good morning bumblebee cease happy Friday TGIF so happy hood it's Friday actually when I woke up today I thought it was Saturday and then I quickly realized it was Friday but it's okay I have some oatmeal here for breakfast and I'm gonna make some coffee I'm gonna use my picks our first mug I feel like I haven't used this one in a really long time so it says Pixar fest Disneyland 2018 and then you have all the Pixar characters it's so cute this is a tall mug so I have to keep it at the very top and I think that's why I hardly ever use it cuz I have to get the stool to get it down today we need to go to Costco I need to get a bunch of things for the house like we're almost out of everything actually paper towel toilet paper laundry detergent so we just need to pick up a lot of stuff and I think we're probably just gonna have dinner there this weekend Arielle is actually off he has Saturday and Sunday off so that's gonna be really nice and we're going to party tomorrow I think it's a baptism party I'm not sure good morning Ness – I just woke up it's 8:30 she's making some toast for breakfast what are you gonna put on your toast strawberry jam this is Vanessa's new fun summer activity it keeps her busy for hours yeah she takes her slime she blows a bubble with a straw so basically she's just trying to blow a bunch of bubbles the most she got was two and then they started deflating oh there it goes actually you know look it's still good [Laughter] yeah she's been doing this for at least 20 minutes not hours is it very fun well look that one has a sprinkle on it or uh what do you call it glitter oh okay good she got to successfully on the plate can we get a third let's see oh no it's already deflate every time you touch the plate whoa that one's huge okay yeah it's so surviving so far don't touch the plate don't touch the plate just move your body okay let's see if we can get our third one on there oh my gosh I think that's the most we've ever gone in it's Mickey Mouse yeah this is riveting content but I said yeah I just got off of work and now we are at great clips he's gonna get a haircut today because he has senior portraits on Tuesday all right you ready Ajay's all done with his haircut now we are at Costco we need to get a bunch of weights and then we're probably gonna have jr. here right yeah we're gonna have dinner here something you're right you guys know that it's a fried chicken I don't know I just smell it do you smell it AJ maybe its rotisserie chicken yeah look at this toaster oven you guys it has an air fryer it's like an oven toaster oven air fryer that's pretty cool I think this is the one like my friend Jane has I'm looking at the toaster ovens because I kind of want to get a new one this one is a convection one hmm oh and it's on sale $40 we're watching stranger things were on episode 5 I almost I keep wanting to say season episode 5 but we're gonna pause it really quick because Ariel wants me to go with him to get in the zone Auto Zone all right you guys before the night ends we want to give a special shout-out to the Beltran family thank you so much for watching our vlogs I hope you have a super awesome day and thanks for always watching thanks for the support we love you guys good evening everyone and there's time to go to sleep and it's time to end the vlog thank you guys for watching and we'll see you guys tomorrow

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