Vox Adpocalypse Call For Censorship BACKFIRED Against The Left

Crowder has won not just my opinion a statement straight from vice news and their story YouTube's bungled crackdown on steven crowder only made him stronger they say a week after steven Crowder's bullying of a vox journalist pitted conservative media against big tech it's official Crowder has one who could have seen this coming Crowder of all people targeted in this in this capacity in this vox ad pocalypse is the least impacted or I should say he's actually got a net game this has done great things for Crowder he's a massive channel he was already masked demonetized so he's making very little money while making a decent amount of money don't get me wrong but he was nasty monetized so not nearly as much as anybody else they took his monetization away YouTube comes out and says yes but he can do what he's doing is not breaking the rules but will punish him anyway what happened YouTube was hurt that they probably liked that and a bunch of innocent creators were hurt in fact some people who actually fight against hate progressives had videos deleted of like the only thing this did was hurt the left Crowder subscribers are up he signed up more members to his his pay sponsorship program than ever apparently congratulations massive marketing you know sending in more subscribers and doing great things from Sears we do let's read through this story because apparently vice news recognizes Vox and Carlos Massa have helped Crowder and hurt everyone else more so their side will read through this and then I got a bunch of stuff I want to show you about how ultimately it backfired in a hilarious way Vox is completely hypocritical Google is still defending Crowder his right to speech crazy so let's let's get started before we do though head over at tim cast calm / donate if you'd like to support my work there is a PayPal option at crypto option a physical address but of course the best thing you can do is like and comment on this video the engagement really helps the biggest thing is to share the link and subscribe because that's when YouTube's like whoa this is great stuff so let's read it they say in an interview Monday night at the code conference in Arizona YouTube CEO Susan widget would would jiske is how do you pronounce it apologized to the LGBTQ community for belatedly taking action against Crowder's channel which repeatedly targeted boxes Carlos masa with Amazon say naughty words because I think it's better but she stood by her company's decision to allow Crowder to remain on the platform just without a cut of YouTube's ad sales around the conservative comedians videos if we took down that content there would be so much other content that that we would need to take down she said and she's right Trevor Noah who mocked Indian people in examples Crowder gave Samantha B John Oliver the list goes on what YouTube intended as a slap on Crowder's wrists has instead turned the video crater into a martyr standing against big tech overreach no that was Carlos Massa who did this and it could even help him solidify a more durable business model that limits the pain YouTube conflict for breaking its rules in the future outside of an outright ban we're not really beholden to the YouTube advertiser Crowder said on his show Wednesday craters like Crowder have built deep relationships with their audiences through content that drives the user engagement tech platforms crave traitors then convert those relationships into cash in a variety of ways that don't always rely on a play on platform approval t-shirts sponsored content memberships and more and you could become a member at Tim cast com / donate Thank You vice for bringing it up but let me let's let's debate here real quick they mentioned the mug club sure here's the thing Crowder was all ready masked to monetize what you're seeing is an image from Crowder's Instagram and he's got two emails showing a huge list of a bunch of his content saying it is not suitable for all advertisers now here's the thing when you Rd monetized you still make money what's like 10 percent or less so if Crowder was normally making a couple hundred bucks per video he's biting morally gets millions maybe a thousand two thousand he's now made me getting like he was getting do you monetize mine who's making like I don't know 100 200 bucks maybe that's not bad but when you consider this kind of staff and they do live shows and they have tons of expenses and they film skits it wasn't really moving the needle so what a Crowder do he got sponsors first of all he has Walther who sponsored his show he has the mug club but he's also on blaze TV I imagine they're paying him right he's not really worried about the monetization so sure YouTube took action and he monetized his whole channel outright but we're now learning he can get it back if he wants he's got to get rid of the videos of t-shirt in it he's got he's gotta get rid of this video from example 3 he's gotta get rid of any exam anything referencing his socialism is for FIGS shirt and he's got to get rid of one other video so it's a handful of videos he can get rid of monetization back no more selling t-shirts the specific one well Shopify already took it down so in the end who wins did Carlos Moses campaign and do anything bad for Connor well tell you what they both won and they hurt everybody else independent creators actual activist activists got hurt by this Carlos mouse's profile has been lifted to a ridiculous degree gaining like tens of thousands of followers on Twitter Crowder's gained tens of thousands of new subscribers and followers and he's gained more subscribers than ever here's what Vice News says right wing media personalities rallied behind Crowder after the YouTube nixed some of the advertising on Crowder's videos last week senator Ted Cruz has publicly taken to his defense and new subscribers have flooded into his channel which pushed merchandise and membership to its mug club through the promo code free speech over the weekend here's two fascinating droughts Crowder published a video excuse me where he said I'm not sorry but he does mention me and give thanks like I you know respect thank you for mentioning me cuz I did talk about this I'm talking about it now but in it he says they got more signups for mug club than ever I think that's what he says but he mentions they most people didn't even use the promo code the promo code got you a discount on joining his mug club which supports the show and people said I'd rather just support the show and not use the promo code they wanted to give Crowder money they wanted to back him up it helped him it's not YouTube that made him a martyr it's Carlos masa and Vox and they've only hurt the left and I've got some examples I'll show you Wall Street on real quick there's a critics including masa have slammed YouTube for allowing his video to remain live despite their apparent violation of the platform's policies except they don't and the left keeps saying this session to the left of the media keep saying this cuz clearly they're on one side but if Trevor Noah is doing it and done it for a long time and so is John Stewart and if you have videos of George Carlin it clearly doesn't break the rules they don't get it YouTube published examples of what does break the rules targeting the the cost Mazda for his you know orientation or behavior specifically about his orientation is what breaks the rules you don't like it that's too bad that's not what the rules are well they've changed the rules but the rules still would not be broken by what Crowder was saying how could you not you go look at the rules it says specific examples you have to actually belittle and demean the group as a whole targeting an individual is incidental let's read on they say provoking tech plant platforms into such awkward public positions could be lucrative in its own right Crowder claimed in a series of giddy shows last week that YouTube's selective enforcement of its policies even provided a financial shot in the arm well congratulations they say as conservatives like Ben Shapiro and self-styled free thinkers like Joe Rogan came to Crowder's defense he pushed mug club memberships at a 30 percent discount the deal gave fans access to the right-wing blaze TV for a year for just $69 and Crowder's show on Thursday went so far as to nominate Mazda has louder with Crowder's employee of the month for selling more mug clubs than ever in the company's history gee who could have warned you that this would have happened they go on to say that nearly 86 thousand users subscribed to his feed over the 7 day span according to analytics from the firm socialblade well let's take a look at that here you can see on the 4th before the campaign from Carlos Massa I believe the next day 15,000 subs so he was getting you know like four three to four thousand subs some days less you know depends how he posts a video 15 23 14 16 8 9 2 3 4 let's go back down the campaign was a big boost and even in viewership we can see the day before you get 2 million views but then he's got a decent boost of maybe like 50 to 60 percent so congratulations and what do we end up seeing from all of this well YouTube started deleting award-winning history teacher they they got rid of an archive channel that showed World War 2 archival flow which YouTube then came out and had to apologize to the LGBTQ community but doubled down on defending steven crowder saying note our decision was right we're keeping him so what did you learn from all of this you've hurt your own activists you've hurt teachers and you've now got YouTube publicly defending Crowder's right I'll tell you what that'll do it's going to emboldened tons of people to say the exact same things Crowder said you didn't silence Crowder you made him stronger and you are going to inspire a new wave of people to criticize you because even left-wing individuals like jimmy dore glenn greenwald michael tracy have come out criticizing carlos maza you've only made everything worse for yourself why granted Karl's Mazdas gained a ton of followers here's the thing unsurprisingly we can see contra points chiming in on Twitter none of Crowder's videos have been taken down instead we can see the progressive voice had one of his videos debunking a crowd a video taken down well there you go Natalie win contra Point who is contra point said anti-fascist content is in fact more likely to be censored than fascist content because anti-fascist content is likely to reference overt hate symbols whereas fascists know to use dog whistles well I certainly think many of the people in this sect of YouTube not so much contra points but yeah kind of they're there they're freaked out because everything's a dog whistle they see them everywhere I will point that's kind of weird that they can see him no one else can but it's true dog whistles are a real thing it's not so much about dog whistling though I think it's a silly concept it's that they'll just put on a suit and they'll use scientific terms they'll overtly say the things they believe but they'll say it in a way that doesn't break the rules because they can and if you present evidence saying no here's proof this guy is actually a bad man then they'll flag you because you broke the rules how about this one mosa Ryan who is with hope not hate an activist organization in the UK said Twitter still can't bring itself to ban actual world war two bad people half the time but apparently they're suspending david and i worked one of the best reporters covering the far right out there what the actual hell jack oh god we still act so surprised this happens don't we I'm actually surprised they still act surprised right aren't you because at some point you'd have to recognize that you are the one who's going to be banned especially when it just keeps keeps happening I mean how is this a shock to anybody is what blows my mind but there's more there's absolutely more because as it turns out what did you gain from this well I'm sure Carlos you got a nice little boost sure I'm sure that you've got a lot of good press attention for yourself some new followers Crowder's doing fine you've hurt independent creators activists teachers you've caused just a wave of massive damage to YouTube as a whole but not not too Crowder and now it turns out that Vox has actually defended anti LGBT humor somewhat recently in the past few years it's not a one-for-one I don't know make it seem like like this dude I'm filthy Frank is somehow you know I don't know I don't I don't know what to say but I'm gonna try and avoid showing what he actually said because I don't wanna get in trouble filthy Frank made a video where he said way worse things than Crowder what really really really overtly bad things which you know if they weren't in the context of being humorous then you could call them direct incitement but Fox made a video about it saying is he just a mean person or is his comedy but Crowder Crowder is overt harassment all of the worst things in the book but Vox itself was providing airtime and questioning so not overtly negative if Vox was really upset with the language Crowder was using then maybe they shouldn't be promoting worse language I saw an interesting video and and forgive me to the guy who made the video I you know I hate to mention these things that you know mentioning your channel but someone up there's a video on Twitter and I watched it where was a lawyer who said why he thinks Carlos Massa was in the wrong the whole time and he put it really simply that Carlos has had every opportunity to call out Crowder's behavior at any given time but for two years what did Mazda do he either ignored it or actually chimed in and joked about it and made fun like like it was funny and and made fun of Crowder for it that kind of sits a precedent that you were okay with his behavior by now do you think you have a right to come after Crowder when for all of these years who had no problem with it that to me shows that it's a bad faith campaign accuse me that I think the real issue here was Massa waited until Pride Month and then decided to launch his campaign against steven crowder but in the end we can see I mean I feel like it's beating a dead horse you know of course Crowder's doing well of course his subscribers are up of course he's making videos of course his views are up of course you're saying I'm not sorry of course he's got more new subscribers than ever before and of course it backfired on the activists getting their videos taken down it hit the journalists it hit the teachers what do you think is going to happen when you do this and this is the last thing I'll comment on this story from a few days ago Google's LGBTQ employees are furious about the policy disaster and they're afraid to speak up about it and there you go that's the ultimate ramifications it's it's kind of a win for conservatives because we can talk about Crowder doing well we can also point out how this proves so well it will always backfire in those calling for censorship our Conservatives being censored they are but have they been hit by this wave not as bad as the activists not as bad as the teachers so all this does is serve to prove a point that you were wrong the whole time Carlos maza 100% so I'll leave it there let me know you think in the comments below we'll keep the conversation going you can follow me on minds at Tim cast stay tuned new videos coming up on my second channel youtube.com slash Tim cast news starting at 6 p.m. thanks for hanging out and I will see you all in the next story you

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  1. I had never heard of you, or Maza, or Crowder before this incident. But now I do and I’m glad to be a new subscriber of you and Crowder. I should send a thank you letter to Maza. I had allowed myself to think the lefts antics as largely harmless and inconsequential noisemaking. Not anymore. Keep up the good work.

  2. So glad wat he was trying to do failed…but im pissed hes more popular but hes a butt pirate no one cares

  3. Give me liberty or give me death! The forefathers knew what they were doing when they wrote the constitution.

  4. "Google is defending his right to speech" by banning everything remotely considered hate speech. No point in making click bait videos, Tim.

  5. "The progressives fight against hate" LOLOLOL no Tim not at all. Progressives not only support hate but they promote it, identity politics is hate at its very core and is dependent on hate. Dont forget who are the ones who who fight for segregation and race based policies…..progressives do!!

  6. Im against blanket censorship, censorship should be a personal right, not a industry political media or platform standard but an individuals freedom to have such negative content one doesnt find acceptable to ones self blocked and filtered by and for the individual. I will be clear they both are wrong one incited ridicule humiliation and discrimination and the other manufactured a victims politics online mob to hurt all youtube and cause another illegal adpocalypse, by both profited and benefited from causing ourage and further added contraversy to youtube in my judgment they are both criminally fraudulent and scamming there audience and followers, YOU CANT DEMAND EQUALL RIGHTS AND TREATMENT WHILE VIOLATING OR DENYING THE RIGHTS OF ANOTHER, AND EXCITING OUTRAGE HATE AND ATTACKS ON OTHERS, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO HIDE BEHIND THE HUMAN RIGHTS AS A SELF DEFENSE WHEN YOU ARE THE AGGRESSOR. They are toxic trolls and anarchists.

  7. Plain and simple, censoring people will always backfire on the people calling for the censorship. Hell, this has fallen back on people who are extreme left, let alone conservatives who actually want to debate things. The sad thing is that people will never learn. History has shown time and again that censorship is always damaging to the conversation and to the society as a whole.

  8. I miss the beautiful hierarchy of high school, the well-balanced natural order of it where little soyboy shits like Carlos Maza were nothing and had no voice to spew their cancerous libtard bullshit. Turds like that should just get smacked on the head and have their face dunked in the toilet, the fact that he has any kind of pull right now in "the real world" is infuriating to me.

  9. i dont care about crowder but im gonna leave him a sub anyways because i want to support free speech

  10. I am a 54 Stage 4 Cancer Victim who is computer language illiterate, what is a “sub” and what is an impression.. I am a huge free speech advocate but getting lost in the language .. thanks in advance for explaining this to me

  11. I love how the article refers to Steven's behavior as bullying. Right, because I guess calling for people to mass flag and ban someone's videos in the hopes of destroying their livelihood is totally fine. But somehow Carlos still gets painted as the victim. How pathetic.

  12. Crowder made Carlos the employee of the month at Louder With Crowder because of all the new people that joined Mug Club after everything that happened. ROFL!!!!

  13. I don’t believe that this as much about Crowder and Vox, as it was about the global censorship of INFORMATION. Just look at who was banned while Crowder was demonetized. There is a very obvious theme to whom this latest agenda targeted.. History information that doesn’t support globalist narratives, activists who question everything, and other non conformists. This is about CONTROL! Remember the global cabal have an endless supply of money, this is not about that. Social control is the globalist currency, and their agents are working overtime.. ie Soros.

  14. Lispy qu33r be like – …go ahead hit the beehive
    Google be like – ima hit it….OH SNAP WE'RE GETTING STUNG why'd i hit it?!
    Crowder be like – thanks for the business boys 👍

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