Watch Schiff try to instruct Taylor on answering GOP’s question

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  1. Let them continue.
    They will just make sure Trump is reelected
    Impeach him Nancy and you will lose the House and the Presidential election

  2. what a joke. it’s honestly sad that this is what the people in power within our great nation have come to. anyone who can’t see through this joke of an “impeachment” is also a part of the problem.


  4. I know all this corruption from the white house is so evil . we need the evangelicals that voted for trump to come out and vote to impeach the orange orangutan in chief.

  5. Love America, the way it was founded, the way our laws are scripted in the Constitution, accept our economic policies of free market capitalism, or die!

  6. Steve Castor is out of his league. Why did the Republicans pick such a pushover? The Democrats lawyers prepared and are making a lot of great points for their case. No one is defending the president. These Republican guys look like a powderpuff squad. Hey Jeff Jordan from wherever, put on a jacket for god's sake. Dress like a man at least. The GOP looks weak.

  7. Get it rite pal the only facts that matter are one what Democrats say are facts an two hear say that the socialcrats says are facts other wise dont answer the truth get it rite this time or we will go back to the basement

  8. Rich elite democrats are experts milking the average hard working taxpayers with no intention to pay back there depts to hard working americans in back taxes.

  9. Basically, you dont know what bad was said about trump on social media, because it's not on a paper in front of you, so you can't fully appreciate how trump might have felt in dealing with the Ukranians? Is that the gist of this exchange? Still dont know why it was necessary for Schiff to chime in here though. Taylor's a grown man and could discern appropriately on how to answer

  10. Democratic house speaker nancy pelose bribes the american tax payers there is no crises at the southean u.s. border. The real crises is a direct calculated assult on hard working american workers paycheck deduction to illegally pay for 17 million ilegal immigents and socialist insugents in america costing ameican taxpayers 138 billion dollar a year. That is the same as stealing, don't you think. Democrats are working outside of there job discription. America are paying there taxes an america citzens are not having first
    Priority. I was wondering,
    Can you fingure out why
    20 u.s. military veterans are committing suside daily while the democrats were in charge of the white house?
    Why isn't democratic house speaker charged for high treason against the american people under military laws?

  11. well Adam, if the witnesses can't assume facts not in evidence before them, your entire production has to shut down. so, like, get back to work on something real. oh wait – you don't do any real work. sorry. my bad.

  12. Dog and pony show at the expenence of american taxpayers. Democrats are no longer qualified to represent the united states of america.

  13. Adam Bullschiff. Enough said. Wouldn't surprise me if this "whistleblower" is someone who was appointed by Chuck, Nancy and Hillary. Wouldn't surprise me at all if these three quacks are behind this. No doubt this is a plot that has been concocted by the mouth foaming Left.

  14. It's pretty obvious to anyone with a semblance of intelligence that there is no whistleblower & that Schiff made the whole thing up.

  15. They fail to understand that people voted for Trump because he was not a politician. So how do the Dems repsond? By becoming even more political. Brilliant strategy. Now they are making t look like they are political bullies persecuting Trump.

  16. Good job Schiff. He just reminded the witness to answer to evidence not prerequisite statements made by the individual asking the questions. He didnt deduct any time. What's the issue ?

  17. Fox pig slop. Republicans will lose the white house and the senate in 2020, because they are liars backing a liar. They are sucking on Donald's rectum because they found a bigot vote that they are now afraid to lose.

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