Voters vs NRA – Who Will Win Over Politicians?

we finally had the vote on background
checks in the senate as you know it failed but now in the wake of that we’re
trying to assess what possible damage or benefit it could have for individual
senators careers we know the kelly i had some numbers dropped i’ve now we have some info on senator
pat toomey now he is a republican begin vote if ever the background checks to put in
perspective here is numbers according to that put people back in march before the
vote he was a forty three percent positive
the thirty two percent negative so annette positive but not overwhelmingly
so uh… critic has run that by member since the background check vote and
listen to that he goes up to forty eight percent to
thirty percent so this is up about five point gain forum in just a month it’s
the highest approval rating he’s ever had i had it seems clear that this was
influenced by the background checks let’s compare to talia so use it for
republicans both in blue which states right joe ads
is not a handful of scones and get my ass you you love does it take you get
from n_r_a_ etcetera now works and so she most against the background
checks which had courting the one local pull in new hampshire ninety percent of already within her
statement so hard numbers went from forty thirty
five positive which is really not straight uh… to down to forty four forty six
negative so she walked fifteen points promoting guesses and the main thing that happened in
meanwhile was a gun okay she has not anything spectacular between
october naval otherwise other than agree with john mccain on this one john mccain
was on the other side so uh… knocked on the other hand republican from
pennsylvania bluish state because otherwise he’s the one who
champion that he was that co-sponsor of the background bill would mention who’s a democrat and his numbers go up asp ready for a good solid evidence then and if your u_s_ senator lugar this
invented i mean i need those checks that i don’t
want to an area to run a primary against me and i don’t want you know it’s ever
so what i thought i might mean that i ask you can hear it
you know really fast that’s so they get the checks in the n_r_a_ here’s what the
n_r_a_ checks won’t buy it five extra points in public opinion
polls walking up and everything that i just hears and here’s how it works is
real quickly on that so they use the money of course a run ads
and the ads improve the ratings and generally how it works but more important that the americans
spend money against you and if the certainty formed a primary opponent well that prominent very important is
gonna hemorrhage u one might take you down for the primary
by being more right wing and even if he doesn’t he’s gonna drain on your
resources for extra intensive so you’d have to spend tens of
millions within a primary so that one balkan caution tens of
millions of dollars if they find the primary
opponent that’s what they’re so scared of another hand it was so much popularity
scalia buyout bid well then we might all be relevant
because you might be sent home by the general voters anyway

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  1. It wasn't an educated guess it was a guess based from dated stereotypes on Australia and the UK.
    Considering that guns also take away the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness one could argue that you're better off without them. Like I also said in my previous comment Australia has very strict gun laws and very very few gun crimes. Guns are a privilege given to those who have applied through the proper channels and have undergone the appropriate checks. They are not a right.

  2. Sigh, almost every major pollster has done a poll on this. After last election you would think that Republicans and libertarians would realize that the Polls are quite accurate.

  3. And you simply take the word of senators over major pollsters? Do you really trust politicians? Are you that stupid? Please every major pollster has come up with similar numbers.

  4. You libtards are idiots. Not everyone in the 300 million or however many are in this country even give a fuck about the issue. Subtract that from your own idiot libtard supporters, illegal immigrants, and gun supporters who aren't even in the NRA and you people are on the fringes.

  5. Stereotypes would not exist if there was not a basis for them.

    Australia is an island country that doesn't have a gun-running cartel on its borders. The US has borders that are too large to be patrolled. Australia does not have a gang problem. The US is the birthplace of the Bloods, Crips, and a dozen other gangs running around. The US does not have a gun problem. It has a crime problem.

    Guns are the great equalizer. Denying a gun to people without due process is unconstitutional.

  6. O please, go back to church with the rest of your party and let the adults talk about this. Fun fact 58% of republicans are young earth creationists. The only reason the Bill didn't pass was lobbying by the NRA.

  7. Nice argument. Saying the earth is 6000 years old is like saying the diameter of the earth is 54 feet. And yet a majority of Republicans believe it. You have one hell of a party.

  8. You are a typical right wing activist that can do nothing but insult and bully. Why don't you present facts (and please leave out those you get from Breitbart or FOX– legitimate facts). Because it is all about fear and agression. If you think you are impressing anyone here you are sadly mistaken.

  9. Really? Nothing's getting through?

    Well, this one is bound to have profound impact:

    h t t p : // natribu. org / en/

  10. just because a background check is implemented doesn't mean the next logical step is slingshots and pea shooters…

  11. anyone who thinks that one party or the other hold the patent on hypocrisy needs to be realistic. Now THAT is rediculous

  12. You clearly have a high tolerance for stupidity, you're practically strung out on being your own biggest fan….If I were you I'd find a new hero…

  13. I feel your question is loaded however I will do my best to answer it in 500 characters
    In 1939 a a guy was caught not paying his tax on his short barreled shotgun via the NFA 1934, he appealed his case and it went to the SCOTUS, long story short the supreme court ruled to uphold the NFA, but in their opinion papers they noted that b/c the military of the day didn't use SB shotguns the law was Constitutional. They said you can own firearms similar to that of the military of the time. US v miller

  14. I see why you've taken up the voter fraud cause…single digits are so much easier for you to grasp…Now voter OBSTRUCTION? You see now we're really talking "right side of history"….

  15. only if they can alienate democratic voters….otherwise the republicans would have been irrelevant this last election (they basically were anyway)…I hate to break the news to you, and I know that was so dirty that it even made you feel guilty, but this next election cycle you're gonna have to step it up to the cutting edge of temper tantrum….You'll still be in your death throws but we don't need ya'll committing mass suicide because of resentful shame…

  16. damn you're already posting the same comment again? You gotta space them out so it looks like there's more of you than there really are….We don't expect you to actually use any sort of ethical debate style….it's really our fault …. we keep forgetting your ideas department is running on a skeleton crew.

  17. difference is those colonist had much more of a realistic chance of winning when compared to a bunch of ragtag good 'ol boys with big ideas versus the absolute nightmare the U.S. gov't could unleash upon them as a fucking afterthought

  18. did you really just use the words Creator and Fact in conjunction with each other? I'm sorry Mr. Cancer, but you ARE the weakest link…

  19. If you knowingly buy firearms from manufacturers that support the NRA, then you are a hypocrite. My only gripe with the NRA is that they haven't done enough to protect the 2nd Amendment.

  20. lol that was sarcasm not whining…learn the difference. 2. or develop something non-lethal but extremely effective. 3. highly doubt it..lets set phasers to stun on that one…4. how do you "properly" manage crime? sounds like an oxymoron to me 5. cool beans..6. awww maann…ruined my Utopian future! 7. I will…oh and what exactly do you keep under your pillow? fake vomit/urine to throw on yourself when an invader comes into your home to make yourself look unapealing? good luck with

  21. So everyone is a pompous asshole?
    Maybe Sweden's public schools should start teaching their citizens some tact and humility instead of spamming comment sections with their clueless drivel.

  22. the same thing happens to me all the time… I have gotten into three arguments with three different Swedish people they all thought the same way…ohh America should be like Sweden. in reality they forget that there is fucking 303 million people in the US almost 10 mill in Sweden there are more people that live in New York then their whole country there is also a huge amount of diversity compared to Sweden's "oh we have been here 100 years" demographic (very hard to be a citizen there) lol

  23. You know you've beaten a liberal in an argument when they resort to criticizing grammar and spelling, and name-calling.

  24. Problem – Gun Violence
    Democrat Solution – Do something
    Republican Solution – Suck thumb

    2 solutions
    1) Switzerland – Increased spending into social and mental health programs (welfare, counselling, assisted housing) to regulate people.
    2) UK, Japan – Regulation on the point of sale or source, gun sellers/manufacturers.

    Republicans won't do either… it's all Kabuki theater pretending to care about others, until their kids get shot in the face or their family does they won't give a rats ass.

  25. You can't blame another person for the way they were brought up as a human being. You were brought up thinking guns and killing people in the name of "self defense" (note the quotations) were alright and Zuperduper and I were brought up in countries where we actually value life and do not feel the need to carry a gun around where it might be misused.

  26. After the gun laws were implemented, particularly in Australia, there was a dramatic decrease in gun crimes. These days I am shocked when I hear about gun violence on the news and most of the time it is usually centred around either the police or a bikie gang, not foolish people who have shot an intruder or someone in the street. The point is after every major catastrophe with gun violence in Australia, we learnt and acted.

  27. Wow that's quite the "holier than thou" statement you have there. I've meet my fair share of Australians and since they weren't ethereal beings I'm guessing your full of shit. Also I never said anything with regards to "self defense" (note the quotations), so I'm guessing your just another charlatan who believes their nationality makes them something to behold. Unfortunately you're fairly typical.

  28. That's a fairly debatable subject. The argument against the gun control laws was simply advocating that the laws were not necessarily responsible for the decline in gun violence. But we don't have mass shootings at the hands of gunmen with semi-automatic weapons and you do.

  29. To all the Yank gun knobs out there….any country that lets mums and dads access to high powered weapons is fucking nuts. Look at the number of guns deaths/mass killings you have, is it because of the higher pop? fuck off…it's too many guns. The UK population doesn't need guns because they have a monarch, if you don't understand what that means…too fucking bad. Stick your 1776 up your arse, you're never going to be a Russia or Communist China or have a fuckin Hitler for president.

  30. That doesn't even make sense.

    The constitution says nothing on background checks

    Amendments exist for a reason, unless your okay with slavery.

  31. "Because you cannot defend yourself reasonably with a missile or bomb,"

    Yeah you can, have a dead man switch, tell everyone on the planet as well.

    So your argument falls flat.

    I want my nuke.

  32. Unless you're under a direct threat from someone miles away, you would not have a reason to use the missile. If you use it when your enemy is too close, you may as well be a suicide bomber, so that won't do you any good.

  33. Who says you have to use it?

    the fact that it's there will scare off 99% of people except the craziest weirdos, and in that case a gun is probably worthless as well.

  34. The House of Lords and the House of Commons are two legislative bodies that contradict each other in almost everything.

    I'm not implying that you're from England, but calling me a dumbass for calling them on their shitty lawmaking process is simple-minded, to put it kindly.

  35. Yep, they clearly have an agenda similar to foxnews but will deny it at every turn. Which is why I call them foxturks.

  36. Spot on! They've been especially Fox Newsish around the gun control issue. Willing to say anything, make over-the-top accusations, name calling, you name it. Every play in the Fox News playbook. But I understand. They expected some kind of "win" and got nothing but coal in their stocking. Their arguments fell flat so they have no choice but to take the low ground now. Losing hurts.

  37. He is talking about the NRA leadership not its members. A majority of NRA members actually do support an expansion on background checks. When Cenk talks crap about the NRA, its about its leadership which has been co-opted by gun manufacturers, he is not talking about its members.
    Lobbying is bullshit anyway, and shouldn't exist, because more often than not, the side with the most money end up influencing politicians alot more than the side with less money.

  38. Yes, you can argue that The Young Turks have a stance on issues or even an "agenda". Fox News, on the other hand, pretends to be fair and balanced when they are clearly not. Fox News purposefully deceives the masses and that is why so many people actually consider them to be real news instead of a propaganda outlet. Cenk makes no secret that he is a liberal and has a partisan stance, ie. ridding the deficit, reforming campaign financing and, yes, universal background checks.

  39. Enter 'Fox' and 'lies' in any search engine and it would take you a week to get through half of it, Fox is a propaganda machine, MSNBC isn't great but there is no other 'news' agency which compares to Fox 'News' on terms of propaganda.

  40. The NRA is tant amount to a criminal and a terrorist organization. How did we get to a place where you have a lobby on the hill essentially advocating criminal activity and they're taking seriously. The NRA should be a laugh line organization like NAMBLA. David Keen and Wayne LaPeirre are some of the worst people on the planet. Worthless bags of abortions.

  41. No, there were a 30K firearm DEATHS in the US, mostly from suicide…There were closer to 10K firearm homicides in the US…But ofcourse, the UK banned guns! I bet if the US successfully banned alcohol that we would not have nearly 100,000 of alcohol related deaths per year! And yes, the overall homicide rate is lower in the UK but the US' overall murder rate started at a MUCH higher peak BEFORE British gun control and has declined faster in the US since 1995! (UNODC)

  42. I actually have an issue with all of the mainstream media outlets including MSNBC. With the few exceptions, their goal is to protect the establishment and crony capitalism. As for Fox, they often crop/edit out their videos to suit their biases. The occupy movement is rich with examples, because they keep emphasizing/showing clips of just the degenerates at the protest to make the movement look really bad. And what Dan Mac said.

  43. Well then you have a strange definition of homicide…Merriam Webster:
    1: a person who kills another
    2: a killing of one human being by another.
    There is no solid evidence that availability of guns leads to higher suicide rates. Japan and South Korea have theh ighest suicide rates by far and have less than 1 gun per 100 people. And the parallel is not nonsensical…You just don't understand it 🙂 (contd)…

  44. (contd)…It is no sillier to want to maintain the right to own firarms at the expense of innocent lives than it is to want to maintain the right to purchase alcohol at the expense of innocent lives. I am sure the Saudis think Western nations are crazy to allow people to purchase a product (alcohol) that results in the deaths of over 75,000 Americans each year from accidents, disseases, violence, and alcohol poisoning, on top of hundreds of billions of dollars in damage and lost productivity!

  45. I keep hearing this "most NRA members support universal background checks," I believe this is the lie that Obama perpetuated, stating that 90% of America supported more gun control. I've yet to meet an NRA member who supports universal background checks. The people who got this done are the members, calling and emailing our representatives.

  46. No…NO the don't! "UNODC Homicide Statistics is a collection of statistical data on intentional homicide (unlawful death purposefully inflicted on a person by another person)." Straight from the UNODC wbsite, you have no idea what you are talking about buddy.Why don't you ctually read those stats kid. The US murder rate has been declining FASTER than the UK or Canada since 1995! And the UK and Canada implemented strict gun contorl in the mid 90's! How do you not get the alcohol analogy (contd).

  47. (contd)…This isn't complicated! Alcohol is an entirely unecessary product that results in hundreds of billions of dollars in damage, over 75,000 fatalities, contributes sgnificantly to violent crime (especially domestic abuse). But despite these problems, our society has decided that the liberty to choose what we consume outweighs the massive costs! And our society has made a similar decision regarding firearms.

  48. What are you babbling about little boy? The analogy is simple. Western nations balance innocent lives against seemingly unecessary liberties ALL THE TIME! It is the reason we don't electronically govern every car to the speed limit! It is the reason we don't ban alcohol despite the massive loss of innocent life and various societal problems it causes. And the US made a similar decision relating to the balance between the right to bear arms and protecting innocent lives. Get it? Probably not…

  49. So it is an "anomaly" That in the decade and a half since the UK implemented strict gun control that the US murder rate has decline FASTER? Is it also an anomoly that the US murder rate has been steadily declining for the past 3 decades despite guns per capita increasing significantly? What defines a "serious gun control problem"? Homicide by firearm is 4% of all deaths in the US…It is .0036% of the population…Our murder rate is CURRENTLY on pace to decline to the OECD average in 2 decades!

  50. Flimsy argument…I am citing the UNOC data dipshit, the US murder rate has declined FASTER than either the UK or Canada since both countries implemented strict gun control in the mid 90's.You need to actually look at the data buddy and stop talking out of your ass. Maybe you would see that Canada and the UK had lower peak murder rates well before they implemented gun control! And they already had 2 decade long declining murder rates (along with the US) before they implemented strict gun control

  51. How is the analogy it simplistic or lacking substance little boy? Again it is very smple. Developed nations have to balance freedom and safety all the time. No one needs a car that can violate the speed limit or a bottle of Jack anymore than someone needs a gun! Speeding and alcohol are responsible for tens of thousands of deaths each year but we decided as a society that the right to catch a buzz or the right to own a bg V8 muscle car outweighs the loss of innocent life!

  52. no…no you didn't little boy. You just went on a rant saying that the statistics are manipulated and that the logic was flimsy…You never explained why! Because you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about 🙂 The statistics completely contradict your argument and now you are talking in circles to avoid reality. Later little buddy 🙂

  53. Based on what? Like I was telling the last guy, the murder rate in Canada has decline SLOWER than the US since they implemented strict gun control in the mid 90's…Before Canada implemented strict gun control they already had a murder rate well below the OECD average. Guns are not the only variable buddy! For example canada doesn't have the 1.4 million active gang members that the US has that is the main driver of our high murder rate! Canada has a much lower PPP adjusted poverty rate as well..

  54. "America must stop this predictable pattern of reaction: When an isolated, terrible event occurs, our phones ring demanding that the NRA explain the inexplicable. Why us? Because their story needs a villain."
    Charlton Heston.

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