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  1. In a nutshell……this is all about Trump changing foreign policy on an AMERICA FIRST agenda etc, and the establishment beauricats want things to stay "business as usual"! Obama fired ALL thr ambassadors when he became president and a president can hire and fire as he pleases and as it forwards his agenda. It is NOT an impeachable act or even unprofessional. Democrats are sinking their own ship with this and at the same time we as Americans are the losers because the Dems put working for us on hold! They arent working or doing anything for the American ppl due to this impeachment obsession. Sooooo many things need Congress's attention in this country! The Dems already wasted millions of our tax dollars on the big fat nothing burger called the Russia hoax!

  2. What's the death toll on Kurds since 1 call left them isolated? As dictator ish Turkey rep whose "red" sits or visits our Capital at work with Reds. Tweet today to slam ambassador sends clear message to how pressures on aide funds to Urkraine are with held until he says something nice like our Ambassador was directed too..? Huh ? Self evident or self evidence again of being above the law, as well as thug dictator type potus- whose actions clearly are deserving of Impeachment. Lie..hide..pressure..threaten. mob mentality..

  3. The republican attorney is a moron… not surprising…Christ…what a third stringer….republicans have NOT been sending their best ppl for ummmm🤔….EVER..

  4. What do the Dems not understand that a President can recall any ambassador? Did they have the same outrage with Obama when he recalled a larger amount of ambassadors? Obviously WAPO is a Democratic mouth piece. I'm done with you.

  5. It was "paused" for 55 days…? No, it was delayed, held back, not released and used as a bargaining chip to put the squeeze on Ukraine., for Trumps' election agenda.

  6. Sry but I also have to mention that ……..the OPTICS of Adam Schiff and his insane eyes will work against him. He looks insane 😮😮

  7. CNN blocks comments on all full testimony. And they wonder why we don’t believe mainstream media or these sham hearings. And THAT is how we will will 2020 for Donald.

  8. To this ding dong at the end that said the Republicans didn't want to talk about what they wanted to talk about. Well the reason for that is because we've talked about what y'all want to talk about for 3 freaking years!! Most of us have moved on and we are in 2019! Meanwhile (🎶🦗 chirping🦗🎶) the left is still in 2016. Trump is going no where! If somehow it got to a point where he was kicked out if you think for one second his supporters would ever allow that yo happen you don't know us. You would go first!

  9. Stewart: Do you have any information regarding the president of the United States accepting any bribes?

    Yovanovitch: No.

    Stewart: Do you any have information regarding any criminal activity that the president of the United States has been involved with at all?

    Yovanovitch: No.

  10. 4:27:17 – Very well coached but inconsistent. No knowledge Trump campaign was targeted, "Might have read an article". But wait…… over and over more came out. This woman is a lair, too obvious. She is bitter about losing her position.

  11. Ohioans….WTAF is WRONG w/you ppl that you keep voting for Gym, I didn’t see anything Jordan?? God….he’s one of the worst…and doesn’t he own a goddamn jacket?? I’ve seen that putrid yellow tie for 10 yrs now…

  12. Is impeachment based off of feelings 02:01:00? Trump is not a nice guy and talks behind your back, this again is not an impeachable offense. "Smear Campaign" is not impeachable.

  13. Watched almost all of in on X 1.25 and I am discussed of both sides even engaging in this based off what? This is a waste of time and money!!

  14. Obviously there would be people there to testify of the knowledge of the President's wrongdoings firsthand, they are just too weak to face themselves and others. This is all held up, and put together by people that have been voted for in order to help maintain the branches of our government and its people. Instead, it has shown us that we are NOT united as one. It has shown us ignorance and disrespect from multiple angles. Once again, I'm sure this is one situation where one hand is open and in sight, while the other is off continuing the nonsense. While we focus on THIS, what else is being done at this very moment that invokes corruption and disapproval? It's a shame that pointing fingers is more valuable than focusing on that of the ground we walk on, which seems to get worse with each year to come. Shame.

  15. In modern culture, please STOP (🛑) pushing women on the basis of being WOMEN. What happened to meritocracies? Did they crumble? Not all women are qualified to LEAD.

    Just like Mina Chang and Jim Jordan, Stephanie Stefanik added no substance to the dialogue, but only continuously sprouted conspiracies and tried to disrupt, derail the entire conversation, just too many distractions. It was disrespectful and inappropriate, considering the topic for discussion. This shouldn’t be tolerated. For low-level officials, they know better than to disrupt high-level MEETINGS because CONSEQUENCES WOULD BE SWIFT. The arrogance and ignorance of some people, just appalling.

    We as a society need to revert back to merit-based principles. We must stop promoting women based on gender.

  16. You dumbass Republicans you said yourself that the whistleblowers testimony second third fourth hand information they've went to the heart of the matter and found the substance the witness is directly involved not The Whistleblower quit calling for The Whistleblower you sound like grade school children

  17. Too bad the democrats weren't as concerned about what happened to Ambassador Stevens and his security team in Lybia who were ABANDONED by Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration. The military begged to be allowed to launch a rescue mission but were denied. Repeatedly. That's what should be investigated. Not this partisan coup attempt. Wake up democrat voters, this is not the democrat party you and your ancestors grew up supporting. Wake up before your country is lost.

  18. I need those hours of my life back. Honestly so many stupid question about how she felt and what her opinion is but no facts whatsoever. So many speculations about why she lost her job. What a joke

  19. Shiff is getting pretty good at making up his own "truth". I guess he has to because there is no truth to these hearings. Where is the outrage from the media, or the taxpayers over the amount of money these lies are costing us?

  20. Sooooo the Dems want a war and rally because of a “Smear Campaign” at Yovanovitch what about about all the ones on the “Smear Campaign” against Trump since the day he was elected ??? 😡😡😡

  21. Republicans defense has fallen apart. Testimony is no longer just hearsay. The House has testimony of David holmes who was a 1st hand witness of the phone call of Trump saying he only cared about the investigations that would only personally benefit his reelection campaign. Today the Senior OMB official Mark Sandy testifying on Capitol Hill in closed-door deposition with 1st hand knowledge about why the aid was being held up so long.

  22. They tried the stunt with Rep Stefanik because partisan hackery aside, she appears to be smarter than the entire republican half of the committee combined. And unlike Jim Jordan she can ask a line of questions without wandering off into the weeds of infowars and 4chan conspiracy theories.

  23. Trump is such a dump. First he fire Comey and a fury of investigation began and lead to the hiring of mueller. Now he fired the Ambassador, talked to the Ukraine and his impeachment began.

  24. Nunes is such a dope. Reading that RIDICULOUS phone call!! So hard to imagine a US President talking so long lamely about nothing… bragging. And NO mention of his talking to him about anti-corruption which is what he said he called about.

  25. The democrats are trying to overthrow the government and it's about time the people all across the country start fighting back against these dangerous leftist traitors and all their corrupt schemes. Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler… they need to pay dearly for what they are doing to our country.

  26. Hey libs based off feelings & 4th hearsay , Next so called witness up is a guy that was in the room, and could hear Trump through the earpiece of another guy ………… OMFG , ARE YOU SERIOUS ! LMAO !

  27. Democrats are the party of the devil
    Adam Schiff should be arrested for treason against the United states and face a firing squad immediately
    No due process
    Guilty in the court of public opinion
    Vote all socialist communist liberal radical Democrats out of office in every election cycle,they are a cancer in our society and government
    A vote for a Democrat is a vote for communism

  28. Yovanovitch-Give them all your money it's never enough, We don't care about America or if you earned the money we just want to give it all to another country.

    Listen Lady First of all we are in debt in other words we don't have no money to give. If we did it should go to America the people that earn it. This is not a smear campaign like the Democrats this is the truth. America can now see the snakes heads that were exposed, America you know what to do.

  29. 1:50:35!
    Thats why I served!
    Trump never hired a Political Advisor!!!
    Get ready! American looks weak and mentally challenged on the global stage!
    Good job Trump! 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  30. 1:40:51
    Why would Trump want to CRAP ALL OVER A AMERICAN AMBASSADOR!


  31. Obviously Trump and Giuliani wanted her out because they want a corrupt government in Ukraine to do their bidding. They smeared her simply to try to discredit her in the event questions were asked…. and because the love to smear people, especially people of upstanding character as they frighten them. It's so said to see how Republicans are behaving in all of this.

  32. The government debt-machine hard at work to get the executive branch back so they can go back to wrecking the economy. The only way they can pull off their socialist-dream of permanent power is to first make everybody else poor. Trump is in their way.

  33. Everything that happens with our government is Partisan. Even all the questions and answers today. That’s why nothing ever gets done in our government. Can you imagine a government that would work altogether for the good of the people not for the good of the party.

  34. Carson you are the dumbest congressman I have ever heard u only got put into congress because of affirmative action and the color of your skin and that is sad and that’s the truth

  35. As I hear some of these democrats talk about something that they have no idea what had happened just like I don’t. And u talk dad about your president is repulsive and u hate your country so don’t you just move out of hear you are not a real American only real Americans loves there president no matter how you feel about him u are a disgrace the the American people and do us a favor and just leave move to Ukraine.or Russia because u are simply not a real American

  36. I hate democrat baby killers they should all burn in hell for the murders that they are the lord will punish them for the baby killers that they are

  37. Adam Schiff is utterly Satanic. Surely he is one of the most evil of persons ever to walk the halls of The U.S. Congress.
    Who the heck are the people who voted this wicked creature spouting nothing but mendacity & spun contrivances? How can anyone NOT see the that he is a consummate sociopath destined for the hottest of hell.

  38. Just realized this is Washington Post. Have issues with Amazon prime. Definitely not Optimus prime! Will check out CNN instead!

  39. Taking a tally here: How many people find Adam Schiff's face, the kind of face you can't not help but want to slap?
    How cannot everyone agree, Schiff's cheeks are designed perfectly fitted for the human palm?

  40. Could you please let the Gracious Lady , I thank you for your service and thank you for fighting corruption. It is not easy facing this I am sorry for that I your life. Keep true to yourself because you are doing great. Truth comes out you are a wonderful person standing up. Prayers with you.

  41. How do you feel? Since when did this become a therapy session. Did he really think she was going to be fired from her job and think oh thank goodness I'm so glad I'm finally done with that career I've spent my life building. Good Lord

  42. I like how they try to sell the importance of the freedom for Ukrainian people but actually they dont want Russia getting there hands on the Ukraine. Land grab. Thats all. No one has the interest of any of the people.

  43. Little historical information: Yovanovitch is the ambasador that was directed to tell the newly appointed Ukraine investigator not to investigate Barisma Holdings in 2016. She is also in 2016 the same person that denied political visas to the same Ukraine investigators that wanted speak to the FBI about Barisma, $7 Billion US Aid misappropriation, or Ukraine admitting to influencing the US Elections. Funny how she was let go and then the Ukraine also replaces their own ambassador to the US days later?

  44. Yawnybitch is not a witness. She witnessed jack squat. She is a worthless lying sack of excrement butt hurt government employee.

  45. Not one mention of a crime yet. Other than from Adam(Russia,Russia, Russia) Schiff.
    Cannot wait to see Schiff arrested for treason.

  46. I can’t understand where all the hate comes from. You might not like how President Trump speaks all the time. But look what his policies have done . Economy booming. Unemployment 50 year low. Stock Market up 10K since 2016.. if President Trump was Impeached this would all go away.

  47. Well Wiley you obviously misunderstood my meaning in order for Jordan to continue doing what he doing for Trump he would have to be behind him

  48. White race hello!!!our kids are watching how evil you race is…this includes all south Americans Spaniards that hide behind government positions…the white Mexican is just that ""white"" the white Peruvian the white Ecuador..the white Columbian ..they all came from Europe..stop being fooled …food for thought…you were made to save humanity not destroy it…

  49. Wrong. The President has the responsibility to ensure there is no US taxpayer money going to fund people like Biden and Ukranians. Biden IS NOT THERE WORKING FOR FREE. HE'S GETTING PAID. BUT FOR WHAT? WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE WORTH THAT KIND OF MONEY? THAT'S US TAX DOLLARS STOLEN, MISSING AND BEIING LAUNDERED TO PAY THE BIDENS, AND TRUMP KNOWS IT.
    She got fired for hiding it, facilitating it, and not doing her job in defending the reputation of the OFFICE of the President of the United States. At no time, did she do this very important job outline of her job. This is NOT a trial about HER DAMNED FEELINGS. THIS IS A TRIAL ABOUT WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH TAXPAYER MONEY IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY.

  50. This administration is run on conspiracy theories. Also having been alive during Obama seems to instantly make you an enemy of Trump and your enemies his informants. His nightmares be like standing in front of a massive inauguration crowd, then noticing their eyes are fixed onto someone else. Oh no, it's Obama's crowd! I'm not the most popular president in history! (That was probably Carter after Nixon anyways. :p)
    Add to the fitness for office checklist: Gullibility to conspiracy theories. Ask: "Have we been to the moon? Do they spread chemicals from the turbines of airliners? Is Obama a Muslim from Kenia?"

  51. Wow Stefanik said she was interrupted 6x but failed to mentioned she knew the rules THAT SHE AGREED ON and attempted to break them on TV 6x. Also she failed to mentioned that eventho The ambassador said the president can fire the ambassador at any time she forgot to mention why was it necessary TO SMEAR HER!! And they had to mention Obama cuz they got nothing 7:33:44

  52. the best part about this whole investigation is the fact that the republicans have explicitly proved that they’re here to serve the president and not the people or the constitution. they’re running the circus they try to say the dems are…

  53. THE mass media has been taken over by evil and promotes its evil agenda. The average citizen cannot ferret out the Truth and is easily misled by his misguided trust in the media in general. This is how the media uses its power and influence to promote evils such as the proposed impeachment of the President.

    "Evil uses the media to paint pictures of distortion over the Truth. It is in this way, they gain power in the heart of the world.
    "We must uncover the motives of this ambition which are not towards democracy and the welfare of the people, but race towards the One World Order.

  54. Trump fires Yovanovitch  Clinton sets Ambassador Stevens on fire and lets three others die and U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., claimed the State Department "not only failed to honor repeated requests for additional security, but instead actually reduced security. Clinton 2020!!!

  55. Watching her having to deal with the dumbassed Republican questioning on BS Ukraine intervention in the 2016 elections is just painful. Basically, it is her sat there shrugging going wtf are you talking about?

  56. I think the Republican strategy from the beginning should have been to ask two questions and only two questions of each witness:

    1.) Do you have any first hand knowledge of the President being involved in bribery?

    2.) Do you have any first hand knowledge of the President breaking any law?

    After that, they should have yielded all their time back. Every time they continue to question these not-actually-witnesses they give credence to them.

  57. 4:22:02 (R) Nunes makes the comment that he would like to congratulate the witness for making it to the secret meetings in the basement and on her performance today. That comment is rude and antagonizing. Comments like this are unnecessary and unprofessional. If you are going to question someone get to the point. The show that is being put on is being led by this republican no question! I may have seen one or two others make jokes on both sides but it seems like this guy is dead set on being the antagonist. I would think that type of behavior is seen to be unfavorable in a format that should be held professionally and with respect to all parties involved. I can guarantee this witness does not want to be here and is there because she was placed in the middle of this mess by the man that they so shamelessly gravel to. If anyone should be questioned it should be Trump and why he felt the need to use this women as a pawn when her history as an ambassador has already been shown to be admirable not just by her poise during some of the ridiculous comments and questions but by her fellow colleagues and her reputation of 33 yrs of service. They have made a mockery of her career, which I guarantee was done intentionally to deflect from the actual reason that her name was ever brought into any of this. It’s a shame that people are being used so flagrantly.

  58. 4:25:40 Steve Castor begins to question the witness and starts out by thanking her for being there and thanking her for her 33 yrs “an extraordinary career” lol 😂 does he realize he’s saying the opposite of what Trump claimed on twitter? That everywhere Mrs Yovanovitch went turned bad? 😂

  59. Congress dems, control congress now and look at all they have not accomplished there are budget issues and other public issues that they democrats have not taken care of instead they are so busy and frantically trying to impeach the current president its not like he lied about having sex with an intern no its because he asked a person to help him find out who in the ukraine was responsible for the 2016 election mess and why Biden used Quid Pro Quo to have the prosecutor removed the prosecutor who was trying to investigate corruption in Burisma Holdings. And the dems dont want to investigate Biden and if this was a directive by Obama then they both are guilty of violating the law.


  61. I did not know much about Shiff before these hearings. I have heard complaints about how they are running the hearings and that the process is unfair. The process allows both sides equal amounts of time to speak, opening statements from both sides and the witness. 45 mins of questions by both sides and then 5 mins each for the rest of them to ask questions to where they can give excess time to whomever they want. It doesn’t get more fair than that. I don’t see most ppl interjecting with a point of order because this process allows everyone to use their time how they like, the point of orders have mostly been that had already been answered or as just a point to razz the others. Even in the last moment someone felt like they needed a point of order to respond to the closing statements which is totally unnecessary. Nunes gave his final statement and if someone wanted to add to that they should of request them to consider their points to be included. That’s not what they did here they didn’t like what Shiff said at the end and just wanted to say some unnecessary rebuttal when Nunes had already given his statement. That’s what happens when ur point person doesn’t say anything of substance and just makes loose statements. Shiff gave a very strong to the point statement that truly summarized the proceedings that day where Nunes just mocked the process. They should be taking more time thinking of what they want to say to contribute to the process instead of just mocking it because the price of treating this process so flagrantly, the price of not taking it seriously is so high. Hearing from whistleblower is necessary for this process. Knowing the persons identity is unnecessary and does not change the statements of the whistleblower. They don’t like the way it’s being done but that doesn’t matter. If u follow the process then u will have a chance just like everyone else and again it doesn’t change anything as the facts are placed in the forefront they are really acting like children during this process saying it’s not fair but it literally doesn’t get any more fair. Again they don’t like it but there approval doesn’t make a difference.

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