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  1. Please remove, Him, Mulvaney, arrest Rudy as Rudy was playing a dangerous game he is corrupt, and remove Pompus Pompeo.
    Bolton step-up to the plate.
    And Remove Pense.

  2. Rudy is an embarrassment to our nation, you sir smeared an exceptional woman, jail is what you deserve.
    Nunes, your drama. Everyday you display childish drama. Please resign.

  3. I must say that I admire Adam Schiff's composure. How he can sit next to Nunes, listen to his incendiary blathering which disregards the facts at hand and lobs constant insults at Democrats, without constantly rolling his eyes is beyond me. He's definitely stronger than I would be.

  4. Is Dr. Hill credible????

    1. All the witnesses that NEVER spoke to Trump (including Dr. Hill) or were NOT on the phone call say that they heard things that eventually led back to Amb Sondland. Sondland testified that NOBODY on the PLANET told him there was any linkage. Plus, when HE spoke WITH Trump, Trump expressly stated (as Sondland testified) “NO NOTHING, NO Quid proQuo. NOTHING”. THIS is the basis for EVERYTHING the Democrats have for impeachment??

    2. Hill said she thought the Republicans were disavowing Russian interference in the 2016 elections. Then she was shown the 1,000 + page document APPROVED by nearly EVERY Republican and Democrat about the attempts by Russia to interfere in the election. (Even Mueller’s Report got THIS right!) Credible witness?

    3. Dr. Hill testified that she “feels” this way in part because again, of Sondland’s meetings with Guliani. Only one problem – both Sondland and Guliana have stated that they have never met each other. Credible?

    Nobody is calling Dr. Hill a liar. Far from it. But THIS is the problem with HERESAY. As much as Dr. Hill believes what she says, it does not make it FACT or TRUE.

    And when it comes to something as serious as Impreachment, you better have an ABUNDANCE of FACTUAL PROOF. The Democrats have none. Not a single item. No “Blue Dress”.

  5. Dr. Hill was a very smart witness and professional. Her knowledge on Ukraine made the republicans looks foolish. They tried to pinned her down which she answered with facts. So proud!

  6. I hate you Adam Schiff! I’m a life long Democrat but I hate you so bad I’m going republican. You are such a pos liar. I hate trumps tweets and his bs but at least he is who he is and has made changes. I pray that Trump takes out the swap! I don’t understand how people vote for these pos Democrat’s. Y’all are the worst liars ever.

  7. Adam Schiff has made this whole process so one sided. Please republicans take all this up and make Schiff pay for treason.

  8. #staywoke here is what they don’t want us to know about #donaldtrump 🤬😡click the link before it’s to late and YouTube deletes it!! ⬅️ ➡️

  9. To get to the truth all this man in the WH has to do is let everybody testify and then decide who's telling the truth because all these witnesses can't be lying on Trump

  10. After all the things that where unlawful in regards of the US foreign policy to everyone in the last years like invading Iraq, arming Islamists to fight unwanted foreign presidents or regimes, drone strikes all over the world, spying on allies, illegal detention all over the world and on and on .
    You are trying to impeach a president for a phone call ??

    In witch in the worst case he asked a college to investigate a US citizen who might be scamming the system in exchange for billions.

    ((btw I would tell (there was never an investigation just talk about one ) you Americans that I am investigating against my late grandmother for half the money ))

    If the democrats have nothing better to offer than this or their actual presidential candidates or Mr. Schiff it would be best for the world and the US that you guys crown Mr Trump President for live.

  11. This is ridiculous! You are saying that Sondland's testimony was damning but he had NOTHING other than his own feeling about what the President meant. We do not yet have THOUGHT POLICE. No one can say what another meant.

  12. orchestrated.. so sad. Poor Americans are going to believe that the American President must explain his actions to everyone in America and ask for permission. Total Stupid. Trump 2020

  13. All politicians are just finding ways to get everybody's tax dollars, this schiff person is professional thief yeeeeeep

  14. Kudos to Hill. Eloquence, grace. I became smarter listening to her. Man, so hard to listen to Gym Jordan now. Sounds like a chainsaw in your ear. I am now getting a dumbing down from his desperate intellect.

  15. So normally both parties call their own witnesses. Why is it that shiff hasn't allowed witness from the other side? Seems strange no matter what side you are on

  16. Someone put Jordan out of his misery. He doesn't realize that he is THEIR fall guy, now. Jordan is losing all credibility beyond recognition. It is painful to listen to him.

  17. Sorry everyone, just a though: Is it possible that Jordan and Nunez are charged with merely creating televisable news shorts for fixed FOX broadcast, where they, not the witness, are the "stars". Right? Because they certainly are convincing no one in the room. They are creating the farce.

  18. Thank you Mr. Holmes and Mrs. Hill for telling the TRUTH! Thanks for NOT being afraid of Donald Trump and his puppets on a string. God bless you!

  19. i am confused:
    does this mean potus is not able to give clear directions of any kind, because: nobody was wondering why there's no clear order for any action that was done by any of potus 'inner circle'

  20. Thank you, Dr. Hill for your calm response to the speechifying of these crawlers. Your service to our common country does you, and therefore all of us, proud. My mother came from Lewis in the Hebrides and she would also be very proud of your expertise and demeanor. I think I'd vote for you, even though I probably may not agree with most of your views, but I'd still do that despite it. It would make for an interesting political debate, which I think we can all agree is sorely needed now.

  21. Nunes really shows he has no idea what he is doing, just trying to connect Ukraine to meddling. He's really out of his league. Optics, like Trump Tower & money laundering through Trump properties??? Any thoughts Nunes?

  22. Hey, why don’t we just declare war on Russia. Then we can have a nuclear exchange. These hearings have led us right down the hole the Russians dug for us. The only winner, whichever way this turns out, is Russia. I would not forget that Schiff is first generation American whose parents came FROM RUSSIA.

  23. Holmes' opening statement about Ukraine was so passionate. He really cares about his job and Ukraine. Sad to see this happening..

  24. As I watch the behavior of both Representatives Jordan and Turner, I wonder what the majority of Ohio residents think of their shoddy treatment of the witnesses. I watch these proceedings and continue to lose hope for our once proud and great nation. No amount of red ball caps will make us great.

  25. Fоrmеr Prеѕidеnt Оbаmа Hаѕ Juѕt Rеlеаѕеd A Stаtеmеnt And It’ѕ Bаd Fоlkѕ

    How to Spot the 'Fake CBD' That's Flooding The Market


    indictment are coming…

    There are few things that are as obvious as the hate that Barack Obama has for the United States. Not once in his eight years in office did he seem genuine. The man has always come across as very hateful and obviously holds a grudge against Americans.

    He committed so much fraud in the past eight years that Congress does not even know where to start the investigations. Something must be done before he goes on any further. One thing, however, is very apparent.

    Former President Obama wants to take down President Donald Trump.

    This has become more and more obvious over the past couple of months. After the months long vacation the Obamas had, they came back in force. Ever since then they have been on a course to destroy the President.

    They love to act like they will not say anything about Trump but they have proved themselves wrong time and time again.

    He has now come out attacking President Trump’s decision to take the United States out of the Paris Climate Deal. What a fool.

    “A year and a half ago, the world came together in Paris around the first-ever global agreement to set the world on a low-carbon course and protect the world we leave to our children,” Obama explained.

    Trump tried to explain himself during a press conference:

    “So we are getting out but we are starting to negotiate and we’ll see if we can make a deal that’s fair,” Trump said.

    But Obama continued…

    “And what made that leadership and ambition possible was America’s private innovation and public investment in growing industries like wind and solar – industries that created some of the fastest new streams of good-paying jobs in recent years, and contributed to the longest streak of job creation in our history,” Obama said.

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  26. it will be interesting to see what happens when this gets to the senate. The republicans will be able to bring in the witnesses. It will no longer be all about the

  27. President Trump is screaming about testimony “I want nothing, No Quid pro quo, “ the very same day the whistle blower came forward! “Just tell Zelinsky to do the right thing” is code to Sondland to proceed with the bribe!

  28. What does Obama have to do with this? They keep comparing as if it matters one to the next. Obama is no longer president.

  29. Dr Hill said she moved to the USA to enhance her career because in England her accent was seen as a working-class one! How wrong they were! What a mistake for England! She has the qualities and education of being a British Prime Minister or even an American President I thought! Her loyalty, dedication and commitment to her work and protecting America was outstanding and quite amazing as well as admirable. I stayed up all night to watch this hearing because Dr Hill was mesmerizing when she spoke the truth in so much detail and interest. I think she frightened the Republican lawyers because she was telling so much of the damming truth. I am now a fan of Dr Hill. Good luck in your future! You would make a great USA President! Just what America needs at this time! Outstanding lady. David Holmes was an impressive guy too. I can see why he does great work in his Department serving America.

  30. Turner knows a lot and Dr Fiona Hill is a master at Russian and Eurasia affairs, however he is looking like a very desperate politician

  31. Can you imagine how this impeachment would be viewed in the 1950s during the cold war? We have come a lonnnnnng way. United States of Amnesia. very sad

  32. This. is an example of what having a spine looks like. Regardless of how this turns out, even if no impeachment happens, there will be names that will go down in history for having decieved the USA, which is satisfactory given the slippery behavior of the head of this administration and his puppets.

  33. Why has no one brought up the fact that before Zelensky, Obama was dealing with a Ukraine that was very corrupt. Why would Obama want to give more then he did at that time in the life of this new country. Trump thought the Zelenskiy government was corrupt, what about the prior government?

  34. 1.Nunes gave out information about the whistle blower that leads to who they are if you really pay attention.
    2. All republicans looked like a joke with Dr. Hill ( she did frkn great!)
    3. The republicans still continue to cover and try to save there butts by continuing to say that there is no proof EVEN THO THE DEMOCRATS CONTINUE TO SHOW UP WITH NOTHING BUT PROOF!!!!!! what did the republicans show up with LIES!
    4. The fact that the dont want to hear from a Women! Is also a joke they looked like clowns because they were being owned by a FEMALE and nobody wants to talk about it! Thats why 3 of them left and 3 didn’t even want to ask her questions because they did not want to get owned! Also the female republican in the front with purple was so mad because Dr. Hill did what she could never do! Stand up to the disgusting way republicans treat females!

  35. I might be embarrassed by the “leader” of our country, BUT OH SO PROUD of our Ambassadors representing us. They are probably the only reason why our country has survived this long amongst the ignorant GOP. Our Ambassadors are intelligent and TRUE PATRIOTS! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  36. Chris Stewart I am convinced that you are deaf, blind, and stupid. It has been Quid Pro Quo, bribery, and lying all day long during these hearings. You just don't want to hear and know the TRUTH!

  37. Jim Jordan what is sad is that you are lying like a dead bug in a rug! Congresswoman Pelosi is correct when she said 45 is an imposter!!!😎

  38. For me being a huge Trump fan years ago and could not see enough of him on the news. I have to say with what all wrong illegal stuff he has done and made America the worst ever. I now cant wait to see him impeached. It will be a good day when they take him out of office and more so if and when they charge him with other criminal things like tax ivation etc. He is the worst President of all time for USA. The biggest liar, Currupted to do anything he wants to legal of not. And has dragged others with him. Insulted women and other foreign officials. And the Reps dont see any of this. Reps are blinded to trumps crooked ways and they think they can get away with all this? Im so glad Nancy Pelosi is headind up this impeachment. It will be a good day for America when trump is history. Past and no more presidental winning.

  39. Devin Nunes there's NO hope for you! I can't believe you are still there after that stunt you pulled running out to do that press conference. You have NO CREDIBILITY.🤨

  40. Why isn't MULVANEY & BOLTON testifying? Crickets…EXACTLY! …because you already know they will spill all the beans!!!

  41. Us average Americans Tax Payers are the ones who should decide as to impeachment or not. Me I'm for President Trump. Wonder how much money from wherever these democrat politicians, plus talking heads on the major networks are being payed to destroy our country?

  42. Do these people know they're supposed to be representing the best interest of the United States? It sure sounds like they're advocates for the Ukraine. Instead of working on behalf of U.S. agenda, they're criticizing it and working on behalf of Ukrainian Government and their best interest. Crazy mixed up priorities! Somebody please call them out on this! Who are you working for?😳

  43. VOTE BLUE AMERICA, REMOVE THE IMPOSTER! ~ (lookup the definition for IMPOSTER, it defines Donald Trump perfectly, his actions, behavior and all that he is.)

    I'm so tired of the Republicans insulting our intelligence and playing stupid and gas lighting undisputed evidence. Even after all of this they persist with the stupidity and arrogance. The Republicans are complicit and do not deserve reelection, in fact they deserve to be investigated. When we attempt to hold Donald Trump accountable, the Republican party calls that a coup. When we report on the truth, they say fake news, when Donald Trump is caught red handed no doubt about it, the Republicans say, "So What!", he can do whatever he wants. If Donald Trump kills someone on 5th Avenue, the Republicans will blame the media for driving him crazy, Donald Trump is never responsible for what he says, does and is. ~ That's called a cult of personality and a dictatorship, not a President that serves the constitution. His always Trumpers, always lie for him, they bought into the Trump brand, not the American Constitution that our forefathers honored, and the America they built, fought for and died for. Donald Trump serves greed and power, he answers to RUSSIAN Oligarch money AND Valdmir Putin's marching orders. ~ AMERICA HAS BEEN INFILTRATED AND OUR DEMOCRACY IS UNDER ATTACK ~ LET'S TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY ~ VOTE BLUE, PROTEST OUTSIDE THE WHITE HOUSE – NO MORE BS!

  44. Trump is so worthless. He should have never been president, he cheated his way into the whitehouse and thought just because he had money nothing was going to be done. The American people want you out, you have done nothing but further dig this country in a hole. You deserve to impeached and imprisoned..

  45. We noticed the transgender Hill take up all the time for the Republicans asking her questions, with its long speeches that didn't answer the question. Typical POS Brit Leftist Globalist pig. Recall it and ask it about the Steel Dossier it said it saw and read.

  46. We listened carefully to the testimony yesterday, and remain particularly interested in the relationship to Volcker Alliance (American Society for Public Administration, Paul Light direct member, Alliance at awards) and the European Union leadership as Gordon Sondland. In part due to the nation state currencies "which are fine to dump" was in to me!

    This party serves on the International Chapter of ASPA "which has held no meetings on the European Union", but has met as ASPA's International Assembly annually, and specifically in 2018 on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. New members stated they publish "unrelated to the Association" on international public administration.

    Julie Ann Racino, ASPA International, 2019

  47. You’re all religious fanatics, entirely unaware that you’re not contributing or even interested in finding truth or dealing in reality. It’s just school yard insults about people you don’t like, because you were told not to like. You’re as responsible as everyone else for dividing the country.

  48. I love the way Nunes uses his first chance at questioning to merely spit out a bunch of names, then inject "the Steele Dossier" into the record apropos of nothing. He couldn't just come right out and say, "Well, I have nothing," could he?

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