Verge Called out For Fake News Deflects Using Social Justice

criticism of journalism is not new it's been around forever because like any profession you can criticize someone for doing a bad job but there's a challenge in criticizing journalism and the media in that what they produce is intangible if someone makes an accusation or a claim or says they have anonymous source how do you know they're actually telling the truth sometimes you might be an expert on a certain field and say hey that's not true but how do you prove it to people if they can't actually see it and if you call the media fake news they'll simply say you're lying and they'll try to smear you take a look at gamergate if you were to ask a gamergate er what it was about they're gonna say ethics and journalism they're gonna tell you that there are shady dealings at media companies and that they are politically motivated people who are lying to push an agenda but if you ask the media companies they're gonna say it's a bunch of hate-filled misogynistic white men who just don't like diversity and while it's true on the internet you will easily find these people it doesn't necessarily mean that's the entirety of the group but there's a reason why they say this while there is some truth to the fact that people online harass others and DOX each other means publish their personal information there are people who really are concerned about ethics in journalism and it's difficult to criticize them when they can just turn around and accuse you of racism or sexism and say you're a lying it's hard because no one can actually see what they're talking about it's just an idea but we have a couple stories today of physical moments that show just how bad media can be and when they're wrong they refuse to back down they refuse to correct their stories and will try to smear those who are coming after them so today let's take a look at a couple of these examples and I'm gonna explain to you just how this relates to politics and how the fake news can get away with lying take for instance this story The Weather Channel has defended its reporter as he allegedly exaggerates a report on Hurricane Florence this video is going crazy viral basically you have a man acting like he's about to be knocked down by the wind but look at these two guys who have no trouble walking just fine casually sombering about while this man acts like he's going to be knocked over at any minute this is a physical example of when the media is trying to deceive you you can see it's the Weather Channel for Christ's sakes why would they even want to try and deceive you well I think they're motivated by money they want to make things exciting so this guy's acting like the wind is really really strong and meanwhile people behind him have no trouble walking now did the Weather Channel apologize for the exaggeration for the misleading narrative no they doubled down and actually defended the guy even though you can see with your own eyes he is misleading you The Weather Channel said it's important to note the two individuals in the background are walking on concrete and Mike Seidel is trying to maintain his footing on wet grass after reporting on air until 1:00 a.m. Eastern time this morning and is undoubtedly exhausted they could have just said yeah that guy shouldn't have done that we were wrong but they don't want to they double down and say no no there's a clear and logical reason as to why this guy was acting like the wind was stronger than it was but you can see it with your own eyes it's just not true we have another story which kind of went viral a few days ago where a producer at the verge put together a computer terribly and the reason why I think the story is important is because we now can see the physical results of a fake news story to summarize this guy built a computer and he built it wrong you can watch him doing it wrong and when people pointed out what he did was wrong and the things he said were wrong did The Verge apologize did they correct the article no they disabled comments they disabled likes they double down and then the producer accused people of not defending against toxicity in gaming which had nothing to do with it because they used an ideological defense that just doesn't work when you're dealing with a physical world but let's take a look at what happened the verge published this article alongside a video how to build a custom PC for gaming editing or coding how we built one and how you can – the problem is they did it wrong from the website hard OCP The Verge ridiculed for how we built a $2,000 custom gaming PC video the verge was caught with their pants down this week after uploading a video on how not to build a $2,000 gaming PC now disabled the comment section was quickly flooded by actual hardware enthusiasts who pointed out everything wrong with their technique such as applying thermal paste twice cringy Ram installation and using a Swiss Army knife ironically the verges producer and lead video director Phil Esposito once tweeted that tech youtubers many of whom – a better if not superb job with such videos are not journalists the video from the verge is still up and they've disabled the comments and you can't see the light – dislike ratio why well because what they did was wrong they published a video that was factually incorrect and is bad it shows that they do not know how to actually build a computer but as we can see this video is sponsored by Capital One meaning the verge was paid this content was paid for by Capital One they didn't know what they were doing they made it anyway and when they were called out for being wrong they just disabled the comments and this is how the video host responded Stephane Etienne said if PC building fans showed the same concern about excess thermal paste as they did toxic gaming communities what does toxic gaming have to do with building a computer wrong nothing but it brings up an interesting point media companies like The Verge these digital media outlets that are based in New York often deflect criticism by accusing their critics of being racist or misogynistic or at least supporting them and that might work when we're talking about things that you can't see like software development or cultural issues but it certainly doesn't work when you're dealing with someone who built a computer wrong and refuses to correct refuses to take down retract or apologize they won't do it now think about this he built a computer wrong you can see him doing it why wouldn't they just say we're sorry we made mistake why would they then try to deflect to toxic gaming if it was about an idea if the article was about some ideology and they were factually incorrect they would just say you're racist but they can't do that when you're dealing with hardware but think about it you often see the same response to political videos on YouTube they will disable comments they will disable likes the problem is you can't what they're doing is wrong so they can share fake news with people and claim they're not wrong it's just the hate-filled racist sexist misogynist s– who don't like the criticism you want to ask me why I think trust in the media is down it's exactly this but don't get me wrong I don't think that media is always lying I think that big companies tend to do a good job like The Associated Press like Reuters NBC ABC even though they get things wrong they do they're human they tend to do a good job but we have these digital outlets and we have places like CNN and MSNBC who will probably put out misleading information and then not correct it all the time CNN reported on the hurricane I think we did a great job because all they really have to do is talk about what's happening with the hurricane that's presenting news they're there on the ground they can show you the flooding but when it comes to politics when it comes to things you can't see they can they can get away with lying they can make claims and then say yeah you know what we've been and I'm a source and you can't do anything about it it has been four days since the verge published fake news and they have not issued a correction they have not taken the video down and don't forget the verge is where Sarah Jong actually worked who now works at the New York Times and is the person who had all of that racist anti white content that even the BBC initially said yes was racist there are people who have an ideological bent working for these companies and they don't want to admit when they're wrong and today after Stefan at TN poorly built a PC did it wrong and didn't know what he was talking about he says if only these people cared about toxic gaming communities unfortunately you can't use an ideological deflection when we're talking about a physical object we can watch you screw up if he was talking about politics maybe the deflection would work but this time it won't and we can see exactly what the verge is trying to do they're trying to keep that video up for whatever reason I can only assume it's because they made money off of it and they don't want to admit they were wrong but is it so hard to admit you were wrong is it so hard to reshoot I guess so because someone's gonna have to pay for that reshoot and they don't want to have to do it and they probably don't want to have to admit to Capital One that they screwed up in the first place but here you are with this fiasco a week later refusing to correct fake news that emitted Lee it's not as important as something like Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination it's just building a come ughter but it shows us evidence of just how these companies will lie and deflect when they make mistakes and publish fake news and I don't notice anything we can do about it because these companies when they produce ideological content you can't see it as I mentioned already and that means there'd be a lot of people who read it and just say it must be true because you can't prove to them otherwise you can try you can show them evidence you can show them circumstantial evidence and maybe some conjecture but it's not enough at least in this circumstance you can actually point to the PC in the video and say that's why it's wrong you can look at a bunch of videos by other creators who say listen this is wrong you can look at online forums where they're just hardware enthusiasts with no political agenda saying hey you build a computer wrong triack using a hardware enthusiast of being racist or sexist when we can all see you published a fake news video now fake news kind of gets thrown around a lot and a how-to video isn't necessarily news but I but I hope you understand what I'm trying to say they published factually incorrect and misleading information and are refusing to correct it and instead of doing anything they just got rid of the comments and you can't see the light to dislike ratio because I guess they acknowledge everybody knows what they did was wrong and they acknowledge what they did was wrong but they just don't want to do anything about it think about how many political stories exist today that are in the exact same space as this video but we can't see what they did wrong and they get away with it and this is bad for everybody but let me know to think in the comments below we'll keep the conversation going we've got the weather guy pretending like he's being knocked over we've got this guy at the verge poorly building a computer and the verge refusing to correct and to me it's all just another example of how yes there are companies that produce fake news that are powerful that have funding that are mainstream and even I mean look somebody who ordered the virgin now works the New York Times think about that comment below limit you think we'll keep the conversation going you can follow me on Twitter at Tim cast stay tuned new videos every day at 4:00 p.m. and new videos on my second channel slash Tim Kass news starting at 6 p.m. Thanks now I'll see you all next time

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  1. Tim, if the media were doing a good job, you wouldn't have any subscribers. There is a reason why more and more people get their news from alternative sources. One guess why.

  2. If they're willing to lie about something small like them building a computer incorrectly imagine what else they could be lying about.

  3. Tim I thought you though you liked social justice.. I said Justice doesn't need a verb, it's either justice or injustice… I glad your learning how evil social justice is..

  4. Hey Tim just a recent update on the verges crappy pc build video. They striked down two youtubers who criticized the build video. ReviewTechUSA and Bitwit trying to cover up their mess up. They later removed those strikes but instead of apologizing they called Bitwit racist and blamed the strike on him and said that neither video had enough transformative use. That plus a bunch of lies they published in the article that was meant to respond to their stupidity.

  5. I'm a bit late watching this video Tim, but the Verge did offer a correction at some point in time. This is now at the top of the article on their site:
    Editor’s note: An earlier version of this article included a video guide detailing similar steps on how to build a PC. Unfortunately, that video included a number of errors in the build process, and as a result we have removed it from this article. We have also updated this article to improve the order of the steps in the process.

  6. gamergate had proof about the game media "journalists" making up bullshit like Ana K did then acting like a victim. So instead of trying to refute or apologize they attacked creating SJW's that will bring about the fall of mankind. She is a real nasty vicious disgusting example of a human being plus she is a bullshit money scamming bitch.

  7. I haven't seen the video in question and haven't heard till this video, but by what you show I'd say he build it poorly, but not necessarily "wrong." Again, I haven't seen it, maybe it is wrong. Also to be fair enthusiasts of any kind, especially PC building is gonna have so many nit picky assholes. I'd never put a video of me building a PC despite my great confidence and experience, there is gonna be some asshole picking some minor thing apart.

  8. This is everywhere – even on a generally well-respected Motoring website in the UK, which removed all (mostly critical) comments on articles that are IMHO (and, it seems others too) 'sensational' (i.e. clickbait) by exaggerating issues, such as supermarket petrol stations 'slashing' prices by…2 pence (the price of petrol in the UK is currently about 130-135 pence per litre).

    The same goes with MSM websites, including many national newspapers – I had critical comments of mine (which were respectful and polite) removed after the article's author was shown up by me and others to have been (IMHO) shilling for car manufacturers and not being honest in their review.

    I've seen the same on political reporting, where columnists change their minds once they see which way the political wind was blowing and then pretend that they never held their (often very vociferous) previous views or that they were 'debating the issue' before now coming to a 'settled opinion'.

    And these chumps wonder why so many people are now turning to social/alternative media for news and opinion.

  9. In every industry there are two 10% blocks. The first is the to 10%. These are individuals filled with unquestionable integrity, rock solid work performance, add value to the industry, and are the people that everyone else wants to emulate. Unfortunately, in order to have the vaunted top 10% of an industry requires a bottom 10%. The bottom 10% are filled with deceitful, low skill, no integrity, and detract from the industry they are involved in. They are the people that have no idea what on time performance is, think they should get paid anyway, and will drag down your business if you have them as an employee. It pays to know which 10% you are dealing with. Perhaps the reporter in question here was part of the bottom 10%.

  10. I'd like to see somebody make a correction parody of that PC build video, except have the host throw in unwarranted SJW rhetoric through the entire process.

  11. The leftist ideology in all its glory: "anybody who contradicts me is a nazi".
    No responsibility at all, only blame towards others.

  12. Stefan Etienne should be hounded every time he publishes content, pointing back to this video.

    Make him "toxic"…………………

  13. Wonder how they would react if they did a video on how to change oil in a car and it is all wrong and mechanics told what was wrong and they said, you aren't journalist so you don't know what you are talking about.

  14. Footing on wet grass huh? Lol ok.

    But, that would require treacherous wind velocities which would then result in everyone walking around with their arms up guarding their face from heavy winds and rain slapping their face at high speeds, which apparently, no one is doing but the reporter.

  15. He built a whole computer setup with a swiss army knife….. Thank you for this Tim. I have binge watch Nerd after Nerd lose their shit over this persons many MANY fuck ups….. never did see how the allen key was utilised. BUt OMG we really do get to see this rocket scientist do the whole thing with a swiss army knife.. I HAVE LOLED MUCH TONIGHT

  16. So, this isn't news to me… I've been pointing out flaws the crap people post on FB for years… and generally, like you've said, people can't see it. People don't want to see it. It sounds nice, it looks nice, it seems simple enough. And to even entertain the idea the video is wrong requires one to admit they bought into it and couldn't tell. Meaning they have to admit they were wrong and ignorant… No one wants to do that. Ironically, the only thing that makes me think someone is stupid is the act of refusing to admit when one is wrong. Because it is stupid to not admit and accept we're wrong when we are, because it prevents us from learning, growing, and being smarter. So in peoples attempt to look smart, then end up looking like a complete jackasses to me. How arrogant I am right? Couldn't be that I've built my own computer for years, literally and metaphorically.

  17. The sad thing is I doubt Capital One would bother pressuring the Verge to do it over (and correctly) even if the bad PC build gets CO bad publicity.

  18. I'm guessing Verge won't take the content down because it wants the advertiser money more than it wants to serve its readers.

  19. Since this video was uploaded, they have taken the video down but they again doubled down on blaming the pc enthusiasts who responded. Oh, and there's a video where some self acknowledged leftist channel tries to shame those who responded by saying that it was their responsibility to not respond to the verge's video because it might invite negative comments directed at the guy in the video. This world makes me sad…I wonder what monkey's take on the video would be.

  20. Why are white people so ignorant? When a minority is involved, RACE IS ALWAYS INVOLVED! There will be racist replies to this comment.

  21. I've already come to terms with the fact that all the subversive channels I rely on for my info will all be purged sooner or later. Once it happens, I'll unplug from youtube, Google, all of it FOREVER.

  22. This is why I do not read US news from American media. I get all my news about the US from Japan and china. Reporters in Japan and china are quite matter of fact when reporting on US news. They do not insert their own opinion or bias because they simply have none. Asian news media is very different than US or EU. Here the media mislead and straight up lied.

  23. Me: Complains to restaurant manager about cleanliness standards.
    Manager: "If only you cared as much about cleanliness as mysogeny…."
    Me:"I just watched one of your cooks sneeze into their hands and go back to handling food without washing first!" O.O
    Manager: "You are being sexist!"
    Me: o.O "I don't think you know what these words mean."

    The funny part is that he was part way to a proper apology below his statement with explaining that they allegedly corrected the mistakes. The problem is they should have done a quick follow up video. Including the previously mentioned statement, showing the corrections and how they fixed things, then issued an apology, and finally a warning not to do those things in the prior video cause it could be dangerous (or at the least waste the time and money spend by damaging the PC itself). But nope! I know it's a common corporate thing to play the denial game. But that gets out of hand if you aren't careful. Sometimes it's better just to right the wrong. And I think a lot of companies would be surprised at the response they would get. I certainly would find it refreshing to see.

  24. $2000 PC build by the Verge is actually deleted now, because probably sponsor (Capital One) wasn't happy about the feedback, or should I say – backfire

  25. Just want to throw this out there, but if anyone wants to watch the Verge's computer building tutorial, let the unoptimized messes that are Ark or PubG run over night, you could legally sue them for the inevitable house fire you are about to suffer. They really need to take the video down since there is precedent under the supreme court case Spokeo Inc. v. Robins that allows companies to be held accountable for incorrect instructions provided over then internet in the event that they cause severe physical damage.

  26. I am not sure if this is significant, but Verge took down PC build video and replaced it with a written article. The article is dated 'September 13, 2018" and is written by Stefan Etienne who created the original video. The article starts out by admitting there were several errors in the video and that is why the video is no longer available. The editorial board may seen the writing on the wall and stepped in to get things right. Here is a link to that article:

  27. Not just wrong, Tim, the pc he built was not safe for use. Some newb following his idiotic guide could have done incredible damage to $2000 worth of computer components. As someone who has build her own computer just once before, even I knew not to do many of the things this dude was doing. There were some very basic stuff that any beginner would know, yet this "experienced" pc builder from the Verge had no clue about. He was shockingly incompetent.

  28. Had to hit the like button 6 or 7 times to get it to stick even though it flashed every time. Been happening a lot lately on ALL the channels I watch. Just saying.

  29. News stations should not be allowed to present an accusation with an anonymous source. It's just not news for all we know their cat told gave them the anonymous tip.

  30. And once again, they are missing the point, just like you mentioned with gamergate. The point isn't that he built it wrong. That happens, mistakes happen, no biggie. The point is that it's supposed to be a how-to video to help people with the process of building a pc and they were factually incorrect on multiple points, they put it together incorrectly, and then refused to remove or fix the video to clarify what they got wrong and set the record straight. By blocking comments all they're doing is keeping people, who might've come to this video to use as a guide, from seeing anything to let them know that they shouldn't use this video as a resource in their build process. Simple as that. Nothing more, nothing less. They're doing the exact same thing that happened with gamergate. This is what's wrong with these kinds of media companies.

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