Wars and Rumors of Wars:  War Planners and Politicians Convene in White House Over Iran

where there is no Bible there's no cross in the theology there's no soul-searching work there's no repentance from sin there's no mention of the blood of Jesus it's unclean from churches where the worship leaves you cold there is no sense of God because they don't know God run run from churches where you're comfortable in your says we are entering the climax stage of mankind's existence a showdown is coming between God and mankind to the temple so when they say that they're cousins there's good in the bill the third tip will say here it's already here brothers it's already here it's mobile it's on the move it's got legs it's walking around this tip was going all over the place it's not stuck in Jerusalem it's going to Jakarta it's going to Hong Kong it's going to download Switzerland it's going to Shanghai it's going to Mexico City this temples on the Louvre we're the temple we're it we're the temple yet never know there's a balance at your feet if you want to finish the race you cross the finish line you want to hear the Lord say well done good and faithful servant you're going to remain consistent you're gonna you're gonna adhere to sound doctor you're not gonna chase every fat run from ungodly spasmodic movements endless empty prophesying beloved church rut anything less than that anything that perverts that anything that changes that that tries to read it buying Christ is something else Jesus is something else this fall stock run for those that are only after your money and they use one gimmick after another one foolish thing after another to get your money right the religious walking did pretend to follow Jesus because religion is there a meal ticket it is their profession it is their status in society they dominate religious events but there is no life in them the ends of the world upon assisted they are we've all preached to both if you're truly spirit-filled if you're the Spirit of Christ that bears with you right now what I'm saying strikes a chord in your heart disciples are not satisfied with what the crowd desires they need much more from Jesus the yeren to know the deeper things of God therefore they separate themselves from the crowd to pursue Jesus the teacher bring the Holy Spirit of God back into the church back by prayer back by obedience back by confession until he takes over we read on the first hand how does the world know that we're his disciples if we have love for one another but then it also has to question how does God know that where is the cypress if we keep his Commandments if we obey Him because it's not just a matter of believing you know I know you're right I know what the Word of God says I believe the Word of God do you obey it do you obey it you know what before the people beat them before God not so much that there are so many sinners there's so many strangers used to fight fight to defend for that faith that was delivered one time to the Saints not multiple faiths one doctrine was delivered for all time and we are to contend for that doctor not for your denominations doctrine but for that doctrine that was delivered during those 40 days between the Resurrection and the Ascension churches there's no there's no soul-searching there's no churches were the words that leaves you cold there is no sense of God because they don't know God run run from churches where you're comfortable in your sins we are entering the climax stage of mankind's existence a showdown is coming between God and mankind the temple knew it so when they say that they're cousins they're going to build a third temple say hey there's a it's already here brothers it's already here it's mobile it's on the move it's got legs it's walking around this temple is going all over the place it's not stuck in Jerusalem it's going to Jakarta it's going to Hong Kong it's going to Davos Switzerland it's going to Shanghai it's going to Mexico City this temples on the moon we're the temple we're it we're the temple getting that burn old Evelyn's tenure see if you want to finish the race you know cross the finish line you want to hear the Lord say well done thou good and faithful servant you're gonna remain consistent you're gonna you're gonna adhere to sound doctor you're not gonna chase everything beloved Church run anything less than that anything that perverts that anything that changes that that tries to redefine Christ as something else Jesus is something else is false doctor run it for those that are only after your knee and they use one gimmick after another one foolish thing after another to get your money right the religious walking did pretend to follow Jesus because religion is their meal ticket it is their profession it is their status in society they dominate religious events but there is no life in them the ends of the world proponents it today I we've all preached about question well the Zionists finally get a war with Iran stay tuned we're talking about it on today's edition of true news this is true news on doc Burkhart welcome to the God cast for Thursday June 20th 2019 I'm Carrie Kinsey and here you're uncensored news headlines president Trump is warning that America will not stand for Iran shooting down a US drone over the Strait of Hormuz the US military confirms that happened last night the president made his remarks to reporters before a meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau now Ron made a big mistake this drone was in international waters clearly we have it all documented it's documented scientifically not just words and they made a very bad mistake you'll find out you'll find out obviously you know we're not gonna be talking too much about it you're gonna find that they made a very big mistake well US Air Force's Central Command and Southwest Asia says Iran shot down that US military drone in international airspace in what the Pentagon is calling an unprovoked attack Lieutenant General Joseph Graciela explains what happened the US Navy rq-4 was flying over the Gulf of Oman and the Strait of Hormuz on a recent surveillance mission in international airspace in the vicinity of recent IRGC maritime attacks when it was shot down by an IRGC surface-to-air missile fired from a location in the vicinity of garokk Iran this was an unprovoked attack on the US surveillance asset that had not violated Iranian airspace at any time during its mission this attack is an attempt to disrupt our ability to monitor the area following recent threats to international shipping and the free flow of Commerce Iranian reports that this aircraft was shot down over Iran are categorically false the aircraft was over the Strait of Hormuz and fell into international waters at the time of the intercept the rq-4 was operating at high altitude approximately 34 kilometers from the nearest point of land on the Iranian coast this dangerous and escalatory attack was irresponsible and occurred in the vicinity of established air corridors between Dubai UAE and Muscat Oman possibly endangering innocent civilians the downing of the drone via surface-to-air missile is the most recent Iranian provocation in the region it comes after a disputed attack on a pair of oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman one week ago today US officials say Iran was behind the tanker attacks but the Islamic Republic has not claimed responsibility they even suggested American involvement in the plot we're gonna have much more on this developing story in our panel discussion later in the god cast we also have breaking news from the US Supreme Court which has voted 7 to 2 to protect the Blandings burg cross from removal the American Legion has been fighting to protect the world war one Memorial in Maryland from atheists who sought to bring it down because it's shaded shaped like a cross first Liberty Institute Jeremy dice reacted the High Court's decision this afternoon on the front steps of the Supreme Court building it was the local chapter of the American Legion that picked up the banner to raise this cross when the mothers came up with the idea back in 1919 these men work to establish this memorial and dedicated at it in a 1925 and so it is now standing and for what now 90 some odd years and because the decision today the work that those men did so many years ago and the work that Mike Moore has done along with all these other members of the Legion behind me it will stay for another hundred years well praise God on that one doc getting back to international headlines Jewish billionaires Stephen Schwarzman is donated 190 million dollars talks for university in England this to establish a new research center in his name that will study the ethics of artificial intelligence and how it may apply to Humanities Research also in the UK barring an foreseen major setback it would seem that the riding is already on the wall Boris Johnson will be the next British Prime Minister the total number of votes given to each candidate for his follows Michael Gove 75 Jeremy Hunt 77 Boris Johnson 160 we therefore declare that Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson are going forward to a vote of the qualifying membership of the conservative and unionist party thank you very much with current Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt and mr. Johnson so closely aligned on most issues especially the UK's withdrawal from the European Union there is now a Tory push going on for a hunt to step aside so a new government can be formed in order to get on with brexit more than 250 religious organisations in Singapore have signed off on a pledge committing to safeguard religious harmony at a time when ethnic and sectarian violence are sharply rising a framed copy the document was presented to President Holloman at the start of the 3-day international conference on cohesive societies well nexium cult leader Keith Ranieri is facing the rest of his life in prison a jury found him guilty of all seven counts against him these include racketeering sex trafficking and related crimes he'll be sentenced in September after the verdict US Attorney Richard Donahue said over the last seven weeks this trial has revealed that Ranieri who portrayed himself as a savant and a genius was in fact a master manipulator a con man and the crime boss of a cult-like organization involved in sex trafficking child pornography extortion compelled abortions branding degradation and humiliation well president Trump's picked to succeed former ambassador to the UN nikki Haley US ambassador to Canada Kelly craft is likely to be confirmed by the Senate during her confirmation hearing she said she would likely follow in her predecessors footsteps especially when it comes to Israel she said there will be no stronger ally than Kelly craft for Israel on behalf of the United States there's no room whatsoever for anti-israel bias or anti-semitism but doc as far as Congress is concerned arms sales to Saudi Arabia are now off the table the republican-controlled Senate has vote to approve two resolutions of disapproval to circumvent president Trump's emergency declaration that would provide 8.1 billion dollars in military sales to the kingdom now this move is tied directly to Saudi Crown Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is alleged role in the murder of dissident journalists Jamal khashoggi the president is likely to veto both resolutions and with just 53 votes in favor of blocking the Saudi arms sales it seems unlikely that Congress will have enough juice to override them and new news into the newsroom judge Roy Moore still wants to be a member of the US Senate the former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice officially just minutes ago launched his bid to once again challenge Senator Doug Jones next year well this escalated quickly now a church in Cincinnati has hosted its first drag queen story our Mount Auburn presbyterian church had its tear caretaker Dan Davidson dress up as his alter ego Sparkle Lee a drag queen then he read to children during a Sunday church service pretty sick yes Davidson read a book telling the story of the late Harvey Milk now this isn't sure is in church mind you the first openly homosexual mayor of homeless of San Francisco opening the door to a discussion about sexual orientation to the congregations youngest members as the adults applauded the church's pastor Stacy mid says the reading fits perfectly with church doctrine because after all God loves everyone no mention us in there huh no yeah so how about some good news to end this segment of the God cast Esther Ahmad is a Pakistani woman who grew up in a family steeped in Islam she nearly blew herself up and a martyrdom attack on Christians now she's sharing her story in a new book titled defying jihad yeah this is a great story Carrie Esther was eventually forced to to go on the run after marrying a Christian man because their own father vowed to kill them both for dishonouring him now she's serving globe international that's a mission sending agency that evangelizes non-christian refugees who are settling in the US yeah I can't wait to hear more about that book and the movie dot sir well we love to hear from our viewers and listeners we like when you share your prayer requests visit true news.com and use the true news app on your smartphone to submit your need for prayer we pray over each of the requests sent to us on a regular basis we like share a couple of those requests with you now and here's the first one dear Rick thank you so much for reading my request my two month old son has been diagnosed with a genetic disease called prader-willi syndrome this means he will never feel full and life and will eat himself to death if left unchecked after the age of 2 I really hope for prayers that Jesus would heal my son and also use this healing it's a testimony that can lead many other parents with children suffering from genetic disorders to believe thank you so much for reading this and God bless warm regards Keith well Keith I just learned this disorder is so rare only about 20,000 cases happen each year in the US but God heals and he is the great physician and he can heal anyone of any affliction no matter how rare the condition Psalm 30 verse 2 says O Lord my god I cry out I cried out to you and you healed me and carry when you shared this with me during our morning devotions today I knew that we had to present it to the true news audience and so thank you for for that making us aware of this genetic disorder God still heals today well here's another prayer request dear Rick and the crew I am a 37 year old quadriplegic and I'm in need of prayer I've been a quadriplegic for just over 10 years now but recently my health has taken a turn for the worse I've been dealing with some pressure ulcers that are not healing if you could please pray for me that would mean the world in this last year or so I've truly given my heart to the Lord I couldn't understand why this happened to me but now I know that the Lord used it to come back to him thank you so much for all that you do I watch your program every day and whenever you hear truth being you believe it you guys are the truth love Jackie Jackie we're praying for your health and thanks for supporting our ministry God's beckoning always requires a response to that almost always requires a change in our lives and we're glad he is using the situation to show his glory and advance his kingdom deuteronomy 31:6 says be strong and of good courage do not fear nor be afraid of them for the Lord your God he is the one who goes with you he would not leave you nor forsake you well coming up on our panel discussion I'll be joined by true news founder and host Rick Wiles and Trinis correspondent Edwards all as we produce this God cast a white house war counsel is underway where the outcome could mean a rapid advancement or our response to Iran and the drone that the Republic right down overnight also will talk about a plan by the US military to deploy nuclear weapons in a conventional war scenario and we could see that happen with Iran stay with us for more in just a few moments but first let's take a break for a word from our sponsor the Holy Bible here's max McClain from the listeners Bible comm with a reading from the Word of God from proverbs chapter 28 this is max mcclain scripture is filled with wise words listen to the Bible from Proverbs 28 when the righteous triumph there's great elation but when the wicked rise to power men go into hiding he who conceals his sins does not prosper but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy blessed is the man who always fears the Lord but he who hardens his heart falls into trouble he whose walk is blameless is kept safe but he whose ways are perverse or suddenly fall Reidy monsters of dissension but he who trusts in the Lord will prosper he who trusts in himself as a fool but he who walks in wisdom is kept safe from proverbs 28 listen to the Bible it's great for the soul well this is true news Hummer equals sin calm the US military command responsible for American forces in the Middle East confirmed that a US drone was shot down by Iran with a surface-to-air missile CENTCOM spokesman said the drone was flying in international airspace income said the US drone was flying at high altitude over the Strait of Hormuz approximately 34 kilometers from the nearest point of land on the Iranian coast now Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Twitter today that the USA is lying over its drone being hit in international airspace Iranian officials maintained that their military shot down the drone because it was on a spy mission over its territory the Trump administration called top us can get congressional leaders to the White House for a briefing today the top four leaders of the US House and Senate plus the chairpersons of the House and Senate Armed Services and intelligence committees were also summoned to the White House the meeting is currently underway as we livestream this newscast right now Russian President Putin warned that a u.s. attack on Iran would be catastrophic and White House National Security Advisor John Bolton will travel to Israel on Sunday to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel's top national security officials Edwards own doc Burkhart had been following the Middle East developments throughout the day Edward who was invited to the White House a council meeting that's taking place right now as we are live-streaming the names of the attendees in the Situation Room which is the classified top secret room the White House any president uses to conduct any kind of an event a situation especially for war Secretary of State Mike Pompeo National Security Advisor John Bolton Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer House Speaker represented Nancy Pelosi House Minority Leader representative Kevin McCarthy Senate Intelligence Chairman Senator Richard burr Senate Intelligence ranking member Mark Warner House Intelligence Chairman represented Adam Schiff House Intelligence ranking member represented Devon Nunez House Armed Services chairman representative Adam Smith House Armed Services ranking chairman remember represented mark Thornberry Senate Armed Services Chairman senator james inhofe senate armed services ranking member senator Jack Reed and lastly the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff US Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford sounds our war council das what it sounds like to me when we started reading through these names and then add to that that this morning there was also another meeting with secretary Pompeo ambassador Bolton with the White House that was just prior to the meeting with Prime Minister Trudeau from Canada actually during it at the same time yes so Patrick Shanahan was in that being I know I mean you're talking mothers multi meetings today on Iran but president Trump has clearly been bringing about his entire weary firm as a war council these are the top security officials in America but also for the transatlantic alliance that President Trump has brought around for counsel today but this meeting that's going on right as we live stream right now this is a you know both Republicans and Democrats so obviously the case now is most likely being made we need a response to Iran and we need to be together on this we need to be on the same pages with this several US senators sent a letter today Senator Rand Paul senator Bernie Sanders Chris Murphy Jeff said Merkley I think Merkley so there's so many four senators out of 100 sent a letter to the White House six total six yeah Mike oh yes Mike Lee and Tim Kaine six to six senators out of 100 actually it was dated June 18 and it says dear president Trump we rewrite in regard to your recent decision to deploy 900 US troops do we have the that we have the letter that we can show it I don't know if we have it okay so any other cylinders said we have several questions where are these armed forces expected to be deployed what is the mission of these forces will these forces be conducting operations beyond protecting US forces stationed in Iraq and maintaining freedom of navigation in international waters will these forces be used to apply pressure and Iran what is this new specific imminent threat from Iran we remain concerned that increasingly escalatory actions by both sides will lead to an unnecessary conflict given that growing risk we want to reiterate that as of this date the Congress has not authorized war with Iran and no current statutory authority allows the us to conduct hostilities against the government of Iran to that in we expect the administration to seek authorization prior to any deployment of forces into hostilities or areas where hostilities with Iran are imminent we further expect the administration to abide by the principles of legitimate self-defense and proportionality rather than escalate tensions absent congressional authorization article 1 section 8 of the US Constitution provides Congress the exclusive power to declare war it is critical that Congress fully retain and enforce this Authority but he doesn't have to does he because we're under the executive order that he issued several weeks back that said basically we can do anything we want in the Middle East right well did they clear how many states of emergency are we under right now I've lost track we've been under multiple states of emergency really since I guess since can't know I'd get back to Kennedy's assassination so I don't even know what's what state of emergency were under but you're right doc they just just declare state of emergency but but the troubling thing is this the letter was only signed by six a 100 US senators right so the other 94 have no problem with President Trump starting a war with Iran we don't know if some of these centers have dropped out since they reported attack on a US drone because this again was before the drone was even attacked but it was at the same time that senior Congress congressional figures earlier this week were summoned to the White House because it remember the game of the week there was this ominous report that Iran was preparing an attack against Saudi I all facilities but still it was enough to bring in top congressional leaders Ricky you mentioned of the culprit the alleged culprit behind today is that the Iranian Republican Guard you know this this group the IRGC remember secretary from Palin and present Trump have designated this group a a terrorist organization of terrorist organization so you don't need there you go doc there's your answer you don't need authorization for war because the Iranian military has been designated a terrorist organization therefore the Pentagon is authorized by the commander-in-chief to take all measures necessary to destroy the terrorist organization right we don't have to declare war we're taking out terrorists right according to that presidential order all right so let's talk about you know the who what when how all that stuff what kind of drone was shot down today so this drone is used by the US Navy it's a top surveillance drone the name of it is the mq-4c Trident drone now this is used not just by the Navy but most branches the military for civilian targets for long periods of time it's an iconic figures because huge huge ones here's a photo of the actual drone the alleged drone was shot down over the Strait um the thing about this this drone that was interesting is the Iranian state-run IR and a initially put out a photo of a drone being shot down well this looks very similar to this but has since been proven to be a basically a fake it was this the picture was actually about from about two years ago but has raised the possibility what do we really actually know about the drone being shot down other than photos I was able to dig up about what this drone is and the official statements we received from the Pentagon we're still in the dark that's right yeah yeah urn it's quite large it right drones are big enough now docket you could remotely fly them into buildings right and imagine imagine somebody doing that imagine somebody remotely flying a giant aircraft into a building what that could never happen did it and they can now can it so I think it could have happened you know 18 years ago when people think about drones and everything though they sometimes think about the kind of drones you like you buy a Best Buy or electronics warehouse you know about the size of a you know computer somewhere do you buy one that size these things are huge I mean they're the size of fighter jets I mean they're not you know some small off-the-shelf device these are large aircraft look at the size of the car compared to the aircraft itself they're the drone itself well you wonder where you buy them in Northrop Grumman actually I think is selling them but the clients mainly or just the Pentagon and in other Middle East countries that want this each of these costs 130 million dollars that's the price tag oh that's what we lost today yes all right so we got Iran said the u.s. said the u.s. said it was flying in international airspace 34 kilometers from the coast of Iran at high altitude Iran said it was flying over their land territory I'm gonna go with what the US is saying because if it was if this was flying over Iranian land they would have retrieved the debris right and they would be dancing around it saying look what we have and we don't see that that's right at the only video that has been circulated by Press TV and other Iranian outlets is an alleged drone in the dark being shot out of the sky you really only see the missile going up in the air and as for the Pentagon the Pentagon hasn't released the other thing anything other than a briefing showing a rough map of the area so if the US drone was in international airspace and it was flying legally over the Strait of Hormuz then why would the Iranians shoot it down knowing what it's going to provoke that's a great question to ask Rick and the other question too is don't we have the capability to determine any missile that's launched just about anywhere in the Middle East I mean don't we have that kind of technology that even if up a missile pad lights up anywhere in the Middle East we're going to know it and we're going to know when that missile is launched we're going to be able to track that missile and don't we have the technology that we've got if we know we've got a missile coming at a drone that we can move the drone out of the way or we can knock the missile out of the sky or don't we have that kind of technology I mean I'm being told we do maybe maybe what the US was doing was probing and hoping that Iran would show what it's got take the bait basically yes like hey come on shoot this thing down and and our satellites are going to capture all the action taking place where you're you know launchers are the house yes together the the crew to do this that maybe what if what happened that we were gathering information on their capability to shoot down aircraft so what did President Trump say about it president Trump said that Iran has made a mistake he made both statements on Twitter and actually in the Oval Office earlier today mister president Trump he said Iran has made a very big mistake leaving this very vague and he actually went in to save it the he doesn't believe the country this is in stamps the Oval Office doesn't in the country Nestle did this but maybe factions inside the country that are about against the ruling which is interesting as president Trump was floating the idea the concept that there are competing factions inside the Iranian government and then Iran's government the president the Supreme Leader doesn't have full control of let's say the military or the IRGC well that sounds like the United States right now because I don't think the president has full control he's been under siege for two-and-a-half years shadow government trying to overt overturn the 2016 election so so he's taking the same the same position there could be rogue agents inside Iran that want the war and others in the Iranian leadership who don't want to war but it hasn't an Iran taking responsibility for knocking down oh yes so if there was a fang a faction i guess they'd have to say it wouldn't they that we did it even if there was a faction that took it down and so they're not being coy about it there Iran has clearly today stated that they they shot down the drone eventually cheering we have actually a sound bite from the IRGC leader of Hassan salamati sharing the downing of the drone early today on the Press TV you know okay let's watch this it's over 22 from Samy Kamkar gonna have a female you Joe Lucien on recall homolytic hey ami Oscar was a party sorry sorry so a straightforward and precise message clearly the Iranians are not taking this as something that was an accident it's something they wanted to show that Iran was ready potentially for a war now III don't know the logic behind that especially with what America demonstrated they could do to a country like Iraq but Iran is getting ready yet clearly for to fight or respond in some way does it appear to you over the the various messages that have come from President Trump today since this morning tilt this afternoon that he has downplayed it as the hours have gone by it seems like it I mean just like he's not confident about the information that he's receiving that he's not sure where he's at on it he was probably told up front you know with Iranians did Iranians and then you heard his comments in the press conference later on saying well we're still trying to figure out some of the issues behind it but then earlier it said we have scientifically proven you know that it was in international airspace and so it's kind of like he's but you know walking both sides of the line here but the Iranians have taken responsibility right the IRGC has taken responsibility and so that brings up another question if the IRGC is acting independently as a terrorist organization separate from rouhani and the government how does that play into things and so there are things to balance out here wait you have Warhawks in Iran who are dreaming about a war with the US and Israel right and you have others who are saying that not so fast we're going to get into something that we wish we didn't start right and this is this is not something new saying does the the build-up for war we know this began and may really for America you could argue it began actually the turn of the century or even begin to president Trump's campaign but today I got a dug up a couple of tweets from the past so this is the things I think President Trump may even be reminded of if he does believe Stephens he's made before back in May he said if Iran wants to fight that'll be the official end of Iran never threaten the United States again now interesting in 2012-2013 he had a little bit of a different tune maybe this was a lot of more close to his actual beliefs on foreign policy in October of 2012 he tweeted don't let Obama play the Iran card I'm gonna start a war in order to get elected be careful Republicans and 2013 he said I predict that President Obama well at some point attack Iran in order to save face these tweets especially what we're seeing today they're a little bit ironic and then throw in the the tweet from back in May if Iran wants to fight that will be the official end of Iran never threaten the United States again and so you see the how the tone is kind of changed at one point he was criticizing President Obama about war with Iran but here we seem ready cheering up for war with Iran I can explain that if we put up still number 16 that that explains why his rhetoric is becoming more hostile and warlike because that's who we're I don't know what that is right there oh you're looking at his well actually yes remember several of what was back in April or May when that had the the notepad and said five thousand troops in Venezuela we've been trying to figure out what's on his notepad today because he came out of that meeting with the president with riding on his yellow legal pad and I think everyone should be scared whatever John Bolton writes on the legal plane figure it out you know with this we can just guess it might be a shopping list for all we know but it could be flames and curses okay so let's go back to this the original photo so this is a John Bolton and Secretary Pompeo is this this morning it's actually yesterday this morning as President Trump was beating publicly with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau LCC secular Pompeo there and Mike SR John Bolton is is very acutely staring at the president as he's making this statements on Iran he looks to be very happy actually that this is going in the direction that he wanted prior to even joining administration Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement expressing his full support for the United States and encouraging the entire world to get behind the United States all peace-loving countries is that what he said all peace-loving cont yes he did this this is a the statement by Benjamin Netanyahu quote in the last 24 hours Iran has intensified its aggression against the United States and against all of us and I repeat my call for all peace-loving countries to stand by the United States and its efforts to stop Iranian aggression you know what well again the Iranian military is claiming credit so you really can't even float the possibility that another entity shot down the drone because that the Iranians are bragging that they did it right America is in a little bit of a conundrum because by saying and admitting let's say they openly their CENTCOM has admitted that drone was shot down but by even coming out and saying that Iran did it with a specific weapon system that then in a way in Bolden's every country that has similar weaponry to Iran they say hey oh maybe we can take down similar drones which are being used to surveil territory such as in Syria or let's say North Korea or even going as far as at the borders of Russia where's Lindsey Graham well Lindsey Graham actually was not invited to the the war Council which mine who disk got an update that it has convened right as it's done this is a meeting that went on for about is a journey it's a journey that she turned 90 minutes they were in the Situation Room we don't know what was said yet but according to the White House press pool there will be some sort of readout and you got briefing about it but I'm sure we're actually sit tonight on the the news come sure what some of these leaves will be talking about it but Lucy Graham was not into me not on the meeting but he was on Fox News last night so he had an interview actually with Brett Baier one of the corresponds for Fox News and he gave his basically unsolicited advice to President Trump that if there is any further provocations with Iran Iran sinks another attacks an oil tanker or does something similar to the drone attack that president drum should just go ahead and sink all the ships in the Iranian Navy there are two quotes that Lindsey Graham said today that I like sure with our audience here one is if the Iranians follow through on their threat to start enriching again and basically take their enrichment program to a nuclear level in terms of weapons-grade production Israel's in a world of hurt Israel is and say America was but said that Israel was when she was soundbite of senator Graham's comments yesterday number 25 for control Norway in Japan never said a word about their ships being blown up by the Iranians so this aversion to a conflict with Iran is going to lead to a major war if somebody doesn't rain them back in and that somebody's the United States so probably the president I tell the Iranians if there's an attack on a ship or a pipeline or anything like that we're going to blow up your oil refinery and take you out of the oil business because they're trying to drive up costs but creating chaos but the main thing is to tell the Iranians if you go back into enriching the way you were before that's a direct direct provocation against the United States and Israel and we will stop that Israel cannot allow the Ayatollah to develop a nuclear bomb nor should the United States so the Secretary of State says they're going to deter aggression the president does not want war where is your redline are you saying if there's an another attack on an oil tanker or a US person is killed what is what's the my red line is if there's any more disruption of shipping in the Straits of Hormuz linked to Iran take out their Navy bombed their refineries if there's any more attack on American interest go after the Iranians so they'll pay pain they'll they'll feel pain I'm not talk about invading Iran I'm not talking about a land invasion and if they go back into the enrichment business at a level that would lead to a nuclear weapon we need to sit down with Israel and other allies and come up with a way to stop you talk to this president a lot that yeah he didn't used to but you do now so is this president ready to do that he's had it with Iran she's headed to Iran yeah did you all hear what Lindsey Graham said he's headed to Iran that means Donald Trump really doesn't want to go to war but there are forces pushing him yes Lindsey Graham is smiling and grinning and saying president Trump is headed to Iran one other quote we didn't have it in the soundbite I want to share here is he said this if I were the president okay so this is this quote if I were the president I would tell the Iranians if there's an attack on a ship or a pipeline or anything like that we're gonna blow up your oil refinery because they're trying to drive up costs by creating chaos if he were president okay with blowing up Iran's oil refineries drive up oil costs and create chaos in the markets it sure would so it would benefit a whole bunch of all people would Saudi Arabia and and the American oil companies favor so any anything produced major basketball for the the Alliance of BRICS alliance that's right you know he said something in the opening of his segment there the clip there he said it was a Norway tanker it was a Japanese tanker and they don't they didn't say anything I didn't say anything they didn't do the owner the Japanese company said stories right we saw flying objects near our tanker from white our tell me Norway why haven't you declared war on Iran Iran tell me Japan why haven't you declared war on Iran because you don't have a reason to do you how do you know how that's evolved not a story the narrative is that it now could have potentially been a cruise missile because that's that's flying yes so that's the way to explain seeing a flying out well now we come back to what happened today right and you the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps taking credit for shooting down the u.s. drone so there's no question now that they did it is the question of how do we respond so again the Iranians certainly their military it appears that the Iranian military is eager for this war there to toss Tyrone is firing up there you know all this the morale everything is they've got their troops on on high alert in fact I read today that that the Iranian military did a snap drill today they're prepared they're ready they want a war but they may get their country in something that that the other leaders of Iran are trying to stop they're walking into a trap by Israel that's right I mean it'd be like walking every day past the junkyard you got the old junkyard dog out there he'll never bother you or anything but you start throwing rocks at him every day then one day he's gonna find out the length of that chain it might bite your your hiney as you were welcomed by Western or look at that dog so we're provoking the Mad Dog in its own carry so we've been telling you this for quite some time that Israel wants a war with Iran they've been trying for years to get an American president to fight the war nobody's taking the bait but it looks like Donald Trump will do it reluctantly so excuse me what do you think and and and whatever we say here could may not matter in the next hour if a White House issues a statement but based on what we know right now what do two of you expect President Trump to do in response to this event doc well at this point just based on it seems like the president's reluctance to move forward or anything I don't know if he's gonna do anything at this time they maybe he'll wait for the next event the only other option is maybe it was this maybe they'll have a Syrian response remember back early in the administration where they lob the what was a forty seven forty nine missiles into Syria to make a strong statement of strength and you know saying we're here were the US and just don't mess with us anymore they know where the missile they came from that took down the drone maybe they'll strike that maybe they'll strike a smaller refinery I don't see a massive response but I could be way off base on that there'll be some type of response but you know probably just a small one mmm we're completely wrong I think they'll be surgical strikes I think at a minimum they're gonna hit the launch site on the coast of Iran they're gonna hit probably a couple of the IRGC command centers we may see actually a let's say a base a military base on the coast that's hit maybe a commander killed I also think there will be a response against the alleged IRGC forces that are operating both Yemen and in Syria right because we have to think about this Lindsey Graham you alluded to this that Israel is going to be brought into the fold on the attack president Trump met with Justin Trudeau from Canada you know today but that mean he was suspect either they didn't talk about Iran I think President Trump is looking for some multinational partners in this so they can be multiple strikes not just one by the United States and of course there was a missile strike in Saudi Arabia as well and so president Trump's been talking with the players involved with that so so there was a White House meeting yesterday about hikes in Saudi Arabia so maybe there would be a coordinated response of some kind the other option to and they've toyed around with this they've they've mentioned a couple times in the past few weeks as a possible cyber strike on Iran and this might you know by alluding to it not only against Iran but against Russia but primarily the target against Iran you know this might be a soft way to say we can take you out anytime we want to but it's you know it's hard to tell at this point what do you think I think there's going to be a very limited strike minimum I think the president is going to restrain the war hawks as much as he can but he'll have to do something to satisfy their their bloodlust and he'll have to he can't just let an American aircraft be shot down and there's no response right because Lindsey Graham and and all of them will well they'll go berserk if there's no response I expected what he'll do is he'll order the US military to take out the launching pads of where the where the missile came from it would be a very limited strike and it'll be a warning to Iran if you do it again there will be another strike I don't the reason I don't think that I don't think the US and Israel are ready for the big war that Israel wants we don't have the troops there we don't have the naval fleet there we don't have the buildup it's not ready doc there has to be there has to be a justification to for the build-up right remember go back to you know the invasion of Iraq george w bush's administration and tony blair spent over a year lying to the public in Great Britain in the United States about what Saddam Hussein was going to do to us yes and that buildup took months yes so a long time to get all those troops there so we don't have the troops there yet so I don't think President Tom's going to order any kind of a massive bombing campaign that we're not ready for the fallout that would come from that campaign journalism or a list you with it to do we want to start a war before the fourth of July we gonna think of us so these things do come into account a lot of soldiers are actually playing trips around taking that fourth of July weekend overtime when the entire military usually takes off for that period of time and and let alone we just sold the twelfth f-35s and a fueling jet kind of thing to Israel they don't have these things yet they don't have them operational ready he says John Bolton is going to Israel the Sunday right so if they were gonna do a massive strike he's not gonna fly to Israel this Sunday but he is going to Israel this Sunday to prepare for the massive strike right which is going to be later in this year like I said yesterday the Iranians are no dummies there no pushovers they they know what they're doing they're technologically advanced they have an industrial system built in place a manufacturing system in place yes they're on your sanctions but they have been surviving under sanctions for quite some time now and they they can still move forward there and like we said yesterday four times the size of Iraq it's a whole different scenario than it was with Iraq doc here's a shot down an American drone today it was a very stupid act yes because they're walking into the trap and you can only surmise that there are now that there are generals in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps that are pushing for the war they're tired of talking about it right they want it they're in it for all the way yes and they're convinced that that they can take out Israel and damage the United States in a in a war so that's not a good scenario because we're moving closer and closer to that kind of confrontation you know our younger viewers you probably don't know this but many years ago I guess it was a 1988 the US military shot down an Iranian airline and a couple hundred people in fact 290 passengers died 66 children 66th it was a mistake supposedly it was a mistake but our our military shot down a civilian airliner and killed 290 people so these these things once this stuff starts happening it can easily get out of control and innocent people die it's a great example to bring up today because you will hear from various Talking Heads and even politicians that America has a they must we must attack and respond whenever time anytime we are our assets our personnel are killed or damaged or taken and that really isn't sound doctrine we'd have about 40 drones shut down over the last 20 years are we supposed to launch cruise missiles which costs nearly as much as sometimes as the drones which are shot down at those countries been around really hasn't responded if you think they really never responded for this plane being shot down okay there's one more story I want to talk about before we close last night I saw a report and I read the document is a US military document appeared on the Internet of a new war doctrine of the Pentagon and then they took it down yes they took it down today and that's why I captured it last night I thought that thing's not going to be there in the morning when I wake up and this this document lays out a new war fighting doctrine for the Pentagon that the u.s. believes it can carry out nuclear war and win yes I had to rub my eyes a couple of times make sure I was reading this document right it's like like oh wow I wish I didn't read this just before going to bed here we got to get out of the bed and pray again you know doc I mean this is the stuff is it's troubling we because it brings me back to why I'm doing this newscast yes to tell you that there is a horrific war coming someday and maybe a billion people may die and I've been for twenty years trying to warn people that this war is coming in and tell people you've got to have your your your life right with God this this war that's coming is unimaginable nobody the world will change after it happens the world will never be the same doc it'll never be the same we can't even comprehend what the world will be like after this war the next time that nuclear weapons are used a world will change forever but if this document that had that came out for eleven days it was only up there for 11 days disappeared overnight to this morning now if our attitude now is that we are a first-strike nation that also changes our standing and our appearance throughout the rest of the world doesn't it I mean up to this point really we've thought ourselves as a defensive nation if there was a nuclear attack you know we'd defend ourselves but what this document is saying is as as Americans that we have the right to a first-strike capability to use limited nuclear weapons or who knows you know how big in the theater nuclear weapons is right as you know as a as an offense what's a rejection of the mutually assured destruction doctrine that if we ever were to engage in the launching of a nuclear missile that other superpowers in the world would destroy us back that they would also launch and it's been a deterrence actually for most of the Cold War for any nuclear weapons being used that ployed especially in all the wars battles which been fought since the Cold War this this manual which was was put online and taken down as you said Rick well the nuclear operations document it was put up by again the Pentagon this is not some silly doggy this is this was put up by the Pentagon and WikiLeaks didn't publish it no this is not a WikiLeaks document this is official a product of the US military and that guy was published on June 11th once the media started looking at this and started realizing what was in it specifically a statement saying using new clue this could create conditions for decisive results and the restoration of strategic stability specifically the use of a nuclear weapon will fundamentally change the scope of a battle and create conditions that affect how commanders will prevail in conflict they're saying here's in small battles we may now deploy nuclear weapons okay that was not it it was not an accident that that document was posted on the internet that's my question for you and so no way was hitted a slip-up at the Pentagon so I said I'll no we we put that nuclear warfare panel online no it was placed there on purpose for Russia China Iran North Korea and everybody else to read it because the United States was telling the whole world our new military doctrine is to use nukes will nuke you which is around the time of this being published this is actually the time the sent Petersburg International Economic Forum what's going on it it's around the time that russia's President Vladimir Putin said that if the United States continues to try to step out of the New START treaty the treaty that sets up until now was limiting the Futurist expansion of nuclear nuclear weapon development that the nukes would find their way into space that space would now be a battleground a place where launchers and nuclear missiles will be placed for future Wars one interesting thing about this Pentagon report on nuclear war is that it opens up with a quote from Herman Kahn a lot of you don't know who this guy is he's not around he died years ago but Herman Kahn was a a war strategist at the RAND Corporation and he's kind of the father there is Herman Kahn kind of the father of American nuclear warfare strategies and he's actually the inspiration for Stanley Kubrick's movie dr. Strangelove yes that's that is dr. Strangelove right there if you've ever seen that movie that's that's where Stanley Kubrick got the idea from Herman Kahn but one thing about Herman Kahn is he was an atheist Jew so think about this the American Pentagon based its its doctrine on fighting a nuclear war on the thinking of a man who disavowed the existence of God right think about that folks who is in control of the American deep state I keep telling you they're Satan us yes they want destruction by quoting mr. Kahn they're saying that they don't really care if there is any kind of spiritual repercussions any kind of effect on the world it's just about winning me the quote they included is my guess is that nuclear weapons will be used sometime in the next hundred years but that their use is much more likely to be small and limited than widespread and unconstrained it's really about destruction that's really what it's about it's not about winning is about what these people want is destruction so they can rebuild it know what I want Satan us once you understand that their hope that their entire motivation for everything that they do is to destroy steal kill and destroy yes right they're just like their father the devil they desire destruction what have they done to our culture our art our music they defiled it they defile it everything that is good they defile they bring destruction once you get that in your head it's easy to figure out what they're doing they they long for destruction because their father is Satan and he he is the father of lies and he and all he produces is destruction and death and misery and bloodshed so they're just going about their father's business they truly doc they truly are committed to their God they're more committed to their God then Christians are to Jesus Christ that's what the militant homosexual said right when they came out came and devised the plan to come after Christians and change the culture they said that they will prove to the curstyn they are more committed yes they're gobbling the Christians are to the Bible that's right and they know that Christians basically fear confrontation and that's the truth they do for your confrontation and and so they back away from us so the enemies of the cross use confrontation to intimidate you heard our story today in the headlines about the drag queen that was reading in a church and so that's how far it's come now the Drucker was actually employed there too for my understanding right that he was a carrying the custodian of the church she was taking out the trash and bring in the trash so if you ever wondered what the last days we're going to look like Audrey no go around because you're in it and it's just going to get stranger as we go our responsibility is the church as the body of Christ is to keep her eyes fixed on Jesus Christ he is coming back to establish his kingdom and our job is not to separate the the tears from the wheat the tears have been here forever where we're at right now is that in many societies like America the tears now outnumber the wheat and the wheat has never experienced anything like this and is it's it's only going to get worse if the church does not rise up and perform its duty and its duty is not to elect Republicans its duty is not get engaged in elections duty is to preach the gospel of the kingdom baptize people teach them the ways the laws of God to make disciples of all men and women that's our responsibility and because we're we're avoiding the Great Commission the enemy is seizing territory so if you want the enemy to retreat and you want to regain territory that you lost them we've got to get out and do what Jesus Christ commanded us to do and that is to go into all the world with the gospel preached the gospel of the kingdom I know the meeting at the white house just ended do we have any updates before close not yet and so it's still information still coming out of that the Iranians have clay this is a small update the rains have claimed to have a piece of the drone which is interesting is if the Iranian claim they got a piece of it either they recovered it from the ocean as centcom's scenario plays out it was over Strait or Iran might have been telling the truth in part that there was a drone fired at inside their own territory you know possible there could be two separate drones known as photo that yet but it could be two incident it was over their territory they'd have more than a piece they'd have a video they'd have a lot of things exactly so all right thank you so much for watching true news we appreciate your prayers and your support and please tell everybody about true news we'll be back here tomorrow god bless god bless you you

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