Vocabulary: Talking about POLITICS in English

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. There'll be lots of questions about my country when i go abroad. So im here 😅 thanks for the lesson!

  2. I learned more about politics from this video than i have in fagass school, i am now 1 step closer to recking far left liberals

  3. Woah! Really thanks for the video! I learnt a lot of new things and things that have been always in the air , but I never understood . Thanks

  4. I think a person who wants to learn about politics, he/she has to watch every hour news for 15minutes. Spent 2 hours of daily opinion shows. Then on the next day read the newspaper in the morning about what happened on yesterday.

  5. Good to listen and thanks to you

  6. Thanks Adam…. Actually Iam searching this type of explained video about political vocabularies.. 😊😊😍

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