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Watch bitter ending to impeachment hearing

Watch bitter ending to impeachment hearing

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Collins is such a schill. Look at him squirming in his chair! What a disgrace to the United States of America! Republicans are an embarassment! I recently switched from being a life long Republican to being a proud Democrat! Good job Nadler! Good job Schiff! Good job Pelosi! I am proud to be an American because of courageous leaders like you!

  2. It is so sad to watch the Democrats need to do the right thing and the republicans need to protect their power! It says a lot about the shape of our Government right now! The republicans are destroying this Democracy! All for the likes of Donald J trump! Sad just sad!

  3. Nadler can't even run his own committee , the ignorance in this Congress will lead to it's removal .
    If it's this easy to make false claims … The democrats better buckle up .

  4. GOP guilty of AIDING & ABETTING.
    tRUmp confessed to wanting Biden investigation announcement, in public.
    And… He wasn't the only one….OMB Director, Mulvaney confessed also.

  5. The acrimonious ending, was "courtesy" of Screwy louie Go-Merde, one of the stupidest, most obnoxious kook saKKKers ever to have been wrongly put into Congress.
    The aforementioned dumbfuque mouthed the word "typical".
    Indeed so, as Go-Merde's words and behavior are *typically sub-idiotic*, malodorously fugly, and exactly what to expect from this abomination.

  6. So the thief’s and corrupt politicians are scared they got caught
    ( joe on tape) and many more corruption
    But because they got power big power swamp power
    They turn it around and try to impeach somebody who did nothing wrong

    How disgusting!!!

  7. Perhaps the Democrats have not done an in-depth job but you CANNOT ignore the Republican's blindness to our nation. REPUBLICAN's are acting in their own self interest and NOT The People's.

  8. I never want to hear a Republican whine about "the rule of law", or "family values" ever again. They sold out their country to support a Russian asset.

    The committee has more than enough documented evidence and testimony to make a decision based on Constitutional Law.

    Documented Evidence used in the hearings:

    WH Transcript

    Trump's Tweets

    Statement from Putin's Press Release pushing the narrative that Ukraine interfered in the US 2016 election and not Russia. After all of America's Intelligent Agencies proved and reported that it was ONLY RUSSIA.

    Witness Texts and Emails.

    Let's not forget Trump asking China to investigate Joe Biden on National TV and not Ukraine corruption, just like in the call with Zelensky on 7/25/2019

  9. None of them had an answer to matt Gaetz question do the have any fact based from Schiff hearning
    Reply was priceless
    I rest my case all over your face
    Can anyone give a better answer than these so called scholars
    If so you should have been the one testifying lol

  10. The Republicans are so disingenuous. That nonsense at the end was just for show so they can complain about the process. It was calculated for the purpose of appealing to their base.

    I do kind of agree with the Republicans on one thing. The Democrats should take their time and keep digging. Trump broke way more laws that they can bust him on. Also like Nunes they will likely be able to implicate more and more Republicans who can either be added to the dog pile of who to impeach as well or need to recuse themselves from the process. Maybe if they are able to get all of the Republicans to recuse themselves from voting who's left will be a unanimous vote to impeach and remove.

  11. No more Republicans. No more Democrats. If you cannot see the damage these two groups are causing to our republic you are willfully ignorant and part of the problem. Time to root both groups out.

  12. Mr. Collins needs to be arrested for being so dumb and numb and suppose to be protecting us Americans, he obviously can't put a simple puzzle together, and it is amazing to see him act like us Americans are on their side? You Republicans and the Evil President do not care about us Americans and only care about power, control, money and looking for puppets to follow you for votes so you are using the bully tactics and hopefully the puppets wake up and realize that they are human and have a brain to figure what going on and save America before its all over for all of us!!!!

  13. Communists bastards, keep in mind impeachment it's bullshit. The Senate it's controlled by the Republicans and the trial will the death of Communist Party, Republicans will subpoena Joe Idiot Biden, Haunted Biden, Adam Shithole, fat pig Nadler, Obama, the coward whistleblower, and Skeleton Pelosi!!

  14. Nadler's predetermined act. So obvious this is just a smear game. Schiff sells you out here his "story" and lots of you guppies actually bought it. I didn't know desperation makes you easier to accept lies as the truth. Sorry Dems but Senate STOPS THIS – so get off your high horse!!

  15. Omg these republicans do not care about the law or the country all they do is deflect and complain they have no conscious defending a criminal.

  16. OHHH … That Collins could not care less about the Country, the People, the Democracy of the country or the Rule of Law of the country …. He would rather watch the country burn so long as he is alright.
    People like him make me sick to the stomach.

  17. Why those experts have to come from both parties? Can the Americans get some real Constitutional Expert who is neither party to testify and get straight to the point so we can understand your stupid Constitutional is?

  18. The Constitution holds strong. Don't let corrupt people destroy our American values. Let this impeachment follow through and I hope people use their brains to understand logic.

  19. I'm so glad this is moving on rather quickly so after this fake bulshit leaves the house it can move on to the Senate where they can laugh in your face for this whole dog-and-pony shitshow and then Trump can win by a landslide in 2020 and you can win for another 4 years lol now wasn't just fun

  20. The hillbilly sitting next to Nadler's left was acting like he was trying to translate what Nadler was saying, for the hearing impaired

  21. Trumps entire term has been the study and practice of a tyrannical dictatorship, not every word, but consistently so. Imagine the psychological studies the rich republicans have done on the poor to figure out their next step towards enslaving 90% of the population. Stop all your addictions, Americans, slavery never left and you are just killing the pain to avoid seeing the train coming your way.

  22. Trumplicans full of BS!!! its surreal they keep passing their BS.True Republicans need to stand up for our country!!! BY GOD!!! Im Republican!!!

  23. Why did they take the camera off the manchild sitting to Nadlers left!! He was very entertaining with his childish behavior. I love to see them squirm like that.

  24. Maybe now that democrats think that our founders want Trump impeached—they’ll stop destroying those monuments and murals.

  25. I cannot believe that these dummycrats do not realize how ridiculous they look and sound but they just keep marching on Wow blows my mind

  26. Grow up, Rep. Collins. Stop playing to the cameras. Why is it only the clowns and bulldogs are representing the Republican Party on the dais? SOUR GRAPES!

  27. The part of Washington's speech Nadlers dumbass is talking about is in the middle of the part where he's warning us about a having a two party system and just how dangerous that will be…its amazing just how right the first president of this country was! The polarization of politics from BOTH SIDES has to end or its gonna be the beginning of the end of this REPUBLIC this is not a democracy!

  28. Republicans bitch about the process not being bipartisan, when it is in fact themselves who aren't! Pathetic arguments from all of them really during this important time in U.S. history.. They are in such denial. So sad, and sickening really.
    Noam Chomsky, sharing the truth: "the Republican Party is the most “dangerous organisation in human history” and the world has never seen an organisation more profoundly committed to destroying planet earth." American voters need to realise this. Sooner, rather than later! So much evidence of their political obsession, obstruction and ignorance in these hearings.

  29. Where is this majority of the country at? I have still yet to see a fact and I watched every single hearing and nothing concrete just all hearsay. Fools

  30. trump should be held accountable for ordering his Administration to break the law and tell witnesses to not turn up and not hand over any paperwork. He should be treated as if everything was a charge against him. (ie; you refuse a breath test then you get the same as what you would get if you were drink driving)

  31. The game has change and is so rude for professional to interrupt… please have some ethical principle of manners.

  32. This hearing had so many disruptions. It's unfortunate that the Republicans tried so hard to obfuscate the actual hearings. Both parties should be interested in protecting our system of government.

  33. Nadler did the right thing since the GOP members on the Panel would not deal with the substance of the case but go off rail to rumble on nonsensical partisan blame. Moreover, their Legal Expert they employed to support their efforts to prove Trump's innocence performed horribly. Even those of us with little to no legal background or know-how could easily notice huge holes in his arguments.

    Furthermore, this Professor Turley is deeply conflicted! He talks like he favors impeachment as a concept but rejects the very evidential facts that plainly exist to justify that. His legal ability is in fact not as deep as some would have us believe. He had already lost an impeachment case with similar wacky reasoning, regarding a former Judge in Louisiana. And, interestingly, it was Adam Schiff who led the Prosecution to win the case against him.

    If the GOP thinks this Turley (Turkey?) Professor is their ultimate Legal Expert they can depend on to exonerate Trump, they better hit the ground running to search for another, because Turley's arguments simply suck, and are without merit.

    The GOP might have picked him because he is also a good personal friend of the Attorney General's, William Barr. Unfortunately, both have checkered records of shallow legal reasoning, and at best, largely exaggerated reputation of Legal prowess. Many of the evidential references Turley gave to support his claim of Trump's unimpeachability were totally off the mark. He said for instance that there was no direct evidence of Trump's obstruction of Justice. That was a plain lie. The very facts that Trump had directed the White House to refuse turning over documents to the Congress, and advised his Aides not to go before Congress to testify amount to obstruction of Justice. That is no-brainer.

    Meanwhile, Turley's suggestion of Congress extending the process to go through the Courts to force Bolton and others to testify before proceeding to impeach Trump goes against the GOP's own initial demand that the investigations do not further into next year. So, by Turley's reasoning, layered upon the GOP's wishes, the whole process would have to be abandoned, something that would set an unprecedented catastrophic example to haunt future Congressional oversight responsibilities. Folks, this should not be about Partisan Politics but rather the soul of the US Democracy and Constitution.

    It must also be noted that the GOP Counsel who quoted from the book by Neal Katyal deliberately and corruptly picked only a part of an excerpt that the Author had written to make a logical point. The Counsel lifted the section before an ellipsis to misconstrue what the Author really meant. What a shame!

  34. Exactly Nadler you just stated what the demoncraps have done. You stepped in a head of a FRAUDULENT HEARING without EVIDENCE ! Where is the evidence ? You have committed ESPIONAGE, TREASON, TERRORISM, DOMESTIC ENIMIES OF AMERICA and need to be arrested and executed IMMEDIATELY as the Constitution Demands ! NO It is NOT LEGAL ! Everything Nadler is saying is exactly what the demoncraps are doing. No the American People Do Not Agree and polls have proven it. Where is the Sargeant At Arms to arrest them ? Exactly Stand Behind The Constitution You Swore To Defend ! Without Objection ? Collins just objected ! No President Trump did not commit any crime and the demoncraps did not produce any EVIDENCE ! That so called reporter lied when he said both sides got to produce evidence is incorrect and stating the president withheld the evidence when he provided everything to the demoncraps.

  35. That’s exactly how the democrats do things. Stop the republican side from saying anything cause they do not want to mess up their media attention so that way that the fools that voted these democratic fools in can only believe what they say.

  36. In another legal context the actions of Trump would constitute contempt…. In a constitutional context his actions constitute a gross challenge against democracy, the separation of powers, and the whole set of assumptions that underlie American democracy as I understand it. I will admit to only have studied US politics for a year at an Australian university, but I have maintained a close interest for over nearly four decades at the developments in American politics. Why? Because it remains a matter of significant importance to the rest of the free world [if such a thing exists] and Republican extremists presently represent the decline of democracy in strategy, policies and ideology in the US, the UK and Australia, morally, politically. logically, and philosophically. Trump is the most crude example of this decline of public and political life, and the impeachment process important in revealing both the facts of the matter from credible witnesses and the overwhelming nature of the unconstitutionality of Trump's and his Administration's misdemeanours. The rest of the world is invested in justice and the constitutional processes protecting not only American democracy but the stability of the Western world, which Trump has done so much to destabilise with his thoughtless and irresponsible behaviour and personal alliances. Let's hope that the idealism of America wins through, and halts the decline of the best of the global citizenship of the USA.

  37. And after the eligant, clear, professional and most complete outline of the most brazen abuse of power and rebuke of co-equal checks and ballances; Watch democracy end and fascism win in the republican controlled, personality cult controlled senate. America is over. Congressional oversight is toothless, the precedent is you can ignore it, from now on america has unaccountable and unimpeachable rulers.

  38. When republicans abuse your rights to vote freely by gerrymandering, or voters suppressions they should be impeached also. But they do it from a so long time that now they find this all normal ways to do politics. Republicans are losing their grip on power and ae afraid that the people of the US of A shall ask answers to these illegal acts.

  39. Why is the clarity and truth of this situation become clouded? Has the population lost the ability to see truth and reality? The light that lives inside must not to be confused, or blinded by the stage lighting.

  40. Once again Democrats have NOTHING🤣🤣🤣 please take this to the SCOTUS. Where court orders will be enforced and NO ONE will be above the law. Not even Hilary, so please you dumb ass liberals keep poking this sleeping bear I BEG YOU!!!

  41. So biden is above investigation? He didn't do anything corrupt? Democrats are fools. Biden used his office for his personal corrupt agenda

  42. You don’t have a republic if Congress cannot oversee the executive branch by issuing subpoenas. All you can say in defence of Trump is that he is obstructing Congress because he has no idea what a republic is.

  43. he republican expert did not say that Trump is innocent, he did say that the procedure should go more slowly…

  44. What's Trump's crime? bribery? what's the evidence? hearsay? Trump was right. Biden, Burisma and Hunters millions should be investigated for bribery.

  45. Trump will be the first to be re-elected after being impeached…you Democrats are so funny! Good luck to you guys…you’ve never needed it more.

  46. You know… Everytime I see the Repusilblicans members of Congress in this unequivocal important Constitutional process, they remind me of a kindergarten or perhaps preschool class of spoiled and entitled brats!!!

  47. LOUIE GOHMERT ARE YOU OFF YOUR MEDS TODAY.. And to think you were a judge somewhere in Texas, SCARY. JUST LIKE JEANNE PIRRO,,. ( TRAFFIC JUDGE) ..

  48. Looks like we gonna have merry merry Christmas 👍👍👍 sweep the corruption and clean the WH… Before 2020… 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  49. CNN highly highly funded political racist hate your president propaganda funded by AT&T America time to boycott AT&T

  50. TRUMP 2020!Demons try saving your pensions! Tax payers are coming after you because you crossed the limit and tried to harm Americans choice to be their King and protector!Dems start running now!People are gona kick you!

  51. So if they don't impeach the president..what happens then? Lets say they don't come up w enough evidence..where does congress go from there? Do tjey start looking for something else? What do they do then?

  52. all this to impeach Trump? and all Clinton did was have an affair and He was impeached? so slipping out on your wife is more serious to the presidency than bribery?

  53. Mr. Collins. The reason why the House is moving quickly on this IMPEACHMENT is due to the fact that between what trump has done as described in the Mueller Report, and his recent actions with Ukraine, there is more than enough evidence to impeach trump for the simple fact he BROKE THE LAW!!!You, and your republican colleagues are conducting yet ANOTHER FUTILE attempt to save this president by attempting to discredit this process. You and the rest of the GOP, are COWARDS, and you offend me.

  54. There was no criteria identified to support the Russian Collusion Dossiers VALIDITY, nor Congressional nor FBI nor Judicial investigation of Russian Collusion validity itself, then this clearly indicates that there is a conspiracy at the top levels of Government and within the top levels Security Departments themselves, and that indicates a COUP.

    There has to be a major crime committed before launching these investigations for Russian Collusion or investigation for Impeachments, and if there is no major crime PROVEN IN COURT BY A JUDGE……


    And through all of this, We the People can clearly see that the FEP owns the News Media Networks. Which is why the News only shows the death and the gun, but will not show that Democrats disarmed all those Gun Free Zones, and the Democrats were paid to allow big pharma to dope up most of the shooters, and Democrats forced our schools to be disarmed…..ALL A PERFECT SETUP FOR A MASS SHOOTING BY THE DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS IN SUPPORT OF THE DISARMAMENT PHASE OF THE COUP !!!!!! Dems are not even smart enough to think-up this disarmament tactic themselves. History clearly documents that the tactic of disarming all venues resulting in dead children and adults was used by Hitler to disarm Germany !!!!!

    And We the People see how the Democrats seek bribes from the FEP.
    And the FEP seek to gain like China by removing our bill of Rights and disarming THE USA citizens of our tyranny preventing/deterring capable rifles.

    Listed below are just two of the hundreds of tyrannical Democrat pushed gun laws which have resulted in the death of innocent civilians in their own cities with no crime committed:

    1) Democrats pushed the bad anti US Constitutional law called THE GUN FREE SCHOOL ZONES ACT which allow Gov buildings to be armed with AR 15's, but the bad law forces the removal of the 2nd Amendment from our schools and all city venues, which exposes US citizens to the known psycho component in each city and has now resulted in the deaths of more than 50 schoolchildren since Sandy Hook, but thousands more in many other city venues like the Pulse Night Club and Mandalay Bay Shooting down on Country Western Concert, and many more…..

    2) Democrats pushed these Red Flag Laws which Police are already using to target innocent people from Florida to California. An innocent man died in Maryland, when he was targeted by a RFL Police Squad who jumped him and shot him in cold blood as he tried to get back into his home after they loured him out by promising that they just wanted to talk !!!!
    These Red Flag Laws burn our 1st 2nd 4th and 5th Amendments of our bill of Rights !!!!!!

    There is a coup going on. And the USA Gov is being taken by Democrats bribed by the big money FEP. Any time that you see borders being forced open and non English speaking, no skill migrants being secretly bused in, and pushed up to ballot boxes. This means that there is a coup in action. A Democrat Coup.

    While you see Fake Russian Collusion Dossiers being pushed for no reason……
    While you watch the Fake Ukraine Call Impeachment…….

    The media is not reporting all the RFL squads busting into homes across the country and taking guns from American Citizen who committed no crime !!!!

    While you see people being fired for Free Speech 1st Amendment, and not using the Law Required Pronouns.

    Parents being jailed for not allowing doctors to inject their own children with dangerous vaccines and very dangerous gender changing hormones !!!!

    While laws are passed to throw anyone in jail with no due process for an undetermined amount of time !!!!

    While Dems create laws to allow them to route our tax dollars to family and Friends.

    While allowing Obama, Hillary, and now Biden and Pelosi to position their sons to involve themselves in corruption using tax payer moneys to bribe and deceive Governments or receive bribes from gov and corps !!!!

    We The People of America want arrests made and these corrupt politicians tried and convicted.

    We also want new laws to isolate our politicians from any bribe or gift moneys and eliminate them from controlling money hides like the Clinton Foundation. gifts or post term lucrative job assignments !!!!!

    The above practices is how N Korea and Chine turned communist, and We The People will not allow this to occur in America !!!!

    Now Democrat Politicians are attempting to enforce the coup at the the USA national level by importing Islam and Mexicans then promising them free everything if they vote Democrat while they route them to the voting booths within pre-planned states that Democrats want to coup particular US State Governments !!!!!

    Take a close look at the Minnesota and Michigan Democrat Party winners !!!! This happened FAST !!! I suspect that Merkel and her parliamentary ilk attempting the same to gain votes and remain in office.

    This California coup was successful. As Mexican Democrats now own the California Gov. Thanks to the Democrats forcing the California/Mexican border open for 50 years for personal profit and kick-backs to Democrats from the Hotel and Produce and other Industries……Your tax dollars have been routed to the biggest conspiracy in the United States. You pay for the Welfare, Medical, and Housing for Illegals brought here to vote Democrat and to steal jobs that that your son or daughter needed during college.

    The Dems say, just take out a college loan and your children can pay later. No need for your son or daughter to work their way through college as you did.

    Now the Democrats are pushing for all tax payers to pay for all college related college debt which is larger than the countries credit card debt.

    And the same corrupt Democrats are now shipping and flying in a concentration of Muslims into Minnesota and Michigan which was also a well planned coup of those states.

    Democrat Politicians are also shipping and flying Millions of Muslims into Californian and New York. As the coup in these states is critical to the Democrat treasonous agenda to disarm and enslave !!!

    The Democrat / Cabal goal is to enslave the USA and the Dems are building a demographic of Mexican Muslim and other migrant voters and the cost of this to tax payer will soon trigger an economy crash and Marshal Law – Which is what Democrats and the Cabal want – Bring forth the final disarmament and enslavement with the downing of the US Constitution for ever.

    VOTE !!!! And Remove all Democrat Politicians in 2020.

    A Quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero – Addressing the Roman Senate in the year (43 B.C.)

    "A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within.
    An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly.
    But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys,
    heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor;
    he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments,
    he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation,
    he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city,
    he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear."

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