangelist doc Mills to bring the good news of the gospel of the kingdom of heaven to Katamon Melillo and the entire nation of Namibia my brothers and sisters in Christ these are a moment and we should not take this moment so lightly as the Bible say blessed are the feet of those who carry the gospel of the kingdom of God to every place our region has been desperately waiting and yearning for a moment like today thank you evangelist Mills for considering coming to our region we promise we promise that every week you will do in this place will remain in our hearts and we will continue in the same spirit of unity and determination to magnify the King of Kings and the Lord of lords in this very land I am delighted and my prayer is that the windows of heaven will remain open for us from today up to the days everlasting let the Lord God Almighty bless us all I thank you amen hallelujah let's appreciates our chairman with a loud hand club we are also blessed this evening to have the governor of our region here with us let's clap our hands and welcome our governor this evening to bring us a greeting clap your hands and let's receive him Catawba Melillo our life I'll sure thank you so much director of ceremonies our esteemed evangelist dr. Dyke who had Mills Reverend Lovell who said director our chairperson of the organizing committee our bishops pastors reverence apostle's present here distinguished guests residence of Katie Melua and zombies region good evening I greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ on behalf of the residents of the base region allow me to foremost welcome our evangelist dr. Doug who what means our preacher the spiritual leader and the whole delegation who arrived here from last week and yesterday they have traveled all the way from Ghana so that they give the gospel to those who need it most and I hope we need it most yes this crew said to be organized in Katamon it's a privilege and also we are lucky for them to start when the internal PR is nothing from Zambezi region the great mission is to bring to the base region and the community at large to bring us closer to Christ do you hear that yes this gathering should be good fruits for the community we are troubled by social ills such as rape cases passion killings drug abuse gender-based violence and there are many many others which are all seen this is because of lack of moral behavior and lack of spirituality this crusade is not bringing financial solution or materialism healing Jesus campaign is a non-denominational non profit making organization but rather ministers the Word of God they've come they have not come here to plant churches but came to preach and draw people to Christ we we all need christ the savior of the world let's accept them as people who are carrying the message of Matthew 28 verses 19 and 20 to preach the gospel and the win souls to Christ will the experienced mushrooming churches that are formed for gain demanding people to offer the little that they depend on for a living and falsely promising them future fortune in return only to live these people in a destitute this is a weight of caution to those who are coming here with the intention of walking back with thousands of dollars or coming here to find the means of getting riches I humbly and earnestly request that your presence here be focused on getting your salvation through our Christ let me also want that those intending to come here to disrupt the proceedings should refrain from such activities which may tarnish the image of our region and the country at large these people are legally in the country here and they are equally protected to deliver their charitable campaigns would like to welcome you evangelist and the UN to orig feel at home in the best the region and the Namibia at large we wish you all the best during your stay here may the Almighty bless you with successes we need your blessings and the preaching so that we don't sin any more with these few words ladies and gentlemen residence of Fatima Moreno and the base region I urge you to listen attentively to the words of God as it will be presented to us by the men of God may we all stand up and give big hand to welcome our evangelistic I thank you clip-clop in your hands and let's appreciate our governor let it be loud like him clapping your hands thank you very much sir hallelujah you may be seated and tonight it's my joy to welcome Vivaldi to bless us with a song before we receive our lesson lift up your tours lift up your to answer Jesus honey minami ah my yes [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] see see [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Oh ah Oh Oh [Applause] we'll follow CJ's you yeah though Jesu let's eat Oh [Applause] flip your hand some evolving cantrip in the hands Astra welcome Ida to bless us with a song [Applause] since the today yes Jesus Jesus today I guess not Jesus if you connection but this one being an old washer Jesus [Applause] No Jesus easy your candle know that yours [Applause] and everything today yes she's assist Jesus [Applause] Jesus says he's the truth he's the [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] gives me joy it gives me [Applause] clap your hands for Ida tonight you will also find Jesus Christ's I said we will also find Jesus Christ Katty mama lilo the time has come we've waited for tonight we are prayed for tonight we are fast set for tonight God has sent his servant to the Zambezi region he's a man undaunted of God used by God all over the world this week is Kadima stand to receive the power of God as the servant of God comes he's carrying the Word of God he is cowering the power of God and I see mimesis you'll be healed believe it and salvation will come I am excited expectant [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] how many expect a miracle to Jesus we thank you for tonight just for my terminal point of super achievable right to man upon Olimpia thank you for Katina right America Kadima thank you for your mighty power like I'm a tuna that is released in this city I'll do Poulos view and I thought oh boy yay thank you that Jesus you are the Saviour right Thermolite a super to animal policy the Gila NEMA policy of our lives wahoo pillar 109 tonight we welcome you Lord who's super up up ahead I'm Elaine coming to our latest the harmonic gonna change our life with our chinchilla wanna touch our lives swallow me pure wanna buy your mighty mighty power da Matta imma do not do not know how we thank you lord right emiram we all came into our midst muhuali Avalanna we're buying all demonic activities da matta para que la víctima no we find the activities of witchcraft Tomica para que la Malawi we find activities of Devil's Rock America's resurgence of Jesus political attention we plead the blood of Jesus at Allah does your chest over this atmosphere Mahalo honorable beauty about this country Mahalo nice field I'm gonna pray in the name of cheese Colavito like chess we thank you right – man what a blessing has come to Namibia how put him put your digital economy Pia in the name of Jesus my lip is all a chess and everyone shot [Applause] beautiful you maybe see that if you have a seat market a llama wonderful universe – boola just keep standing will I'm also standing will not be so long mark on up here madam iguana p.m. mass non Yemeni not gonna pay Taylor first of all I want to thank the pastor's the pinata will to Malacca mapillary of Catina of namibia desi region mosquitos I'm busy for welcoming us to your beautiful country I'm hella man I mean I ain't there Libya is a beautiful country Nanami back in the high-end DeLoreans we are glad and blessed to be here with you military and good for our economy Mina thank you for opening your arms right to me I'll call a Mizoram in us a warm welcome to healing Jesus campaign full of fire and I come here and God bless you and bless all the churches worry mummy Fiona go Paris I'm gonna come carry man amen also want to thank our governor what are we to manage our own wisdom as Verona of this mighty Zambezi region but greatest una system Posadas am bezel for your warm welcome welcome here I mean I ate tuna opening your arms to welcome such a crusade into your region local Amazon Managua – undies Alicia was famous cutie Samina when you were speaking I was wondering whether you were a pasta and I'm a flan a new comic or economic pasta because of some of the words you were using I said this man may be a pasta okay someone's young men are no problem have active everybody's ramen but may God bless you I mean our primary mafia establish you look at me in your work a man missing is Randy hallelujah amen how many expect Jesus to touch you practically Giavotella to purchase you can be suave in these three days that we are here Kumada tomorrow a little panel your life will never be the same again pilaf I mean of another Shana happened amen amen we are very happy to be here in a me BIA looked a villa on open an idea we wanted to come to know maybe a long time ago but we couldn't come no developed economy behind him was a common law Colonel paradox aha but finally that door open and we are here from my fellows of American hallelujah amen we were in South Africa just next door there runs worse Africa Manappuram Ababa and there was the name of this town near the border the last one up Intan Nevada report or appear up internal coffin moose at all we could see Namibia but we couldn't come back or not wanna be a corporal option finally we have entered the promised land my fellows okay now tonight's trolleybus oeuvre my preaching is very simple courtesy a Kirlian aura it's always about Jesus anyway Hatake Obama prodigious and tonight I'm preaching about Jesus the Savior and the healer of this world that are just super loosening before this see what if isolated say Jesus of revelry just seen the Savior policy and the healer name of policy hallelujah Amen said Jesus horribly just see the Savior were policy and the healer never fully see a man a man in Luke chapter 2 and verse 11 Meru Catherine Novelli Hoover available a verse we read at Christmastime oon available for Langham Aquarius Muslim it says for unto you Is Born This Day are the cumin paprika channel in the City of David my Savior jalapeño David AMA policy a savior mu policy which is Jesus Christ the Lord Ilyana just so kristen molina so Jesus Christ was born into this world as a savior of the world college Asuna paper very fast no policy very fussy hallelujah Amen in first John chapter four and verse 14 the Bible says my Johanna Pelican October 14 be blessed natural we have seen and do testify Nevada has sent the son to be the savior of the world laFonda no purikura cameto give me two little paper policy very fussy so we have seen and do testify that the father has sent the son to be the savior of the world LaFollette with paraquad him that anomaly a magistrate over policy or afar see it's Namibia in this world can a media attack manifest more now I'm asking you as a genuine question is Namibia in this world jacory Namibia is manifest more it's Kadima in Namibia Kanaka Tippa is Myra Libya then if Jesus is the savior of the world then Jesus Christ is the savior of Namibia Trevor Jessica push very fast Joseph Christa caribou purusa wanna Libya and if Katina is in Namibia then Jesus Christ is the savior of catty mamooli la le Lu su caribou policy Ultima poodle or a man Amen hallelujah Amen Jesus Christ Jesu Christi is the one who can save the world here poor sorry fussy and who has been sent to save this world Mira Mira photographer Perou sorry fastly amen amen in Acts chapter 5 Mary Kelso Tonya 5 and verse 30 bubala capacity the Bible says God of Our Fathers raised up Jesus whom you slew and hanged on a tree and him Jesus God has exalted with his right hand to be a prince and a savior hallelujah develop luckily images of Christina fluent Arabic or Tezuka Mecca memory Moses Olivia crying I'm quiet the police well if a slave amen amen so if Jesus Christ tell hybrid in suppressing the savior of the world gianopolous very fast we have to find out what exactly he is saving us from America's commander in rizzardo osaka Sona now when Jesus came to this world there was no electricity in the world just what America's next nominee malai Tamara Fosse there was no light in Jerusalem next nominee my Jerusalem ah by the time he left Jerusalem there was still no electricity no Solomon ox na ma ma ma Jerusalem ah hey so what exactly did he accomplish telecom Anita schematically own deserve one Jesus Christ came to this world just wanna tell America's more they well know there was no running water in Jerusalem nooks nama Pompeii Buddhism NZ mahjongg Salama by the time he left Nicosia there was still no water it was not messy hey sure when Jesus Christ came to this world just wanna tell America's more there was no universities in the whole world new prismatic colors a tune America's come Cana yes nitty that was no school no University Knox not EcoLog upon my university by the time he loved he had not built even one University McCoy al Shariff first Nazca Hanukkah university live Hey sha sha Jesus Christ what did he come to save the world from college a sonata fasik was command when Jesus came to this world there was no hospital janitor America's Next master there were no surgeons to cinema tell because I'm a puzzle a lot even one surgeon nominated was led to operate una prob puzzler there were no spectacles even next matter camera portulaca meto by the time he left Nicosia still there was no hospital never seen a para patella I shall show you Jesus what did you come to save us from Johnny when I gesture no turtle pill service command do you understand the question that I am asking Maori suppose relief user yes sure by the time Jesus came they had a bad difficult government mechanically astronomers or master or Tata in Jerusalem Masaru Salima by the time Jesus left Nicosia Francia the government was the same muffle son of Zeus wanna pay no change news my teacher oh sháá Jesus Jesse what did you save us from request command now when Jesus came to Jerusalem there was no democracy jolly jester permit Jerusalem our nephew senator cooler you know tonight somebody sent me a message she said she used to work in Namibia to fight for your is it election of freedom thirty years ago that gentleman was terrible economy pyaar to hona to Cora Haruna really Moses settings allow for this freedom what you call it liberation Pokhara liberation and what democracy to grow independence you're not gonna cry the time Jesus left Jerusalem there was no liberation and there was no independent Salameh they were not liberated never scale okura the Romans were oppressing them Merriman even Darwin and ISA and ruling them nakooma foucha that is why Jesus was crucified under Pontius Pilate hiccup or just not Cortez Michaela pantos Pilate the governor was a Roman governor Yama Yama Yama sha so Jesus what did he accomplish telegenic is the Masonic incision how many want to know what Jesus accomplished for regional magazine cover super Wow I have some important information for you today in an enigma Solomon of su4 in Matthew chapter 1 mama tell Kyra Kyra an angel ringing ray appeared before Nahanni and spoke to Mary to Joseph knew Josefa and spoke to him because he was thinking of putting away his wife while he thought of these things to one by my best 20/20 the Bible says that was he thought of these things the angel of the Lord appeared unto Him in a dream developer planet Ava's a linear element empanada Quiana motto lo st. Joseph Larry Joseph son of David when a manager fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife Maria for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost and she shall bring forth a son me acaba Kalavati some Enoshima and thou shalt call his name Jesus and you can develop easily Hey Jesu for he shall save his people from dare say never Sahai but if is that for now Wow sure so finally we can see what Jesus came to save us from he came to save us from our sins aku Cernan I'll prepare a visa Luna yes anything come to save us from no hospital no light no water no government no Nazario capital anticipatory he came to save you not rotary policy Nina Nina from our sins whose repair fees are una y king because the wages of sin is death the quality to Allah civically food if you sing the soul that sins will die Conover – Ivana periodical Turkish one yes and you know masivo our sins Reba's Ilona are the biggest problem that we have corner Tata would to Nepal Nana for now yes that is why the world is in trouble the 41st series among Tata the whole world is in confusion refers Tom Connolly's Mariana if you read the history of the world it's the history of wars some title mama Khandava Kali – Matt and Aaron were fighting who implants confusion for Nevada – matakohe disease anima – too many many problems Mamata the world was very very happy the first narrative Allahu Liu before we sing in disguise the callosity Adam and Eve were in the garden having their honeymoon ah Hawaii what is honeymoon Canada lithographer Kim Latrice was Green how do you say honeymoon over a telephone in noisy honeymoon what is the word for honeymoon bin Laden Letran La Veta Larry literature do you know what is a honeymoon baby Buddha Mahavira lotto [Applause] you do you know what is honeymoon [Applause] okay okay okay after he will find out what his honeymoon other than if we're having honeymoon they were happy on the beach together for holiday Khan Academy a bond if I type in a lot of karate Lotto by the Zambezi River Valley look as I miss they were on a boat narasimham color they were having fun Nevada Billy Joe and Satan today certainly the serpent Yamaha saw them before now Satan is the devil corn every satanic energy of Rush and he is the enemy of all of us so Larry kosilla Sock'em Khanna and the enemy of God happy Casillas are my problem and he came to Eve otaku Ava and told her Adam Ferrara to disobey God who asked economy Litella willing to sing who denied the city now if was happy with her marriage were never even a debilitating Allah High God created one man one woman there was no problem at all Munna Equinox mama titanica Makana there were enough husband's for Eve because one woman had one man Kohaku nary an otaku every Munna i-i'm sorry are you moving do you have enough husband's here mara me Pia not enough heckuva mata one God married it was enough one-one there was enough and I here in Tanzania there's 11 million women who don't have husbands vomit and Sonia Khanna verse 11 is 11 million arsen avakov angela has 11 million more women than men sorry ova defeat Obama is he but God made it 1 1 4 1 million 1 million 10 million 10 million whenever now prank tell me or natural and if they never quarreled before can you imagine husband and wife no quarrel other man in a bar mascara Connie karma no problem sir no argument Zappos Singapore mana no slaps never snobby Bashar llama vaca oh sure no argument about money a kinetic conical money shilling hey sure there was law stealing never Sinatra there was no teeth never stop Allegra me there was no drugs no booze no Derek no Zecora those nothing National Happiness nearly double fail in a beautiful world manifested in the even up to today this world is so beautiful negative the fastest-selling day now some basil revised so beautiful Nokia Mina's and basically Andy Rooney and the devil came in media told Eve to disobey God itaku itaku solitary moon and to follow him rather than to follow God Adam and Eve disgust would settle for a long time million for a burning camper inserted in aqua de Rivoli maybe they sat down at the table for about three hours reading a very different every holiday turn and Lucifer was explaining to is that he/she should trust in me Lucifer rhetorical every economist epi' a recipe very eyes you become like a goddess Mariamma Nemo it was listening to the story minivan I tell atomic under a Mondeo is like a man who is rapping a girl to marry – was I talkin Yana Lucifer's voice was very soft corner Paula Deen's we never see primary relevant nor already sometimes he will speak with trains that night other times you will speak softly and evil ifs face will change and her eyes were open smaller for that one – Mossad in summary cuts are made even aqua teritama Tandy a Mondeo as a boy crucified nailed down and said if I loved you it is because of love I am here today is didn't know what to say nah Sabrina Ava happy she wanted to call her husband but she couldn't have reception went of the phone battery was was gone marijuana marijuana hi to my patreon a fairly apparent masala I entered the phone so she could not call her husband whatever it be more like a philosopher Yamuna hi then trolley Lucifer convinced her you trust me if you don't want to eat the whole Apple just take one bite intestine see Lucifer amplifier applicant Anna Loomis Arafat arrange animal or no petrol Kahuna so Lucifer took Eve and it was completely naked I imagine he never told her to wear clothes all the time he was talking to her was naked and she didn't even know monopolize mapu new mascara 14 mm carnival Hamo and lucifer took me Lucifer ship and she went to the tree by a baccata and she turned to Lucifer is sure memories forever gamma mosque in need to flaner Lucifer said hey I'm sure I tell you I know what I am Telling You will save you from this God who has restricted your life me Lucifer bartender proximity Bogalusa communal Europe were not available set oculus a mascara cxeh you know what Lucifer said to her he said look trust me happens to you I will take care of it so she took her eyes open and she look at me Lucifer smothers as you see I told you your eye sight is now better Michi fermenters up on honey Hey sha and she called her husband mr. Buddha hi my darling vicuna my darling vicuna suddenly have first started working she called when something I found something wonderful when a for photographs the return of money to area Mikasa one of them came automata he said was what is it under his command she sheriff I found the best vitamins for your your life adding you form an opinion or your main day up a pillow over how this is it yeah I mean no no to make you a strong man you gotta move your idea and you [Applause] he was now covering himself at America Pisa sure now after now no mosquito has bitten a bigger mosquitos here elephants novel Emelianenko's mañana mañana more she was sitting by the sunbathing river crying and screaming neither been delivering a solo vocal a gorilla but no mosquito bites [Applause] the next thing in the evening okay you are not you are usually how your photos from an angle Adam was with Eve probably Adam arising Ava the Bible says they hid in the midst of the tree develop honorable party Maharaja – we were hiding never a patent from the Lord God who is why you run away from God corner if a comet Arkansas you sit at the back of the so nasty to put under a quick pressure main easy Tata so yeah yes if you want to say that I did it in a way I did Sakura Musa cannot semaphore somewhere the trouble then he called if ever he said what is this done and it's common sense of collaboration what is this kiss come and say do you know what God saw Moses commands of the wars we marvel at it one he saw the disease's Hanauma Tuco he saw the my sin have destroyed a senior hallelujah amen and that is why Jesus came to this world hiccup Oh Jesu Nutella Mary phasma he came to save us oh dear a brutal police' from our sing quite Eve is Alona a source in philosophy sure lot of sin in the world could it be then not a very fussy do you have lies in Fatima library schemata liars Sabra whatta how many have told a lie before yes [Applause] so what do we have in Katamon jealous last kernel negative already Munna do not any water what about thieves are there any thieves in Namibia tarnish or different my language Imana Libya marijuana thief's in Namibia hollingsway me madam idea but any you have moon Annavaram or how many are thieves all thieves raise your hand my shortcut for every semester be careful no the police will see your handle poor kilometers or Amina as you are raising your hungry column WME samarium listen how many have stolen chicken from your mother's kitchen before when she was pretty cool I mean I never pay her we have room and after when she came there was no more chicken in the food is finished how about could deliver man America to be able to pissed off la campaña training how many of you have committed fornication before fornication kava kava kava kava Fuuka Fuuka superior vivace provoking Pooky Pooky Pooky Pooky Cameron Reserve oh come on Lukey ma Avance mi saw whatever the pastor's on the stage terrible [Applause] now listen I'm telling you see my point nobody goes to a school to learn how to sing Hakuna Matata whether it is us as soon as you are born you are a sinner see the colonoscopy on her paper fell assembly biography and no Houston go to heaven may I could Irish America Corey Alamo if Jesus allows thieves like you and me to come to heaven hi my Jessica Szohr is nominee Nevada it means he has to build Wow sure so God has sent Jesus terrible Ebola miracle to save you and me Sabrina Nina from our scene qualify Haruna so that you can be washed white kulhanek whatever type of a stroke and then you can go to heaven put him via telepathy on him you know one day I was going on a plane not very many brothers up mama fly with my bag the Muslim Quarter I was gonna fly into Madagascar never Madagascar and it was a small plane nearly flying yani when I got to the stairs have a touch the fire company Obama back Democrat Donna Hawthorne the air hostess said you cannot take this back chronically forever semester flavor broccoli how could an awkward walk of life I said why not Bob Larry King she said this bag problem Cortana is not going in the plane how can you care about lemon you have to leave it here who started the boos he a fighter I never leave it I really fear she said I don't care about regularity but you upstairs with you we need something blue top one train that can take away your sins and my sins every December I live in Sokka yes and what can take away the sins of the world mr. Mirza Sahib is that it fast what can't remove your sins and my sins oh sorry Simon I need a moussaka Jesus Christ just so Preston the day before he died on the cross salzillo roster transfer panel he took a cop action bath umbrella and he said be helpful Ella this is my blood I restrict occupied raka this is my plan Archie Baraka which tomorrow it was in the evening tomorrow I come so I will shed my blood Nick I've been through the Garcia called Calvary for Calvary for what Maggie for the sins parish hall very fast come kana the whole the fancy come can you see my fauna a few weeks ago I was in Jerusalem Jerusalem without God amen and Jesus Mitchell took the cup ah she become oke and he said tomorrow IRA come so I said this plan cuz I come Caracas what my king because He loves us kabamaru lotta and that blood Mira Marianas what is going to wash away our sins corner boot up sorry become kana you know ma Ziva many people go to church but they are not saved who not about robbery care economist capricoin you know I used to go to church a hundred and younger church the Christian name is constable Mary a lot of people are like that Vanetta Petrovna Charo yes committee you see when you are when you are born you think that oh my mother's at my father's Church this is my church so I am automatically in the church c'mon people about the kalakeya of America vendetta Wakana or attorneys mikela canina do you have such things in Namibia that is how it was for me put up a new queen and it was not really a Christian many simple room like my crystal my father said we go and so we go when I went out about how dny but one day con roses let him it occurred to me there's from an akuna why did Jesus died on the cross he just saw on a syllabus for father why King and that is when I found out control the Packard he died because not sure if I could you cannot be saved by preaching hakuta so pigeon is good Kutaragi black day what can wash away sins Caracas cameras knocked up Salafi the blood Ghazi the blood Ghazi the blood of cheese has your chest that is why Jesus Churchill died at the age of 33 national career in more than thirty three tournaments at a critical period of in 70 years could have played it was very kind of 70 you think Jesus didn't want to have a wedding bouquet very narrow God said no wedding plans but rocket warrior no wife economist died who show fella hey cha just died for these people Wow Shah for you furgus Amina and for me Nina and Jesus me Joseph is here right now Houdini far enough are in Katamon matter tema is standing here William Imam is ready will pretend to save you come a person and to change you the big picture you know masivo that day I found Jesus Aslan manager so my life changed popular become a teacher yes and you see my mother mother Foreman my mother said to some her friend before my son has changed not a man accustomed Allah teaches she she was surprised never Kibaki lalaurie's they said change i did what i should add in my son chimerical she went Jesus comes into your into your admin and change everything you could do in telecom kana about you we are Manning me now exchange everything about me Nagamani that's how somebody like me a preaching today pitaka changes and I could I could be doing some other things medical america's em but today cordova chain I want to tell everybody never available to come can about Jesus we are manager I really wanted to come to Nami believe me but I looked over the media to tell you about cheese the Tommy Frank a manager so I am a medical doctor Kip McKean Anatomy game here I didn't come here to share panadol Corral scatter travel Annapurna dude I came to tell you about the blood of Jesus died for you just to be sure he just loves you will save you and Jesus will also heal you Mitch SR program every service is the savior and the Gila how could a caribou loose anymore for this RP Navarro do you believe that Jesus can heal you here's many people who for Sir Tom Connelly will heal you practically tonight he was so happy for this and Amina stand to your feet everybody Holly about tonic um canola everyone every standing everyone my name is Maya panic we Emma Rama Cooper Lorna we Emma tonight with sorority know how many want the blood of Jesus you'll recover to aghasura Jesu to wash all your sins away good observe is a miracle in the Koala koala and to be born again you could be pure Sita tonight we supervise the blood of Jesus food on your hands firmly tonight if you want put your hands down for a moment we say Missouri's Amazon if you want the blood of Jesus hey babbit oh my god yeah just to wash away your sins today good observe is amenable super make you a new person new commands about your future you want to receive Jesus miracle I just receive his flat tone I miss my god every channel then lift up your hand right mm Sarah Sarah Mina and I'm going to pray with you mini caliper on you mean everywhere kaffarah don't depend on your religion or your church o depend on Jesus Muslim idea killer camera operator Muhammad in the future so Jesus is here tonight just so 10 t5 silver to save you kutami Palooza to wash you to meet ibiza to change everything about cuccinelli acapella harmony me not say this prayer with me Hamlet appeal anymore say Jesus I can't hear you say gee mother every just so thank you for tonight Oh Lord tonight I know that I am a sinner forgive me for all my sins oh Jesus I am a liar I am a thief I'm a wicked person forgive me for all my sins tonight I come to you just as I am have mercy on me Lord Jesus make me a new person forgive me Lord forgive me cleanse me cleanse me thank you Jesus thank you Jesus for saving me for saving me tonight and today say after me I said Jesus I love you Jesus I thank you thank you Jesus thank you Jesus Jesus sake [Applause] now telephone in your language Vasil hace la pelota platonic way Vizquel aprama slow say Amen so Bravo DJ's o natok we know so far Nunez Aleph a newly Hatta Nelly showed a J's Oh mr. Larabee's akka tamo più akka tamo più akka JS o Ticino JS o Wallabies Oh laka ma Fateha pepillo déjenos ver su fo JS o ma Larabee's Alaka macho taco pillow rapido laka kina Impreza Solomon Eliphas Oaxaca Wallabies Allah says o Wallabies all a macho taco pillow JS o Kesava channel Nagappa la tierra nimble Tonga how neck Akua Mikasa cough Rizzo lotta Natomas JS o knock watch all a devta menorah mo mo mo mo mo numerically satiny Jews vakkachan Oh Anissa Kouta satiny who's like a channel inoculated Ella inoculate a little Rosa how geez pues la cucina NACO Caramella knock oh hi nella Monte la vaca knock on elefante pues la cuchara no ants oculata Ella Tinelli watches Oh Sadie Palacios Oh c'est le monde amor amor ambience fu Tamara madam colloquy pada Zaman pure pure Oh mongrel a creature so NATO meze papponi purusa says Oh neat or messy pecan a local Allah says o you so far Nanoka low hill a deep Epirus a cha-cha so who so far namaho me por mais je su juego de Luca Lola do Akane purusa napela amen hallelujah the campaigns we are having in the evening and also in the morning society demands a funny tomorrow morning at seven o'clock seven o'clock right here wanna fun we are having the morning session the power conference here Luca parmitano far the Word of God is going to be pretty cool Israel they'll be miracles in your friends here is going to touch them believe us rock god bless you women feel allow Sookie Joseph Orissa right now when fr Jesus is here to heal you just to tell phantom Felisa practically good fourth of orissa whatever problem you have you wanna whatever sickness you have from 94 now put your hand on that sickness right now I'm very solemn a bunch of pray medical a para and Jesus is going to open the eyes of the blind we just wrote a column a party for four to set you free will camera me no perusal every cast in your life is broken Jesus is here to make you walk walking here to set you free lieutenant new Corolla wherever you are comfortable whatever problem you have can you wanna god only knows the problem you have when you wash your hands on your chest somebody with a breast lump is whether breast problem Jesus is healing you who talked about is really just ready for another cast in your family comfort control bus readiness broken today semana que la cucina in Jesus name my name is Allah chest so somebody I cannot sleep our body Jesus is delivering you from whatever I store my teacher demon powers are breaking over your life Marta Marta Monica Kayla popular and addiction is breaking in the name free motor pollution in the name of Jesus Christ my name is Donna Jessica Creston concise field site for this exercise field tonight pants a perceptual stomach diseases are healed for you then leg problems are here for your cripples are here tonight God is here you you are the love you said and you here in the name of father we thank you dr. Healy but for Esau in Jesus name Molly be solid chest now I want everybody to just lift your hand and thank God for healing night whatever problem you came here with tonight Jeff of Jesus is here tonight is real oh it's not real metallic and it kappa your name of Jesus Marisol I just saw the thank you mama in the mighty name of Jesus right now I want you to check yourself never to meet daddy be far some of you came with a problem you couldn't see but check yourself right now we tell you looking good in here Mandy numbers are between check your ear for you for you no I cool a pair woman oh my we want to Jesus me when I saw Tommy we're not give my ass my ears on you anywhere – lift up thank you for your the name of the world my family I which one is in Acts chapter 8 verse 5 money katakana 8/5 Philip went down to Samaria Philippi I have a Samaria and preached Christ are you put a crystal and many people do not have a bar to give their lives to Jesus you know before ago gesture become many that was sick way he'll never cooler never for decision unclean spirits crying with a loud voice came out of many that were possessed with them me I am Messiah tuna coos remember to bobbin area heal echo fauna tonight and Cleese fairies are coming out of many people who say that when the spirit saw Jesus the spirit tag him and he fell to the ground and started wallowing because what we are seeing here even a black or demonic aura fasi Mikasa for the heart of the Holy Spirit Evangelos this woman is marching tonight [Applause] Oh [Applause] King uniformly Taviano principal savory salmon waka nanikana : Dania Cuarenta then paddle rock with severe is a more common in corner from civilian era she's very hot en alpha 0 wow she's the hot very happy because here last week she came from hospitals you cannot to upload this data she could not go to church on Sunday twice we got she could not do anything because of the things they put it our backbone but now she's free she can walk [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] jealous for 20 Celsius she could not walk without his steak 26 years evangelist when you I pray I was standing over the I saw a champ but I've been told but Sir Michael if you see the woman she was jumping Julie she left testing and walked all over now she's dancin it's been difficult upon truth hey tell us what happened to her ba la pelea de Lima's 826 m I tell us clearly the end for Joshua [Applause] she's very she's very happy because for 25 years as we worked on a stick but now she's happy she don't know even where this is throw a stick the people you know but most cannot find way her stick up Wow come this way my dear come this way Jesus how old is this lady when our dream was wrong guy de nada did he was a math Capano 60 she's 16 years old a 16 year old lady will not just come and jump around for nothing years MIT Evangelos this lady was pushed this lady was pushed two months ago and she broke her leg Evangelos this house shall be walking for the past two months man walk faster deeper never touches when you log on would to Luke wears a pen Ella's a man to Kota tua the magnet ona teller to show us how she used to walk before she used to watch before tell about the Kota she came here to make like this walking I'm jumping when it was that mad about you patella month's decrease their pain and tonight the power of God cast evangelist for super Kaval fire back to Quantico are you happy tonight yes I'm happy tonight because because of the girls with me but now Evangelos 1/2 months he could not see you not see but he can see now he wanted his counsel fingers voice with him we need people can you see me Bona and now you can see possible corner you can sit [Applause] doctor but doctor this this is a doctor I brought him is a lecturer in the medical school dr. Lu tomorrow sunny Leone how do you test eyes in the hospital Motor Hotel measure master somebody's eyes multi-platinum Etowah Thomas patella in the hospital we also ask the patient to count fingers must battle with avocado very manana if the person cannot see hey Bert waponi has a problem with vision that our poor no another patient comes and goes in the in the phone we write CF CF yes the counting fingers CF CF it means you are counting yes a person can country so we other person isn't one is that for in the hospital hospital observer but even when I owe you five yeah but what I mean when I have five Wow and you right so now we have to write in the folder so DF + CF + so you see doctors they have all these poems called mahabhava doctors Rockefeller scholar so you know when the doctor writes you don't know what is writing survival it's very happy today what has God done for him today when I was coming out was very feeling weak and tired but now I feel strength and powers come back in my pot Wow thank you Lord in the name of Jesus – nobody is so happy she had severe pain in the left knee she could not even go to wake for 4 months the power of God – yes but nothing helped even went the State Hospital nothing it's even affected my way Wow yeah but today I'm very heavy my children they were finding me today that mama did you work for the Pharaoh I said just wait [Applause] Wow she could not even go to it you are affecting me too much our not even going to church every now and then I'm sick now I'm very happy doctor what is this she's likely to be suffering from osteoarthritis of the left knee osteoarthritis must be to put injections in here at my knee but nothing injections for the healing the boundaries are telling me to drop my money for an olive ah what is this that's Lake coronet when I do talk on a shelf a photo for what happened to him evangelist CMS pangas governor he says that since 2014 the talked about who to keep up with the payment it's all open source ladies Tom botanist carolus since the saw will not close is it absolutely all sir do you know the diagnosis – what is the name Tim sorry visual a problem of the disease sugar diabetes ulcers can talk abou talking and what has happened tonight with the other difference you feel different about Jesus is eating you just what how does you b'lieve diabetic all sets are healed tonight because a default level savant the problem in the stomach and the chest for three years I wanted differently help I listed which doctors they've been cutting heart taking out dealing chumps but nothing helped good night when she was there when you prayed everything left it will receive Jesus Kurama messages mom a suggestion did you receive Jesus one way to just wrap it up I'm gonna just different language but just thank you Jesus beautiful Evangelos this is how she was walking let her show us how she was walking well I'll suppress the one about that mile on des cailloux say here the SAS was walking that silly mom can be why she was diabetic service ever mattered ever matter she couldn't feel her I couldn't see her legs never stopped but today I can and Catina people i healed and yes so happy they don't want to even talk thank you doctor what is this evangelist this man had an accident and fractured her leg last year much is it much tonight's the power gotta say he came limping now he see he can walk he can jump he can run tonight do nakka nakka mata Levitan give a to muta karate warszawa matter what was wrong with you yes my leg was broken last year much less in an accident so since that time I could not even take myself like this but now I'm feeling free because every if I I walk I used to feel pain but when the evangelist was praying I took the whole body's like a magnet so thank you Jesus I'm healed he found your whole body's like a madman yeah I was feeling like a magnet the whole body how is it like when your body for I was feeling like II don't know like oh my god karaoke Matta I'm Redeemer Jesus hallelujah club your hands for Jesus evangelist while she we're praying this woman could hardly walk the doctor says ever hot as ice pander to the maximum heart failure she could not walk this one chase Evangeline to her amazement when after you prayed she put and began to walk so fast you run and chase a is looseness pastor daughter daughter she's my mom your mom yes by what has happened by the Italian saving Italia Italia yes since 2012 what has God done for her she ever work she was attacked by the stroke stroke but immediately when she was receiving I just saw a stood up instead running immediately you saw her standing up running that is that trained me to bear with my sister and then you saw the mother who could not walk walking yes but but when we can we in the evening we come by a taxi but struggling to take care to the chair me many people knows me intimately the doctor every week every day Wow mama Walker let us see [Applause] see [Applause] [Applause] yeah is the power of God is at work here this baby has not been breathing well since birth the mother said after his break the Britain has become normal yeah Monica Monica fatal affair and then has to cough weird I get my wiener dog another como pepito mother the car failure so she found any formalities so the dead Katja on the moon to are never aware a handy it's gone now [Applause] how I was and we finished my body I suffered from I was affected from skin cancer which is Capo's Sock'em I think the doctor knows what I mean Kraus is sarcoma I have been receiving a chemist rap since spent eight I was in a wheelchair but this is I was moving but my body got finished i'm lanie as you see me but today it happened as if it was entering in the lungs last month when I went for a check-up I asked the doctor to send me to the x-ray now they could not find anything but to my I was causing terrible tonight what happened now tonight as you a plane be sprain I was that well I I wanted to fall down but I could not for them I was wanting here but I was shaking trembling shaking a trouble yeah but now I could not breathe wait no no here is it I could not move my feet [Applause] she's sick for many years now maybe for five years she was on oxygen yes the whole day spent at the hospital today I've informed my pasta that I won't come for counseling because I'm with me in the woods I was hot enough so when I called my brother because she was half dead I called my brother dad to come my name was that I knew that we were taking it to the mortuary so when I called my brother he just SMS to to me and say that my sister I know you a strong just connect yourself to your crusade I know you can make it there's a message here so I started praying then this has given me a chance to pray when I finished praying she removed the oxygen and asked me where's my husband so so and they have burnt came she she told her husband that called the nurses to come and take out this so the necessary shoes they said that no the doctors coming to remove it that is why I came now now he had to come and join you she started talking about she was dead I'm telling you my pastor knows she was dead and she talking yes is raising that she's a counselor she was supposed to come here for counseling work so that is why she said she connected she connected with the healing Jesus that she will be able to which is just she can come and do [Applause] [Applause] crowd yet me it seems that thank you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] yeah [Applause] you

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