Virginia turns blue as Democrats win full control of legislature

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  2. Every new day brings even more astonishing news than the last. What do these voters expect to happen now? There are ample examples of what happens to a state when complete control is handed to Leftists. Expect the exodus from VA to states run by sane people to commence shortly along with an influx of Illegal Alien Democrats, the homeless, drug addicts, and gangs. Congrats, VA!

  3. Being totally unfamiliar with the state of things in VA I have no idea which party needs to be in control, BUT since it upsets Drumpf it must be a good thing DEMS won.

  4. Can't imagine in this country we have so many evil moronos who don't appreciate what they have but want to ruin it.. for what?

  5. I see that it ok to be a bigot if your a democrat. But the voters got what they wanted and that’s other people’s money 💵. Well as the prime minster of Britain said , welfare will end when the democrats take ALL of your money. But now they are stealing your grandchildren’s future.

  6. Aren't the Democrats the ones that always insulted southern states (including Virginia) like it is still Jim Crowe era, and say that the South follows the Republicans because racism? Yet that the entire of the South's racist past was due to Democrats…and they claim that there was some "Southern Strategy" that never happened.

  7. Republicans, if you can get past your hatred for brown people, Saudi Arabia has a great wealth of oil for you to pollute the environment with and treats all women as second class citizens. May I suggest stuffing your stockings with visas this holiday season.

  8. These guys were already blue, they just replaced their blackface governor with another racist democrat and acted like it was an election victory? Propaganda

  9. Both democrats, and republicans are hateful, and spiteful. We’re all of the human race, and want the best for this beautiful country. Can’t we all just work on building the US? It’s the extremist democrats, and extremist republicans that are ruining things.

  10. When people in the comments are supposedly taking the high ground by writing their opinion behind a keyboard after a vote takes place.

  11. The birthplace of the confederacy, kkk, andvq white governor in blackface voted to turn the state democrat again. Shocking😒
    Congrats dixiecrats

  12. So Sad…gonna to see it turn into another garbage fire like California… Have people not learned what happens in Democratic run states and cities??!!! Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee, New York,
    all of California. High crime, high unemployment, high homelessness…. I just don't get it.

  13. As Virginia approaches 63 billion in state debt , citizens choose to accelerate debt accumulation . The democratic socialist dream is alive and well , give us bread and circuses . They may miss the cleansing , their children however will pay for their idle greed .

  14. Not even sure I believe anything the Washington Post excretes . Will have to research further to see if they told the truth or not .

  15. It's a sad day when an entire State votes for Communism and Islam. Marxist indoctrination and Stupidity off the scale.

    Let's quote from the book of the Religion of Peace, the Quran…a book no clueless "tolerant" Leftie knows…that's for damn sure. How soon they forget when they become weak, soft, and spoiled.

    Q5:51 "O ye who believe (Muslims)! Take not the Jews and the Christians for friends. They are friends one to another. He among you who taketh them for friends is one of them. Lo! Allah guideth not the wrongdoing folk."

    They practice Taqiyya and lie right in your faces and you lap it up all in the name of your precious Cultural Marxist "tolerance" and "diversity". Keep it up…see where it leads. No…not utopia

  16. When I decide which candidates to support, whether they hate Jews, Blacks, Mexicans, or babies is not important to me. I only have one criteria I use to choose who gets my vote and that is whoever will work the hardest to eliminate the Republican party and their agendas. Nothing more, nothing less. All those other things will eventually work out once the scourge of the Republicans has been extinguished. Moscow Mitch and his party will be the end of our democracy if they are not stopped soon.

  17. No Jay Camacho, we’re not sad. We feel sorry for all the dumbed down Americans. You’re brainwashed. We’ll pray for you all.

  18. The years change but evil, wicked people do not. Don't be discouraged or surprised when a party of wicked, evil people clap and applaud each other. Wise King Solomon spoke to this 2,968 years ago when he said, "Those who forsake the law, praise the wicked." Proverbs 28:4  
    Wicked people will always speak well of one another and so strengthen one another in their wicked ways, hoping thereby to silence the clamors and guilts of their own consciences and to serve the interests of the devils kingdom. And now, they will show no mercy on the unborn and born children when racist, infanticide, governor blackface and his rapist lieutenant governor and their minions get done slaughtering those innocent children. Satan will be smiling today with the souls he will steal from these wicked people.

  19. Enjoy your socialism you blind imbeciles.And a muslim to boot. That's working out real well in the House right now. Civilization jihad underway.

  20. So Governor Blackface finally had the nerve to show himself at a press conference now that he and his brethren in decadence have put another portion of the U.S.A. on the road to ruin, another area of the nation that leftists have gotten their filthy, pot-stained talons around the throat of that will become a crime-ridden cesspool. Enjoy the skyrocketing taxes, increasingly unaffordable housing, healthcare laden with bureaucracy,
    illegal riff-raff pouring in from god know where, increasing crime, urban decay, human excrement in the streets, plummeting quality of education, and of course, total disenfranchisement of all of the rural communities west of Charlottesville that leftists despise, all in the name of the leftist's warped idea of "progress". Love him or hate him, the immortal Michael Savage called it right; leftism is indeed a form of mental illness, and it is malignant.

  21. Don't come a crying when you establish a sanctuary cities. And your citizens get raped and killed by illegals. Don't expect increased funds from tax payers to help your problems and stay out do not move to my beautiful Red state.

  22. When your state starts falling into pieces…. I repeat do not come to Texas and other red states we are supposed to be rAycist nazi states according to you liberals. So stay out. You’ve made your bed now lay in it comfortably of course.

  23. Congratulations COMRADES! You have the first COMMUNIST state in the union! I'd NEVER come there again and hopefully no one else will either!

  24. Congratulations Virginia on becoming the next California. High Rent, High Taxes, High Gas Tax and taking all of your tax dollar so the democrats you voted for can enrich there lives while running your city's and towns to the ground. Don't believe me ask the people of California while there are moving to republican run states like Texas or any run down democrats city or states.

  25. That's what you get when you break the education system to highly support welfare and release convictions to restore voting rights for over thousand felons. You get a bunch of dummies the think the Democrat agenda is a good thing facing things off of feelings instead of facts. Most of people that voted for these morons can't even balance a checkbook.

  26. Lets me explain it to like this… the RHINOED Republicans seen this coming for years and didn't do a dammed thing about it… now the state is being over run funded by outside interests… people and money pours in. Simple you Rhinos turned your back on VA and it's returning to favor right back to you.

  27. This is definitely going to interfere with all the meth cooking and Klan rallies that Southerners love. When the literacy rate finally increases maybe they’ll finally stop voting Republikkkan.

  28. haha look at all the cry babies who thought trump was gonna make them rich, and put up a wall, and put hillary in prison….. ON DAY ONE……….. CRICKETS HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA

  29. Virginia was already blue. Any state that is ok with killing babies before and after they are born arenas liberal as they get so this is no surprise, it's actually very sad that people would celebrate that.

  30. Congratulations and welcome, Virginia! Mabrouk and Ma'shallah ما شاء الله. Luke 1:37. God bless my home state. Lots of love from California…

  31. Now Virginia will turn like a third world nation like all Democrat run cities and states. Not to mention the evil mind set it will crash watch and see

  32. I’m a democrat and we are ready to enact sweeping change. Time for socialized medicine, free college tuition, taxes on climate change, stopping the oil pipelines in other states, free healthcare, free Medicare, no guns, free education, free preschool, release of inmates who have sub-minor convictions, free gasoline, free cell phones, free homes, tuition free reimbursable savings loan accounts, free cable, free everything!

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