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you know where you are so I I can't really appreciate you enough for all that you've done for me we didn't win the loser yesterday and of Joshua has been to me lighted by definition the personal is anointing never be able to appreciate it but we live to be of my life is meeting he would be leading me pink please ensure that all of the documents that I requested on the ground as soon as I arrived Abuja and there's anything that needs my attention my urgent attention you can fax them to leave us okay I also want to say thank you for all of what you have been doing you know your thoughts so far within the last eight months thank you I'll talk to you later all right not with the stress look you have on your face stressed have not stressed if you see I'm tensed so maybe you'll be right but stressed up I'm not know the way this transaction has to go and how important it is to me you also know the politicking in Abuja all maybe that's what I'm trying stuff but I'm not stressed on fire I know this transaction means so much to you but I also know that you have a high blood pressure and the last thing you need is walking yourself home now promise me you're going to relax take it easy and not push yourself too hard okay I will relax take it easy and I will not work myself through all I promise okay so can I go now now wait there's something I want to do Joseph oh don't be patient o Kamini either a Kamini eager we were you doing what anyway your uncle is going on a very important business trip oh thank you darling all right thank you you'd be a good girl you be a good boy time I come back okay don't stress aunt okay alright okay take care of yourselves and be good shit I'll call you back okay little right the drama is over it's gone and again all alone I give you one hour I want all these clothes the ones in the laundry washed and hung on the line if I do not confirm them as claimed you will have no food in this household full of today not even water to drink okay I'm sure effectual is this what you think you are you think you and we care center of the Assemblies of God Church how do you how you doing with your own assignment you want that to what since you have such a big heart I'm going to develop these clips and thank you for your voluntary services but let me remind you that if you don't finish washing the clothes I give her before the ones I'm going to add and finish her own assignment you will staff for the next two days I saw someone in my country and my accountant is a confirm you say – yes that's a 500,000 naira right okay are you trying to tell me or something when I turned to my wife oh how can I tempt my wife you see I realized that tomorrow is your birthday so I thought I should do you that token for you to have fun with your friends so happy birthday your advance I forgot completely that tomorrow is my birthday well I remembered that was why I did you that little thing for you to have fun and enjoy your day with your friends thanks so much my love so go out there and enjoy yourself have fun with your friends hey it's a birthday tomorrow every long face you don't want to have fun what do I have to shoot for all the years I've moved I know what's on your mind right now that's this issue of childlessness in this marriage which both of us can do nothing about the doctor has confirmed but we both medically fit I don't know why you worry why can't we have children for more than five years you busy doctors pastors yet no solution I think it's I tell you son lady doctor a native doctor did you just say a native doctor did that come from you look it where's your faith okay I know it hurts it hurts so bad that for five years we've been married without a child but for just five yrs of no child you're contemplating seeing a native doctor five years is just I understand you can even call 50 years just I know because you are not the one that will reach man it was put yourself in my shoes every single year gets me closer to menopause and that is to say the least frightening okay this is what we're gonna do I we're going to have to adopt a baby yes we will adopt a baby keep the baby here and wait until God answers us what hold ooh that's way around it and I say no not in delivery and push out a baby like all my mates I know something is responsible for this something is responsible for these are condition and I will get to the bottom of it you will get to the bottom of it what is this get into the bottom of it all about yeah yes yes I got it what is it best time what no no okay see I can't put myself together right now let me just gather myself together and I'll call you back okay the contract that I have suffered for this contract that I've spent over ten million naira laboring for husband everything was fine I haven't got my approval in principle just like that just like that contract that had been approved revoked I don't know what happened I don't know I said it something is wrong somewhere well it seems ludicrous how I literally they were okay – answer she was kind by dense when she hit awesome Hungary was the cause of this so the literate subject industry all these hard labor we choose to go out I love all the foods and the fries in the house to have anything to eat don't even know what I to drink it's okay it's okay no crime ah I adore your back this is all what I can do for you for today hmm by tomorrow I will do more for you god bless you amen well god bless you too [Applause] uh-huh mana forgive me if I max the way I look at you your face looks worrisome is there any problem no the firewood is okay no there's nothing that you can do for me it's okay then tell me what is it there are some things that an old woman would see and she would not know how to say it that's not everything you see that you say mama like what hey there's this feeling I have inside I just feel that and your weed is blowing towards my household darlin darlin I thought I heard the doorbell ring is there someone at the door can you check it out excuse me madam good day money Oh madam you cannot help me I'm here to help you you see God has sent me to deliver your family from the bondage of darkness what is the meaning of that well there are so many things you cannot just understand but the fact of the matter is God sent me here and I must deliver this message to you and your husband excuse me sit there's a man he says he has a message for us from God a man of God just like every rain gentleman yes good afternoon miss Lake Erie mine profits Archie Bunker good afternoon my wife here told me that you were a man of God and that you have it worked for us yes you see the Lord sends me all the way from the neighbors and I cannot leave until I have accomplished that for which the Lord has sent me you you came all the way from Vegas all the way from Lagos and I have a word for you and your wife that I must deliver yes you have made it possible are you mrs. relief jets language stated then absolutely do under pomegranate 601 it very romantic passage around constitutes the country physically I understand it is possible you should not be that assassin listen my dear you're not comfortable I agree with you mostly what it is got to say what if I has to say yes yes may I know what exactly is this message from God you are mr. a Carrie umaña yes you are the second child in a family with two children yes the elder brother is late and you have been left alone you're into contacts you have been married for five years yet you have no children of your own recently you went to the village to pick up your late brother's children that have been living with your mother yes please if I am mistaken a man of God you are absolutely correct correct have a seat I'm about to tell you some very hard truths and I hope that you can be your brother and his wife died in a very costly motor accident on their way back from the village where they had gone to drop off their children with your mother for Christmas holiday so far but so far no missed I carry that is not the fact the fact is that your mother programmed the death of your brother and his wife in the witchcraft and after that she went ahead to initiate their children into witchcraft that is no your mother is responsible for your wife's inability to bear children my own mother that is not a mistake here we are not done yet when you went into the village to pick up your brother's children to come and live what you are unaware of is the fact that your mother give them specific instructions to monitor your movements and give her situation of course oh yes do you remember one morning recently a few days back you were making a trip to anuja before that trip the wife called your brother's children out to come and bid you farewell and they laid hands upon you and began to wish you success in your journey yes but you do not know is that they actually meant in the spiritual realm they were wishing you calamity that is the reason why that's contract you went for I knew yes terminated but I knew it I knew it without a reason now let me tell you the reason why I'm here the main reason God has sent me to you your mother has programmed you to die in a motor accident 13 days from now your mother good okay I've heard enough so please what do I do now – take this calamity away please hallelujah thank you Jesus roshanda a bazooka mashanda LOV Vasantha Yaga Rima mamas and I have a secret you must return us children to the village immediately they will go there will be the first you will get me a hotel room so that I can stay there and fast and pray and intercede on your behalf you see by reason of blood relation you have been placed on that a bondage you are like a man that is up here and the other they are doing everything that is crumbling you know to intercede on your behalf and God is leading me in a different direction you might know you must talk to your wife to join me in fasting and prayers we will intercede in the spiritual realm and believe me the Lord will protect you you are succeeding everything that you do in Jesus name in Jesus mighty name is a party that I tend to breathe the village to come out stay with me that I brought you into my house to stay under my roof eat my food drink my water yet you would want to kill me three words left look at witch and wizard now the two of you go to your room and NIDA put your hands up close your eyes and don't start on before until I get there look at them seriously you know I don't even understand what justifies this slip of yours when this whole house is on fire just because one thick profits don't realize oh you still insists that that man is fake yes even after all of what God has used him to reveal to us okay even though they said my life will be terminated in a matter of days it doesn't matter to you we still fake anything obviously it doesn't matter to you because you know that you are my next of kin and so you're waiting for me to die so you take over my property but I know I know what I'm gonna do tomorrow when I come back from dropping this witches in the village I am going to change that wheel I'm gonna with everything I have two motherless babies unless your head goes from there how could you ever believe that I your wife could care less about your life I am only being careful because there's so many fit profit you're securing this man fake that's what is getting me crazy now damn desperate this is a man that God has brought to come and save us you say here everyday that we'll have to get to the bottom of everything that is happening to us now that God has brought someone to come and save us and take us to that but Tom now you're saying his fake cooperate cooperate with him he says he wants you to join him in the fast why don't you join him for our sake is that all but that's not all that's not all when you join him for this fast you will also understand that you need to stop seeing him as fake and take the fast serious I saw Mitch do your wheel that's my wife no no you can go to sleep I am NOT going to sleep I'm gonna keep vigil with those witches I want to ensure that they don't go to sleep at all because if I do fly out and go for their witchcraft meeting so I want to stay there and ensure that they don't sleep at all ah yes the token of new contract you want to kill me you want to join them IQ here a new contract I always finished again Sergent like these make sure you chose yes who's there is mrs. eka oh please come in the door is open you you came alone yes where's your husband should be approaching the village by now blessed be the name hallelujah let's it be the name of the Lord Hanna mija father we thank you sobbing worship you we thank you for an opportunity to receive from you today yes hallelu yes yes Father I hear you're here you speak to your son yes yes yes your son existing spiritual speech thank you thank you the Lord is good to me concerning you he just spoke to me that he is very interested in your case yes do you care to know what the less professionally yes do you care to know yes perfect please stop yes okay come down I'm done No what's its all is all well okay look at look at her asking me if all these were you asking me if on his wife after you have killed your own son and his wife in a motor accident he didn't even stop there you see that his children into witchcraft and then sent them to come and monitor me so that you can kill me okay okay now you like to kill your children right but is my wife your daughter why would you tie my wife's womb and prevent her from getting pregnant is coming from Oh Joe do all these lights listen just listen just please don't touch me don't touch me witch don't you ever touch me I have nothing to do with you inside or anywhere again as a matter of fact I have come to drop your instrument of monitor the monitoring instrument having returned to you and cease to be your son you know my mother from today gran talk about the gesture

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  1. This is exactly how Nigerian women and their so-called pastor boyfriends are destroying their innocent husbands and their families, Nigerian Christian women are so gullible and faithless and that is why all these fraudsters that calls themselves pastors are brainwashing them so so easily, I always feel pity for Nigerian Christian women and ladies

  2. Why are these aunties so wicked…..anyways I also grew up with a wicked aunty, I can't understand why this lady never figured it out, that she is responsible for her own destiny ….she treated those kids so bad yet she wants to have an easy life.👹

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