Vd12-Tulsi Gabbard's TPP, Syria, Yemen, Iran, Russia Views

Vd12-Tulsi Gabbard's TPP, Syria, Yemen, Iran, Russia Views

we continue our playlist where does tulsi gabbard stand on the issues this is video 12 in this section we'll be covering a lot of material first from farming and food scarcity and then foreign policy under the farming and food scarcity tulsi gabbard has tirelessly advocated for small farmers food self-sufficiency organic agriculture and sustainable agricultural systems that are both profitable for farmers and good for the environment she supports regenerative agriculture to actively rebuild one of our most valuable natural resources or farmland so regenerative agriculture is a system of farming principles and practices that increases biodiversity enriches soils improves watersheds and enhances ecosystem services aims to capture carbon in soil and above-ground biomass reversing current global trends of atmospheric accumulation so you you don't simply go in and you form the soil you put chemicals down and that's it you know but you actually work to partnership with nature protect the soil protect the biodiversity and just kill it off and take holistic measures to make sure the ecosystem is maintained within its natural biosphere she strongly supports food self-sufficiency including working together to build food aggregation and distribution hubs that serve our farmers distributors and local communities to promote self-sufficiency farmers markets come to mind local shops that or local farms that sell locally rather than spending tons of gas transporting from far away and another state or another country Tosa also supports a permanent home for farmers markets incubator farms farm to school and other educational programs at agritourism she's been recognized as the top national advocate for food policy by food policy action she has strongly advocated for the legalization of hemp production for profitable sustainable agricultural development one thing about Tulsa she is extremely comprehensive she covers nearly every topic imaginable and she's been proactive and nearly every one of these topics in one way or another your some of the legislation that she has either sponsored a co-sponsor under the topic farming and food HR 2436 organic agricultural research Act of 2017 which increases and make permanent mandatory funding for organic agricultural research extension initiative and extend discretionary funding for such initiative through 2023 you want to do this so that you can make sure you can actually create these sustainable ecosystems you need to actually research it there needs to be funny to carry out the organic agriculture research HR 1587 to stop the overuse antibiotics and livestock HR 113 the safeguard America food exports Act and making sure their regulations as standards on foods that's coming into the United States you have politicians including Donald Trump that actually wants to make some of those regulations looser and that's one of the things he did with the latest what he called overturning NAFTA which really was just a NAFTA with some other bad policies in it HR 35 30 industrial hemp farming Act which allows the growing of hemp in the industrialization of hemp and its various uses HR 2 tells me voted no on a bill but hurts small farmers and favours corporate agribusiness tells me have helped obtain 1.6 million dollars in funding for a organic farm facility in yna verses in hawaii HR 230 ban talk sick pesticides Act of 2019 in hr6 631 banned nerve agents in our food act of 2018 now this moved to foreign policy and there are a lot of sections under this starting with Syria what I'm gonna do is leave the link to this because it's extremely exhaustive it's actually pages and pages but essentially she wants to stop the war in Syria she wants to put forth more humanitarian measures to end the regime change you can see this through HR 922 no more presidential Wars resolution that would reclaim Congress's War Powers authority by making presidential wars without congressional approval and in peterpaul fence and to prohibit the president from perpetuating ongoing Wars or supplying military support without congressional authorization HR 608 stop arming terrorists AK was sponsored by aoc to prevent the US government from directly or indirectly arming groups they're affiliated with terrorist organizations and then with Russia she's a strong advocate for free and fair elections in the US and around the world leaves in the US and nine nations have a duty to defend sovereignty of Ukraine from Russia strongly opposes the illegal CIA funding training weapons for extremist rebels in Syria so she set forth different policies protecting our democracy Act countering America's adversaries through sanctions act condemning the violation of Ukraine sovereignty independence and territorial integrity by military forces of the Russian Federation a bill which addresses the Ukraine crisis and responsible us and united nation protect Iranian sovereignty and minority populations in Ukraine and then another Ukraine support act and then we'll go over to India vetoed HR 417 which might have influenced the Indian elections allowing the u.s. to influence into Indian elections so she voted against that resolution HR 392 co-sponsored the fairness for high-skilled immigrants Act which would remove the existing free country cap on employment-based green cards and ensure all immigrants are treated equally regardless of the country of origin so that would have targeted only certain countries putting numbers or quotas only on certain countries and not others which would have been discriminatory and Iran she's for the Iran nuclear agreement act at 2015 and HR 4 three three three zero tolerance for terror Act which would allow Congress to quickly impose sanctions if the Iranian government commits an act of terror provides support for terrorist organizations or violates international law by acquiring ballistic missile technology and this fits into her self-identification as a dove on war but hawk on terror with North Korea she is raising alarms regard to threaten North Korea for years or just Trump to meet with Pyongyang without preconditions pointed out in North Korea had already agreed to get rid of nuclear weapons without talks there would be no point to the talks the development nuclear weapons in North Korea are direct resolve us decades-old policy regime change war leading dictators like Kim Young on filling the need for nuclear weapons to avoid the fate is someone like Gaddafi who complied with us and got rid of his nuclear weapons and then was overthrown she strongly fought against us regime change war policy because it has been completely counterproductive to US interests and has caused immense human suffering around the world and legislation she set forth HR 757 North Korea sanctions Enforcement Act and North Korea sanctions Enforcement Act of 2014 severe avian yemen she's against the saudi-led war in yemen such as SJ resolution 5 for a joint resolution to direct the removal of US Armed Forces for hostilities in the Republican Yemen they have now been authorized by Congress strong support for the bill to end u.s. involvement in Yemen which has passed the Senate has yet to be voted on in the house to prohibit the provision of you as security assistance to the government of Saudi Arabia and for other purposes and then TPP trade deals she strongly stood against against TPP on the basis that would hurt Americans while boosting the profits of large multinational banks corporations or limits America's ability to protect our environment protect against outsourcing and compete with countries that have lower labor standards and costs his result in hundreds of thousands Americans losing their jobs has voted against allowing trade deals to be fast-tracked set forth legislation HR 1295 trade preference extension Act of 2015 providing benefits under taa for those who have lost their jobs to free trade under NAFTA such as income assistance or new job training and regime change war she's led the voice in Congress calling for an N in America's interventionist Wars of regime change if cost our nation trillions of dollars and thousands of lives simultaneously creating more devastation human suffering and refugees in countries for us regime change wars raged she set forth HR 608 stop arming terrorists Act H amendment six three six two HR five five one five amendment to the bill removes the calls which allows us military to go to war without congressional approval and only provide an after-the-fact report on the operation HR 4108 to prohibit the use of funds for the provision of assistance to Syrian opposition groups in individuals HR 1735 including the amendment section 1045 limitations on intere gauging techniques banning torture and enhanced interrogation so she's actually against torture contrary to some of the misinformation out there HR 100 for to prohibit the introduction of US armed forces into hostilities with respective Venezuela and for other purposes now going back to TPP and trade deals we're gonna close now on a couple of videos when Tessa Gabbard addressed Congress both regarding the need for transparency in the TPP and reaffirming our opposition to harmful trans-pacific trade deals so here's the first of the two 12 TPP countries are gathering on Maui in my district and what is expected to be the final negotiations of a massive trade agreement impacting 40 percent of the world's economy not only were the American people shut out of this trade deal when Congress passed fast-track Authority legislation these negotiations continue as we speak in a shroud of secrecy with the American people reliant on sites like WikiLeaks as they seek information about how this agreement will impact us the people of Hawaii and all Americans are rightfully concerned about how this trade deal will impact our jobs our families our economy our environment and our nation's sovereignty we the American people deserve to know what's in this deal and to have a say in what happens how can a genuine public debate occur on a deal as monumental as this when no one knows what's in it it's hard to imagine a deal more demanding of transparency people from Hawaii and around the world are gathering tomorrow on Maui to protest the secret deal there's taken tired of multinational corporations benefiting on the broken backs of working-class Americans and they will not stop until their voices are heard thank you very much and here is the second – I've heard from local manufacturers local small business owners as well as working men and women both here in Hawaii and across the country and they've expressed deep concern and frankly a lot of fear about what this trade deal may do to them they saw what happened during NAFTA how these trade deals benefit corporations at the expense of them and their hard work in our local economy so as Congress goes through this 90-day period of review I'm gonna do everything I can to make sure that their voices are heard and that we oppose this trade deal that will have devastatingly negative impacts on the American people and our domestic economy the impact of this trade deal really can't be overstated enough it's the largest trade deal in history which covers 40% of the globe's economy when you look at it this deal is like NAFTA on steroids it will be just as unenforceable with far greater negative impacts than we saw with that last trade deal NAFTA you know I've heard from manufacturers here locally small business owners locally as well as local families here in Hawaii and across the country who've expressed great fear that they will see the outcome of this trade agreement being just as devastating to them and to our domestic economy as NAFTA was and it's for them that I will be working hard on the floor of the house to make sure that this deal is not approved in Congress

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  1. You may be the best Presidential candidate, but the military industrial complex and the Zionists will not allow it, unless of course you are one of them. Sorry…

  2. I hope Tulsi becomes President asap. I'd be happy if she was on the same ticket as Bernie. #Bernie/Tulsi 2020

  3. She seems to have a tiny brain with a single view or focus on foreign affairs which ain’t even her specialty.

  4. Tulsi = Separatist that lives on an Island and wants free healthcare for all the invading countries , She calls the cult Islam a Religion and sees nothing wrong with the cult , the Anti America cult would be voting Tulsi

  5. Everyone should share this with friends family and on social media so anyone that may be curious can get the REAL story.

  6. Obama, Biden and HRC all supported TPP. Trump stopped it. It's hard to get my head around Tulsi being a Democrat when I know they will do everything to stop her from being the president we need. She would take support from Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents. She will be the choice of all true Progressives. This long shot is the only chance we have of defeating Trump. Watch the DNC repeat history and re-elect Trump in the process.

  7. Jesus christ from Nazareth is lord, Jesus died for our sins, was buried and rose on the 3rd day. Belive on the lord Jesus. that if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: (John 11:25). Its 2019AD, after the death of Jesus christ. Jesus is the only one who said: I am the way, the truth, and the life:. And he rose up from the dead, its the greatest event in history. Bless you all.

  8. While most sane proposal will clearly be anti war and anti intervention, I’m unclear what she is actually for in regard to global conflicts from a moral and practical point of view. How does she propose to deal with North Korea, Syria and other conflicts? I keep hearing what not to do but little on what can be done that will be effective.
    As to the separation between wars and terror, as today’s warfare is not a the clear traditional armories vs armies I’m unclear how she can make the distinction between the two. Iran for example is heavily involved in global conflicts through proxies and terror acts. Is that falling under anti war or pro Terror fights?
    Is Assad using indiscriminate attacks a terrorist or just involved in “war” activity? It’s very hard to draw a clear line and I think the blurry linens and even definitions are not helpful to clarify her position.

  9. Iran is allowed to have ballestic missiles. There are no international law that prohibit them. Further Iran has never supported terrorists. Neither Syria nor the democratic government of Lebenon (ie the Hesbolah) is a terrorist organization. So Tulsi essentially a Zionist supporter. I watched a video where she promised unlimited free US weapons to Israel who has been committing genocide on the Palestinian people.

  10. USA is working outside the UN, no other country in the world does, and it forces its allies to follow, the top dictator in the world is the United States, either by supporting proved dictators like KSA or carrying a regime change war on an elected governments like Venezuela, so stop calling others as dictators, the world will be a better place if USA stopped interfering in other countries.

  11. Serious problems with Tulsi's profound ignorance about Ukraine, Russian 'invasion' of poor little Ukraine, whose unabashed fascist government, which suppresses ALL non Ukrainian speaking citizens, including the at least 30% who speak Russian as their mother tongue. She's got it exactly 100% WRONG on her facts and her positions on Russia, which is certainly THE most important country besides China to have good relations with. FACT: Obama deliberately undermined Ukrainian sovereignty after the USSR fell. Victoria Nuland, John McCain and the Ambassador Pyatt conspired to overthrow the democratically elected (if corrupt) govenrment. But hey, the US government isn't corrupt?

    So I have sent various articles by highly authoritative sources, such as Global Research, who proved the past lies of the Iraq war, before it happened, as well as articles on Consortium News, another excellent website. She really needs to change her position on Russia and Ukraine.
    New evidence (surprise surprise) shows that the US installed rabidly Russophobic regime conspired with Hillary to provide the anti Trump propaganda before the election. What we are told is the exact opposite! The Democrats blame Russia for interfering, when it was its fascist ally–literally–in Ukraine, now Russia's mortal enemy, that interfered! And Tusli misses the point in all of this.

  12. Tulsi, NAFTA was a bad deal. Trumps deal is worse????? gee Just a question, Why did Tulsi wait untill Trump made a new deal before she said the old deal was bad but his was even worse? She could have put forth a new NAFTA reform years ago. Tulsi is wasting ammunition on Trump. She is competing against the other Dems at this time, not Trump. You have to know who your opponent is if you wish to defeat them.

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