Voting Information : How to Register to Vote Republican

You want to register to vote, you want to
register to vote as a Republican. Well it’s pretty easy. I’m Buddy Johnson Hillsboro County
Florida Supervisor of elections and we’ll talk about that for just a minute. So you’ve
decided you want to register to vote and you want to register as a Republican, it’s really
simple. You get your application, your voter registration application. In Florida there’s
a check box for new applications for change of address, for change of party. You check
that box, fill all the information out, be sure you sign and date the form. Most states
do it the same way. You can get that information from your county or from the state department
of state. It’s very simple. You may want to check with one of your friends about if you
are interested in hearing about the republican party platform, check with your friends. It’s
really very simple. No, no fees, no hardship at all. Registering as a Republican in many
ways is like registering in any party but it’s very, very simple. I’m sure the republican
party will be able to help you with that as well. Nothing to it. My name is Buddy Johnson,
I’m Hillsboro county supervisor of elections and I’ll see you at the polls.

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