Varney: Impeachment may be worse for Democrats than Trump

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. The stupidity of Trumpsters just blows my mind. So ignorant that it's a waste of my time and effort to try to educate them. They're hopeless, as is the future of America I suppose. So very devastatingly sad! 😥🤮 Makes me almost glad I'm close to dying….

  2. A democrat created this economy Trump Road on the coattails he’s crooked as hell rigging elections that’s how won in 16 now he’s trying it again

  3. "make america great again" 4 years ago and nothings changed and his reelection phrase is "keep america great" lmao he couldnt even finish his wall

  4. Remember people democrats pay millions of trolls to comment on all Trump pieces negatively They get paid very well by the post From here to election all comment sections are full of garbage Support Trump and save our republic from the globalist plan of destruction.

  5. Why is an old British guy yelling about how awesome trump is? Shut the f-ck up and go back where you came from. You can keep saying the economy is great. For who moron? Maybe people that trade stock or sit on corporate boards. Not for me. Not for the average guy that used to be in the middle class, which no longer exists.

  6. You trumpetts smell what us liberals got cooking!!!!!😂😂😜
    The doors are about the hit'em where the orange spray paint can't spritz'em!!!!🤣😂😅😂🤣😂😅😂🤣😂😅😂😂😂
    Then after that's its gonna be jail jail jail jail jaiLLLLLLLLLL!!! Mmmm! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!😂😂😂😂😂

  7. What would happen if Trump actually does get impeached? At the most just mass protests thatll last a few weeks from the right?

  8. LMFAO Treasonous Twittler is looking like a treasonous pile of crap and his supporters are bat sht crazy……hes goin to prison go join him…

  9. Righties complaining all the time about media bias while watching crap like this gushing and fawning over Trump. Don't worry though! Trump is a hard hitting fighter!! All hail!! Yes. The Senate Will not convict. We all know it. What price Will Republican Senators pay for enabling blatant bribery/extortion? That's the real question. I cannot wait to vote against the GOP for the next generation.

  10. It won't be horrible for Democrats, they are heroes in our American eyes. This is Fox (fake) news, it's not even worth listening to.

  11. DEM's field of communist candidate's are testing the waters to see if America is ripe for revolutionary changes under the guise of identity politics-class warfare. My fear? Trump's GDP and wealth gives 🇺🇸voter's a false sense of security; they'll think "eh let a DEM have a turn, it's only fair." Then in a venomous vengeance rage AOC+3+DEMs attack ~all~ making America great again.
    😆MAVA make🇺🇸Venezuela🇻🇪again.
    😆MAMA make🇺🇸Mexico🇲🇽again.
    😆MAAA make🇺🇸Africa🇿🇦again.
    😆MACA make🇺🇸China🇨🇳again.

  12. I want to know what SPECIFICALLY Trump did that constitutes and impeachable offense? They can't point to one single thing. None of the so called "witnesses" against Trump could even specify any thing Trump did that was an impeachable offense! This is a disgusting abuse of power alright… by the DEMOCRATS!!!

  13. They also want to get Trump out before that hag O'Connell kicks bucket and is replaced which would give almost all 5-4 decisions to the non-marxist side

  14. My View, this article is as fake as Trump' s hair color.
    Christmas is not going all that good for some people. I know families in my town personally who are not able to buy Christmas for their children.
    Oh! You meant it is great for the wealthy. You should have just said that.
    And no, most American's are Not ignorant to Trump's behaviors. Or the Republicans. For most Americans, finances have got harder.

  15. And he'll have that opinion until the Democrats win and then he'll do a 180 and say he knew it all along… Funny how the party that impeached Clinton over a blowjob is so upset about impeaching fat Donny. Clinton has a great economy and budget surpluses… Back then it was about restoring dignity to the office of the president which compared to Trump's shitshow is hilarious. The Toddler in Chief can't go 2 tweets without calling someone a childish name. Trump lies so much that we should start counting when he tells the truth, it'd be a much smaller number!!!

  16. Trump is going to win in 2020 with such a landslide people will not believe it. It will be the highest electoral vote count in our Nations History! The Dems also love the House and will not have a majority for 7 decades, for you idiot liberals that 70 years. God will be done, and God be Praise for bringing us Donald Trumpl

  17. DT gives us a booming economy and the dems give us yeezus and drag queen story hour. Yeah, it's gonna be all DT in 2020, you can believe that.

  18. This is a tipping point. Do we have three branches of government? Is the President above the law. Is seeking election assistance from foreign governments permitted? Is Russia , or any government, allowed to interfere in our elections? Two votes and our next election will define the course.

  19. To all of you Trump supporters ask yourself if Obama would've done the same things Trump is being accused of, would you're opinions stay the same? Country over politics.

  20. Democrats are still sore losers from 3 years ago. Have done nothing "progressive". Just harassing the president and trying to remove him.

  21. I would like to see Looney Pelosi . Mad mouth Waters. Schiffy the Schiff. The wimpy Nadler and the rest of those demorats Standing with the big cheese rat  Pelosi impeached. voted out.

  22. Yeah, the Republicans have made it too easy to lose everything in the elections. Not many Americans will be supporting the party of the Impeached. Trump should at least defended his wrongdoings by telling the citizens that his phone call was for them and not his reelection, and that the aid was only held up to aid the Russians to take over Ukraine and cede territory to Russia just like Crimea was done. Trump was only cooperating with Russia to end the conflict sooner.

  23. The voters will kick these rascal Democrats OUT of the House come November. Dems are abusing the House power and acting above the law. Trump 2020 straight Republican.

  24. The Democrats have gone full on schizophrenic!!! An
    undeniable breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behavior,
    leading to faulty perceptions. Psychotic Delusions abound!!!

  25. THEY ALL SAY ITS TOTALLY POLITICAL..I think the dems and some conservatives have been on the take for years just don’t want to go to jail.. for their massive crimes. No other way they became so rich so fast,

  26. Neither rain, sleet, snow, or gloom of night will keep me from my appointed duty to VOTE REPUBLICAN for the rest of my life.
    I will never forgive the lying Democrats for what they are doing to this Republic.

  27. Imagine the freedom Trump will have, once the Senate dismisses this charade….the democrats won't dare try it again…and Trump can do as he pleases with the traitors crawling throughout our government. What a fool Nancy Pelosi is. She is no leader, she is a gullible fool who just cut her partys legs off.

  28. After all of these investigations, I've found out one thing, once you become a politician, they are all corrupt. Doesn't matter left, right and middle. People always loose. They all fight each other for all of these corrupt, power hungry politicians.

  29. Impeachment the president did something whot the hell Did the president do a lot of Democrats did something wrong that are crimes

  30. Do Democrats have any idea on how to handle the economy? Let's find out:
    Clinton had a surplus at the end of his administration (and he was impeached with a booming economy). Obama got us out of a recession and the economy was on the upswing for a huge part of his whole terms (and he had no REAL scandals in 8 years). Both inherited crap and gave us something great to work with, while Donald was given a great economy and takes credit for not ruining it.

  31. This Impeachment is just RIDICULOUS. The Grapevine claims when it reaches the senate the following senators MAY vote to TOO IMPEACH! Senator Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins. These senators KNOW BEYOND A DOUBT this is a BOCUS IMPEACHMENT! IF THEY DO THEY SHOULD BE BRANDED TRAITORS to the AMERICAN PEOPLE.

  32. Give a demo'rat a gun. He or she will shot themselves in the foot every time. You have got to love a democrud. It is a good thing they don't build rockets.

  33. The Democratic Party is a party of murderers, slave holders and Racists and they must be abolished for all times and pay restitution for their crimes..

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