okay chic you like in the alien kind of way her eyes do look a little big she got all the aliens shook okay now what what did she look like before no no the nose should not be removed I repeat the nose should not be removed but I kind of want to see that happen again Oh paper clip out of her nose what does that have to do with anything literally nothing should ever go up your nose like ever never that just feels like it would just hurt and make things bead not down okay so she takes off her lashes girl same takes up her makeup and oh the hair has to go to okay I mean she cute she's not an alien anymore though I think either way she looks cute but let's let's be honest she looks like two completely different people like she needs to be working in the CIA as a disguise specialists tell me I'm wrong cuz I'm not okay we got our second second girl and she's just healing her skin off okay no no that's tape oh yeah there is a tape to make their faces look like Doritos at least I think that's what the goal is okay I wipe off the makeup and eyebrows have left the chat coming from the girl who real rich coming from me again guys not hating I'm actually quite impressed I couldn't do this to save my life I mean I can put lashes on like that I can put lipstick on like that but anything like else it's struggle City know her smile she was like I'm impressive myself okay I'm sorry but do her teeth look fake to you oh contacts in that was quick I can't put contact that fast no no no no cuz she's completely changing the color of her skin okay well what are you drinking but what is she drinking no was that necessary was that part of the beauty why show what you're drinking in a beauty tutorial so we got some good old I shadow what you said you put her lashes on that was so cool I cannot do that not at all she's just gonna completely yeah she's just like completely changed her jaw line just like so guys what's up look at Dorito yet and then and then she's using tape to make it even more aggressive why does everybody want to look like a Dorito I mean do you oh I like that color pink okay I'm sorry about why why do you need to completely change your skin tone I guess like oh my god now just look like an idiot why did I do this can you guys even take me seriously anymore what have I done hashtag save as in it this is permanent do I live like this now oh can we just compare this as the before like this girl can rob a bank take off her makeup and get away with it here we go let's see what happens okay you gotta clean your face face has to be clean can't be dirty like me can't clean it I think it's permanent okay so she's moisturizing or maybe just changing her skin color again oh oh that was cool I want I need it I need it I need it okay what is that why is she drinking it – I need to know when your boyfriend's like I like girls that are pretty on the inside she's like one second which is drink my foundation you know what annoys me the most about this is how easy they make it seem like you just wiped on her eyebrow like you're trying to act like that is that doesn't take forever to learn maybe I'm just slow okay but it takes me forever things are hard life is hard makeups hard she's starting to turn into a different person her I did her I just grow okay guys top 10 anime betrayals top 10 animated oh sorry I'm just I don't know what's happening haha I need to watch that again what this is not makeup this is literally magic and I need to get my hands on because everybody need some magic in their life like Disney who she's just casually drawing out a new face like why can't I try a new face on what are you putting in your nose and why is it there and isn't it uncomfortable I'm like just generally a concerned mother over here I'm not actually a mother but I am concerned and she's stopped putting things in your notes honestly though me before and after snapchat filter I am impressed I'm sure so she says she's doing it too she's making her skin lighter and just oh wait a minute my girl over here just stamp on her eyebrows okay I have a million-dollar idea come up with a stamp that just puts all your makeup on you know how much time that would save you just go like this hey can you imagine that would be just like incredible I can't I first of all I'm getting this eyebrow stamp because more time for activities every second counts like if I didn't have to do my eyebrows I could be doing this anyways I better see some more stamps up in this hood okay so we got we got we got the eyes growing at least 20% more eyeballs 20% more eyebrows and 20% less jawline so I think what happens is they take away from their jaw and they add it into their eyes science I know I keep saying this but I'm actually just genuinely impressed this is magic and art and makeup like just like combined okay oh I did not meet to see scissors going to someone's nose that was seriously a mind trip like you know it's a crazy thing though is they're like over exaggerating their features so much that they're starting to look a little less human which I'm kind of okay with if they're okay with it I mean whatever makes you feel beautiful if you want to look like an alien then you go look like an alien and you rock that alien life okay okay oh that's just such a trip and they take this tape off I'm like are you peeling your skin and can you stop but it's not skin and I just freaked out for an ELISA take the wig off take the lashes off take the makeup off and then you're ready to go to sleep it's making me cringe though like the feeling I must feel on your face all that makeup your pores your pore pores oh no no your poor nose stop doing that it scares me every time it's just the way they stick it through I'm cool you having a fake nose but just like don't poke something through it because every time you do that I do pain I feel pain and I feel like you're hurting yourself even though I know you're not I'm good breathe I just don't understand how they're fully changing the shape of their face it's just like one time their face is like this you know one time it's like this it's like magic oh stop stop ripping things off of you it makes me feel weird I just I hope that this isn't the daily route oh hi can I have her face oh no oh no oh no oh the nose thing every time every time it freaks me out honestly they're so beautiful like either way like it just looks different that's the only thing that strips me out okay the drink I think we have a conspiracy here guys this has to do with the drink the drink is involved it has nothing to do with makeup I'm convinced they sipped the drink and then suddenly it's like the Rito face pretty Dorito face but still oh my god it does look good I understand no it's like I was saying I hope this isn't a daily face routine because mainly because I feel like it's just a little bit waste of time you could be getting so much things done in a day there's no way this is a fast process like this has to take hours it should it it pretty good look alike but like this has to take hours and imagine what you couldn't do in those hours like you could rule the world homegirls back so she why did she was there the grin on her face like is this a message that I'm seen in my life do I need to be doing this why am I doing this again I literally just did this and I regret it like let's just stop I got a little bit cat wait am I pretty yet don't answer that okay so she blends in the grid blends in the grid turns into a little bit of a ghost like me I'm a ghost she's continuing she's just making magic happen making moves jawline gone I just don't understand Oh Oh is she supposed to me go who I should let go who's out for a second I want you guys to know that you don't need make-up to feel beautiful but also if makeup doesn't make you feel beautiful I'm just wearing you know what screw it everybody says people are always like oh like you shouldn't wear makeup I think you should just do whatever makes you happy and it what makes you happy is not wearing makeup don't wear makeup it what makes me happy is me wearing makeup you wear the hell out of makeup okay just just do you do you do you boo enjoy it love yourself but also like try not to waste three hours a day on makeup because like I said earlier you could be so much more productive so much more time that's my only problem with it is the time it can take if you're like really a perfectionist and you're really like going at it like don't waste your whole life away putting on makeup unless like your makeup girl isn't like that's your job anyway so who cares and end of the day like my board can't see me without my lashes on and he's still with me so there's bad oh yeah this is what my face looks like it's awkward I hope you enjoyed this video I love you on so so so so much no but like I really do love you guys a lot even though sometimes we people can be mean I still love you they are some say sweet and don't forget me neither bye don't do this right

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