Watch Live: Iran strikes Iraqi military bases home to U.S. troops

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  1. No.. No. No… This is Enough. You can't invade every part of world.
    USA should start War… Dont be like impotant American

  2. It's sad this foo is willingly sending our young woman and men to war yet he dodged the draft due to his cowardness… what a fake mother?,!🤭🤔😎

  3. A total of over 8 tons of explosives dropped on the US al-assad base with 15 missiles destroyed 20 targets (multi-warhead qiam-2 ballistic missile was used). The base M-102 Patriot was useless. A map of the location of the US ADS is included in the report below. Among those that were destroyed were the US patriot batteries M-901 TEL, AN/MPQ-53 early warning radar and AN/TPS-79 ASR radar and many other military hardwares.

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  5. Iran claims 80 we’re Killed in the base attack pentagon claims 38 killed and 63 wounded https

  6. Trump is Familiar with starting a war to get reelected …He literally blamed Obama for that about five times. Why are people so blind to his intentions

  7. ''iraqi military bases'' , haha , what a cynicism , haha , everything in iraq belongs or is controlled by zionists

  8. American soldiers they killed Million ( literally ) Iraqi children in Iraq , and Madeleine Albright called this genocide democracy

  9. Hey CBS News! Stop trying to start a Fukkin War!!!! This kind of Fantasism crap just escalates a already bad situation! It's bad enough without you guys stirring the war pot! Give it a break, No American lives lost< read my lips NONE < !!! Stop ! Peace sells Too<

  10. The more I read about history the easier it is to see how riddled with false pretenses these "news" are. It's an act they choregraph with a stage they created.


    My name is, Mark. I am like many who were lost, who had no clue as to the real truth in the world. That there is a great evil here and it seeks to destroy us, it seeks to devour the very being created…. you. The one whom created us, is God The Father Almighty, and there is our Anointed One, our Messiah. The Son, of the Living God, Jesus/YESHUA. He is a love, that can open our lives, to a love so pure, so real, so unforgettable. Here are a couple of testimonies, of my family and self and how the Lord God Almighty delivered us from evil and protect us from the evil one. Praise be God!

    Alright, I must share this testimony from June 15, 2018. I was in a Piggly Wiggly parking lot, with my family. I had my elbow out of the window and it was about dusk. I all of a sudden felt this weird heat on my arm and smelled a scent that was not the typical demonic scent. I then saw a strange light green, light coming into our vehicle. I looked around and saw The Star like things, I that I see at night flashing different colors, very rapidly and it was about a couple of hundred feet away or more. I then rebuked it in the name if the Lord and it shot back into the atmosphere, fast. I then saw the enemy around us, keeping their distance. They would honk or flash their lights at each other. So were the star like things, but they followed us everywhere we went, creeping low like helicopters, but they definitely were not helicopters. As we were driving, each light post and street light we went past would turn off and turn back on, immediately as we drove past it. Knowing by sensing and seeing this star like thing, which I know are the "Watchers" was doing this to the light's, really made me focus onto the reality of this threat and how bad it was trying to take us out, as they were over us, following. From the sky to the enemy, on the ground we were in a fight for our lives. I saw them in human form that were on the ground and driving regular vehicles. As I was driving to my brothers, and praying they shot something at my face and it was like a sticky web like feel to it, that if touched with my other hand, the residual effect, would be attached to whatever I touched. If that makes sense. My eyelid and cheekbone felt like the muscle had no control to it. I ignored it and still kept driving. It's as if I could see a white glowing substance on my hand from touching it. Anyways, the vehicles, I knew were the "bad guys" as our children call them. They followed us all the way to the otherside of town. I arrived at my siblings house and prayed with him. I confessed openly anything I may have done to offend the Lord and spoke about the Lord to my sibling, in doing so I felt my entire body fill up and light up, like a light bulb. I felt as if I was glowing strong. I went outside and knew the things in the sky would be way in the atmosphere and sure enough they were. I praised the Lord and thanked Him. As we were driving I prayed to the Lord if it be His will, to dispatch an assignment of holy battle angels to our aid and as soon as I said, Amen, they arrived zipping up to a red light at the opposite side if the road and and one smiled and nodded at me, and as if saying "we're here". As my family and I drove home, 2 enemy vehicles pulled along us and it's as if they couldn't stand being next to us. Then a black car came zipping up and I felt myself centered with the Lord and start to light up again, if that makes sense. The black car hugged the left shoulder lane and couldn't stand to be next to us and it drove ahead cutting the other enemy vehicles off, just to get away. At that moment, there were 3 enemy vehicles in front of ours and I said,the Lord's name. JESUS! At that very moment, all 3 vehicles were heaved forward as if something grabbed all 3 at the same exact time and shoved them forward, away from us. I looked at my daughter as she looked at me smiling in amazement, and I said His mighty and precious name again, JESUS! Again, they were heaved forward as if getting shoved ahead, all three at the exact same time. I then said His name again and and again the same thing. I then said, His name several more time's and they went studdering down the road and couldn't get away fast enough. The second I let up, they were gone and flew around corners to get away. My daughter and family were in ahh and praising the Lord. I know by no means, of my works, but His!! And all glory to You my Lord. I am only here to testify of His works. The feeling I felt, the nasty taint, from that thing that was flashing various colors. Others call them whatever they want, but I have a pretty good idea of who they are or what they are (The WATCHERS)… to say the least. I can explain a different encounter with these star like things in a future testimony, but it's time to let the world know. I thank You, heavenly Father for protecting my family and self. I give all praise and love to You. Thank you, my God and King. Glory be to the Lord God Almighty and the Son of the Living God, Jesus Christ. Thank you, Holy Spirit for filling me with Your fire. God, YOU ARE AMAZING. PRAISE THE LORD!!! RAISE THE BANNER OF THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!

  12. If I had a super power I would end all war. It's just so damn destructive. There has got to be a better way then mass destruction. The worst thing is to see your loved ones suffer war.

  13. the vaunted American weapons of Hollywood were not able to intercept any Iranian missiles. Syria from 105 American missiles shot down 76 using outdated s 300.have us in Russia on weaponry touted S500, Turks having experienced S400 decided buy another division, perhaps something learned. and you Americans still want to fight us Russians? we'll smear you against the wall. just as before smeared the Germans in1945, the French in1812, the Swedes in 1721, the poles in 1612. all these countries at the time of the attack on Russia had the strongest army in the world at that time. and all the attackers on Russia got in the teeth.


  15. Money controls all of you . You fight for it and it will be endless …. for money minerals anything you pay for you convinience is more eternal for human kind…

  16. God bless The Troops and save our souls!Precise war fare is not to be messed with.Take away his tweets and microphone.In gods and lady liberty constitution hands.Pray to god.

  17. Has anyone notice US didn't shoot down the Iran missile's with the Patriots defence system before they hit the base's ??

  18. People open your eyes everything related to those attack are the same stage of 9/11 when our president created a false history against iraq now its the same later iran and it may not true that irak attacked us it may be the same united states(donald trump)against us and later when they respond to us united states will be selling weaponds to them.(we all a market for that puppet😞😒

  19. US must not put it's feet on the soil, destroy the terorist nation in a way that it goes back a couple of decades

  20. Another sham war in the name of power and greed Im sure the u.s is the ones firing the rockets at the u.s base then blaming iran for it We aint that stupid

  21. Noch nie soviel Scheiße und Lügen gehört wie hier 🤦🏻‍♀️… Ihr solltet euch alle schämen dieses Macht spiel überhaupt mit zu machen… Wann versteht ihr endlich alle das wir EINS sind wir bestehen alle aus Fleisch und Blut und haben das Herz am selben Fleck !!!.

  22. It comes down to this….make a choice… western society or sharia law…Iran needs to be sent back too the Middle Ages, they can take North Korea with them….

  23. The thing most amazing to me is that Iran & Iraq are calling themselves friends? One is shia one is sunni. They had a long and totally destructive and unproductive war in the 90s or was it the 80s? Anyway old enemies now united against the Great Shaitan (USA) This is the real problem – internal conflict re-directed towards an external foe like Thatcher and the Malvinas to generate internal support. It goes on and on. Then there will be a horrible war and after people will be all "o wasn't that horrid let's all be nicer to be each other." But lots of people need to be injured and killed before this new understanding comes about.

  24. As a one citizen of Iran:
    I remember when one Iranian general terrored…. In YouTube news Channel… Some of the Americans were quizzing… So i got upset but now you can see their goosebumps….
    I just want to say, people of Iran are not, American's enemy
    But around 50 years America is making war in Middle East!! For what? Making video games? Oil?

    If in Iran, people are saying: death to America, it means death to war!death to who killed our General and it doesn't mean death to American people or nation …..
    If you don't believe you can search in YouTube about Americans who traveled to Iran…..
    To know what is their idea about Iran and its people.

    Have a nice day 🌹💐

  25. Read your Bible to know Gods character and what He has planned for us. We are indeed in the beginning of the end. I pray that the Lord has mercy on all of our souls and that we may be caught up before ultimate destruction. JESUS SAVES.

  26. War activities should be stopped immediately. We must have tolerant attitudes with one another. Its consequences will be more disastrous if remedial steps are not taken soon After all, we all are human beings. ……All living beings be happy and peaceful.

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